E-tax forms Questionnaire 222 Bloomingdale Road Ste 102 From: White Plains, ny 10605 To: Recording Department

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E-TAX Forms Questionnaire

222 Bloomingdale Road Ste 102 From:

White Plains, NY 10605 To: Recording Department

(914) 250-2400 ~ Fax (914) 422-1550

The City of New York requires that transfer documents be completed on-line using ACRIS 2.1 E-Tax Forms. ACRIS 2.1 is required for all conveyances within the counties of Kings, Bronx., New York and Queens, including co-ops.

In order for us to complete ACRIS tax forms, please complete the information below at least 3 days prior to closing to ensure timely delivery of completed forms. Fax completed forms to (914)422-1550. *The charge for this service is $175.00.

  1. Grantor (Use Rider for Additional Grantor(s))*

Name(s): Address(es) SS#//EIN#

_______________________ _______________________________________ __________________

_______________________ _______________________________________ __________________
_______________________ _______________________________________ __________________

_______________________ _______________________________________ __________________

*(if estate need SS# of Estate and Executor’s address)

  1. Grantee Use Rider for Additional Grantee(s)

Name(s): Address(es) SS#//EIN#

_______________________ _______________________________________ __________________

_______________________ _______________________________________ __________________

_______________________ _______________________________________ __________________

_______________________ _______________________________________ __________________

  1. Property

a. Type: _______________________ b. Partial or Entire Lot: (P) (E)

c. Address: _______________________ Borough, Block & Lot: B______B_____L______



4. Condition of Transfer (Circle any that apply)

    1. Arms length transfer

    2. Transfer in exercise of option to purchase

c. Transfer from cooperative sponsor to cooperative corporation

d. Transfer by referee or receiver (complete Sch. A, P. 5)

e. Transfer pursuant to marital settlement agreement or divorce decree (determine consideration and complete Sch. I)

f. Deed in lien of foreclosure (complete Sch. C, P. 6)

g. Transfer pursuant to liquidation of an entity (complete Sch. D)

h. Transfer from principal to agent, dummy, strawman or conduit or vice-versa (complete Sch. E, P. 7)

i. Transfer pursuant to trust agreement or will (attach a copy of trust agreement or will)

j. Gift transfer not subject to indebtedness

k. Gift transfer subject to indebtedness

l. Transfer to a business entity in exchange for an interest in the business entitle (complete Sch. F, P. 7)

m. Transfer to a governmental body

n. Correction deed

o. Transfer by or to a fax exempt organization (complete Sch. G. P. 8)

p. Transfer of property partly within and partly without NYC

q. Transfer of successful bid pursuant to foreclosure

r. Transfer by borrower solely as security for a debt or a transfer by lender solely to return such security

s. Transfer wholly or partly exempt as a mere change of identity or form of ownership (complete Sch. M, P 9)

t. Transfer to a REIT or to a corporation or partnership controlled by a REIT (complete Sch R, P. 10 & 11)

u. Other transfer in connection with financing (describe)___________________________________________


v. Other (describe)_________________________________________________________________________

5. Type of Interest Transferred: (eg. Fee/Leashold/Easement) __________________________
6. Date of Transfer: ______________________

  1. Percentage of Interest Transferred: (If other than 100%)

  1. Details of Consideration:


a. Cash: _______________________

b. Purchase money mortgage: _______________________

c. Accrued interest: _______________________

d. Liens on property: _______________________

e. Liens on property: _______________________

f. Value of shares transferred: _______________________

g. RPTT or other taxes: _______________________

h. Other (explain): _______________________

TOTAL: _______________________

  1. Is this a Transfer from a Bankruptcy: Yes No

  1. Alternative Tax Rate: _______________%

  1. Are there any excludable liens on : Yes No

  1. Who will receive the real estate tax bill (circle one)

    1. Owner

    2. Bank/ Lender

    3. Other

      1. Name: ________________________________________________________

      2. Street Address: ________________________________________________________

      3. City, State, Zip: ________________________________________________________

iv. Phone: ________________________________________________________

  1. Sale Contract Date: _______________________________________________

  1. Value of Personal Property in Sale: ___________________________________

  1. Is there a credit line mortgage: Yes No

  1. Are you claiming a continuing lien deed. Yes No

If “Yes”, enter lien deduction amount: __________________
17. Are you claiming an exemption: Yes No

If “Yes”, circle exemption.

a. Conveyance is to the United Nations, the United States of America, the State of New York, or any of their instrumentalities, agencies, or political subdivisions (or any public corporation, including a public corporation created pursuant to agreement or compact with another state or Canada)

b. Conveyance is to secure a debt or other obligation.
c. Conveyance is without additional consideration to confirm, correct, modify, or supplement a prior conveyance.

d. Conveyance of real property is without consideration and not in connection with a sale, including conveyances

conveying realty as bona fide gifts.

e. Conveyance is given in connection with a tax sale.

f. Conveyance is a mere change of identity or form of ownership or organization where there is no change in beneficial ownership. (This exemption cannot be claimed for a conveyance to a cooperative housing corporation of real property comprising the cooperative dwelling or dwellings.)
g. Conveyance consists of deed of partition
h. Conveyance is given pursuant to the federal Bankruptcy Act.
i. Conveyance consists of the execution of a contract to sell real property, without the use or occupancy of such property, or the granting of an option to purchase real property, without the use or occupancy of such property.
j. Conveyance of an option or contract to purchase real property with the use or occupancy of such property where the consideration is less than $200,00 and such property was used solely by the grantor as the grantor’s personal residence and consists of a one-, two-, or three-family house, an individual residential condominium unit, or the sale of stock in a cooperative housing corporation in connection with the grant or transfer of a proprietary leasehold covering an individual residential cooperative apartment.

  1. Conveyance is not a conveyance within the meaning of Tax Law, Article 31 section 1401(e) (attach documents supporting such claim).

  1. Other (attach explanation)

18. Buyers Attorney 19. Sellers Attorney

Name: _______________________________ _____________________________________

Address: _______________________________ _____________________________________

City, State, Zip: _______________________________ _____________________________________

Phone: _______________________________ _____________________________________

  1. Your Name and Address (if different from 18 or 19)

Name: _______________________________

Address: _______________________________

City, State, Zip: _______________________________

Phone: _______________________________

  1. If E-Tax Forms are not prepared by Benchmark Title Agency, LLC, but you would like us to review and correct, please provide:

Username: ______________________________________

Password: ______________________________________
Additional Grantee(s)/Partner(s)
Name(s): Address(es) SS#/EIN#

________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________
________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________
________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________
________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________
________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________

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