Descendants of Nicholas Powelson and Jacob Powelson

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Descendants of Nicholas Powelson and Jacob Powelson
Notice: This information is for private use only and is the property of the Powelson family. It may not be distributed or copied for profit. (other spellings: Pouwelsen, Pauwlsen, Pouwelse, Pauluszen, Pollison, etc)
NOTE: The oldest generations are in the process of being found.

I have found many places with different information.

PLEASE don’t think there are no mistakes.!!! Tell me when you find them. Thanks!

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From the pages of Frank W Powelson, he has 4 branches of the family:

The NEW YORK BRANCH: “The head of this branch of the family is (1) Cornelis Paulusyen, who was born at Albany about 1675.”

He is Number 1 on this chart.

THE NEW JERSEY BRANCH: Johannes Pouelson 1719-1788 the ancestor of the Powelson family in Somerset Co, New Jersey, was born in April 1719.

THE VIRGINIA BRANCH The head of this branch of the family was one Powel Powelson 1716-1805 who with his wife Lena. (Kathy’s line)
THE PENNSYLVANIA BRANCH Patrick Powelson abt 1775 is the father of the Pennsylvania Powelsons.

This family is not in my database. I cannot connect Patrick to any of these ancestors. Any help in doing this would be great.

NOTE: 1. There are many different sources for the Powelson information. Some are listed under the “Thank You” part of my Website.

There are also many places where I didn’t know if the birth date was the date of birth or the date of baptism.

A lot of sources disagree with each other. If you copy the information, be aware of this.

2 . This information is from a Pollison website: it doesn’t match the information in Frank W Powelson’s book before Henry Pollison b 1781.

Paulus PIETERSE married Trintic MARTIN, came to New York before 1658; both died 1702.

Child Martin Paulisse married Margrietje WESTERVELT in 1694.

Child Paulus Martense married Rachel Demorest 1731, they had: Martin, Jacobus, and John.

John married Gertrude Terhune and had a son John, who married Mary Cleveland.

This John is said to be the parents of Henry Pollison b 1781 and brothers and sisters.

  1. This information is off from a Bob Powelson. Mar 2002

The Powelson family came to the new world in 1654. They came from a port in Holland. They had waited for passage in Holland for five years and this is how the connection to the Dutch Reformed church got started. In New Jersey where they landed (Near Hoboken) there were Bishops in the Dutch Reformed Church with the name of Powelson..In Europe the family lived in a place called the kingdom of Dittmarsen. It is in the northern part of Germany today, near the Kiel Canal. My grandfather grew up thinking he was Dutch because of the five year wait in Holland. Incidentally, Dittmarsen was a part of Denmark in 1654

Descendants of Nicholas Powelson

Generation No. 1
1. Nicholas1 Powelson was born Abt. 1580.
Notes for Nicholas Powelson:

Jan 2011: Received an email from Brenda Powelson Smith. She has the Powelson's back one more generation. She has Nicholas.

Child of Nicholas Powelson is:

+ 2 i. Jacob H2 Powelson, born 1610 in Holland or Norway.

Generation No. 2
2. Jacob H2 Powelson (Nicholas1) was born 1610 in Holland or Norway.
Notes for Jacob H Powelson:

This name Jacob is from this website:,%20internettree/wc01/wc01_028.htm

I have used only missing information from this site. I haven't changed what I already have. There are differences.

From Frank W Powelson's book: ""The Powelson family were originally from Norway, but removed to Holland before any of the name came to this country. From New Barbadoes they scattered and some located on Long Island, N.Y. "
Feb 2011: There is a book The History of North America, Volume 4 By Guy Carleton Lee, Francis Newton Thorpe that mentioned --Jacob Powelson, being the captain. "The ship sailed under the Swedish flag, although her passengers and crew were Hollanders."

