Emerge-n-Engage Winter Conference Information Packet

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Emerge-n-Engage Winter Conference

Information Packet
Dear Parents & Students,
The winter retreat is just around the corner and I am excited about what God is going to do in the lives of our students as well as in our youth group as whole. In this packet you will find information regarding the trip including our schedule, hotel information, and activity information. Attached you will also find a registration form for each student. The Emerge-n-Engage Conference needs this registration for their records. Please fill this form out and return to David by Sunday, January 18th. Also, please put it on your calendar that we will be having an information meeting after the youth worship service on January 11th. During this time we will be going over final details for the trip and answering any questions you have. All students MUST have a parent or guardian at this meeting, as we will be signing a medical form in the presence of a notary. The meeting should not last long and will begin at 8:00pm. Again, I am anticipating great things from the Lord during our time in Pigeon Forge. I believe that there is incredible potential for God to do amazing things on our retreat. Please feel free to contact me with any questions between now and January 14th!
In Christ,


Saturday January 14th

11:30am Meet at the Church (Eat lunch before you come)

3:00pm Arrive in Pigeon Forge, TN (Check-In to Hotel)

5:00pm Supper

8:30pm Worship/Concert

10:30pm Small Group Discussion

12:00am LIGHTS OUT!!

Sunday January 15th

9:00am Breakfast at the hotel

10:30am Worship

12:00pm Lunch

1:30pm FREE TIME – Wonder Works

4:30pm Supper

6:00pm Worship/Concert

10:00pm Small Group Discussion

12:00pm LIGHTS OUT!!

Monday January 16th

9:00am Breakfast at the hotel

10:30am Worship

12:00pm Depart for home (Eat lunch on the way)

4:00-4:30 Arrive at the Church

List of Students and Chaperones


Adam Nisbet

Beau Jones

Chase Holliday

Chole Brandt

Christina Aguero

Daynah Kerstetter

Donna Oshea

Karson Waldrop

Katie Brezeale

Katlyn Durham

Kayla Waldrop

Kwenton Waldrop

Madeline Billingsly

Maggie Scruggs

Meagan B.

Meaghan Searcy

Melissa Searcy

Rowan Billingsly

Samantha Martin


David Bennett

Virginia Holliday

Karen Hicks

Scott Breazele

Kathy Breazele

Ashlund Billingsly

Kindle Childs

Cameron Childs

Alex Powers

Craig Holliday

Kiley Waldrop

Kathryn Hicks

Marlee Tollison

Conference Information

Speakers: Scot Dawson, David Nasser, The Skit Guys, and Ergun Cancer

Worship Leaders: Rush of Fools
In concert: KJ-52, LeCrae, and Newsboys
Hotel Information

Comfort Inn & Suites at Dollywood Lane

3712 Parkway

Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

Wonder Works

Interact, Discover, and Explore Over 100 Interactive Exhibits.

Lazer-Tag and an Indoor Ropes Course.

(Bring Closed Shoes for Ropes Course)

**A rooming assignment list as well as a medical form for the church’s records will be given at the meeting on

January 11th.

**If you have any questions prior to the January 11th meeting then please feel free to call or email David
Cell: 803-323-7571

Email: djbenne@clemson.edu

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