Dune Country Landscapes

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Dune Country Landscapes

Wholesale Catalog

DCL, 110 S. Monroe St., New Buffalo, MI 49117

Dear Customer:
Welcome to Dune Country Landscapes 2003 wholesale plant catalog. This year DCL has an expanded list of offerings of woodland and savannah species. Our woodland plants are grown from local seed sources that we are pleased to identify for our clients. In our experience woodland species are often expressive of regional ecotype development; therefore, our efforts are to grow from seed plants that will thrive in the Chicago region.
This is our second year. We have been closely working with most of our clients to insure our mutual success. This season we offer plants in mostly 2.5” pots, but some plants perform better in plug, quart, or gallon size. Whatever size, we guarantee your purchase 30 days after purchase. Please notify us should anything be out of ordinary so that we can replace your plants or provide a refund. We can deliver up to 90 miles from New Buffalo at this time for no extra charge on orders over $250.00, and we will make delivery arrangements for orders of less. Please call for delivery. Our price list is below and is by pot size. Exceptions are noted in the plant descriptions.
In addition to plants DCL offers other services. We offer restoration consulting, planning, & execution, pesticide applications & tree injections, & seed sale. It is with great pride that we offer these services to the Chicago region. Please let us serve you in the preservation of this region’s international treasure, our natural heritage.
Size and Prices:
All 2.5” pots are $1.25 unless noted otherwise

All quarts are $3.00 unless noted otherwise

All gallons are gallons are $5.20 unless noted otherwise

Dune Country Landscapes2003 Catalog

Quick Reference List

Actea pachypoda

Actea rubra

Amphicarpa bracteata

Amphicarpa bracteata comosa

Anemonella thalictroides

Angelica atropurpurea

Aralia nudicaulis

Aralia racemosa

Arisaema dracontium

Arisaema triphyllum

Asclepias exaltata

Asclepias tuberosa

Baptesia leucantha

Carex sprengellii

Carex pensylvanica

Carex cephalophora

Carex cephaliodea

Carex swanii

Carex muhlenbergii

Carex rosea

Carex radiata

Caulophyllum thalictroides

Desmodium glutinosum

Desmodium glabellum

Euonymous obovatus

Galium circaezans

Galium lanceolatum

Galium triflorum

Hepatica acutiloba

Heracleum maximum

Lobelia cardinalis

Phlox divaricata

Phryma leptostachia

Iodanthus pinnatifidus

Polemonium reptans

Polygonatum canaliculatum

Polygonatum pubescens

Psoralia onobrrychis

Sanicula gregaria

Sanicula canadensis

Scutellaria ovata versicolor

Sisyrinchium angustifolium

Smilacina racemosa

Solidago caesia

Solidago flexicaulis

Taenidia integerrima

Thalictrum dioicum

Tradescantia subaspera

Actea pachypoda, white baneberry. This is a favorite woodland species for massing or individual accents amongst other woodlanders. Seeds are striking on red stalks. Best performance is with a soil pretreatment of rich compost, but good garden soil will do. Our source for these plants are the Des Plaines Valley and New Buffalo, MI, so two ecotypes are offered here.

Size: quarts Price: $4.00/quart, $3.50 with purchase of 20 or more.

Actea rubra. red baneberry. Not a spectacular as the above, but an interesting and very conservative species at the margin of its boreal range here, so its rare in the local wild- lands. Source is the Des Plaines Valley.

Size: qts. Price : $4.00/quart, $3.50 with 20+

Amphicarpaea bracteata. Hog peanut. A weedy species with advantages for difficult spots. It is attractive in mass under pines. Des Plaines Valley.

Size: 2.5” pots Seasonal seed is available

Amphicarpaea bracteata var. comosa. Low-land hog peanut. The same appearance and behavior of the above, but it is less weedy and good for wet spots, flood plains. Des Plaines Valley.

Size: 2.5” pots Seasonal seed is available.

Anemonella thalictroides, rue anemone. A beautiful wild flower for shade or the woodland floor. Des Plaines Valley.