Feb 2007: Email from Jim Opfell as related from

"Do want you to look at the progenitor of the clan again. I do not think it was Capt. Jacob Powelson, but Gommert or Goruimin Pauelsen, who went to Beverwyck with the patroon, Adriaen Van Der Donck, as his gardener. The reason that I think he is the proper fellow, is due to the information in the marriage banns for Cornelis and Jannetje Andries in Flatbush. Many people assume that Cornelis was born there, but the marriage banns say (in Dutch) that he was a young man (bachelor) from Albany. (This is where he was baptised.) Not in Flatbush. When I called the historian of the Albany (formerly Breverwyck) Dutch Reformed Church to ask him to search the baptismal records for Cornelis, he told me that the second minister who came from Holland to this classis was upset because he found them "in disarray" and burned them. Apparently he was a neat-freak and permanently destroyed our chance for finding out for certain who the parents of Cornelis were, along with the 'messy' records. However, since Goruimen (various spellings) went there and later went back to Antwerp for his wife, (who is not named on the manifest, again to our misfortune,)

I believe he is the only viable candidate for progenitor. The other thing that makes me believe that he is the correct progenitor is that my grandmother, Leona Powlison Richardson, had "Gommen" written in her bible.

Capt Jacob did not settle in Albany, and the dates do not work out, so my nod is to Gorrimen or Gommert, or Gommen, for our progenitor. One of my dad's cousins thought that Goruimen, Jacob, and Nicolas were brothers, but they went to three different places in this country, which was not the usual practice for relatives. The dates do not support this, either.

I wrote to the Archives in Holland, trying to see if the first minister might have sent copies of his records to the mother church there, but they sent my money back. I need to hire a researcher there myself. We may never know for certain who Cornelis parents were, but I feel that my theory has more weight than assigning Jacob as Cornelis's father. Realize I am bucking the tide."

Child of Jacob H Powelson is:

+ 3 i. Cornelius3 Powelson, born Abt. 1676 in Flatbush, New York.

Generation No. 3
3. Cornelius3 Powelson (Jacob H2, Nicholas1) was born Abt. 1676 in Flatbush, New York. He married Jannetje (Andriesse) Andries 11 Oct 1696 in Brouckelen (Brooklyn), New York Reformed Dutch Church of, daughter of Andries Jeuriaens and Annitje Praa. She was born Abt. 1678 in New York, New York.
Notes for Cornelius Powelson:

1. THE NEW YORK BRANCH: Another spelling Cornelis Paulisse)

The head of this branch of the family is (1) Cornelis Paulusyen, who was born at Albany about 1675. The name is spelled a number of different ways on the Baptismal Records of the Reformed Dutch Church at Sommerville, N.J., where some of their children were baptized, some of which are: Pouwelsen, Pauwlsen, Pouwelse, Pauluszen, Pollison etc.

The confusing thing is that he is the father of the "NEW JERSEY BRANCH" more research needed.

2. This name is found on the records of the New York Reformed Dutch Church as a "Young man from Albany, "according to the Banns: "Getrouwt tot Brouckelen (Brooklyn) 11 Oct 1696, to Jannetje Andries."

***All birth dates of the children are dates baptized."***

3. Baptism recorded in the Brooklyn R.D. Church: Annitje, Wyntie, Andries

a. Baptism recorded in Somerset Co NJ in the Raritan Church: Elizabeth

in Somerville: Maria, Elsyen, Neeltien, Cornelius, Poulus (Powel)

b. Baptized in Bedminster, Somerset Co, NJ, Johannes.

Jacob in New Brunswick

Hendrick in the North Branch Dutch Reformed Church.

c. We believe all Cornelius' children's birth dates are their christened dates.

d. Different spellings of the name: Pauluezen; Poulussen; Pauelsen; Cornelis Paulluszen

e. This is in Frank W Powelson's book: Cornelis Paulusze born abt 1674 married Oct. 11, 1696 wife Jannetje Andries
4. They are also supposed to have two more girls, Agnes who married Jonas Hedges in 1735 and Rebecca who married Mr. Van Metre. Mrs. Dora Hedges Goodwin of Emporia, Va. is responsible for this supposition, but there are no facts on which to base it.

5. Jan 2007: Letter from Mary Pat Berkin -

Burial: Records on file in Sage Archives, New Brunswick, NJ
More About Cornelius Powelson:

Baptism: Flatbush, Dutch Reformed Church, New York

Notes for Jannetje (Andriesse) Andries:

Baptism: 26 Jan 1679 Dutch Reformed Church, Flatlands (Flatbush) Long Island, New York

Her baptism is the earliest confirmed record we have of these ancestors, on the paternal side.

