Designation of the abs clearing-House publishing authority and national authorised users1

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Designation of the ABS Clearing-House publishing authority and national authorised users1

Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.


In order to operationalize the ABS Clearing-House, Parties need to designate a single publishing authority to clear national records for publication in the ABS Clearing-House.

The registration of who has the authority to publish national records in the ABS Clearing-House can only be done by the Secretariat upon receipt of an official written communications addressed to the Executive Secretary and endorsed by the focal point for Access and Benefit-sharing (ABS Focal Point). The duties of the ABS Focal Point could also be expanded to incorporate the role of the publishing authority.

The designation of national autorised users can be done at any time by the ABS Focal Point or the publishing authority.

These designations may be sent to the Secretariat by postal mail, fax or as an attachment to an e mail and must contain the complete contact details and the appropriate endorsements.

General information

*Is this a new record or a modification to an existing record:2

 New record


 Update of an existing record

* Is the ABS Focal Point also the authority for publishing national records in the ABS Clearing-House?

☐ Yes OR ☐ No

If no is selected, please complete the details of the designated publishing authority.

Details of the designated publishing authority if different from the ABS Focal Point


 Mr.  Ms.  Mrs.

 Prof.  Dr.

 Other (specify): 


 Male  Female

*First name:

Middle name:

*Last or Family name:

Work related information

Job title:

*Employer / Organization:

Organization acronym:3

Department / Division / Unit:




State or Province:


Postal or Zip code:

*Phone number:4

Fax number:5

*E mail address:



Please attach a recent photograph

Details of national authorised users (NAU) (please provide the contact details for all the NAUs you wish designate)

*First Name

Middle Name

*Last Name

*Email Address

Add additional rows for as needed.

Timeframe for confirmation or updating of information

Please note that this category of information requires confirmation or updating after one year from the date of submission. After the deadline you will be asked to confirm or update the record within 3 months. After this period, if no confirmation has been received, the record will be marked as “Non-confirmed”. 

Additional information

  1. Any other relevant information:6



  1. Notes:7

Confirmation by Nominating Government

  1. *Country:

  1. *Name of the ABS Focal Point:

  1. *Date:

I hereby confirm that the above information is correct and agree to its inclusion in the ABS Clearing House.


Submission addresses:

This form should be completed and sent by e-mail to

or alternatively by

  • Fax at +1 514 288-6588; or

  • Postal mail to:

Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity

413 rue Saint-Jacques, suite 800

Montreal, Québec, H2Y 1N9


1 The information submitted through this common format will be made available at

2 Clearing-House record numbers can be found here:

3 Abbreviation of the long name of an organization. Examples: EA, SCBD.

4 Please use the following format: + [country code] [city code] [telephone number] [extension, if necessary]; Example: +1 514 288-2220 ext 221 (where 1 = North America, 514 = Montreal, 288-2220 = CBD Secretariat number, ext = extension).

5 See footnote above (phone number format).

6 Please use this field to provide any other relevant information that may not have been addressed elsewhere in the record.

7 The field “Notes” is for personal reference and can be seen only when the record is being edited.

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