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122 Kennels Road, R. D.5, Phone (03) 688 2248

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Nursery open: 8am-5pm Monday to Friday,

10am-4pm Saturday Closed Sundays and Public Holidays

Our Retail Garden Centre is open 6 days a week specialising in supplying a wide range of quality hardy ornamental trees and shrubs, roses and climbing plants, fruiting trees and an extensive selection of shelter and woodlot trees.

Introducing our staff:

Alister Davis Proprietor

David Caird Nursery Manager

Kevin Chapman Nursery Production

Shelly Wilson Garden Centre Manager

Allan Bolland LandscapePlanner/Nursery Production

Morton Bartlett Nursery Production

Sharyn Anglem Propagation/Garden Centre Assistant

Lynton Ross Propagation/Garden Centre Assistant Customers are welcome to browse and select at their leisure or seek advice on plant selection; we believe we have the plant selection and expertise to help you create the planting of your desire.

The planter of trees is a person of vision. They have the wisdom to realise that trees are needed for their physical comfort and spiritual welfare. They know that trees are necessary for the well being of the land and protection of stock. Above all they know that trees are the vital heritage for the future.”
Prices in this catalogue are an indication only; we endeavour

to price all of our plants individually in the Garden Centre.


Abelia Chinensis hardy fast growing bushy shrub with pink tubular bell flowers produced $13.50 throughout summer. Good low screening shrub. 180 cm.

Abelia Masoni rich golden foliaged shrub with pink tube flowers giving excellent $1350 colour in the garden; hardy, easily grown. 140 cm.

Abelia Dwarf White a new compact dwarf shrub with white tubular flowers in summer. 13.50 Requires shelter when young. 130 cm.

Acacias (Wattles)

Acacia Baileyana fast growing rounded tree soft blue/grey foliage, gold flowers in spring. A $14.50 good evergreen tree for screening or shade. Like all Wattles they enjoy a

sunny well drained site. 6 m.

Acacia Bail. Purpurea rich purple young growth on an attractive rounded tree makes this an $14.50 outstanding fast growing specimen; gold flowers in spring. 5 m.

Acacia Dealbata soft green ferny foliage and fast growing habit makes this evergreen

$14.50 tree great quick shelter or shade. Gold flowers in spring. Acacia Floribunda forms a large bushy shrub or small graceful tree; soft graceful willowlike

$14.50 habit; cream/gold flowers in spring. 4 m.

Acacia Pravissima The Alpine or Weeping Wattle; sharp triangular grey/green foliage on

$14.50 drooping branches, lime gold flowers in spring. Hardy . 3 m.

Acacia Riceana Rounded compact shrub with fine deep green foliage. Soft lemon flowers $14.50 in spring. An attractive bushy shrub. 2 m.

Acer 'Maples' (Shelter from strong winds.)

Acer Aconitofolium Leaves deeply lobed & cut, colouring rich crimson in autumn.


Acer Autumn Blaze Fresh green summer foliage turning vibrant red/orange autumn colour.


Acer Autumn Moon Spring colour is pink/orange changing vibrant red in autumn; 2.5 metres


Acer Esk Sunset Spectacular pink/cream summer/autumn foliage;hardy small tree to 3 m.


Acer Griseum 'Paperbark Maple';a compact upright small tree with attractive peeling $30.50 bark.Fiery autumn colour. 3 metres.

Acer Negundo Kelly Gold Cream tassles in spring. Rich gold specimen tree. Keep moist in

$35.00 summer. 5 m.

Acer Negundo Violaceum Pink tassles in spring. Upright shade specimen. Pink young foliage. 5 m.


Acer Palmatum 'Japanese Maple' a compact rounded tree with fine palmate foliage; $27.50 golden autumn colours. Requires summer moisture and wind shelter; 3 m.

Acer P. Atropurpureum Fine rich purple foliage ,rich crimson in autumn; small shade tree. 3 m.


Acer P.Bloodgood Deep red purple foliage;fiery autumn colours; upright habit. 4 m.


Acer P.Burgundy Lace Small upright tree with arching branches; deep burgundy wine; 3 m.


Acer P. Chishio Dwarf growing; shrimp red spring foliage; bronze in autumn. 150 cm .

$42.50 Delightful tub specimen

Acer P. Katsura Striking pale yellow spring growth. Light lime green summer foliage

$42.50 changing rich gold in autumn. Shelter from strong wind. 3 m.

Acer P. Osakasuki Attractive bright green seven lobed foliage turning brilliant autumn colours.

$42.50 2.5 metres.

Acer P.Senkaki Striking red bark;attractive small erect growing tree; 3 m.