Size:2.5” pots Seasonal seed is available.

Angelica atropurpurea. Great angelica. A stunning large plant for wet shade. Responds well to seeding in wood chip beds. Des Plaines Valley.

Size: Quarts Seasonal seed is available.

Aralia nudicaulis, Wild sarsparilla. A ground covering species that is not common in the western Chicago region. Ours is a New Buffalo source and in limited supply. Please call.
Aralia racemosa, spikenard. A beautiful large plant for shade. It is excellent performer in the presence of Diervilla lonicera, Actea pachypoda, Polygonum virginianum, and Thalictrum dioicum. Cook County.

Size: 2.5” pots, quarts, and gallons.

Arisaema dracontium. Green dragon. Another good plant for the garden or flood plain. Tolerates wet Springs and dry Summers. Also beautiful with ferns. Des Plaines Valley

Size: 2.5” pots Seasonal seed is available

Arisaema triphyllum. Jack-in-the-pulpit. A beautiful and well known woodland plant. This stock is from an upper terrace flood plain so is fairly adaptable to many sites. Des Plaines valley

Size: 2.5” Seasonal seed is available

Asclepias exaltata, pole milkweed. A beautiful plant for shade or part shade. A new Buffalo, MI source.

Size: quarts. Limited stock. Seasonal seed is available

Asclepias tuberosa. Butterfly weed. The common type. A New Buffalo MI source adapted to open sand. Will do well in most sunny places.

Size: 2.5”

Baptesia leucantha, white wild indigo. A large prarie and savannah species.

Size: 2.5” pots

All sedge species are listed without description. All are in 2.5” pots and flats of 32 except C. radiata which comes in plug flats of 96. Use Swink and Wilhelm, Plants of the Chicago Region for ecologic description. Listed are the place of origin. Call for seed availability.

Carex sprengellii Des Plaines Valley

Carex pensylvanica New Buffalo

Carex cephalophora DPV

Carex cephaliodea DPV
Carex swanii NB

Carex muhlenbergii NB

Carex rosea DPV

Carex radiata DPV Plugs: $0.90
Caulophyllum thalictroides, blue cohosh. Another large woodland plant that is good for massing. Des Plaines Valley.

Size: 2.5”pots Seasonal seed is available

Desmodium glutinosum, pointed tick trefoil. And attractive plant in a group of a dozen or more where its small pink blossoms on many spikes creates an interesting and unique display. Grows well with penn sedge, other sedges, and large leaf aster. Des Plaines Valley.

Size 2.5”

Desmodium glabellum, smooth tick trefoil. Like the above species but the blooms are more purple than pink. New Buffalo, MI

Size: 2.5”

Euonymous obovatus, running strawberry bush. One of the best woodland plants for use as a ground cover. It also grows well with other plants within its established space such as hepatica, rue anemone, bloodroot. A massing of bloodroot and this species is remarkable. New Buffalo, MI

Size: 2.5” pots Price $2.00

Galium circaezans, smooth wild licorice. Attractive foliage plant, eastern species. New Buffalo, MI

Size: 2.5”

Galium lanceolatum, lance-leaved wild licorice. Attractive foliage plant with pretty dark purple flowers. An eastern species. New Buffalo, MI


Galium triflorum, sweet-scented bedstraw. An attractive foliage plant for moist shadey areas. Des Plaines Valley

Size: 2.5” Seasonal seed is available

Hepatica acutiloba, sharp-lobed hepatica. This is a beautiful woodland plant that will spread under good shade conditions with other native species. It is somewhat evergreen so works well with other long lasting spring plants.

Size: 2.5”

Heracleum maximum, cow parsnip. A large woodland species. Des Plaines Valley

Size: 2.5” and quarts Seasonal seed is available

Iodanthus pinnatifidus, violet cress. A rare and attractive flood plain species. It will do well under moist conditions. On the flood plain, it does best on the high ground just above high water. Flowers are white to pink on a long stalk. Des Plaines Valley.

