Drama 1320 Tool Sampler Steps

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Drama 1320 Tool Sampler Steps
The purpose of this project is to familiarize you with the various tools and construction methods employed in the Scenic Studio. When you first look at any drawing, you need to think of the order of the steps that will be required to construct the object. As you perform the various steps outlined below, think about why they are in this particular order and if any could be rearranged without causing any problems.

  1. Select a scrap piece of ¾ plywood that is wider than 8” and longer that 1’-6”.

  2. Rip the plywood to 8” wide on the table saw.

  3. Measure and cross-cut the plywood to 1’-6” on the radial arm saw.

  4. Layout a 1” square grid on the plywood using measuring and marking tools of your own choosing. Plot out the semi circle by making a pencil mark on your grid where the curved line crosses it. Sketch or “cartoon” the circle based on these marks. This will acquaint you with the concept of “gridding” or enlarging a scaled drawing to full scale.

  5. Cut out the semi circle using the band saw.

  6. Drill the holes for the 3/8” bolt and 5/16 lag screw using the drill press. Because the 3/8” bolt drops through the hole, use a 3/8” spade bit. The 5/16” lag screw needs wood to screw into so use a ¼” bit for this hole. The 1 5/8” drywall screw does not need a pre-drilled hole.

  7. Cut the corner off of the plywood using the power miter saw.

  8. Cut 2x4 to length using the radial arm saw and/or power miter saw.

  9. Fasten the plywood to the 2x4 with 1 ½” x ¼” crown staples. You can hold the wood together your self, ask someone else to help hold the wood together or use clamps. The edge of the 2x4 and edge of the plywood should line up perfectly. Usually, you would first assemble the frame first then attach the plywood but this way makes good sense for this project.

  10. Fasten one of the 2x4 butt joints together using the nail gun and 2 3” nails. Fasten the other butt joint together using 2 3” drywall screws. Pre drill 1/8” holes for the screws first with an electric drill. Drive the screws with a cordless drill.

  11. Attach and tighten the 3/8” bolt with a socket and wrench. Drive the 5/16” lag screw with a socket or wrench. Screw in the 1 5/8” drywall screw with a cordless drill.

There it is. Through out the semester as you put in your studio hours and work on your final project, you will continue to learn and use scenery construction methods and techniques.

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