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Sakkos, Liia, b.

(selected) Who’s Knocking at My Door? (a series, 11 parts) (1993), with Riho Luuse, Anu Nukki, Rait Tiidus, Eda Kurg, Mari-Liis Moonvald, Nele Tihalmäe, Rainer Sarnet, Tönu Paldra and Elo Pölendik.

Sarnet, Rainer, b. 1969

(selected) Sea Sickness, or Laughing Troll (s) (1993), Merehaigus (s) in Who’s Knocking at My Door? (a series, 11 parts) (1993), with Liia Sakkos, Riho Luuse, Anu Nukki, Rait Tiidus, Eda Kurg, Mari-Liis Moonvald, Nele Tihalmäe, Tönu Paldra and Elo Pölendik, Shadow on the Wall (s) (1994), A Chinese Fox (s) (1998), Werefoxes and Ghosts (s) (1998), Me, Myself and I (f) (Estonia/Denmark, 1998), with Peeter Herzog and Jaak Kilmi, Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye (s) in omnibus film Happy Landing (f) (1999), with Peeter Herzog and Jaak Kilmi, Underground (f) (2000).

Sendino, A. Joaquin, b.

(selected) The Gardener (s) (Estonia/Spain, 2001), with Liina Triskina.

Sepp, Edith, b.

(selected) Tied Up in Tallinn (s) (1997).

Sildvee, Märt, b.

(selected) Daybreak and Twilight (s) (1994), Ballada (f) (2001).

Sillart, Jüri, b. 1943

(selected) The Groom from Medvekhova (s) (1969), Inspiratsioon (s) (1971), Tuli Öös (s) (1973), Briljandid Proletariaadi Diktatuurile (d?) (1975), Aeg Elada, Aeg Armastada (d?) (1976), Surma Hinda Kusi Sumutelt (d?) (1977), “Hukkunud Alpinisti” Hotel (d?) (1979), Metskannikesed (d?) (1980), Karge Meri (d?) (1981), Nipernaadi (d?) (1983), Requiem (d?) (1984), Bande (d?) (1985), Saja Aasta Pärast Mais (d?) (1986), Varastatud Kohtumine (d?) (1988), Let’s Go (f) (1988?), Awakening (f) (1989), The Sunny Kids (f) (1991), Domino (f) (1999), Peeter (d) (1999), Leida’s Story (d) (2002).

Simm, Peeter, b. 1953

(selected) The Forest-Goblin (s) (1975), Underwood Devil (s) (1976), Tattoo (s) (1977), Stereo (s) (1978), Ideal Landscape (f) (1980), Colorful Angels, or The Way of the Kite (f) (1981), What You Have Sown (f) (1981), Arabella, The Pirate’s Daughter (f) (1982), The Next Lottery (f) (1983), The Trees Were Our Brothers (f) (1985), The Unfortunate (f) (1985), Dance around the Steam Boiler “Eugenia” (f) (1987), The Man Who Never Was (f) (1989), Via Balticum, or The Baltic Road (s) (1989), Our Russians (s) (1991), Anchor (s) (1991), Roller Coaster, or Big Dipper (f) (Estonia/France/Hungary, 1994), Waterline (f) (1998), Aida (s) in omnibus film Three Stories about … (f) (Estonia/Latvia, 1999), with Ervin Öunapuu, Askolds Saulitis, Good Hands (f) (Estonia/Latvia, 2001), Like an Arrow (d) (2001), Life After the End of the World (d) (2001), The War After War (d) (2002).

Soosaar, Mark, b. 1946

(selected) Golden Night (d) (1971), Tender Nightingale (d) (1971), Fisherman’s Life (d) (1972), Meliorators (d)(1973), The Women of Kishnou (d) (1974), Pharaoh’s Army, or The Guards of the Pharaohs: Robben (d) (1974), Oma Saar (d) (1975), Worldly Pleasures (d) (1977), Sunday Painters (d) (1978), Siberi Rahvaste Muusikat (d) (1978), Thuandeaastane Muusika (d) (1978), Butterfly Catcher (d) (1978), Christmas in Vigala (f) (1979), Sunday Painters (d) (1979), The World of Mr. Vene (d) (1981), Jaan Oad (d) (1982), AEG, or Time (d) (1983), Toys from Manilaid (d) (1984), Lasnamäe, Town of the Future? (d) (1985), Kosklad (d) (1985), The Log Canoe (d) (1986), The Men of Kishnou (d) (1986), Life without … (d) (1987), Miss Saaremaa (d) (1989), The First Citizen of Estonia, or The President (d) (1992), Grandmother of Boats (d) (1993), Father, Son and Saint Toorum (d) (1996), Mission Impossible (d) (1996), with Peeter Tammisto, Nikolai Street in Pärnu (d) (2001), Anu Raud - Patterns of an Artist’s Life (d) (2002), The Life of Butterflies, or The Home for Butterflies (d) (2003).