$38.50 Coral Bark Maple

Acer P.Shin Deshojo A delightful fine foliaged Maple for the smaller garden; scarlet foliage.

$38.50 Considered one of the best autumn foliage Maples. 2. m.

Acer P.Suminagashi Strong growing upright tree with reddish purple new growth turning rich $38.50 crimson in autumn;leaves boldly serrated; 4 m.

Acer P.Dissectum Dwarf Weeping Maples

Acer Dis.Crimson Queen Rich crimson Weeping Purple Maple. Dwarf feature tree. $47.50 Wind tender. Keep moist in summer. 1 m.

Acer P.Dis Seiryu Upright growing; finely dissected foliage;soft gold autumn foliage; 2 metres


Acer P. Dissectum Viridis Graceful Dwarf Green Weeping Maple. Forms a delightful garden feature. $47.50 Wind tender. 1 m.

Acer P.Shaina Bright red spring foliage maturing dark crimson; 3 metres


Acer Platonoides Handsome ornamental shade tree for large gardens. Large green five lobed

$32.50 leaves; rich gold in autumn. Keep moist in summer. 6 m. Norway Maple

Acer Pl. Crimson King An upright specimen shade tree with large deep purple summer foliage

$32.50 changing fiery orange crimson in autumn. Hardy;keep moist in summer; 5m

Acer Pl. Drummondii Large green leaves margined with a creamy band;gold autumn foliage ; 5 m


Acer Rubrum Brilliant red autumn foliaged specimen tree; 8 metres.


Acer R Brandywine Emerald green summer foliage turning rich scarlet purple in autumn


Acer R.October Glory Selected Red Maple; 8 metres


Acer Saccharum ‘Sugar Maple’; attractive specimen tree; brilliant autumn colours; 15 m.


Acer Shirasawanum Aureum

$45.00 Beautiful soft golden foliaged specimen; shelter & semi shade; 3 metres

Acer Shirasawanum Autumn Moon

$45.00 Attractive golden leafed specimen. 3 metres

Aesculus 'Chestnuts'

Aesculus C. Briottei Rosy crimson flowers in upright clusters; Perfect lawn specimen for $48.00 summer shade or avenue planting. 6 m.

Aesculus Hippocastanum Horse Chestnut, hardy large stately spreading tree; white flower

$32.50 pinnacles. 8 m.

Aesculus Indica A large specimen with glossy green foliage and pale pink flower spikes

$32.50 in late spring. Attractive large shade specimen. 10 m.

Albizzia Julibrissin Rose 'Silk Tree' delightful specimen tree; Fluffy pink flowers in summer.

$25.50 Sunny well drained site; deciduous. 5 metres.

Albizzia Red Silk Attractive form with red flowers in summer.


Alnus Alder

Alnus Cordata 'Italian Alder' a very hardy large conical tree noted for its bright green

$17.50 glistening foliage. Tolerates a wide range of sites. Good shelter .8 m.

Alnus Rubra 'Red Alder' medium sized fast growing tree of graceful habit. Red $17.50 nutlike fruits in winter. fast shelter tree with non encroaching roots. 8 m.

Amelanchier Canadiensis

$29.50 A neat erect growing shrub with raecemes of lacy white flowers in spring.

the foliage turns a rich red in autumn. Hardy, easily grown. 3 m.

Arbutus Unedo ‘Irish Strawberry Tree’A compact evergreen tree;white ‘Lily of the Valley flowers

$15.50 in spring;orange fruits in winter.

Arctostepholos Woods Red A hardy evergreen groundcover with pink heathlike flowers in summer.

$12.50 1 m wide.

Arinaria Aurea Mounding lime green mosslike groundcover; moist site. 70 cm wide.


Arthropodium Cirrhatum 'Mabel Island Lily'

$12.50 Long flaxlike leaves, white flowers spikes; moist site. 60 cm.

Arundinaria Gracilis Fine foliaged Bamboo; fast growing & decorative; good tub plant. $16.50 Clump forming non suckering variety.

Astelia Attractive compact flax-like ornamental shrubs.

From $13.50

Astelia Chathamalica ‘Silver Spear’Stronger growing flax-like form;silver foliage. 85 cm.

Astelia Nervosa Compact silver flax form with silver green tufted leaves. 35 cm.

Astelia Westland Hardy dwarf flax form with reddish foliage. 40 cm.

Aucuba Japanese Laurel

Aucuba Crotonoides Bold foliage shrubs suitable for shady sites and great for tub planting.

$15.50 Crotonoides produces red berries when planted with a male. 175 cm.

Aucuba Japonica Male A green foliaged male form . 175 cm.

