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Maslennikov, Igor, b. 1931

(selected) The Private Life of Valentin Kuzyayev (f) (1967), with Ilya Averbach, Tomorrow, on the 3rd of April (f) (1969), Summer in Berezhky (f) (1970), Racers (f) (1972), Under the Stony Sky (f) (1974), with Knut Anderson, Sentimental Romance (f) (1976), Yaroslavna, Queen of France (f) (1978), Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (f,tv series) (1979-2000), Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (f,tv) (1980), The Hound of the Baskerville (f,tv) (1982), The Queen of Spades (f,tv) (1982), Treasures of Agra (f,tv) (1983), Winter Cherry (f) (1985), The 20th Century Begins (f,tv) (1986), Procreation (f) (1988), Philip Traum (f,tv) (1989), Winter Cherry II (f) (1990), Darkness (f,tv) (1991), Winter Cherry (tv series) (1995), What Did the Deseased Say? (tv series) (1998), Letters to Elza (f) (2002).

Maslov, Vladimir, 1941-1998

(selected) Daddy, Father Christmas Is Dead (f) (1991), with Yevgeny Yufit, The Wooden Room (f) (1995), with Yevgeny Yufit, Silver Heads (f) (1997), with Yevgeny Yufit.

Matveyeva, V., b.

(selected) In Search of St. Petersburg (d) (1988).

Maximov, Ilya, b. 1977

(selected) The Story about a Cat that Thought It Was Being Watched (s) (1997), U.A. (s) (1998), Helicopter of Love (s) (2001).

Mayakovsky, Vladimir, b.

(selected) The Young Lady and the Hooligan (s) (1918), with Yevgeny Slavinsky, reconstructed by Sergei Yutkevich to Poet on the Screen (s,tv) (1973).

Medvedev, Pavel, b. 1963

(selected) Novelles of St. Petersburg (d) (2001), Holidays in November (d) (2002).

Melnikov, Vitaly, b. 1928

(selected) Tchukotka’s Boss (f) (1966), Mama Has Gotten Married (f) (1969), Corporal Zbruyev’s Seven Brides (f) (1970), Keep Well, and Goodbye (f) (1972), Xenia, Fyodor’s Dear Wife (f) (1974), The Elder Son (f,tv) (1975), The Wedding (f) (1977), Two Lines in Fine Handwriting (f) (1981), Another Man’s Wife and the Husband under the Bed (f,tv) (1984), To Marry a Captain (f) (1985), First Meeting, Last Meeting (f) (1987), Tsar’s Hunt (f) (1990), Tchitcha (f) (1992), Varyony’s Last Affair (f) (1994), Tsarevich Alexei, or Prince Alexei (f) (1997), Poor, Poor Pavel (f) (2003).

Melnikova, Tatyana, b.

(selected) Like in the Movies (s) (1999).

Menaker, Isaak, b.

(selected) Autumn (s) (1940), with Fridrikh Ermler, Film Concert Film Concert 1941, or Kino Concert 1941, or Russian Salad (f) (1941), omnibus musical film with Adolf Minkin, Herbert Rappaport, Mikhail Shapiro, Sergei Timoshenko, and Mikhail Tsekhanovsky.

Menaker, Leonid, b. 1929

(selected) Skylark (f) (1964), Don’t Forget Lugovaya Station (f) (1966), The Night Shift (f) (1971), Identification (f) (1974), Young Wife (f) (1978), The Last Escape (f) (1980), Testament of Professor Dowell (f) (1984), The Last Journey (f) (1985), Dog’s Feast (f) (1990).

Meskhiev, Dmitry, b. 1963

(selected) Counterpart, or Fellow Worker (s) (1987), Gambrinus (f) (1989), Cynics (f) 1991), Over Dark Waters (f) (1993), Exercise No. 5 (s) episode in omnibus film Arrival of a Train (f) (1995), The Bomb (v,f) (1997), Americanika, or An American Bet (f) (1998), Woman’s Own, or Woman’s Property (f) (1999), Mechanical Suite (f) (2001), Diary of a Kamikaze (f) (2001), episode (s) in The Russian Decameron (f) (2002), with R. Litvinova, Dmitry Meskhiev, Konstantin Murzenko, Yury Pavlov, Andrei Razenkov, Valery Todorovsky,.

