Directions for Students enrolled in laj 496

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Directions for Students enrolled in LAJ 496

  1. Your Individual Study Permit reference to the planned subject and work for this individual study. As you develop this, you are expected to make arrangements to meet with your professor during the third, sixth and tenth week of the quarter.

    • During week 3 of the quarter, turn in an outline of the planned work and a comprehensive plan.

    • During week 6 of the quarter, turn in a rough draft of your paper.

    • During week 10 of the quarter, submit your final project and turn in your time sheet.

You are responsible for contacting your professor to set up these meetings. As you undoubtedly noticed, you are responsible for turning in your final paper during the quarter’s last week of regular classes.

  1. Because the University requires 30 hours of work for each credit earned, we are instituting a time sheet to verify your effort. Please keep track of your time on the table provided below:

Record your time spent researching and writing your LAJ 496 paper.


Research of the subject

Interviewing, other resource meetings

Conference with supervisor

Paper preparation


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