Azalea 'Evergreen' Delightful spring flowering shrubs; great in tubs or planted in groups with from $17.50 Rhododendrons, Camellias , Natives or other associated plants. They require a moist well drained sheltered site with soil rich in acid humus.

Flower colours include mainly reds, pink, purple and white. We stock a selection of varieties throughout the year. As a general rule the smaller foliage forms are the hardiest. heights range from groundcover to 1 m.

Azalea 'Deciduous' This hardy group of spring flowering shrubs give brilliant colour displays.

From $27.50 vivid orange, gold, red and pink varieties are all delightfully fragrant. Rich autumn foliage colour is also a feature. They grow best in a moist well drained soil planted and mulched with plenty of acid humus. 150 cm.

Azara Microphylla 'Vanilla Tree' A fast erect growing evergreen tree with small dark green $21.50 leaves. Strongly scented yellow flowers in spring. Good small background tree for screening or shelter. 4 m.

Azara Serrata Hardy fast growing small evergreen tree;great for specimen,screening

$21.50 or shelter planting. 4 m.

Baekia Virgata Reasonably hardy fine foliaged shrub producing sprays of decorative white

$12.50 flowers in summer. An outstanding shrub loved by Florists. 175 cm.

Banksia Birthday Candles A delightful dwarf compact form;yellow cones;prostrate habit.


Banksia Collina Dwarf A compact rounded shrub growing to 2 metres;yellow cones in winter.

$19.50 Warm sunny well drained site.

Banksia Ericifolia Large bushy shrub;large golden cones in winter attract birds


Banksia Integrifolia Fast erect growing small trees with large yellow cones produced in winter.

$19.50 Very tolerant of coastal areas; Good food source for birdlife in winter. 4 m.

Berberis 'Ornamental Barberry'

Berberis Aurea Brilliant golden foliage through spring summer and autumn. Hardy low $12.50 compact shrub; best grown in semi shade. 85 cm.

Berberis Crimson Pygmea Hardy miniature mound of deep purple; outstanding dwarf deciduous $12.50 shrub.

Berberis Keiffers Hybrid Outstanding foliage shrub; silver variegated leaves turning red in

$12.50 autumn.Hardy for most garden sites. 150 cm.

Berberis Rosy Glow Colourful pink/cream variegated foliage changing crimson in autumn. An

$12.50 outstanding hardy contrast shrub. 130 cm

Berberis Thunbergii Atropurpurea

$12.50 Hardy dark purple foliaged shrub; great colour contrast; 170 cm.

Betula 'Birch'

Betula Alba The Silver Birch is an outstanding tree planted as a specimen, in groups or $19.50 for avenue or screen planting. Fine summer foliage; gold in autumn.

Betula Papyrifera 'Paper Birch' pure white peeling paper bark; large soft green foliage turns $19.50 bright gold in autumn. Like all Birch they dislike heavy wet soil. 8 m.

Betula Dalecarlica 'Swedish Birch'; a graceful upright tree with pendulous branches and fine

$42.50 deeply cut foliage. An outstanding specimen . 8 m.
Betula Jaquemontii An attractive white barked form of Himilayan Birch; 10 m.


Betula Youngii 'Weeping Silver Birch' a graceful weeping specimen tree with fine $49.50 branches weeping to the ground; rich gold autumn foliage. 4 m.

Boronia Warm sheltered site; keep moist in summer; plant with peat.

Boronia Heterophylla Rich deep rosy pink bell flowers in spring and Summer. An outstanding

$15.50 fragrant shrub; prune after flowering. 1 m.

Boronia Megastigma The richly fragrant 'Brown Boronia' is outstanding not only for the $15.50 delightful brown/gold flowers but for the glorious fragrance. 1 m.

Boronia M. Lutea 'Bright lime/gold flowers with the rich spicy 'Boronia' fragrance make

$15.50 this form outstanding. Light green foliage. 1 m.

Buddlia 'Butterfly Bush'

Buddlia Globosa Hardy fast growing screening shrub;golden globe flowers in summer . $12.50 Great for attracting butterflies into the garden

Buddlia Silver AnniversaryA hardy fast growing large bushy shrub with silver grey foliage. $15.50 White flower spikes attract butterflies throughout summer. 2 m.

Brachyglottis Sunshine This hardy grey foliaged shrub was formally known as 'Senecio Greyii',

$12.50 yellow daisy flowers in summer; benefits from light trimming. 160 cm.

Brachyscombe 'Rock Daisy'

$9.50 The delightful dwarf 'Rock Daisies' give great colour throughout the summer dying back in winter in more exposed sites. Several colours are available with the deep blue 'Break of Day' being most popular.Best for a sunny well drained site. 15 x 40 cm.