Mikaelyan, Sergei, b. 1923

(selected) Multi-colored Pebbles (f) (1960), I’m Going into Combat (f) (1963), Into the Storm (f) (1965), Just One Life (f) (1968), Tell Me about Yourself (f) (1971), Chess Master (f) (1972), The Bonus (f) (1974), Widows (f) (1976), With Shared Love (f) (USSR/Bulgaria, 1979), Love by Request (f) (1982), Flight 222 (f) (1985), One Hundred Soldiers and Two Girls (f) (1989), Fastidious Fiancees (f)(1992), The French Waltz (f) (1995), My Sweet Little Star (f) (2000).

Mikheyev, Mikhail, b. 1946

(selected) Without an Orchestra (d) (1979), Church Chimes in North Russia (d) (1984), Home for Fathers (d) (1988), Kolyma: I. History of One Trust, II. Face to Face, III. War after War (d, 3 parts) (1992), Andrei Ananov (d) (1994).

Milkina, Sofia, b.

(selected) Time, Forward March (f) (1965), with Mikhail Shvejcer, How Are You Getting On, Crucians? (f) (1992), with Mikhail Shvejcer.

Minkin, Adolf, b.

(selected) Professor Mamlock (f) (1938), with Herbert Rappaport, Film Concert Film Concert 1941, or Kino Concert 1941, or Russian Salad (f) (1941), omnibus musical film with Isaak Menaker, Herbert Rappaport, Mikhail Shapiro, Sergei Timoshenko, and Mikhail Tsekhanovsky, Interview with a Picture (d) (1963).

Moisson, Charles, b.

(selected) Coronation of Tsar Nicholas II (s) (1896), with François Doublier, The Tsar and Tsarina and the Guests Go to the Cathedral (Red Staircase) (s) (1896), with François Doublier, The Tsarina Mother and the Grand Dutchess Eugénie in the Royal Coach (s) (1896), with François Doublier, Tsar and Tsarina Enter the Church of the Assumption (s) (1896), with François Doublier, Count de Montebello and General de Boisdeffre Go to the Kremlin (s) (1896), with François Doublier, Admiral Sallandrouze and General Tournier (s) (1896), with François Doublier, Asian Delegations in Moscow (s) (1896), with François Doublier, Tverskaya Street (s) (1896), with François Doublier.

Morosov, I., b.

(selected) The Masks (d,tv) (1995?).

Morozov, Vladimir, b. 1944

(selected) Newsreel Russia No. 41 (d) (1994), St. Petersburg Newsreel, October 1996: Sarcasm (d) (1996), St. Petersburg Newsreel, January 1998: The Miners of Vorkuta (d) (1998).

Morozov, Yury, b.

(selected) Old Tom Thumb (s) (2002), Alexander Karpilovsky.

Mostovoy, Peter, b. 1938

(selected) The Water of Life (s) (1965), Look in Her Face (d) (1966), with Pavel Kogan, Classes, or Just Three Lessons (d) (1967, banned), with Pavel Kogan, Military Music (d) (1968), with Pavel Kogan, Master Belkovsky and Comrades (d) (1970), A Judge, Cases and People (d) (1974), Rendezvous (d) (1979), The Symphony of Peace (d) (1980), The Limit of the Possible (d,tv series), with Pavel Kogan, The Parity (d, series), (1986-87), Black Terror (d) (1989), One of Many Wandering Stars (d) (1990), Life Is Wonderful (d) (1990), Bach in Sandals (d) (1996), Land of Our Dreams (d) (1998).

Muratov, Alexander, b. 1952

(selected) Our Daily Bread (f) (1964, with K. Muratov, Man and Image (f) (1976), Patronage (f) (1977), A Choir Girl (f) (1978), Customs House (f) (1982), Eight Days of Hope (f) (1984), The Contract of the Century (f) (1985), Monsoon (f) (1987), Criminal Quartet (f) (1989), By the Nickname “Beast” (f) (1990), Manuscript (f) (1991), Queen Margo (tv series) (1996-97), D.D.D. (tv series) (1999), Lotus Struck (f) (2001), The Lion’s Share, or The Operation of Doomed People (f) (2001).

Muratov, K., b.

(selected) Our Daily Bread (f) (1964, with Alexander Muratov.