(These records, copied from the original by the late Charles C. Gardner, are on file at the Reformed Church Historical Society, Sage Library, New Brunswick Theological Seminary, New Brunswick NJ)

Jan 2007: Letter received from Mary Pat Richardson Berkin.

Baptized at Flatlands, NY, 26 Jan 1679 - DRC, Flatbush, Kinds Co, New York

Children of Cornelius Powelson and Jannetje Andries are:

4 i. Wyntie4 Powelson, born 1699 in Brooklyn, New York. She married Johannes Van Meter; born Abt. 1698.

Notes for Wyntie Powelson:

Baptism: 26 Aug 1699

Jan 2007: Letter received from Mary Pat Richardson Berkin. Possible nickname: Rebecca

Dec 2011: All descendant information is under Rebecca Powelson.

Notes for Johannes Van Meter:

Jan 2007: Letter received from Mary Pat Richardson Berkin.

5 ii. Andries Powelson, born 30 Mar 1701 in Brooklyn, New York; died Bef. 11 Nov 1767. He married (1) Jannetye ? Abt. 1722; born Abt. 1702. He married (2) Lea Range Abt. 1735; born Abt. 1703.
Notes for Andries Powelson:

He was the first Powelson to go to Hampshire Co VA (now WV).

Jan 2007: Letter received from Mary Pat Richardson Berkin.
Notes for Jannetye ?:

Jan 2007: Letter received from Mary Pat Richardson Berkin. Added spouse.

Notes for Lea Range:

Jan 2007: Letter received from Mary Pat Richardson Berkin. Added spouse.

6 iii. Elizabeth Powelson, born 1703 in Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey.
Notes for Elizabeth Powelson:

Baptism: 30 Jun 1703 Raritan Church/Summerville

7 iv. Maria Powelson, born 1704 in Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey.
Notes for Maria Powelson:

Baptism: 25 Oct 1704

+ 8 v. Rebecca Powelson, born 1706 in Sommerville, Somerset, New Jersey; died Bef. 1745.

9 vi. Elsjen Powelson, born 1707 in Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey.

Notes for Elsjen Powelson:

Baptism: 30 Apr 1707

Other spelling of her name: Elsien Powelson, Elsjen Powelson, Elsyen Powelson
10 vii. Neeltien (Nieltien) Powelson, born 1710 in Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey.
Notes for Neeltien (Nieltien) Powelson:

Baptism: 02 Aug 1710

Jan 1007: Another spelling of his name - Neeltien Powelson, Nieltien Powelson, Nieeltien Pauelsen, Nieltien Pauelsen
11 viii. Cornelius Powelson, born 30 Apr 1712 in Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey. He married Martie ?; born Abt. 1913.
Notes for Cornelius Powelson:

Jan 2007: Another spelling of his name - Kornelius Powelson, Cornelis Powelson, Cornelius Pauelsen

Jan 2007: Letter received from Mary Pat Richardson Berkin. Added spouse.

July 2008: Official Register of the Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Rev War.

This could be him on this site.

Notes for Martie ?:

Jan 2007: Letter received from Mary Pat Richardson Berkin.

+ 12 ix. Powel Charles Powelson, born 17 Oct 1716 in Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey; died 1805 in Hampshire Co, Virginia now West Virginia.

+ 13 x. Johannes (John) Powelson, born 04 Apr 1719 in Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey; died 17 Jul 1788 in Bedminster Twp, Somerset, New Jersey.

+ 14 xi. Agnes Annitje (Anitie) Powelson, born 05 Sep 1720 in Brooklyn, New York; died 1820 in Berkeley, James, Virginia.

+ 15 xii. Jacob Powelson, born Abt. 09 Oct 1722 in New Brunswick, Middlesex, New Jersey.

16 xiii. Hendrick Powelson, born 13 Sep 1724 in North Branch, New Jersey.

Generation No. 4
8. Rebecca4 Powelson (Cornelius3, Jacob H2, Nicholas1) was born 1706 in Sommerville, Somerset, New Jersey, and died Bef. 1745. She married Johannes Van Metre, Sr. 1728 in New Jersey. He was born 28 Apr 1708 in Raritan, Somerset, New Jersey, and died Abt. 1745.
Notes for Rebecca Powelson:

2010: Baptism: 13 Sep 1724

2011: Another name she went under, we think, is Wyntie Powelson.

