Ee 322: Introduction to Digital Audio

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EE 322: Introduction to Digital Audio

Instructor: Dr. Sunil Bharitkar

Location: KAP 140

Day and Time: Fridays 2:00-4:50pm

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This class will introduce students to the fascinating world of audio signal processing, room acoustics, the psychology of human hearing, and the intersection of these areas for creating and manipulating audio for applications that include home theater, automotive sound, and portable music players.

Topics covered will include:

  1. Basics of signal processing: fundamentals of signals and systems, linear and time invariance, convolution, transfer function representation, poles and zeros, continuous and discrete time representation, fourier/Z-transforms, bilinear transform, minimum-phase/linear phase, all-pass filters, sampling and quantization, basics of coding in matlab

  2. Fundamentals of acoustics: sound propagation, plane waves, sound pressure level, basics of room acoustics, room impulse responses, reverberation

  3. Introduction to human hearing: structure of the ear, loudness contours, time integration of the ear, frequency selectivity, localization of sounds in 3-D space, time-frequency models

  4. Audio processing units: FIR/IIR Comb filters, fractional delay lines, digital filters for audio

  5. Digital audio reproduction: A/D and D/A conversion, PCM, companding, jitter, error correction, noise shaping

  6. Spectral processing: sinusoidal modeling, feature analysis, pitch extraction, sound synthesis, morphing

  7. Multichannel audio and advanced topics in digital audio processing: room equalization, spatial/3-D audio, audio compression, synthesizing virtual bass for consumer applications (e.g., TV/laptops, etc).

There will be a few homeworks before the midterm, a takehome midterm, and a group project for the final. There will be handouts given in class.

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