Murzenko, Konstantin, b. 1969

(selected) April (f) (2001), episode (s) in The Russian Decameron (f) (2002), with R. Litvinova, Dmitry Meskhiev, Yury Pavlov, Andrei Razenkov, Valery Todorovsky.

Musatova, D., b.

(selected) That Unsettles Everyone (d) (1960).

Musykant, Y., b.

(selected) Signal Box (f) (1945), with Nadeshda Kosheverova, Revolutionary Change (f) (1952), with P. Bogolyubov, stage directors A. Sokolov, I. Sonne.

Narutskaya, Olga, b. 1959

(selected) Tamara Alexandrovna’s Husband and Daughter (f) (1988), Her Own Shadow (f) (2000).

Natason, G., b.

(selected) It’s All Up to Man (f) (1963).

Naumov, Valery, b.

(selected) Praise for the Mail (d) (1980), Ship Knots (d) (1981), E-Mail from Rostov (d) (1982), The North Route (d) (1983), Murmansk (d) (1984), The Real Name Is Not Known (d) (1985), At the End of the World (d) (1985), The Arctic (d) (1985), Pushkin - The Last Act (d) (1986), Essays - Notes of Provincial Man (d) (1986), Pavel Fionov and Vospominaniyakh Sovremennikov (d) (1987),Scientists (d) (1987), Rio-Leningrad (d) (1988), Notes of a Provincial Man, Part II (d) (1991), Regatta (d) (1996),

Nebylitsky, B., b.

(selected) North Korea (d) (1947), with Maria Slavinskaya, True Sons of the People (d) (1967), I Serve the Soviet Union (d) (1968), with V. Boykov.

Nekrasov, Andrei, b. 1958

(selected) Everyone Has His Own Russia (d) (UK,1988), Pasternak (d) (UK/Germany, 1990), The Prodigal Son (d) (UK/Germany/France, 1991), Lenin on Wheels (d) (UK, 1993), Love Is Stronger Than Death (d) (1996), Children’s Stories - Chechnya (d) (Russia/UK, 2000), Lubov and Other Nightmares (f) (2001).

Nepevnyi, Vladimir, b.

(selected) The Vasilyev Brothers (d) (2003).

Nikitina, L., b.

(selected) Alexander Pushkin (d) (1979).

Nikolai, V., b.

(selected) Vissarion Belinsky (d) (1948), with S. Bubrik, Pushkin (d) (1949), with S. Bubrik.

Nikulin, Grigory, b. 1922

(selected) The Bride (f) (1964), with V. Shredel (Schredel), Don’t Forget, Kaspar! (f) (1964).

Nikulin, Grigory, b. 1955

(selected) Motherland’s Wings (d) (1984), Shooting Range (s) (1985), Doomsday (d) (1996), Don’t Make Biscuits in a Bad Mood (f) (2003).

Novikov, Eduard, b.

(selected) The Lord (f) (2001).

Novikov, Gennady, b. 1964

(selected) Youth from Sea Depth (f) (1994).

Nurislamov, Igor, b.

(selected) A Dream (s) (2001).

Obukhovich, Nikolai, b. 1936

(selected) All of Abakumov’s Steel (d) (1971), Express Train Moscow-Leningrad (d) (1972), Return Ticket to Childhood (d) (1973), The 38th Kilometer (d) (1973), What Are You Going to Do Tonight? (d) (1974), About a Russian I Have to Speak (d?) (1975), Chairwoman Malinina (d) (1976), The Night of the Raised Bridges (d) (1977), Our Mother Is a Hero (d) (1979/89, banned), Baltic Wind (d) (1981), TYL, or the Back Country (d) (1982), Golden Recording II (d) (1983), From the Family Album (d) (1984), Golden Recording 3 (d) (1983), Dialogues (d) (1986), The Fourth Dream of Anna Andreyevna (d) (1988), Living on the Edge (d) (1988), The Dream of White Princesses (d) (1992), Not about Stalin (d) (1996).

Oganesian, Hendrikh, b.

(selected) Ladies (s) (1954), with Lev Kulidjanov, Sputnik Speaking! (d) (1959), with Sergei Gerasimov, Venyamin Dorman, and Eduard Volk.

