Eastern Cape/Cape Town Program Schedule for Ted Bunch February 14 20, 2010 Sunday, February 14

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Eastern Cape/Cape Town Program Schedule for

Ted Bunch
February 14 - 20, 2010

Sunday, February 14
3:10pm Depart Johannesburg O.R. Tambo International airport via SA 475
4:10pm Arrive at East London airport.

Met by U.S. Consulate Public Diplomacy Officer Mark Canning.

Transported to the Premier Cascades Hotel.
In case of flight delay, use taxi to hotel:

Airport Shuttle: 083 356 8909 (Bongani)

If we have been able to arrange in advance, look for someone holding your name on a signboard!

Drive should take about 20 minutes.
Evening free
Monday, February 15
8:45am Depart hotel with Mark Canning for Masimanyane

35 St Mark's Rd, Southernwood

Tel. 043 743 9169

Ask for Lesley Ann or Micky when you arrive.

9:00am Orientation of Masimanyane organization and visit to its branch offices around the East London area including the office in Mdantsane. Mdantsane is the 2nd largest “township” in the country after Soweto.
Masimanyane Women's Support Centre is a non-profit international women's organisation based in East London, South Africa. With a specific focus on gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive health and rights and the gendered nature of HIV and Aids, we aim to build the capacity of women and human rights advocates to claim and realise women's human rights. This is done through the development of new knowledge and the utilisation of a rights-based approach.

1:45 – 2:30pm Lecture on masculinity and violence prevention

Alphendale High School

Audience: boys and girls (ages: 14-18) and teachers

2:00 – 5:00pm Workshop on….


Host: Buffalo City Municipality Special Programmes Division (local gov’t)

Contact: Manager Shaun Petzer / Nandi

Tel 043 705 1015 / 083 964 4359

Evening free

Tuesday, February 16

8:45am Depart hotel for workshop venue

09:00 – 15:00 Workshop on masculinity with Masimanyane staff and volunteers.

Venue: TBC

Audience: approx 30 people who work professionally in the field of domestic and sexual violence prevention.
7:30pm Dinner with Board of Masimanyane (TBC)

Wednesday, February 17
8:15am Depart hotel for Masimanyane

35 St. Marks Rd, Southernwood

Meet up with Micky and/or Lundi
8:45ish Depart for Peddie
10:00 – 15:00 Public event in Peddie

Presentation type: Keynote address

Audience: emphasis on young men
Peddie is a small rural town, approx 1½ hrs drive away. This event will attract people from the rural areas around it.
3:00pm Depart Peddie for East London
4:30pm Arrive back East London

Thursday, February 18
9:20am Depart for workshop venue

St. Saviour’s Church

4 St Peters Rd (by corner of Oxford)


10:00 - 2:30 Workshop with the South African Police Service and the Provincial Department of Social Development.
2:30pm Depart for airport
4:10pm Depart East London via SA 136
5:50pm Arrive at Cape Town airport. Transported by taxi to the V&A Hotel at the Waterfront.
Please confirm Saturday’s hotel shuttle to airport when checking in.
Evening free

Friday, February 19
8:30am Met by Amy Bell Mulaudzi, Public Affairs Specialist, at hotel, proceed to St Mark’s.
9:00 – 11:00 Lecture and Discussion

Venue: St. Mark’s Church, District 6

Audience: Cape Town religious leaders forum and other interested people working in prevention of domestic violence. Max: 50 people

Host: Elizabeth Petersen, SA Faith & Family Inst.

Tel: 021-462-2277 / (082) 475-5116

Note that Elizabeth was in the US recently and met A Call to Men Co-founder Tony Porter.
Lunch (12:00-2:00) Venue:

With Lesley Ann, Micky, Elizabeth, Rashida, Dean Peacock?

Afternoon (from 2:30)? Meeting with Dean Peacock and staff of Sonke Gender Justice Cape Town offices.

Tel: 021 423 7088 / 072 461 7751

4th Floor, Westminster House

122 Longmarket St.

All times TBC Meeting with Rashida Manjoo, UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women (who is based in Cape Town) – TBC
Meetings with Chairs or Members of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Women, Children, Youth, and People with Disabilities - TBC

Topic: to discuss issues about Prostitution & Human Trafficking which are currently in the legislative process.

Note: Lesley Anne Foster and Micky of Masimanyane will be accompanying us.

Saturday, February 20
AM Morning free
11:15 Depart V&A Hotel for airport via hotel shuttle
11:50 Arrive at Cape Town International airport
13:50 Depart Cape Town for Johannesburg on route to the US via UA 9826
15:50 Arrive at Johannesburg, O.R. Tambo airport
18:10 Depart O.R. Tambo airport via UA9817

(Note: Telephone calls within South Africa do not require the 27 country code but do require the 0 as part of the area code. Telephone calls to South Africa do require the 27 country code, but do not require 0 as part of the area code.)

Contacts at the US Consulate:

Nate Holt Mark Canning Amy Bell-Mulaudzi

Public Affairs Officer Public Diplomacy Officer Public Affairs Specialist

Office: 27(0)21 702-7373 Office: 27(0)21-702-7325 Office: 27(0)21-702-7367

Cell: 27(0)79-111-0931 Cell: 27(0)79 111 0948 Cell: 27(0)79 111 0984

Email: holtnv@state.gov email: canningma2@state.gov email: Mulaudziab@state.gov

Contacts at Masimanyane:
Lesley Ann Foster Micky Xanywa

Exec Director Programme Manager

Tel: 043 743 9169 Cell: 082 675 4593

Cell: 083-325-2497 Email: mxanywa@iafrica.com

Email: maswsc@iafrica.com
East London: Premier Hotel Cascades

Esplanade, East London

Sunday 14 Feb – Thur. 18 Feb

Tel: +27(0)43-709-5000

Rate: R700 per night incl breakfast

Reservation No: 099/72893

Cape Town: Victoria & Alfred Hotel (V&A)

Waterfront, Cape Town

Thur 18 Feb – Sat 20 Feb

Tel: +27-21-419-6677

Fax: +27-21-419-8955

Rate: R1,560 per night (approx. $208), breakfast included

Reservation No: 490288

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