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Intelligent DC 24 V power distribution including Profibus-DP interface

Power distribution system SVS16 as a flexible Profibus package for automation

Altdorf, 15.4.2010 – E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate GmbH, located in Altdorf near Nürnberg, specialist for overcurrent protection and power distribution in factory automation presents the new DC 24 V power distribution and remote output system type SVS16. The system features a fully-fledged Profibus-DP interface according to EN 50170 / IEC 61158, supporting all specified baud rates up to max. 12 MBaud. The SVS16 reduces wiring times and increases diagnostic capabilities in process control, chemical, pharmaceutical and foodstuffs industry, in steel production and car manufacturing.

The new power distribution and remote output system type SVS16-PB-08 provides selective overcurrent protection, power distribution in load circuits as well as switching, protection and monitoring of digital outputs up to 10 A. Integral consistent communication of operating and error conditions as well as switching and resetting of individual circuits on the DC 24 V level via Profibus-DP make the SVS16 an intelligent sub-system on the control level. The track-mountable base module SVS16-PB-08 accommodates eight electronic circuit protectors type ESX10-125 (with reset input) or ESX10-115 (with control input) up to 10 A. They ensure selective overcurrent protection of sensors/actuators, peripheral sub-assemblies etc. and their supply lines.
Alternatively the slots of the SVS16 allow the use of the solid state power controller type E-1048-7xx. Its features and benefits include monitoring and control of hydraulic or pneumatic solenoids, signal lamps etc. in the range from 0.5 A through 5 A with regard to short circuit, overload and wire break. For larger systems a 16-way version SVS16-PB-16 can be made available.
The 10 mm² supply terminals “plus” and “minus” for the DC 24 V supply have been designed redundantly contrary to the “PE” terminal. All supply terminals and the 2.5 mm² output terminals are optionally available as screwless or screw terminals.

The integral PBM module forwards all failures of the eight circuits to the PLC via the 9-pin Sub-D plug. The electronic circuit protectors ESX10 or the SSRPCs 1048-7xx receive a remote reset or control command “ON/OFF” via the same Profibus cable after an overcurrent disconnection. In case of a single signal wiring of the SVS16-PB-08 it is not necessary to connect at least 18 cables for signalling and control, but only one Profibus cable. The integral Profibus module allows simultaneous transfer of signalling and control data directly to the PLC, thus saving additional I/O components.


The Profibus-capable power distribution system SVS16-PB-08 provides selective overcurrent protection, optimised power distribution and an integral remote-out-system for automation.. (phto: E-T-A)

E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate GmbH
In 2008 E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate GmbH achieved a total turnover of €93m and had about 1400 people on the payroll in more than 60 countries. 6 production sites, 12 subsidiaries and a great number of representatives give impressive proof of E-T-A’s internationality. Production, Sales, Purchasing, Market Research and Design are concentrated at the headquarters in Altdorf.
E-T-A’s product line holds a wide range of electrical protective and controlling devices. It goes from thermal circuit breakers for equipment protection to complex solutions protecting electrical or electronic systems against overload and short circuit. E-T-A serves almost every industry, e.g. process control and automation, telecommunications, chemical and medical industry, manufacturers of household appliances and garden equipment, aerospace, automotive and marine industry.

For detailed information please visit E-T-A’s home page: www.e-t-a.com.

Further information:

E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate GmbH

Thomas Weimann

Industriestr. 2 - 8

90518 Altdorf – Germany

Phone: +49-9187-10227

Fax: +49-9187-10448

E-Mail: Thomas.Weimann@e-t-a.de


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