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Belinsky, Alexander, b.

(selected) Matiza (f) (1985), Balsaminov’s Marriage (f) (1989), Petipa’s Masterpieces (f) (1991), The Last Tarantella (f) (1992), Provincial Benefit Performance (f) (1993)

Beloshnikov, Sergei, b.

(selected) The Incident (f) (198?).

Belyaev, Eduard, b.

(selected) Lobo (a) (2001).

Belyaev, Vasily, b.

(selected) People’s Revenge (d) (1943), with Nikolai Komarevtsev, Budapest (d) (1945), From the Vistula to the Oder (d) (1945), Romania (d) (1947), Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (d) (1948), with Mikhail Romm.

Belyaev, Vladimir, b.

(selected) A Dramatic Tale of Yore (f) (1971), with Ilya Averbakh.

Beresnev, N., b.

(selected) Golden Honey (f) (1928), with Vasily Petrov.

Bergunker. A., b.

(selected) Next to Us (f) (1957), Tumult (f) (1967).

Besarabov, I., b.

(selected) What Are You Thinking, Soldier? (d) (1963), Stories about Tanganika (d) (1964), with A. Kochetkov.

Bezbakh, O, b.

(selected) Dog’s Life (d) (2000).

Bezrukov, Igor, b.

(selected) Shagreen Bone (s) (1992).

Bibartsev, Alexander, b.

(selected) Game Keeper (s) (1983), The Golden Beach (f) (198?).

Birman, N. b.

(selected) We Looked Death in the Face (d) (1980).

Bistritzky, A., b.

(selected) Where Is Mathilda? (s) (Russia/Germany, 1913), with Georg Jacobi, Romance of a Russian Ballerina (s) (Russia/Germany, 1913), with Georg Jacobi.

Blotner, Vsevolod, b. 1969

(selected) A Mountain Walk in the Company of Real Men (d) (1995).

Bobrova, Lydia, b. 1952

(selected) Hey, You, Wild Geese! (f) (1991), In That Land (f) (1997), Granny (f) (2003).

Bogolepov, D., b.

(selected) First Trip to the Stars (d) (1961), with Ilya Kopalin, G. Kosenko.

Bogolyubov, P., b.

(selected) Revolutionary Change (f) (1952), with Y. Musiykant, stage directors A. Sokolov, I. Sonne.

Borisov, Yury, b. 1956

(selected) Demonic Longing, or I Am Bored, Demon (f) (1993).

Boronin, Nikolai, b.

(selected) On a Spring Night (d) (1973), Anthology (d) (2001), with Zhanna Romanova, Sergei Lando, Sergei Litvyakov.

Bortko, Vladimir, b. 1946

(selected) The Role (s) (1973), Doctor (s) (1974), Canal, or The Channel (f) (1975), Investigation Commission (f) (1978), My Father, The Idealist (f) (1980), The Blonde around the Corner (f) (1983), Without a Family (f,tv) (1984), The Voice (s) in omnibus film Exceptions without Rules (f,tv) (1986), Having Lied Once (f) (1987), Heart of a Dog’(f,tv) (1988), Afghan Breakdown (f) (Russia/Italy, 1991), Good Luck, Gentlemen! (f) (1992), The Circus Burnt Down, the Clowns Are Gone (f) (1997).

Bossak, Jerzy, b.

(selected)Warsaw Meetings (d) (USSR/Poland, 1955), with Jerzy Bossak, Roman Grigoriev, Ilya Kopalin, Yosif Poselsky.

Boykov, V., b.

(selected) I Serve the Soviet Union (d) (1968), with B. Nebylitski.

Bronzit, Konstantin, b. 1965

(selected) The Very Small Tragedies (a) (1988), Don’t Digress (a) (1990), Cubaroid (a) (1991), Metemphyshosis (a) (1991), Tuk-Tuk (a) (1993), Farewell! (a) (1993), Switchcraft (a) (1994), Pacifier (1994).

Brusse, G., b.

(selected) Page 100 (d) (1968), with M. Kingman.

Bubrik, S., b.

(selected) Maxim Gorky (d) (1946), Vissarion Belinsky (d) (1948), with V. Nikolai, Pushkin (d) (1949), with V. Nikolai, Vladimir Mayakovsky (d) (1949), Nadeshda Konstantinovna Krupskaya (d) (1959), Heroes Don’t Die (d) (1963).