Feb 2011: Originally as the daughter of an unknown Heinrich Powelson.

However, the locations they lived and the years match to the website below.

Other spellings of his name Heinrick Pauelson

Dec 2011:

Per this website, I attached his family to her line.

Dec 2011: Rebecca is not listed in other sites. But found this one that lists that she was a sister.

"Jonas Hedges lived on Tullises/Tulisses Branch from 1738 to his death circa 1787. Around 1735 he had married Agnes "Angelitje" Powelson aka Poulson, the sister of Rebecca Powelson who married Johannes Van Metre [Sr.] After the death of Johannes (and Rebecca?) their two children, Joanna and Johannes Jr., were raised by Jonas and Agnes; Jonas would be named their legal guardian in 1747, to help secure their legacies from grandfather John Van Metre, Indian Trader. Joanna would go on to marry William Burns."
Notes for Johannes Van Metre, Sr.:

Dec 2011:

Children of Rebecca Powelson and Johannes Van Metre are:

17 i. Johannes5 Van Metre, Jr., born 1728.

+ 18 ii. Joanna Van Metre, born 1732 in Monocacy, Prince George's, Maryland; died 21 Aug 1801.

12. Powel Charles4 Powelson (Cornelius3, Jacob H2, Nicholas1) was born 17 Oct 1716 in Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey, and died 1805 in Hampshire Co, Virginia now West Virginia. He married Magdalena (Lena) Smock Abt. 1750 in Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey, daughter of Jan Smock and Leah Fontaine. She was born 14 Mar 1731 in Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey, and died 21 Aug 1804 in Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey.
Notes for Powel Charles Powelson:


1. Powel was baptized Oct 17, 1716 in Raritan church at Somerville, NJ.


2. Powel Powelson and his wife Lena lived six miles outside the town of New Brunswick, N.J. This fact is obtained from the pension papers of Henry Powelson, a son of Powel.

About 1785 they moved to Tinnicun Township in Bucks Co PA, although he appears on the tax list of Eastern Precinct, Somerset Co, NJ until 1786.

3. [Following refers to Virginia Branch-mc] by Frank W. Powelson

In the New Jersey church records, the head of the family is given as Powel Powelson. In the deed records in Hampshire Co. Va., there is recorded Poul Powelson having purchased 30 acres from Benj. Ely on Oct. 30, 1792. Twenty years later, Dec. 29, 1812 Eve, the widow of Paulus Powelson, wrote her will in which she "bequeath to mine only son Conrad Powelson my right and title of the twelfth part of the Plantation of Paul Powelson, deceased on Little Capon, with all my personal estate to him and him alone. etc." Powel or Paul Powelson had twelve children, so that Paulus, his son, and the husband of Eve, inherited 1/12 of his fathers estate. Eve's will was signed in the presence of Thomas and Alex McBride and John Powelson. This would indicate that Paulus had died before 1812.

4. Whatever may have been the history of this branch of the family prior to the time of their residence at New Brunswick, N.J., their wanderings can easily be traced down to the present day. From New Brunswick the family moved up to Tinicum Township, Bucks Co., Penn., about the year 1775. While here they owned 150 acres of land, 2 horses and 2 cows. According to government records, they had at this time 12 children, 5 boys over 16 yrs. of age and 2 boys under that age, also 5 girls. This would seem to indicate that their last child John was born after they left New Jersey. From Pennsylvania they moved to Hampshire Co., VA. (now W. Va.) sometime before the year 1792. He bought 80 Acres Oct. 30, 1792 from Benj. Ely. m Little Cape Capon, Hampshire Co., VA
Notes for Magdalena (Lena) Smock:

In her father's will; Mar 1 1760, proved Apr 29, 1760, she is named "Leenah" wife of Powel Powelson. In her brother Reynier's will, she is named "Magdalena", 31 Aug 1804.

She was not a young woman when her family moved to Bucks Co, stayed for six yrs and moved on to Hampshire Co, VA in 1792. She died there between 4 Dec 1805 the date of the will; and the settlement of the estate Sept 15, 1806.