Ogorodnikov, Valery, b. 1951

(selected) I Can’t Be on Time (s) (1983), The Burglar (f) (1987), Prishvin’s Paper Eyes (f) (1990), World Champion (f) (1992), Practice of Love Charming Rubbish (f) (1991), The Barracks (f) (Russia/Germany, 1999).

Oksman, Yury, b.

(selected) U.G.A., or Union of Great Action (f) (1927), with Yury Tynianov.

Olennikov, Yury, b.

(selected) Peterbold (s) (2002).

Orlenev, Pavel, b.

(selected) Brand (f) (Russia/Norway, 1915), with Kai Hansen.

Olschwanger, I., b.

(selected) On the Same Planet (f) (1965), They Called Him Robert (f) (1967).

Ovanesova, A., b.

(selected) Youth of the World (d) (USSR/Hungary, 1949), with J. Kis, The Sky above Us (d) (1958), Unusual Encounters (d) (1958).

Ovcharov, Sergei, b. 1955

(selected) Highway (s) (1977), Nonsense (s) (1979), Barabaniada (s) (1980), Tall Tales (f) (1983), The Left-Handed (f) (1986), It (f) (1989), Drum Roll (f) (1993), Myths: Pharaon (s) (1998), Myths: Feats of Hercules (s) (1999), Myths: Pharaoh (s) (1999), Myths: Feats of Hercules (s) (1999), Myths: An Apple (s) (2000), Myths: Sochinushki (s) (2000),The Tale of Fedot the Shooter, or The Tale of Soldier Fedot (f) (2001).

Panteleyev, Alexander, b.

(selected) Congestion (f) (1918), Infinite Sorrow (f) (1922), Miracle-Maker (f) (1922), For the Power of the Soviets (f) (1923), .

Parmenov, Dmitry, b. 1975

(selected) One Day of Ivan Denisovich (s) (1992), with Andrei Libenson, The Trip (s) (1996), The Boots (s) (1997), Kornelius and Snaps (s) (1997), Science and Life (s) (1999).

Pashchenko, M. b.

(selected) Dshyabsha (f) (1938), When the Evergreen Trees Are Lit Up (a) (1950), An Unusual Game (a) (1955), with B. Deshkin, Old Acquaintance (a) (1956), with B. Deshkin.

Pathé Director or Cameraman

(selected) Cossacks on the Don (s) (1908), Sevastopol - Military Base (s) in series Picturesque Russia (1908), Manoeuvres of the Naval Squadrons in the Black Sea (s) in series Picturesque Russia (1908), Manufacture of Kerosine in Baku (s) in series Picturesque Russia (1908), Fishing In Asrahkhan (s) in series Picturesque Russia (1908), Canning Fish in Astrakhan (s) in series Picturesque Russia (1908), Fire in Odessa (s) in series Picturesque Russia (1908), Caucasian Customs (s) in series Picturesque Russia (1908), Moscow Flooded (s) in series Picturesque Russia (1908), Picturesque Odessa (s) in series Picturesque Russia (1908), Fiftieth Anniversary of the Belostok Regiment (s) in series Picturesque Russia (1908), Swimming in the Moscow River at 20 Degrees (s) in series Picturesque Russia (1908), Travelling on the Volga (s) in series Picturesque Russia (1908), Scenes of Caucasian Life (s) in series Picturesque Russia (1908), Travels through Russia (s) (in series Picturesque Russia (1908), Panoramas of Yalta (s) in series Picturesque Russia (1908), The Mouths of the Volga (s) in series Picturesque Russia (1908), Russian Types (s) (1908), Picturesque Kiev (s) (1908), The Moscow Railway System (s) (1908), Funeral of the Grand Duke Alexei (s) (1908), Shield Yourself with the Sign of Faith, O People of the Orthodox Faith. (s) (1910), The Dawn of the Russian Revolution (s) (1913), The Terrifying Corpse (s) (1912), The Goblet of Life and Death (s) (1912), The Secrets of House No. 5 (s) (1912), Samson and Delilah (s) (1913), Samson and Delilah (s) (1913).