Burdinova, Zhenia, b. 1973

(selected) Consolation (s) (1998).

Burekhina, L., b.

(selected) Along the Halls of the Russian Museum (d) (1979), Andrei Belyi’s Petersburg (d) (1989), Plaza of a Swan-Song: Decembrists’ Square (d) (1990)..

Burtsev, Alexander, b. 1956

(selected) In a Trap (s) (1986), Meetings, or A Tale about a Green Lawn (s) (1987), The City (s) (1988), The City (f) (1990), Old Ustyug (d) (1991), with Viktor Buturlin, X-Time (f) (1992), Full Moon (f) (1993).

Burtulin, Viktor, b.

(selected) Ovation (s?) (198?), Autumn Sun (s?) (198?), Rubberneck (s?) (198?), The Gardener (f) (1987?), ld Ustyug (d) (1991), with Alexander Burtsev.

Butko, Alexandra, b.

(selected) Pop Horror (s) (2002).

Bychenkov, Valery, b. 1940

(selected) A Happy Failure, or Happy Looser (f) (1994), I Was the First to See You (f) (1998), Cheliaboombiya (f) (2002).

Bychkov, Anton, b. 1964

(selected) Apples (s) (1994), Sweet Little Daughter (s) (1999).

Bychkov, Vladimir, b. 1929

(selected) Tambu-Lambu (f) (1958), Attention: Magician in Town (f) (1964), Zitie I Vosnesenie Yurasya Bratsyka (f) (1968, banned), with Sergei Skvorsov, My Father Is a Captain (f) (1969), Stolen Treasure (f) (1972), The Sad Water-Nymph (f) (Russia/Bulgaria, 1976), The Circus Boy (f) (1979), The Fairy’s Autumn Present (f) (1984).

Chaikovsky, Boris, b.

(selected) A Living Corpse (s) (1911), with Konstantin Kuznetsov, Ward No. 6 (s) (1912), The Fugitive, or Runaway (f) (1919), with Alexander Anoshchenko.

Chardynin, Pyotr, b.

(selected) The Queen of Spades (s) (1910), The Kreutzer Sonata (s) (1911), Workers’ Quarters (s) (1912), The Red Star (f) (1919).

Chechulin, Alexander, b.

(selected) A Wife for a Head Waiter (f) (1991).

Cherenzov, Lev, b. 1925

(selected) They Were 39 (d) (1963), Journey of the Giants (d) (1966), The Beloved Are among Us (d) (1967), Kareliya (d) (1969), Kalinin (d) (1972), Son of the Party (d) (1975), My Militia (d) (1977), Alexei Chuev’s Ships (d) (1977), Liberation of Korea (d) (1980), Baltic Front (d) (1981), Interview before the Hills (d) (1982), The Fourth Ukrainian Front (d) (1982), Stories from Tuva (d) (1984), Time of Hope (d) (1987), Berlin Belongs to Us (d) (1991), The Abandoned House (d) (1992), What a Life these Mad People Had! (d) (1995).

Cherkasova, Oksana, b.

(selected) Yours Pushkin (a) (1999).

Chernakova, Anna, b. 1966

(selected) A Short Autumn Trip (s) (1990), Epilogue to Infinity (d,tv) (1992), The Cherry Garden (f) (1993).

Chernov, Denis, b.

(selected) Good Morning (a) (2000).

Chernykh, Andrei, b. 1960

(selected) Fa-Minor (s) (1989), Austrian Field (f) (1991).

Chervyakov, Yevgeny, 1899-1942

(selected) The Girl from a Faraway River (f) (1927), The Poet and the Tsar (f) (1927), with Vladimir Gardin, My Son (f) (1928), The Golden Bill (f) (1926), Cities and Years (f) (1930, partially lost), with Nathan Zakhi, Aristocrats (f) (1936, banned), At the Old Nurse’s (s) in omnibus film Fighting Film Album No. 2 (f) (1941).

Chiginsky, V., b.

(selected) Dostoyevsky (d) (1969).

Chiginsky, Vasily, b. 1964

(selected) Report (s) (1991), The Birth of a Smile (s) (1992), I Go Searching (s) (1995), Red Strepotocid (s) (2001).