Size 2.5”

Lobelia cardinalis, cardinal flower. This plant is excellent massed in a part shade to sunny, moist to wet area. First year plants remain basal and will bolt the second year. Des Plaines Valley.

Size 2.5”

Michella repens, partridge berry. A lovely low plant of the acid woodland. New Buffalo, MI

Limited supply, please call.

Mitella diphylla, mitrewort. A woodland plant that masses well like so many others of its habitat. Seed stock of unknown source

Size: 2.5”

Phlox divaricata, blue phlox. A plant of forest, savannah, and flood plain, it will do well in a variety of shaded locations, of compact form. Des Plaines Valley

Size: 2.5” & quarts seasonal seed available

Phryma leptostachia, lopseed. Like Desmodium glutinosum this plant is very attractive massed with its spikes of small pink flowers creating and interesting and unique display. Slightly weedy so it may do well in difficult spots, near sidewalks and streets.

Size: 2.5” seasonal seed available

Polemonium reptans, Jacob’s ladder. A low blue flowered plant of mesic forests and savannahs. Des Plaines Valley.

Size: 2.5”

Polygonatum canaliculatum, Solomon’s seal. This is a large plant with mature spikes up to 5’ tall. Des Plaines Valley

Size: 2.5” Seasonal seed is available

Polygonatum pubescens, downy Solomon’s seal. Smaller than its relative, this plant is beautiful in combination with the maidenhair fern. New Buffalo, MI

Size: limited stock, please call

Psoralia onobrrychis, French grass. Neither French nor a grass, this plant looks very much like many in the pea family, but of upright form and with blue flower clusters. A prairie species it will do well in half-day sun such as near a home. Will County, IL

Size: 2.5” & quarts

Sanicula gregaria, black snakeroot. We are pleased to offer the Sanicula genus. This species is found in disturbed as well and healthy woodlands. It has a weedy tendency so can be used to advantage near roads and sidewalks. Polygonatum, Thalictrum, and Polygonum virginianum are good companions and will keep it in check, or mass it for a uniform look. Des Plaines Valley.

Size: 2.5” Seasonal seed is available

Sanicula canadensis, Canadian black snakeroot. Not a weed by any means, its leaves are wider and the plant is more erect in form. Best used with other natives. New Buffalo, MI

Size: 2.5”

Schizachyrium sciparium, little blue-stem. Little blue can be purchased from many local nurseries. This is a Michigan stock, but it will do well anywhere in the Chicago region. New Buffalo, MI.

Size 2.5”

Scutellaria ovata versicolor, woodland skullcap. A rare skullcap for our region. This plant has attractive blue flowers on a spike. Does well intermixed with other natives or massed in groups of 5. Will County

Size 2.5” Seasonal seed available

Sisyrinchium angustifolium, stout blue-eyed grass. This plant can be a robust stunner in a moist sunny site, it grows well in light shade as well with phlox, and low sedges.

Size 2.5”

Smilacina racemosa, false Solomon’s seal. This species grows well massed or in combination with other natives. A stunning display of this plant is in combination with the spinulose shield fern found at Warren Woods at Union Pier, MI.

Supply limited, please call

Solidago caesia, blue-stem goldenrod. A very attractive goldenrod for sandy to loam soil.

A good shade border plant.

Size: 2.5” Seasonal seed is available

Solidago flexicaulis, zig zag goldenrod. The most attractive goldenrod for massing with dark green foliage of good form and attractive flowers.

Size: 2.5” Seasonal seed available.

Taenidia integerrima, yellow pimpernel. A plant of erect form, it is well placed among other natives. Responds well to seeding in to chip beds.

Size: 2.5” Seasonal seed available

Thalictrum dioicum, early meadow rue. One of the most important woodland plants, no woodland restoration or garden should do without its presence.

Size: 2.5” Seasonal seed is available

Tradescantia subaspera, broad-leaved spiderwort. Not familiar to most, this is a species of the beech-maple forests south and east of Chicago. It is a beautiful plant for the shade garden. Large lush leaves and pink flowers distinguish this plant form the more familiar spiderworts.

Size: 2.5”

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