Division of district; number of directors

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48150548-1505.  Division of district; number of directors

A.  When the boundaries of the district are defined and established, the board shall, if so requested in the petition, make an order dividing the district into three divisions as nearly equal in size as practicable. The divisions shall be numbered consecutively and known as "first division," "second division" and "third division."  The board of supervisors shall not divide the district into divisions unless specifically requested in the petition.  If the district is divided there shall be one director who is an elector and a resident freeholder of the division elected in each division as provided by this article.  In addition to the three directors elected from the divisions, two directors who are resident electors and freeholders of the district shall be elected at large by the qualified electors of the district.

B.  If the district is not divided into divisions at the time of organization, the board of directors shall consist of five members to be elected at large, who are resident electors and freeholders of the district. 481505

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