Chirskov, Boris, b.

(selected) Zoya (f) (1944), with Leo Arnstam, Ilya Frez, V. Sukhobokov.

Chorny, L., b.

(selected) The Conquest of the Caucasus (s) (1913), with S. Esadze.

Churdina, Marina, b.

(selected) Grigory Kozintsev (d) (2002), Ilya Averbach (d) (2003), Dinara Asanova (d) (2003).

Cines Director or Cameraman

(selected) Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoi (s) (1911).

Damsker, Julia, b.

(selected) Hindrance (s) (1998), The Song without Words (s) (1998), Sonka, the Golden Hand (f) (2002)).

Danilin, S., b.

(selected) 75 Degrees below Zero (f) (1976), with Yevgeny Tatarsky.

Derbizheva, L., b.

(selected) The Heroes of Brest (d) (1957), In Independent Ghana (d) (1957), Spring Wind over Vienna (d) (1959).

Derbizhev, Sergei, b. 1957

(selected) Thirst (s,d) (1989), Soothe Me (s) (1989), The Golden Dream (s) (1990), Red on Red (s) (1990), Double-Faced Janus (s,v) (1991), Two Captains II (f) (1992), Diminished Responsibility (s) (1992), Complex Insanity (d) (1995).

Deshkin, B., b.

(selected) Dshyabsha (f) (1938), The Quiet Clearing in the Woods (a) (1946), with G. Filipov, The Elephant and the Ant (a) (1948), with G. Filipov, The Lion and the Hare (a) (1949), with G. Filipov, When the Evergreen Trees Are Lit Up (a) (1950), An Unusual Game (a) (1955), with M. Pashchenko, Old Acquaintance (a) (1956), with M. Pashchenko, Goal! Goal! (a) (1964).

Dmochowsky, B., b.

(selected) Talents aned Admirers (f) (1955), with A. Apsolon.

Dolinin, Dmitry, b. 1938

(selected) Three Years (f,tv) (1980), with Stanislav Lyubshin, Sentimental Journey to Digging Potatoes (f) (1986), Viktoria (f,tv) (1987), August Running Away (f) (1989), Myth about Leonid (f) (1991), A Golden Ring and Red, Red Roses (f) (1994), The Skylark (f) (1996?).

Dorman, Venyamin, b.

(selected) Sputnik Speaking! (d) (1959), with Sergei Gerasimov, Eduard Volk, Hendrikh Oganesian, “Nadeshda” Is Still Sending (f) (1969), The Torn Circle (f) (1987).

Doublier, François, b.

(selected) Coronation of Tsar Nicholas II (s) (1896), with Charles Moussion, The Tsar and Tsarina and the Guests Go to the Cathedral (Red Staircase) (s) (1896), with Charles Moussion, The Tsarina Mother and the Grand Dutchess Eugénie in the Royal Coach (s) (1896), with Charles Moussion, Tsar and Tsarina Enter the Church of the Assumption (s) (1896), with Charles Moussion, Count de Montebello and General de Boisdeffre Go to the Kremlin (s) (1896), with Charles Moussion, Admiral Sallandrouze and General Tournier (s) (1896), with Charles Moussion, Asian Delegations in Moscow (s) (1896), with Charles Moussion, Tverskaya Street (s) (1896), with Charles Moussion.

