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Chashchyn, Denis, b. 1968

(selected) The Mermaid (s) (1996), with Vladimir Tykhyi.

Chekasin, Vladimir, b.

(selected) Bolero, or Provincial Melodrama with Emotional Personages (d) (1992), with Mikhail Beschastnov.

Chepelyk, Oksana, b.

(selected) Story Told by Schliemann (s) (1994), By Way of Our Memory (s) (1994), First Experience (s) (1998), Evidently Avoidable (s) (1998), Evidently Unavoidable (s) (1998), Leader’s Favorite Toys (s) (1999), Blue White Red? Blue! (s) (1999), The Long March (s) (1999), Virtual Sea Tower (s) (2000), Introduction (s) (2000), Free D (s,v) (2000), Chronicles of Fortinbras (s) (2001).

Cherishova, Natalya, b. 1978

(selected) Mummy Rozochka and Minochka (a) (1993).

Cherkassky, Alexander, b.

(selected) Based on the Homonymous Work by D. Kharms (a) (2001).

Chernicky, Igor, b.

(selected) Ivin A. (f) (1990), In That Part of the Heavens (f) (1992).

Chernobler, V., B.

(selected) Spiders and Flies (f) (1919).

Chernyshova, N., b.

(selected) Blue Riding Hood (s) (1998).

Chliyanz, Sergei, b. 1961

(selected) Straight On, or Along the Straight Line (f) (1993

Chornyi, Oleh, b. 1963

(selected) Sacura Blooms in My Garden (s) (1993), Polygon (s) (199?), From the Life of a Wonderful Person, Comrade Gruzilov (d) (199?), Craziness (s) (199?), Phone, Phone, Act 6 (s) (1998), with Gennady Khmaruk.

Churikova, Alla, b.

(selected) E = MC 2 (a) (1997)

Cviodub, Oleg, b. 1970

(selected) Clause 124-1, (s,v) (2001), with Natalya Krasnenkova.

Davidenko, Georgy, b. 1937

(selected) The Road to Golden Mercury (d) (196?), There Is a Town in India (d) (196?), The Song of Old Arat (d) (196?), Ocean Experiment (d) (196?), Ragban Scientific Center (d) (197?), There on the Mountain Goes the Sikh (d) (197?), From Captivity to Freedom (d) (197?), The Last Knights (d) (197?), Tempering Youth (d) (197?), The School of Courage (d) (197?), The Ukrainian Navy (d) (198?), Escaping into Prison (d) (198?), History and the Historian (d) (198?), Prison Camp Dust (d) (198?), Slave Bother, Slave Sister (d) (198?), Baton (d) (199?),Hard Melodies (d) (199?).

Demyanenko, Alyona, b. 1966

(selected) Two Julies (f) (1998).

Demyanenko, Elena, b.

(selected) Cruel Fantasy (d) (1995?).

Deneseuk, Kostyantin, b. 1969

(selected) Phantom (s) (2000).

Denisenko, Vladimir, 1930 -1984

(selected) A Soldier’s Wife (f) (1959), Roman and Franceska (f)(1960), A Dream (f) (1964), Brightening Up (f) (1967), Conscience (f) (1968/87, banned), Heavy Spike (f) (1969), Tale of a Woman (f) (1973).

Dombrovsky, Alexander, b. 1969

(selected) The Prayer (s,v) (2001)

Donskoi, A., b.

(selected) Reflection (s) (2000).

Donskoi, Mark, 1901-1981

(selected) Life (s) (1926, uncompleted), with Mikhail Averbach, In the Big City (f) (1927), with Mikhail Averbach, The Value of a Man (f) (1928, lost), with Mikhail Averbach, The Fop, or The Pigeon, or But Vanya Dances (s) (1929, lost), Alien Shore, or Foreign Shore (f) (1930, lost), Fire (f) (1930, lost), Song of Happiness (f) (1934), with Vladimir Legoshin, The Childhood of Maxim Gorky (f) (1938), Among People, or My Apprenticeship (f) (1938), My Universities, or The University of Life (f) (1939), Brother of a Hero (f) (1940), Children of the Soviet Arctic, or The Romantics (f) (1941), Beacon, or The Lighthouse (s) in omnibus film Fighting Album No. 9 (f) (1942), How Steel Was Tempered, or Heroes Are Made (f) (1942), Rainbow (f) (1943), The Unconquered, or The Unvanquished (f) (1945), A Village Schoolteacher, or The Village Teacher, or The Training of Feelings (f) (1947), Alitet Leaves for the Hills (f) (1949, partially lost), Our Companions, or Sporting Fame (d) (1953), Mother (f) (1955), At a High Price, or At Great Cost (f) (1957), The Gordeyev Family (f) (1959), Hello, Children! (f) (1962), A Mother’s Heart, or Sons and Mothers (f) (1965), A Mother’s Devotion (f) (1967), Chaliapin (f) (1969), Hope (f) (1972), Nadezhda (f) (1973), The Orlovs (f) (1978).