Pavlov, Yury, b. 1950

(selected) The Creation of Adam (f) (1993), Savage, or The Savage Girl (f) (2001), Marriage for Money episode in The Russian Decameron (f) (2002), with R. Litvinova, Dmitry Meskhiev, Konstantin Murzenko, Andrei Razenkov, Valery Todorovsky, Peaches and Peppers (f,v) (2003)

Pavlovich, Andrei, b. 1957

(selected) Link in the Chain (d) (1984), Trip to a Little City (d) (1985), Leningrad - Cradle of the Great October (d) (1986), All Power to the Council! (d) (1987), Hearts - In the Interest of the Truth (d) (1987), Siberia - in Search of the Truth (d) (1988), In the Realm of the Mountains (d) (1989), About Life (d) (1989), Chukotka-Syndrom (d) (1990), Return to Oneself (d) (1991), Master Builder Stolbun (d) (1991), Arch (d) (1991).

Pavlovsky, ?, b.

(selected) Song about the Merchant Kalashnikov (s) (1909), with Vasily Goncharov.

Petrov, I., b.

(selected) St. Petersburg Newsreel, November 1997: Mystery of Expectation (d) (1997).

Petrov, Vasily, b.

(selected) Golden Honey (f) (1928), with N. Beresnev, Lenin’s Address (f) (1929), Fritz Bauer (f) (1930), The Dam (s) (1931), Peter the First (f) (1939), with Sergei Bartenev, Chapayev Is with Us (f) (1941).

Pezhemsky, Maxim, b. 1963

(selected) Comrade Chkalov’s Crossing of the North Pole (s) (1990), Prisoners of Fortune (f) (1993), Hard Time (f) (1996), Mama, Don’t Worry! (f) (1998).

Piotrovsky, Adrian, b.

(selected) The Devil’s Wheel (f) (1926).

Pirogova, G., b.

(selected) Only Love (d) (2000).

Plaissetty, René, b.

(selected) The Adventures of Harry Wilson in Russia (s) (1909).

Ploshchanskaya, Elena, b.

(selected) St. Petersburg Newsreel, October 1996: NATO Moves Eastward (d) (1996), St. Petersburg Newsreel, May 1997: “Miss Bosom” (d) (1997).

Pogoretskaya, O., b.

(selected) The Rapids at Padun (d) (1957)

Polok, G., b.

(selected) The Republic of Storks (f) (1966)

Polynnikov, Alexander, b. 1941

(selected) Take Care of Women (f,tv) (1981, with V. Makarov, Total Horror (f,tv) (1982), Wait and See (f,tv) (1985), Pretext (f,tv) (1986), Primorsky Boulevard (f,tv) (1988), Take Me with You (f,tv) (1989), A Day of Love (f) 1990), Nude in a Hat (f) (1991), Ideal Couple (f) (1992), Passions around Angelika (f) 1993), La Cumparsita (f) (1993), Candied Cranberries (f) (1995), under pseudonym A Kryukov, Sinful Love (f) (1997), The Cunning Type (f) (1999).

Popov, Leonid, b.

(selected) Sannikov’s Land (f) (1972), The Road (f,tv) (197?), American Spy (f) (1991).

Popov, Sergei, b. 1946

(selected) Smile (f) (1991), Tsar Dervish (f) (1996?).

Popova, V., b.

(selected) Beyond the Polar Circle (d) (1927), with Vladimir Yerofeyev.

Popova, Elena, b.

(selected) Esmeralde (d,tv) (1993?), Petruschka (d,tv) (1994?), The Hunchback Pony (d,tv) (1995?).

Poselsky, Yakov, b.

(selected) When Will We Dead Awaken? (f) (1918).

Poselsky, Josif, b.

(selected) (selected) Stalingrad Reborn (d) (1945), with B. Agapov, Our Country’s Youth (d) (1946), with Irina Venzher and Sergei Yutkevich, Warsaw Meetings (d) (USSR/Poland, 1955), with Jerzy Bossak, Roman Grigoriev, Ilya Kopalin, The Fortune of Difficult Ways (d) (1955), with Roman Grigoriev, October Light (d) (1957), with Roman Grigoriev.

Potemkin, Sergei, b. 1978

(selected) Othello (s) (1998), King Lear (s) (1999), The Machine Is Here (s) (2001).

Priemykhov, Valery, b. 1943

(selected) The Trousers (f) (1988), Migrants (f) (1991), Who, If Not Us (f) (1999).

Proskurina, Svetlana, b. 1942

(selected) Parent’s Day (s) (1982), Playground (f) (1987), Incidental Waltz (f) (1990), Reflection in a Mirror (f) (1992), Peasant (d) (2001).