Drankov, Alexander, b. - or Drankov Director or Cameraman

(selected) Solemn Funeral of Prof. Chuprov in Moscow Followed by a Great Crowd of Mourners (s) (1908), Views of Moscow and the Kremlin (s) (1908), The Moscow Rogues’ Market (s) (1908), Funeral of General Adjutant Linevich (s) (1908), Stenka Razin (s) (1908), Gala Reception of the Swedish King and Royal Family at Revel and St. Petersburg on the Occasion of the Nuptials of Her Highness Princess Marie with the Swedish King (s) (1908), Palm Sunday in Moscow (s) (1908), The Moscow Race-Track (s) (1908) Stenka Razin (s) (1908), Figure-Skating by the Famous Skater Panin at St. Petersburg (s) (1908), Views of Warsaw: Main Streets and Skiting-Rink (s) (1908), Stenka Razin (s) (1908), New Films of St. Petersburg and Life in the Capital (s) (1908), Departure of the Swedish King and Royal Family After the Nuptials of Her Highness Princess Marie with the SwedishKing (s) (1908), Finland (s) (1908), Meeting of Our Tsar with the Swedish King, Edward VII, in Revel Harbour (s) (1908), Meeting of the German Emperor, Wilhelm II, witht he Swedish King at Stockholm (s) (1908), Panorama and View of Revel (s) (1908), Arrival of President Fallières at Revel for the Meeting with Our Tsar (s) (1908), Meeting of the French President with the Norwegian King, Haakon, in Christiania (s) (1908), The Tragedy of Tolstoy (s) (1908), A Fire in St. Petersburg (s) (1908), Creatures That Once Were Men (s) (1908), Gorky Characters (s) (1908), Stenka Razin (s) (1908), with Vladimir Romashkov, The Marriage of Krechinsky (s) (1908), The Cliff (s) (1913), The Bloody Fortnight (f) (1915), The Seventh Commandment (f) (1915), A Ruined Life (f) (1915), Thirsty for Love (f) (1915), In the Class of the Yellow Devil (f) (1915), Mayerling - Maria Vetsera (f) (1916), The Secret of the Habsburg Court (f) (1916), The Secret of Loge A (f) (1916), Contagion (f) (1916).

Dubson, Mikhail, b.

(selected) Border (f) (1935, banned), Concert Valse (f) (1941), with Ilya Trauberg, Storm (f) (1957).

Dvoretsky, A., b.

(selected) Drunkenness and Its Consequences (s) (1913).

Dyakonov, Vladimir, 1941-1997

(selected) And Every Evening at the Same Time (d) (1983), Close of the Season (d) (1986), Pas de Deux among Bomb Craters (d) (1986), Cathedral (d) (1987), Schism (d) (1989), Pyatalovo (d) (1991), God, Enlighten Us (d) (1993), An American Izba (d) (1997).

Eisimont, Viktor, b. 1904

(selected) Front-Line Girl Friends, or The Girl from Leningrad (f) (1941), One of Many (s) in omnibus film Fighting Film Album No. 2 (f) (1941), Once There Was a Girl (f) (1944), Varyag, or Cruiser Varyag (f) (1946), Two Friends (f) (1954), The Drummer’s Fate (f) (1956).

Ermler, Fridrikh, 1898-1967

(selected) Scarlet Fever (s) (1924, lost), Children of the Storm (f) (1926, lost), with Eduard Johanson, Katka’s Reinette Apples (f) (1926), with Eduard Johanson, The House in the Snow-Drifts (f) (1928, banned, partially lost), Parisian Cobbler (f) (1928, partially lost), Fragment of an Empire (f) (1929), Counterplan, or Shame (f) (1932), with Sergei Yutkevich, Peasants (f) (1934), The Great Citizen (f) (1937-39), Autumn (s) (1940), with Isaak Menaker, She Defends Her Country, or No Greater Love (f) (1943), The Great Turning Point (f) (1945), The Great Force, or Great Power (f) (1949), Dinner Time (s) (1953, banned), Unfinished Story (f) (1955), The First Day (f) (1958), From New York to Yasnaya Polyana (d,tv) (1962), Before the Judgment of History (d) (1965).

Ershov, R., b.

(selected) Aliens Don’t Wander Here (f) (1985), with Anatoly Vekhotko.

Evteyeva, Irina, b. 1956

(selected) Krisolov (a) (1984), A Horse, a Violin and a Bit Nervous (a) (1991), Elixir (a,f) (1995), Clown (a) (2002), Peterburg (f) (2003).

Fait, Y., b.

(selected) So Long the Front Needs to Be Defended (f) (1964).

Fedetsky, A.P., b.

(selected) Cossack Trick Riders (s) (1898).

Feinberg, V., b.

(selected) Meeting (s) in omnibus film Fighting Film Album No. 2 (f) (1941).

Fetin, Vladimir, 1925-1981

(selected) Secret of Youth (s) (1956), And How Are You? (s) (1958), The Foal (s) (1959), The Striped Load (f) (1961), The Don Story (f)(1964), Virineya (f) (1968), Lyubov Yarovaya (f) (1970), An Open Book (f) (1973), Sweet Woman (f) (1976), Taiga Story (f) (1979), Lost among the Living (f) (1981).