Doshuk, Volodymyr, b.

(selected) Treasure Island (s) (1990), Melancholy (s) (1991), Million Years after B.C. (s) (1992), Thirst for Love (s) (1993), Bad, Aangry and Even Angrier (s) (1999), I Dive (s) (1999), The Bad, the Mad and the Maddest One (s) (2000), Never Wake a Dark Night (s) (2001).

Dovgan, V., b.

(selected) The Downfall of the Battalion (f) (1965).

Dovhalyuk, Viktor, b. 1967

(selected) Prism 6+1 (s) (1997), with Alfred Maksymenko and Hanna Kuts, 360 BU (a) (1998), with Hanna Kuts.

Dovzhenko, Alexander, 1894-1956

(selected) Vasya the Reformer (f) (1926, lost), with F. Lokatinsky and Yosif Rona, Love’s Berries (s) (1926), The Diplomatic Pouch (f) (1927), Zvenigora (f) (1928), Arsenal (f) (1929), Earth (f) (19330), Ivan (f) (1932), Aerograd, or Frontier (f) (1935), Shchors (f) (1939), with Yulia Soltntseva, Liberation (d) (1940), with Yulia Soltntseva, The Battle for Our Soviet Ukraine (d) (1943), with Yulia Soltntseva, Yakov Avdeyenko, Victory in the Ukraine and Expulsion of the Germans from the Boundaries of Ukrainian Soviet Earth (d) (1945), with Yulia Soltntseva, F. Filipov, Michurin (f) (1946/49, banned), with Yulia Soltntseva, Native Land (d) (1946), with G. Balasanian, G. Zargarian (AD not credited), Farewell, America (f) (1950/96, banned, reconstructed), Poem of the Sea (f) (1955-58), completed by Yulia Soltntseva (AD died before shooting began).

Drouz, Yana, b. 1956

(selected) Duet (s) (1982), The Line (s), The Winter of 1942 (f) (1986), Here We Are (d) (1987), Oh, Field… Field! (d) (1987), Samolet, Kavkaz and Merkuri (d) (1990), Loretty the Clown and a Smile, Sunny Hare, Secret of the Rag Puppet Yashka, The Rabbit School (tv series for children) (1990), Respectable People (d) (1992), Little Angel (f) (1992), Side by Side (f) (1992).

Dudar, Taras, b.

(selected) Rondo (s) (1997) episode in And a Long and Happy Life series, Gladiator (s) (1997) episode in Dog’s Waltz series, Gloria (s) (1999), with Alexander Stolyanov, Four Ways (s) (1999).

Farenyuk, Pavlo, b. 1938

(selected) The World (d) (1992), Let’s Start from the Past (d) (1996), Slidamy Okoshenykh Krokiv (d) (1998).

Filipov, F., b.

(selected) Victory in the Ukraine and Expulsion of the Germans from the Boundaries of Ukrainian Soviet Earth (d) (1945), with Alexander Dovzhenko, Yulia Soltntseva.

Fomin, Georgy, b.

(selected) The Lift-Operator, or The Elevator Boy (s) (1997), Raskolnikov, the Student (s) (1999),.

Gadnjankski, Mirko, b. 1960

(selected) Near the Cross (s,v) (Yugoslavia, 2000).

Gayenko, Oleh, b. 1969

(selected) Going (s) (1999).

Gejlik, Alexandra, b.

(selected) Resident of Inneara Country (d) (2001).

Gerashchenko, Larisa, b.

(selected) Overcoat of a Composer (d) (2001).

Glagolev, G., b.