Buxus 'Box Plant'

Buxus Semp. Marginata A hardy large erect growing shrub with dark green leaves margined gold.

$11.50 An excellent plant for formal tubs or shrubbery planting. 180 cm.

Buxus Semp. Gold Tip Compact hardy dwarf shrub often used for 'Box Hedging'. Deep green

$11.50 foliage often tipped with gold. 80 cm. Hedging grade - $2.50 & $3.95

Buxus Suffruticosa Compact dwarf Box used for hedging $2.50-3.50

Callistemon C.Splendens Bright Red Bottlebrush flowers cover this fast growing bushy shrub

$13.50 in summer. Sunny well drained site; trim after flowering. 2 m.

Callistemon Kings Park S Large bushy shrub for the sunny well drained site.

$13.50 Bright red Bottlebrush flowers in summer; 2 m.

Callistemon Little John A compact growing Red Bottlebrush with dense bushy habit. Bright

$13.50 red flowers in summer. Sunny well drained site. 1 m.

Never ending pleasure in a garden you will find,

Happiness,deep contentment,joy and peace of mind.

Camellias For the cool sheltered areas of the garden the Camellias give great garden Approx. $25.00 colour and form; the deep glossy green foliage being a perfect background

for the delightful flowers. The Sasanqua varieties flower in the autumn and

are more tolerant of sun. They are great grown as shrubs or espaliered along walls or fences as climbers. All varieties make good tub plants . Moist well drained soils rich in acid humus;a few of our popular varieties.

Camellia Japonicas

Anticipation Deep pink peony form Bambino Coral rose pink peony

Betty Sheffield Pale pink semi double Bob Hope Black red semi double

Bobs Tinsie Bright red mini blooms Cinnamon Cindy Mini pale rose pink blooms

Debbie Rich pink peony form Dreamboat Formal double bright pink

Dr.Clifford Parks Large semi double red E.G.Waterhouse Light pink formal double

Ele. Champagne Large white flowers Elegans Supreme Large rose pink anemone form

Fox’s Fancy Rich double red Gay Baby Small flowers; orchid pink

Gwenneth Morey Deep cream anemone form Guillio Nuccio Semi double coral pink

Grand Slam Large red Jurys Yellow Cream with yellow centre

Kramers Supreme Glowing turkey red peony. Margaret Davis White edged pink peony form. Man Size White miniature anemone form Nicky Crisp Pale pink semi double

Roger Hall Clear red formal double Takinini Rich red flowers

Waterlily Lavander pink formal double Star Above Star Semi double pale lavander

Camellia Sasanquas; great shrub specimen or espaliered as a climber.

Cotton Candy Large clear pink flowers in autumn.

Plantation Pink Large single pink flowers.

Setsugeka Attractive double white ; autumn flowering.

Sparkling Burgundy Semi double burgundy red flowers in autumn.

Yuletide Bright single red white gold stamens; compact.

Carex (Foliage grasses for rockeries, tubs or for natural group planting.)

Carex Evergold Hardy dwarf golden variegated form. Great for pots hanging baskets or

$10.50 planted in groups in the front of rockeries or shrub planting. 30 cm.

Carex Testacea An attractive 'Tussock' form with reddish brown foliage. It is used

$9.75 widely for group or island planting. ($3.95 bulk rate)

Carpinus Betulinus ‘Hornbeam’Deeply serrated foliaged pyramidal specimen tree; 10 m.

$27.50 Excellent tree to espalier for screening.

Castania The hardy 'Spanish Chestnut' a fast growing shade tree with wide $32.50 spreading branches. Keep moist in summer; nuts ripen in winter.8 m.

Catalpa Bignonoides 'Indian Bean Tree'; Hardy tree with large green heart shaped leaves and $44.50 creamy white flower heads. Bean shaped seed capsules.

Ceanothus Blue Carpet Fast growing groundcover with tiny rich green foliage and an abundance

$12.50 of deep blue flowers in summer. Well drained site. 2 m wide.

Ceanothus Blue Sapphire Attractive mounding groundcover;deep blue flowers in late spring;dark

$16.50 ebony coloured foliage; hardy; 1 metre x 2 metres wide.

Ceanothus Diamond Heights

$14.50 Hardy gold variegated groundcover; up to 2 metres wide

Ceanothus Emily Brown A fast growing groundcover for filling large areas . Small thick dark $12.50 green glossy leaves; light blue flowers; well drained site. 3 m wide.