Protazanov, Yakov, 1881-1945

(selected) The Prisoner’s Song (s) (1911), Anfisa (s) (1912), Departure of a Grand Old Man (s) (1912), The Shattered Vase (s) (1913), How Fine, How Fresh the Roses Are (s) (1913), Keys to Happiness (s) (1913), with Vladimir Gardin, Drama by Telephone (f) (1914), War and Peace (f) (1915), with Vladimir Gardin, Plebeian (f) (1915), Nikolai Stavrogin (f) (1915), The Queen of Spades (f) (1916), Woman with a Dagger (f) (1916), Sin (f) (1916), Public Prosecutor (f) (1917), Andrei Kozhukhov (f) (1917), Blood Need Not Be Spilled (f) (1917), Cursed Millions (f) (1917), Satan Triumphant (f) (1917), Father Sergius (f) (1918), The Queen’s Secret (f) (1919), L’Angoissante Aventure (f) (France, 1919), Justice d’abord! (f) (France, 1920), Aelita (f) (1924), The Tailor of Torshok (f) (1925), His Call (f) (1925), Trial of the Three Million, or The Three Million Case (f) (1926), The Man from the Restaurant (f) (1927), The Forty-First (f) (1927), The White Eagle (f) (1928), Don Diego and Pelagea (f) (1928), Ranks and People (f) (1929), The Feast of Saint Jorgen (f) (1930), Tommy (f) (1931), Marionettes (f) (1934), Without Dowry (f) (1937), Pupils of the Seventh Grade (f) (1938), Salavat Yulayev (f) (1941), Nasreddin in Bukhara (f) (1943).

Rappaport, Herbert, b. 1908

(selected) Professor Mamlock (f) (1938), with Adolf Minkin, A Musical Story (f) (1940, banned), with Alexander Ivanovsky, Film Concert Film Concert 1941, or Kino Concert 1941, or Russian Salad (f) (1941), omnibus musical film with Isaak Menaker, Adolf Minkin, Sergei Timoshenko, Mikhail Tsekhanovsky, and Mikhail Shapiro, A Hundred for One (s) in omnibus film Fighting Film Album No. 2 (f) 1941), Vanka in omnibus film Fighting Film Album (f) 1942), Air-Chauffeur (f) (1943), Life in the Citadel (f) (1947), Alexander Popov (f) (1949), Light over Koordi (f) (1951), Black Rusk, or Black Plough (f) (USSR/GDR, 1971).

Rayev, I., b.

(selected) Unknown Peterhoff (d) (1990).

R.K.T. (Russian Cinematographic Association) Director or Cameraman

(selected) Yama (s) (1913).

Rodianova, T., b.

(selected) Enemies (f) (1974), with stage director N. Rashevskaya.

Romanova, Marina, b.

(selected) Salamander and Undine (s) (1997).

Romanova, Zhana, b. 1944

(selected) Vladimir Stozharov Is a Painter (d) (1978), Venezianov and His School (d) (1980), A Happy Woman (d) (1983), Do You Like Bach? (d) (1984), I Need My Husband Back (d) (1986), Meeting in the Courtyard (d) (1986), Corvus Cornis (d) (1988), We’re Still Alive! (d) (1990), Cold Buffet (d) (1994), Fourchette, Fourchette… (d) (1995), Anthology (d) (2001), with Sergei Lando, Sergei Litviakov, Nikolai Boronin.

Rogozhkin, Alexander, b. 1949

(selected) My Brother Has Come (s) (1979), Redhead, Redhead (s) (1981), Just for the Sake of Writing a Few Lines (f) (1982), Gold Button (f,tv) (1983), Miss Millionairess (f) (1988), The Guard (f) (1989), The Third Planet (f) (1991), Chekists (f) (1992), Life with an Idiot (f) (1993), The Nude, or Act (f) (1994), Peculiarities of the National Hunt (f) (1995), Operation “Happy New Year” (f,tv) (1996), Gift (s) (1997), Checkpoint, or Border Post (f) (1998), The Peculiarities of National Fishing (f) (1998), Autumn in Boldino (d) (1999), The Peculiarities of National Hunting under Winter Conditions (f) (2000), Cuckoo (f) (2002).

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