(selected) ESP - Extrasensory Perception (f) (1993?).

Golovanov, A., b.

(selected) Riders (f) (1939), with Igor Savchenko.

Goncharov, Vasily, 1861-1915

(selected) Sorceress (f) (1909), with Pyotr Chardynin.

Goncharov, Vladimir, b. 1940

(selected) A Stone on the Road (a) (1968), The Lost Hare (a) (1973), Little Hippo’s Adventure (a) (1974), Four Inseparable Cockroaches and the Cricket (a) (1975), Tyap-Lyap (a) (1977), The Milky Way (a) (1980), And Lybed Is Third Sister (a) (1981), Once Upon a Time There Was Thought (a) (1983), Georgano Bruno (a) (1984), Sunshine and the Snowman (a) (1985), The Alternative (a) (1986), The Stone Age (a) (1987), A Large Dose of Truth (a) (1988), Escape (a) (1991) in Gobbly-Wobbly series.

Gorobets, Ivan, b.

(selected) The Air Pirates (f) (1995?).

Gorodnyi, Gennady, b. 1957

(selected) To Carry into Effect (d) (1993), In the Shadow of the Eco-Bomb (d) (1994), Two-Act Story (d) (1994), Merry Pictures (d) (1995).

Gorov, Semyon, b. 1971

(selected) Peculiarities of International New Year (v, ad series) (1994-2000), Evenings in the Small Village of Dikanka (f) (2001).

Gorovets, Leonid, b.

(selected) Magic Glade (f) (1986), Lady’s Tailor (f) (1990), Coffee with Lemon (f) (Russia/Israel, 1994).

Goryslavets, Y., b.

(selected) They Did Not Wake Up in the Morning (s) (1999).

Grachov, N., b.

(selected) And They See Again (d) (1948).

Grann, Galina, b. 1974

(selected) Nocturne (s,v) (2001).

Granovska, Larisa, b.

(selected) Gladiator (s) (997) episode in Dog’s Waltz series.

Granovsky, Alexander, 1890-1937

(selected) Jewish Luck (f) (1925).

Gres, Viktor, b.

(selected) New Adventures of the Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (f) (1987).

Gunkovsky, Alexander, b.

(selected) The Seed (a) (2000).

Gurin, Ilya, b.

(selected) Believe Me, People (f) (1964), completed for Leonid Lukov with Vladimir Berenshtejn.

Gurvich, Irina, b. 1911

(selected) Pepper Adventures (a) (1961), The Queen’s Companion (a) (1962), The Hare and the Hedgehog (a) (1963), The Little Stork (a) (1964), The Green Button (a) (1965), The Evil Egg-Breaker (a) (1966), The Threat (a) (1968), The Whale and the Cat (a) (1969), The Tale about the Moonlight (a) (1969), About the Striped Elephant Cub (a) (1971), The Wayward Little Whale (a) (1971), How the Wives Sold Their Husbands (a) (1972), Warm Bread (a) (1973), The Adventures of the Giraffe (a) (1974), The Moor Herb Honey (a) (1974), The Welcome (a) (1975), How the Husbands Taught Their Wives a Lesson (a) (1976), Why the Donkey Has Long Ears (a) (1977).

Ilmenska, Olexandra, b. 1973

(selected) Coffee Grounds (a) (1998).

Ilmenska, Yevhenia, b. 1973

(selected) Weekend (a) (1998).

Ilyenko, Mikhail, b. 1947

(selected) The Lathe, or The Wheel (d) (1970), Far Away, Across the River (f) (1976), High Boots (d,tv) (1978), A School (d,tv) (1981), Mirgorod and Its Inhabitants (d,tv) (1983), Every Hunter Wants to Know (f) (1985), Fuzhou I, Fuzhou II (f) (1993), The Seventh Route (f) (1997).

Ilyenko, Yury, b. 1936

(selected) Spring for the Thirsty (f) (1965/87, banned), On the Eve of Ivan Kupala’s Day (f) (1968, banned), White Bird with a Black Spot (f) (1970), Living Despite Everything, or In Spite of Everything (f) (USSR/Yugoslavia, 1972), To Dream and to Live (f) (1974), The Feast of Roast Potatoes (f) (1977), Unmown Flowers (f) (1979), Forest Song (f) (1981), Legend of Princess Olga (f) (1983), Straw Bells (f) (1987), Swan Lake - The Zone (f) (USSR/Canada, 1990), Paradjanov: The Score of Christ in C Major (s) (1991-94), A Prayer for Hetman Mazeppa (f) (2001).