Ceanothus Hurricane Point

Large mounding groundcover with dark green oval leaves and

$12.50 cornflower blue flowers in summer. Well drained site. 2.5 m wide

Ceanothus Impressus Dense branches of small dark green leaves; soft sky blue flowers in spring;

$12.50 Bushy rounded shrub; well drained site. 150 cm.

Ceanothus P.Roweanus Deep blue flowers in early spring cover this hardy fast growing shrub. 2 m. $12.50 Great for shelter and screening. Well drained site. Trim after flowering.

Ceratistigma Willmotianum

$12.50 'The Chinese Plumbago' is a small hardy deciduous shrub with rich

gentian blue flowers in summer; sunny site. 1 m.
Cercidophyllum Japonicum ‘Katsura Tree’

$32.50 Soft purple foliage maturing dark green;attractive compact tree; 5 m.

Cercis Forest Pansy Large showy deep purple leaves through spring summer and autumn give

$45.50 a delightful contrast in garden colour. 3 m.

Cercis Hearts of Gold Attractive new for with large golden foliage; 3 metres


Cercis Siliquastrum 'Judas Tree' bright pink pea shaped flowers cover this hardy small tree

$27.50 in spring. Rounded glaucous green foliage in summer. 4 m.

Chaenomeles 'Japonicas or Flowering Quince' hardy fast growing shrubs climbers

From $12.50 or groundcovers. The bare winter branches give way to a riot of colour in spring. They benefit from pruning after flowering.

Chaenomeles Alba Snow white flowers with green center. 2 m x 1.5 m.

Chaenomeles Cameo Delightful soft apricot blooms in spring.

Chen. Chochuragaki Large double deep salmon orange flowers. 1.5 m x 1 m.

Chaenomeles Dazzler Deep crimson flowering groundcover or compact climber.

Chiminanthus Praecox 'Winter Sweet'

From $19.50 Fragrant creamy purple centred flowers cover this hardy bushy deciduous

shrub in winter. Enjoys a sunny site with ample summer moisture. 'C. Lutea' is a selected deep yellow flowering form. 2.5 m.

Choisya Aztec Pearl Hardy bushy lush green foliaged shrubs ; star white flowers in summer.

$15.50 The superb new Fine foliaged 'Mexican Orange Blossom. 175 cm.

Choisya Ternata 'Mexican Orange Blossom' a dense rounded evergreen shrub with $15.50 fragrant deep glossy green foliage.White flowers in summer. 175 cm.

$39.50 Standard Mexican Orange Blossoms; Great for specimens or tubs.

Choisya T.Sundance Rich gold foliaged form giving a rich contrast in the garden ; 150 cm.


Cistus 'Rock Roses' ; these are a riot of colour throughout summer . The mass of $12.50 single flowers appear to be made of crepe paper. They grow best in a sunny well drained site; trim after flowering.

Cistus Anne Palmer Pink wavy petalled flowers; 130 cm.

Cistus Bennetts White Deep green leathery foliage; large white flowers/gold centre. 150 cm

Cistus Brilliancy Rich pink flowers with yellow stamens. 160 cm.

Cistus Formosa Yellow flowers with red eye. Grey foliaged mounding shrub. 80 cm x 1 m.

Cistus Luisitanica White flowers with red eye. Bushy rounded shrub. 150 cm.

Cistus Pink Cloud Large lavender pink flowers; soft grey foliage. 150 cm.

Cistus Sagifolius Masses of white flowers; Low mounding shrub. 60 x 150 cm.

Cistus Silver Pink Soft pink flowers on a low compact rounded bush. 85 cm.

Clianthus 'Kaka Beak' ; interesting colourful native shrubs for the sheltered site.

$15.50 They can easily be trained (espaliered) as climbers

Clianthus Puniceus Red Beak-like flowers in summer. 140 cm.

Clianthus P. Albus White Beak-like flowers in summer. 140 cm.

Coleonema 'Breath of Heaven'; sunny well drained site.

Coleonema Pulchrum Soft fragrant ferny foliage on a compact rounded bushy shrub; covered in $12.50 pink star flowers in spring; trim lightly after flowering. 160 cm.

Coleonema Sunset Gold An outstanding low spreading shrub with dense bright golden aromatic

$12.50 foliage, covered in summer with fine star pink flowers. Colours best in full sun. Excellent colourful tub plant. 75 cm. x 1 m.

Coleonema Winter Charm Beautiful compact flowering shrub studded with pink star flowers

$12.50 from early spring. Fragrant green foliage. Lightly trim after flowering.

Convolvulus Cneorum Grows quickly forming a low mounding silver foliaged shrub. Clusters of $12.50 white pink lined trumpet flowers in summer. Well drained site. 1 m wide.
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