Feting, Yury, b. 1956

(selected) Myths of My Childhood (f) (1997), with Andrei Kravchuk, Business of Honesty (f,tv series) (1999), with Andrei Kravchuk, Christmas Mysteries (f) (2000), with Andrei Kravchuk.

Filipov, G., b.

(selected) The Quiet Clearing in the Woods (a) (1946), with B. Deshkin, The Elephant and the Ant (a) (1948), with B. Deshkin, The Lion and the Hare (a) (1949), with B. Deshkin.

Florenskaya, Olga, b.

(selected) The Greatest Miracle (a) (1994).

Fomintsev, P., b.

(selected) Chinese Dreams (d) (2000).

Frid, Jan, b. 1908

(selected) Surgery (s) (1938), Lyubov Yarovaya (f) (1953), Twelfth Night, or As You Like It (f) (1955), Baltic Fame (f) (1957), Spring Fuss (f) (1964), Farewell to Petersburg (f) (1971), A Dog in the Manger (f,tv) (1977), Silva (f,tv) (1981), Free Wind (f) (1983), Don Sesar de Basan (f,tv) (1989), Tartuffe (f) (1992).

Frolov, Dmitry, b. 1966

(selected) The Battle of Borodino (s) (198?), Psikyeskaya Ataka (s) (199?), The Crazy Town (s) (199?), Metamorphosis (s) (199?), Without Words (s) (199?), Leaving (e) (1998), Above the Lake (s) (2000), Ten Minutes of Silence (s) (2001).

Frumin, Boris, b. 1947

(selected) Sasha (s) (1972), A Headmaster’s Diary (f) (1975), Family Melodrama (f) (1977), Mistakes of Youth (f) (1978/89, banned), English Lesson (f) (USA, 1983), Black and White (f) (USA, 1991), Viva, Castro (f) (1993).

Fruntov, Rudolph, b.

(selected) All We Wished for So Long (f) (1997).

Ganshina, Anna, B. 1963

(selected) Newsreel - Master of Syria (d) (1994), Not Birds (d) (1998).

Gardin, Vladimir, 1877-1965

(selected) Keys to Happiness (s) (1913), with Yakov Protazanov, Anna Karenina (f) (1914), Days of Our Life (f) (1914), Ghosts (f) (1915), A Nest of Noblemen (f) (1915), Petersburg Slums (f) (1915), with Yakov Protazanov, War and Peace (f) (1915), Thought (f) (1916), with Josef Soifer, Miss Peasant (f) (1916), with Olga Preobrazhenskaya, The Flowers Are Late (f) (1917), with Boris Sushkevich, Ninety-Six (f) (1919), The Iron Heel (f) (1919), Sickle and Hammer (f) (1921), Hunger - Hunger - Hunger (s) (1921), with Vsevolod Pudovkin, A Spectre Haunts Europe (f) (1923), Locksmith and Chancellor (f) (1923), The Landowner (f) (1923), The Cross and the Mauser (f) (1925), The Villa of the Golubins (f) (1924), The Bear’s Wedding (f) (1926), with Konstantin Eggert, The Poet and the Tsar (f) (1927), with Yevgeny Chervyakov, Kastus Kalinowski (f) (1928), 400 Million (f) (1928).

Garin, E., b.

(selected) The Usual Miracle (f) (1965), with Ch. Lokshina.

Gaumont Director or Cameraman

(selected) Solemn Procession of Pilgrims at Kiev (s) (1907), Rostov-on-the-Don (s) (1908), The Funeral at Vladimir of the Georgian Archmandrite Nikon (s) (1908).

Gazizov, Rinat, b.

(selected) Fly Cikatucha (a) (1999).