Ilyinskaya, Svetlana, b.

(selected) Who Are You? (s) (198?)

Iskaderov, S. b.

(selected) Azamat (f) (1935), with Arnold Kordyum

Itygilov, Alexander, b.

(selected) Accused: Wedding Party (f) (1988), The Quiet Cemetery (f) (198?).

Ivanov, Anatoly, b. 1937

(selected) Mesto Sprintera Vakantno (f) (1976), Five Seconds Before Disaster (f) (1977), The Split Sky (tv series) (1977), Old Letters (f,tv) (1981), In Captivity of Ghosts (f) (1984), Happy Is He Who Loves (f) (1986), Sheet (f) (1990), The Bodyguard (f) (1991), Peace-Offering (f) (1992), The Serious Game (f) (1993).

Ivchenko, Oleg, b.

(selected) Who I Am (d) (2001).

Ivchenko, Viktor, b. 1912

(selected) Marina’s Fate (f) (1953), with I. Shmaruk, Nazar Stodolya (f) (1954), with Grigory Chukhrai, Once There Was a Boy (f) (1956), Pirates Before Taiwan, Part I & II (f) (1958), Ivanna (f) (1959), Viper (f) (1966).

Janchuk, Oles, b.

Famine - 33 (f) (1997).
Kalchugina (Kalchuhina), Olga (Olha), b.

(selected) Awakening (s) (1999), The Human Soul Is a Mystery (d) (2001).

Kaluzhyna, Tatyana, b. 1970

(selected) Day (d) (1996), Way (d) (1997), The Rock (d) (1998).

Kamenkovic, E., b.

(selected) Casus Improvisus (f,tv) (1991), with Alla Surikova.

Kanter, Leonid, b. 1981

(selected) Man without a Hat (s, v) (2000), I’m Not Photogenic (s,v) (2001).

Katorzhenko, Andrei, b.

(selected) It’s My Life (d) (2001).

Kavaleridze, Ivan, b.

(selected) Perekop (f) (1930).

Kavka, Mariana, b. 1975

(selected) We Never Count Days (s) (2000).

Khmaruk, Gennady, b. 1972

(selected) Phone, Phone, Act 6 (s) (1998), with Oleg Chornyi.

Khmelnitsky, Volodimir, b. 1935

(selected) The Mysteries of a Glass Figurine (d) (1964), A Day on Iron Earth (d) (1965), People Seeking Rainbows (d) (1965), A Day with Pavlo Virsky (d) (1966), Artistic Gymnastics (d) (1966), From the Times of Maria Oranta of Kiev (d) (1970), Going in Circles (d) (1970), River Rapids (d) (1971), Men and Women (d) (1973), About the Mysteries of Laughter (d) (1974), Vodolaz II (d) (1975), Almaz Path (d) (1977), In the Rhythms of the Sambo (d) (1978), When You Are Seventeen (d) (1979), Greetings, Sea!(d) (1979), The Country’s Air Force (d) (1982), People and Dolphins (d) (1984), A Teacher That’s Waited For (d) (1987), The White Stag of the Tundra (d) (1987), Leashed on the Runway (d) (1989), Loyal Ruslan (d) (1992), The End of the World Has Been Delayed Until … (d) (1995).

Khoroshuk, Myroslav, b.

(selected) The Doll (s) (1998?), Something Happening (s) (1999?), Walls (s) (1999?), A Short Walk Forever (s,v) (2000), with Ganna (Hanna) Kostylova.

Khvorostyanko, Eugen, b.

(selected) Graffiti (s) (1999), Asshole (s) (2000).

Klimenko, Alexander, b. 1958

(selected) Detonator (f) (1992).

Klimenko, Stanislav, b.

(selected) Taras Shevchenko, Testament (f) (1992).

Kokhan, Hryhory, b. 1931

(selected) Bread and Salt (f) (1970), Live Water (f) (1971), The Mystery of the Red Rocks (f) (1973), Borne by the Revolution (tv series) (1978), Yaroslav the Wise (f) (1981), Acceleration (f) (1984), Karmeliuk (f,tv) (1986), Aza, the Gypsy Girl (f) (1987), Bay of Death (f) (1992), Executed Dawns (f) (1993), Dead End (f) (1997).

