Download and save this file to your own computer, then follow these steps

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Directions: Download and save this file to your own computer, then follow these steps.

Click a hyperlink (or use Ctrl+click) over a hyperlink below to move to the desired announcement. Announcements have been listed in the order in which it is likely you would need them as you move through a typical semester. Highlighted text in any announcements should be updated each semester. Abbreviations shown in red may be used with Word’s AutoText feature. Edit any entries as desired.

  • To update the hyperlinks under the index below, right-click any hyperlink and click Update Field, update entire table.

  • To create the AutoText entry, select the desired message from this Word file after you edit it, and press ALT+3. The Create AutoText dialog box will appear with a suggested name for your AutoText entry. Replace the suggestion with a short, easy-to-remember abbreviation (for example, ko for Keyboarding Online; then click OK.

  • To insert the AutoText entry, type the name for the AutoText entry in your e-mail body (for example, type ko); then press Enter or F3. The full entry will appear.


Miscellaneous Entries 2

Adding Keyboarding Online 2

Keyboarding Online, Enrolling 2

Keyboarding Online Inquiry 3

Out-of-Town Students, Keyboarding Online 3

Early Keyboarding Online Questionnaire 3

Keyboarding Online Enrolling Now 4

Need to Add Keyboarding Online 4

Getting Started, Keyboarding Online 4

Keyboarding Online Update 5

GDP Live Update 5

E-mail Subject Lines 5

Week 1, August 30-September 5; Keyboarding Online 5

Upload Work 7


Uploading All Work 7

Technical Support, Software Hotline 8

Annotations Ready 8

Week 1 End, Keyboarding Online 8

Week 1, Progress Notice, Congratulations 9

Week 1, Progress Notice 9

Week 2, Progress Notice, Congratulations 9

Week 2, Progress Notice, Some Work Completed 9

Week 2, Progress Notice, No Work Completed 9

Week 2 , September 6-12 9

What Is an Assignment Sheet? 12

Week 3, September 13-19 12

Technique Check Notice 12

Technique Check Reminder 13

Technique Check Final Notice 14

Inactive Status, First Warning 14

Week 3, Progress Notice 14

Week 3, Progress Notice, Congratulations 14

Week 3, Progress Notice, 1% Deduction 14

Week 3, Progress Notice, 2% Deduction 14

Week 3, Progress Notice, 3% Deduction 15

Week 4, September 20-25 15

Week 4, Progress Notice, Congratulations 16

Week 4, Progress Notice, 1% Deduction 16

Week 4, Progress Notice, No Work Completed, Inactive Notice 16

Week 5, September 27-October 3 16

Week 6, October 4-11 17

Week 7, October 11-17 18

Week 8, March 29-April 4 20

Week 9, Spring Break 21

Week 10, April 9-15, Practice Tests, Keyboarding Online 22

Week 11, November 8-14 22

Week 12, November 15-21 23

Week 13, April 30-May 6 24

Week 13, May 2, Grades Posted 25

Week 14, May 7-13 25

Week 15, May 14-20 26

Week 16, Monday, May 21, to Friday, May 25 27

End of Week 16, Grades and Final Exam 28

Final Announcement, Keyboarding 1 Online 28

Miscellaneous Entries




You're right on schedule!


Beautiful job!


extra credit


technique check


Instructor Management Web Site


Student Upload Web Site


Student Web Site


Please advise.



Adding Keyboarding Online

You submitted a Questionnaire but you are not enrolled in my class. I will have add cards available at the mandatory orientation on Thursday, February 9, 4:30-6:50 p.m., DH 205, or Saturday, February 11, 9-11:30 a.m., DH 205. You must attend the first orientation to receive an add card.
Please respond to this e-mail and let me know if you are still interested in the class or not so I will know how to proceed to help you. If you are still interested, I will process your questionnaire and send you the next step to begin this class. Thanks again for your interest.


Keyboarding Online, Enrolling

Thank you for enrolling in Keyboarding Online and contacting me by e-mail to get started. Please visit the web site at for Keyboarding 1 Online. Read the FAQs, Course Outline, and submit the Questionnaire as your first step in getting started. Until you submit this questionnaire, which includes your e-mail address, we cannot communicate and you cannot submit work online. I MUST have your correct e-mail address so please fill it in carefully. When I receive the Questionnaire, I will tell you what to do next.
All your questions should be answered after you review the web site and the FAQs page. If you have more specific questions, please let me know. If you are interested in other course in the Computer Applications and Office Technologies Department in general, please visit our web site at


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