Gerasimov, Sergei, 1906-1985

(selected) Twenty-Two Misfortunes (f,lost) (1930), with Sergei Bartenev, The Forest (f,lost) (1930), Solomon’s Heart ) (f) (1932, lost), with Mikhail Kresin, Do I Love You? (f, lost) (1934), The Bold Seven, or The Brave Seven (f) (1936), Komsomolsk, or City of Youth (f) (1938), The Teacher, or The New Teacher (f) (1939), Masquerade (f) (1941), The Meeting with Maxim (s) in omnibus film Fighting Album No. 1 (f) (1941), The Old Guard (f) (1941), The Unconquerable, or The Invisible (f) (1942), with Mikhail Kalatozov, Film Concert Dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of the Red Army (d) (1943), with Efim Dzigan, Mikhail Kalatozov, Great Land (f) (1944), The Berlin Conference (d) (1945), with Ilya Kopalin, The Young Guard (f) (1948), Liberated China, or The New China (d) (USSR/China, 1950), New Beijing (d) (USSR/China, 1950), The Country Doctor (f) (1951), The Great Farewell (d) (1953/94, banned), with Mikhail Chiaureli, Grigory Alexandrov, Ilya Kopalin, Nadezhda (f) (1954), And Quietly Flows the Don, or the Quiet Don (f) (1958), Memory of the Heart (f) (1958), with T. Liotsnova, Sputnik Speaking! (d) (1959), with Eduard Volk, Venyamin Dorman, Hendrikh Oganesian, Men and Beasts (f) (USSR/GDR, 1962), The Journalist (f) (1967), By the Lake (f) (1969/87, banned), For the Love of Man (f) (1972), Mothers and Daughters (f) (1974), Red and Black (f,tv series) (1975), Tsar Peter’s Youth (f) (USSR/GDR, 1980), The Beginning of Great Deals - Part II, Tsar Peter’s Youth (f) (USSR/GDR, 1981) Leo Tolstoy (f) (USSR/CSSR, 1984).

Ges, Svetlana, b.

(selected) The Meadow (d) (1997).

Gherman, Alexei, b. 1938

(selected) The Seventh Companion (f) (1967), with Grigory Aronov, Trial on the Road (f) (1971/86, banned), Twenty Days without War (f) (1976), My Friend Ivan Lapshin (f) (1982/85, banned), Khrustalyov, My Car! (f) (1998).

Gherman Jr, Alexei, b. 1976

(selected) A Banner (s) (1998), Large Autumn Field (s) (1999), Little Fools (s) (2001).

Glagolin, Boris, b.

(selected) The Coward (f) (1914), with R. Ungern, Daugther of Albion and Illegal (f) (1914), In the Claws of a Professor-Speculator (f) (1915), Kira Kiralina (f) (1927).

Gloria Director or Cameraman

(selected) The Death of Ivan the Terrible (s) (1909).

Goncharov, Vasily, b.

(selected) Song about the Merchant Kalashnikov (s) (1909), with ?. Pavlovsky, The Happy-Go-Lucky Merchant (s) (1909), At Midnight in the Graveyard (s) (1909), Death of Ivan the Terrible (s) (1909), Peter the Great (s) (1910), with Kai Hansen, Ukhar-kupets (s) (1909), At Midnight in the Graveyard, or The Fatal Wager (s) (1910), Life and Death of Pushkin (s) (1910), Napoleon in Russia (s) (1910), General Toptygin (s) (1910), Easter Scenes at the Time of Tsar Alexei (s) (1910), Crime and Punishment (s) (1910), Yevgeny Onegin (s) (1911), A Life for the Tsar (s) (1911), Vasilisa Melentieva and Tsar Ivan the Terrible (s) (1911), Defence of Sevastopol (s) (1911), with Alexander Khanzhankov, 1812 (s) (1912), Accession of the Romanov Dynasty (s) (1913), Volga and Siberia (f) (1914).

Gorlov, Boris, b. 1955

(selected) Comma (f) (1989), with Nijole Adomenaite, Sensation (f) 1994).

Granatman, Vladimir, b.

(selected) A Song of Steel (d) (1928), with Josif Heifitz, Mikhail Shapiro, and Alexander Zarkhi,

Granatovich, Alexander, b.

(selected) Metamorphosis to Birds (s) (1991).

Gribov, Efim (Yefim), b. 1992

(selected) Recollections without a Date (f) (1989), We Are Going to America (Russia/Switzerland, 1993)

Grigoriev, K., b.

(selected) The Light on Television (d) (1960).

Grigoriev, Mikhail, b. 1956

(selected) A Prison Camp Comedy (f) (1992), with Vladimir Studennikov.

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