Jan 2008: Some information came from: GEDCOM of Smock Lineage Author: Harman R. Clark

Publication: Distributed by Kindred Connections Internet Database
May 2008: This site has a specific death date. I have changed it from the 1806 in Hampshire Co, Virginia now West Virginia, that I had.

"Magdalena4 Smock (Jan, Matthyse Hendrickse, Hendrick Matthyse) was baptized on 14 March 1730/31 in the First Reformed Church, Raritan (Somerville), Somerset County, New Jersey.19 She married Powel Powelson circa 1750. She died after 21 August 1804 in Raritan, Somerset County, New Jersey."

More About Magdalena (Lena) Smock:

Baptism: 14 Mar 1731, Summerville, New Jersey

Children of Powel Powelson and Magdalena Smock are:

+ 19 i. Ann Antje Anna5 Powelson, born 28 Apr 1751 in Franklin Twp, Somerset Co, New Jersey; died Aft. 1817.

+ 20 ii. Leah Powelson, born 05 Nov 1752 in Somerset Co, New Jersey; died Aft. 1808 in New Jersey.

+ 21 iii. Paul Paulus Powelson, born 09 Jul 1754; died Bef. 1812.

+ 22 iv. John M (Jan) Powelson, born 31 Oct 1755 in Five Mile Run, Somerset Co, New Jersey; died 1845 in New Brunswick, Middlesex, New Jersey.

23 v. Hendrick (Henry) Powelson, born 29 Apr 1758 in Somerset Co, New Jersey 6 miles from New Brunswick; died 08 Jul 1845 in Hampshire Co, Virginia now West Virginia. He married Abigail Brewer 1792 in Bucks Co, Pennsylvania; born 1766 in Bucks Co, Pennsylvania; died 1856.

Notes for Hendrick (Henry) Powelson:

1. Baptism: 29 Apr 1759

2. Hendrick or Henry is the only Powelson who received a pension for services in the Revolutionary war. He was allowed a pension in 1832 and his papers state that he was born in Sept 1753. In 1846 when his wife was 80 yrs she is recorded by the U.S. pension bureau, as saying she never had any children.

Lizzie G. Powelson, a descendant of Reinier in a letter dated Sep 20, 1912, states that "Henry buried a keg of gold before he died on his place 16 miles from where I live (Augusta WV) near Wappaomo & then he set 2 walnut trees not far apart." His last words were to be laid between the walnut trees with his wife.

They had no children. A good deal of family history is revealed in the record of his service found in the Nat'l Archives; his petition for a pension #W3864 is transcribed from microfilm in lhe book "An American family Powelson-Virginia Branch by Gladys Powelson Jones. 1986.
3. July 2008: Received email from Monica Watkins Wagner with this website.

Powelson, Henry

Henry Powelson made an affidavit in Hampshire County Court on 24 September 1832 for his Revolutionary War pension application. In this affidavit, he states that he was born in New Jersey, about six miles from New Brunswick and resided there until some time after the close of the war. He then moved to Bucks Co., Pennsylvania for about six years, then moved to Hampshire Co., Virginia where he has now been for 39 years. [This places his arrival in Hampshire Co. to about 1793.] Powelson states that he enlisted in the New Jersey militia in Somerset Co., New Jersey in 1776 and served at various times until near the end of the war. After Powelson's death on 8 July 1845, his widow filed for a widow's pension. In her application documents, it is stated that Powelson's wife's maiden name was Abigail Brewer, and they were married in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania in 1792. A supporting affidavit states that in 1793, Henry Powelson and his wife moved to Hampshire Co. with some of his siblings and his father, Powel Powelson.

Ref: NARA, Series M804, /Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files,/ File no. W 3,864, Pension application file of Henry Powelson and his widow Abigail (Brewer) Powelson, viewed at [information provided by Jane Ailes]
+ 24 vi. Abraham Powelson, born 04 May 1760 in New Jersey; died 1827 in Mifflin Township, Pike Co, Ohio.

25 vii. Jannetje (Jane) Powelson, born 22 Nov 1761 in New Jersey; died 1843. She married John Vanderbilt; born 1752 in New Jersey; died 1842.

Notes for Jannetje (Jane) Powelson:

She was named in honor of her grandmother, Jannetje Andries, mother of Powel.