Sööt, Andres, b. 1934

(selected) Rushnu (d) (1965), The 511 Best Photos from Mars (d) (1968), The White Land Enderbey (d) (1969), with M. Kask, Hääriik (d) (1970), with M. Kask, Evelad Mustrit (d) (1970), Earth (d) (1972), Soviet Estonia (d) (1972), Kaugsöit (d,tv) (1973), Kara Väravad (d,tv) (1975), Conductors (d,tv) (1975), Pärituult (d,tv) (1976), Sportlik Sajand (d) (1976), Dream (d,tv) (1978), Professor Seppo Aparaadid (d,tv) (1978), Arvo Pärt in November 1978 (d,tv) (1978), The Feast of St. John (d) (1978), Fantasia C-Major (d,tv) (1979), Pulmapildid (d) (1979), Tallinn ’80 (d) (1980), Reporter (d) (1981), Spring Again (d) (1982), Johannes Voerahansu (d) (1982), Voldemar Vaga (d) (1982), Arnold Matteus (d) (1983), The Monument (d) (1984), Exegi Monumentum (d) (1984), Brotherhood (d) (1985), House of the People (d) (1985), Marathon (d) (1986), Visiting Johannes Mikkel (d) (1987), Year of the Dragon (d) (1988), About Johannes Hint (d) (1989), Year of the Horse (d) (1991), Escape (d) (1991), I, Lennart Meri… (d) (1993), Estonia’s Defence (d) (1993), Christmas without Lenin (d) (1994), The Damned Town (d) (1995), The Artist Konrad Mägi (d) (2001), Pictures from 20th Century Estonia (d) (2001), The Master of the Lakes (d) (2002).

Spitsonok, Aivo, b.

(selected) The Lost Twin (d) (2001), with Andres Arro.

Sula, Toomas, b.

(selected) The Lighthouse (s) (2001).

Supin, Dorian, b.

(selected) The Difficulties of Conversion (d) (1993), Dreams of Homeland (d) (1994), A Way of Death (d) (1994), Fruits of Austerity (d) (2002), Your Name (d) (2002), Orient & Occident (d) (2002), Cecilia (d) (2002), Arvo Pärt: 24 Preludes for a Fugue (d) (2002).

Taevere, Mart, b.

(selected) The White Route, or White Way (d) (Estonia/Finland, 2002).

Talvik, Artur, b.

(selected) Russian Metal and the US $-Kiss (d) (1993), with Rein Kotov, Call-Girl’s Christmas (d) (1994), with Rein Kotov, Freedom or Death (d) 1995, with Edward Oja.

Tammisto, Peeter, b. 1963

(selected) Digger (s) (1994), Mission Impossible (d) (1995), with Mark Soosaar, The Reckoning (s) (1997).

Tamm, Andri, b. 1963

(selected) Weizenberg Street (a) (2002), Mission Impossible (d) (1995), The Reckoning (s) (1997).

Tender, Priit, b. 1971

(selected) Gravitation (a) (1996), The Cow and the Mice (a) (1998), Viola (a) (1999), Mont Blanc (a) (2001), Fox Woman (p) (2002), Frank and Wendy (a) (2002), with Priit Pärn, Ülo Pikkov, Kaspar Jancis.

Tenusaar, Andres, b.

(selected) The Stories of Jippos - Happy the Hippo (a) (2002).

Tibbo, Piret, b.

(selected) Visitors , or Visitors from the Sky (d) (2002), with Rein Kotov.

Tihalmäe, Nele, b.

(selected) Squeaky Discovers the World (a) (1993), with Alvar Jaakson, Who’s Knocking at My Door? (a series, 11 parts) (1993), with Liia Sakkos, Riho Luuse, Anu Nukki, Rait Tiidus, Eda Kurg, Mari-Lis Moonvald, Rainer Sarnet, Tönu Paldra and Elo Pölendik.

Tiidus, Rait, b.

(selected) Who’s Knocking at My Door? (a series, 11 parts) (1993), with Liia Sakkos, Riho Luuse, Anu Nukki, Eda Kurg, Mari-Liis Moonvald, Nele Tihalmäe, Rainer Sarnet, Tönu Paldra and Elo Pölendik.