Kolomizev, P., b.

(selected) Bessemer’s Fire (f) (1931), with Y. Kossuchin.

Kirokozova, Vera, b.

(selected) Sashka’s Angel (s) (198?)

Kondratiyeva, Marina, b. 1977

(selected) Window (s) (1995), Fish (s) (1996), Madeira (s) (1996), Today (d) (1997), L.W.S. (s) (1999), 100 Years in Search of Solitude (s) (2000), White Day (s) (2001).

Konoplev, Valery, b. 1964

(selected) The Round Loaf (a) (1991) in Gobbly-Wobbly series.

Kordyum, Arnold, 1890-1969

(selected) Newsreel No. 128/C (d) (1926), The Unconquered (f) (1927), Dzhamal (f) (1928), Wind on the Doorstep (f) (1930), Mirabo (f) (1939), The Fire in the Mountains (f) (1931, banned), The Last Port (f) (1934), Azamat (f) (1935), with S. Iskanderov.

Kornilovska, Viktoria, b.

(selected) New Word (s) episode inState Kids series (1997).

Kosavina, Olena, b. 1952

(selected) The Most Beautiful (a) (1988) episode in We Are Women series.

Kossuchin, Y., b.

(selected) Bessemer’s Fire (f) (1931), with P. Kolomizev.

Kostromenko, Vadim, b.

(selected) Nocturnal Sinner (f) (1993?).

Kostylova, Ganna (Hanna), b.

(selected) About My Grandpa and Grandma (s) (1998?), Don’t Be Afraid (s) (1999?), Happy Birthday,Krolevskij (s) (1999?), A Short Walk Forever (s,v) (2000), with Myroslav Khoroshuk.

Koval, Kateryna, b.

(selected) In the Spring (d) (2000).

Koval, O., b.

(selected) Ivan Marchuk - A Voice of My Soul (d) (1998).

Koval, Stepan, b.

(selected) Here We Are (a) (1995), The Turnip (a) (1996), Z-Z-Z (a) (1998), The Tram No. 9 Goes (a) (2002)..

Kovalyenko, Vladimir, b.

(selected) Pit (s) (198?).

Krainev, Vladimir, b. 1945

(selected) Troika (f) (1985), Chacharki (f) (1987), Ukrainian Vendetta (f) (1990), The Golden Chicken (f) (1993),

Krasnenkova, Natalya, b. 1977

(selected) Clause 124-1, (s,v) (2001), with Oleg Cviodub.

Krishtofovich, Vyacheslav, b. 1947

(selected) Chip (s) (1975), The Catacombs (s) (1976), Before the Exam (f,tv) (1977), His Own Luck (f,tv) (1979), Life’s Trifles (f,tv) (1980), Two Hussars (f,tv) (1984), Volodya Senior and Volodya Junior (f,tv) (1985), A Lonely Woman Wishes to Make an Acquaintance (f) (1987), Self-Portrait of an Unknown Man (f) (1988), Adam’s Rib (f) (1990), A Woman in the Sea (f) (1992), Friend of the Deceased, or Dear Friends (f) (Ukraine/France, 1997).

Krolevsky, Eugene, b.

(selected) Autumn Theatre (s) (1999).

Krutin, Viktor, b.

(selected) On the Field of Blood (f) (1998).

Kryukov, A. (Pseudonym - see Alexander Polynnikov), b. 1941

(selected) Cranberry in a Sugar Coating (f) (1994), under pseudonym A. Kryukov.

Kurkaev, Sergei, b.

(selected) Life Long Flight (s,v) (2001)

Kuts, Hanna, b. 1971

(selected) Prism 6+1 (s) (1997), with Alfred Maksymenko and Viktor Dovhalyuk, 360 BU (a) (1998), with Viktor Dovhalyuk..

Kuvivchak, Halyna, b.

(selected) Good Morning (d) (1995), Scream (d) (1997).

Kuznerov, Sergei, b. 1960

(selected) The Log (a) in series We Are Women (1988), The Hopeless Woman (a) (1991), 9 Minutes and a Half (a) (1992).

