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100% LEGAL

   This buy it now auction is for instructions on making the TRUE SPANISH FLY. You will be buying instructions on how to make a unlimited supply of the famous Spanish Fly, in your own home.

Upon payment, you will recieve a link, to instantly go and download your purchase (see details below), detailing the full recipe, including ingredients and supplies needed to make this powerful aphrodisiac for both men and women. Plus the chemical composition, indications, contraindications, warnings and directions for use, as well as more helpful tips used for this preparation.

   This recipe is as easy to make as a cake, anyone can do it. It is very potent and powerful and best of all......IT'S INEXPENSIVE, SAFE AND 100% LEGAL. Most of the materials used to make this aphrodisiac can be found in your house right now!! Even some of the ingredients you could already have in your home. The main ingredient that you will have to purchase can be found easily and cheaply at stores or on the internet, as well as the other ingredients. I will give you a GREAT SUPPLIER for your main ingredient, included in the email sent to you with your instructions on HOW TO MAKE SPANISH FLY...

 For many years men and women have been consuming themselves with little pills, sprays, incense, candles and other crazy things that promise to heighten your sexual desires, to create intensity and passion while making love. Sometimes it may work,...but could be better, you waisted your money because it didnt work at all, or you read in the fine print "only for a man", or "only for a women"...well there goes sharing it with your partner!!! I know, because i have been there....UNTIL I FOUND THIS RECIPE!! It is perfect for those romantic nights, or a night out on your own...You take your pick. IT IS A TRUE SPANISH FLY FOR THE BOTH OF YOU.

   You will have the information and the know-how with this easy recipe, and when you make your own..YOU NEVER RUN OUT! No needing to run to the store for more, no expensive pills to buy. This IS NOT a placebo, nor is it crushed up beetles, phony pheromones, or some wierd concoction that doesnt work or makes you sick. This has real chemical properties in it. THIS IS A TRIED & TRUE NATURAL & POWERFUL SPANISH FLY and is 100% NATURAL & LEGAL all in a DO-IT-YOURSELF RECIPE. This recipe has been used in many cultures for centuries.

**This can be used as a couple, by yourself, or you can administer it to your partner "WITH THERE CONSENT"

**This will improve fridgity in women & impotence in men

**It will work for both men & women, to help improve love making & the desire for sex..................

**If you wish to enhance your sex life through greater libido, extended sexual performance or by curing erectile dysfunction, we greatly recommend this recipe...



When making payment through paypal, right after you push the "PAY" button, your next screen is an ebay screen saying your payment has been sent, the link to download your item will be on that screen at the bottom. This item is not sent by seperate email, it is dispatched INSTANTLY by ebay.

**PLEASE NOTE** If you do not understand the delivery instructions or you miss the download link after making payment, Please do not hesitate to write me and i will send it to you.

These instructions are for informational purposes only. The instructions, approaches, and use described in the email upon purchase, are ment to supplement and not to be a substitute for professional medical care or treatment. It should not be used to treat a serious ailment without prior consultation with a qualified health care professional. This 100% natural and legal recipe allows you to feel sexualy stimulated, good and relaxed, among other wonderful feelings, so there is a potential to become dependent on it.

"I do not condone, and advise against the misuse or abuse of this information"..........................

This recipe is awaiting copywrite



If at anytime, during our transaction together, that there is a problem, of any kind, i will give 100% of my time to work it out, all it takes is communication between the buyer and the seller. All i ask is that when you recieve your item, that you leave me positive feedback so that i know that you recieved it, and i will do the same for you.

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