Her name was changed from Jannetje to Jane. One 19 Sept she added her "x" to a deed, selling her 1/12 share of her father's estate, to her Uncle Henry & his wife Abigail.
More About Jannetje (Jane) Powelson:

Baptism: 22 Nov 1761

26 viii. Elsie (Alice) Alcy Powelson, born Abt. 1765 in New Jersey; died 1860 in Coshocton, Ohio. She married Humphrey Corbin Abt. 1807; born 1768 in Virginia or NJ; died 05 Jul 1837 in Franklin Twp, Coshocton Co, Ohio.
Notes for Elsie (Alice) Alcy Powelson:

Feb 2004 From Jim Opfell:

1. Although she was baptized on the same day as her brother Charles, it is noted that she was five yrs old. That would be the same year as Reinier, possibly making her older.

Baptism: 16 Jun 1774

2. Elsie was still alive in 1860, aged 100 yrs, according to the 1860 census of Clark Co, IL. (Dolman Twp)

3. Humphry & Elsie had ten children.

4. Feb 2004 from Max Kull. I have deleted the 2 children Catharina and Elizabeth from here. Max believes their parents are Isaiah Corbin and Nancy French. This is still an open question.

5. May 2010: This site has her name as Elsie Minnie born 16 Jun 1772 in New Millstone, NJ. Burial: Clark Co, IL
Notes for Humphrey Corbin:

1. birth/death per Wilmer L Kerns, Virg Historian.

2. Feb 2004: Max Kull, updated family information via email.
27 ix. Cornelius Powelson, born 01 Feb 1767 in Somerset Co, New Jersey; died 25 Dec 1837 in Hampshire Co, Virginia now West Virginia. He married Elizabeth Corbin Abt. 1788; born 1768 in Six Mile Run, Somerset Co, New Jersey; died 1850.
Notes for Cornelius Powelson:

1. He was baptized at the Reformed Dutch Church of Six Mile Run, NJ; now the Franklin Park Church. We have only his will recorded in the Hampshire Co. Court Record.

Baptism: Six Mile Run Dutch Reformed Church 01 Feb 1767

2. They had no children.

3. The Will of Cornelius Powelson was dated Sept. 21, 1837 and recorded Dec. 25, 1837. He died without issue, and his Will mentions his wife Elizabeth. The will was witnessed by Joseph Powell, Jr., Wm. F. Arnold and John Powelson.

4. Mar 2011: Early Records, Hampshire County, Virginia By Clara McCormick Sage, Laura Sage Jones

Powelson, Cornelius - 9-25-1837; pr 12-25-1837. W., Elizabeth, Wit, John Powelson, Joseph Powell, Jr. and William F Arnold

Notes for Elizabeth Corbin:

1. Elizabeth was 72 and listed on the 1850 US Census, living with the Abram Algians family.

2. Feb 2004 from Jim Opfell: "You might be intrested in the story of Elizabeth (Corbin) Powelson,

who was Cornelius' widow, and is mentioned below. She was dismissed from the Mt. Bethel Church in 1821, for various reasons, and readmitted in 1825, as detailed in the Mt. Bethel Records. I recently copied the same, and forwarded them to our cousin Gordon R. Powelson who lives in Oregon. She was the daughter of David, as were Humphrey and Isaiah; and Catherine's aunt."

28 x. Eva Powelson, born 26 Feb 1769 in New Jersey; died Abt. 1813 in Hampshire Co, Virginia now West Virginia.
Notes for Eva Powelson:

1. Baptized at the Millstone Reformed Dutch Church in Somerset Co NJ

1 source says she did not marry, another says she married John Powelson..

She sold her 1/12 share to her brother Reinier 9/19/1808.

2. Nov2006: Has her married to ? Powelson. With a son Conrad Powelson.
More About Eva Powelson:

Baptism: Feb 26, 1769

+ 29 xi. Reinier (Rinier) Powelson, born 05 Nov 1769 in New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey; died 04 Jan 1838 in Hampshire Co, Virginia now West Virginia on his farm.

+ 30 xii. Charles Powelson I, born 16 Jun 1774 in New Millstone, Somerset Co, New Jersey; died 04 Apr 1832 in Hampshire Co, Virginia now West Virginia.

+ 31 xiii. Elizabeth Powelson, born 1776 in New Jersey; died 1838.

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