Kuznetsov, Vladimir, b. 1953

(selected) The Chernobyl Accident: Chronicle of the Shelter Construction (s) (1996).

Lanchak, Yaroslav, b.

(selected) From the Life of Ostap Vishnja (f) (1991)

Lasarchuk, Ippolit, b. 1903

(selected) The Conceiter Chick (a) (1936), Pact in the Woods (a) (1937), Pepper Adventures (a) (1961), The Drunken Wolves (a) (1962), The Golden Egg (a) (1963), Mishka-Mashka (a) (1964), Half a Life (a) (1965), Fragments (a) (1966), Why the Cock Has Short Pants (a) (1966).

Lazarevskaya, Yulia, b.

(selected) Writing (s) (1989), Scysthian Gold (s) (1991), Confession (s) (1992), The Other Half (s) (1995), Meandr (s,v) (1997), Sonnet 29 (d) (2000).

Lebova, Maria, b.

(selected) Dance (s) (1999).

Legoshin, Vladimir, 1904-1956

(selected) Song of Happiness (f) (1934), with Mark Donskoi, Lone White Sail (f) (1937), Duel (f) (1945).

Levchuk, Timofei, b. 1912

(selected) Dawn over the Carpathians (d) (1949), N.V. Gogol (f) (1950), In the Ukrainian Steppes (f) (1952), The Snowball Grove (f) (1953), Ukraina Sings (d) (1954), The Flames of Wrath (f) (1955), Ivan Franko (f) (1955), The Woman of Kiev (f) (1958), The Descendants (f) - Part III of trilogy Kievlyanka (f) (1960), The Law of the Antarctic (f) (1962), The Cosmic Alloy (f) (1964), Two Years on the Brink of a Precipice (f) (1966), The Mistake of Honoré de Balzac (f) (1968), The Kotsyubinsky Family (f) (1970), A Long Way during a Short Day (f) (1972), The Alarm Bell (f) (1973) - Part I of Song of Kovpak trilogy, Carpathians, Carpathians (f) (1976/78, banned) - Part III of Song of Kovpak trilogy, From the River Bug to the River Vistula (f) (1980), If the Enemy Does Not Surrender …(f) (1982), We Accuse (f) (1985), Sounds Also Remind Us of the Past (f) (1987).

Lipschiz (Lipshits), G., b.

(selected) The Swallow (f) (1957).

Lisenbart, D., b. 1975

(selected) Sixth Day (s) (1998).

Lopatinsky, F., b.

(selected) Vasya the Reformer (f) (1926, lost), with Alexander Dovzhenko and Yosif Rona, Such Fortesses Don’t Exist (f) (1932).

Lukanov, Yury, b.

(selected) Three Loves of Stepan Bandera (s) (1998).

Lukatski, S., b.

(selected) The First Spring (d) (1940).

Luchishin, Sergei, b. 1967

(selected) Vera (s) (1993), Crazy VGIK (s) (1994), Portrait (s) (Ukraine/Russia, 2001).

Lukov, Leonid, 1909-1963

(selected) Scum (s) (1930, lost), with G. Starchevsky, My Homeland - Komsomol (d)(1931), “Ilal'yanka” Mine, or The Italian Woman (f) (1931), Convoy (f) (1932), Youth (f) (1934), I Love (f) (1936), A Great Life (f) (1939), Mother (s) (1941), Night over Belgrade (s) in Fighting Film Album No. 8 (f) (1941), Alexander Parkhomenko (f) (1942), Night over Belgrade (s) episode in omnibus film Fighting Film Album No. 8 (f) (1942), Two Soldiers (f) (1943), It Happened in the Dombas (f) (1945), A Great Life II (f) (1946/58, banned, reedited), Private Alexander Matrosov (f) (1947), The Red Scarf (f) (1948, artistic director only), The Donetsk Miners, or Miners of the Don (f) (1950), Barbarians (f) (1953), Vassa Zheleznova, or The Mistress (f) (1953), Lest We Forget (f) (1954), Towards New Shores (f) (1955), Many Roads (f) (1956), Oleko Dundich (f) (USSR/Yugoslavia, 1958), Two Lives (f) (1961), Believe Me, People (f) (1964), completed by Ilya Gurin and Vladimir Berenshtejn.

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