Tilk, Aare, b.

(selected) Giardano (d) (198?), Fish Day (d) (198?), The Flirt (d) (198?), Febris (d) (198?), The Wall (s) (USA, 198?), Lebanon Valley (s) (USA, 198?), Boris (s) (USA, 198?), Come Back, Lumumba (f) (1992), Red Norman (f) (1995), All Poppies Are Tall (f) (1998).

Timmerman, Siiri, b.

(selected) One-Way Ticket (d) (2001).

Tooming, Jaan, b. 1946

(selected) The Never Ending Day (s) (1971/90, banned), City Animal (d) (1984), Treasure Island (d) (1987), Goat Village (d) (1993).

Toompere, Hendrik, b.

(selected) Escape (s,v) (2002).

Triskina, Liina, b.

(selected) The Gardener (s) (Estonia/Spain, 2001), with A. Joaquin Sendino.

Tuganov, Elbert, b. 1920

(selected) Little Peter’s Dream (p) (1957), The Northern Dragon (p) (1958), The Unruly Child (p) (1960), I and Murri (p) (1961), Otto in the Cosmos (p) (1961), Two Illustrations (p) (1962), An Almost Incredible Story (p) (1962), Exactly So (p) (1963), The Talent (p) (1963), The Last Chimney Sweep (p) (1964), Hearty Lads (p) (1964), The Children and the Tree (p) (1965), The Kittens and the Little Mice (p) (1965), The Stubborn Ones (p) (1966), The Park (p) (1966), The Birth of a Genre (d) (1967), The Little Ape Fips (p) (1968), The Little Cog-Wheel (p) (1968), The Donkey (p) (1969), The Little Guy and the Broom (p) (1969), The Little Atom (p) (1970), Guguze (p) (1970), The Pedestrian (p) (1971), The Car Driver (p) (1972), The New Friends (p) (1974), The Sisters (p) (1974), Bloody John (p) (1975), The Administration (p) (1976), The Golden Donkey (p) (1976), Clown and Krops (p) (1976), The Souvenir (p) (1977).

Tuisk, Andrus, b.

(selected) Family Business (s) (2003).

Tungal, Leelo,, b.

(selected) Miriam’s Christmas Gnome (a) (2002), with Mait Laas.

Uibo, Kersti,, b.

(selected) Diva in the Bath (d) (1996), Ewald’s Acre (d) (1996), Wee Men and Fishes (d) (1997), Narrow Is the Gate (d) (2002).

Ulfsak, Lembit, b.

(selected) The Secret Lamb (f) (1993).

Unknown Animation Film Director

(selected) The Adventures of Juku the Dog (a) (1931).

Unknown Feature Film Director

(selected) Memories of Time Past (f) (1924).

Unt, Riho, b. 1956

(selected) Magical New Year’s Eve (p) (1984), with Hardi Volmer, Enchanted Island (p) (1985), with Hardi Volmer, Spring Fly (p) (1986), with Hardi Volmer, War (p) (1987), with Hardi Volmer, Community Center, or Cultural House (a) (1988), Jackpot (p) (1990), with Hardi Volmer, Geography, or School Story (p) (1991), Cabbage Head (p) (1994), with Hardi Volmer, Twilight Romance (p) (1994), with Hardi Volmer, Cabbage Head II (p) (1995), Back to Europe (p) (1997), Primavera (p) (1998), with Hardi Volmer, Samuel’s Internet (p) (2000), Having Soul (p) (2002), The Penguin Parade (p) (2002), with Julia Pihlak.

Urbla, Peeter, b. 1945

(selected) Forum (s,d) (1976), Promenade (s) (1977), Rose C’est La Vie (s) (1977), Murder on the 31st Floor (f) (1980), Painter Malle Leis (s,d) (1980), The Hit of the Summer (f) (1982), Alias (f) (1984), Song Festival (s,d) (1985), Sculptor Jaak Soans (s,d) (1985), I Am Not a Stranger, I Live Here (f) (1988), The Lady in the Car (f) (1992), Baltic Love (f) (1994, Romance to Refugee (f) (1996), King for a Day, or A Kingdom for a Day (d) (2002).

Uusberg, Valter, b.

(selected) Winter Sleep (a) (1993).

Vasar, Aarne,b.

(selected) Country Boy and City Slicker (a) (1993).

Vilbre, René, b. 1970

(selected) One Day (s) (1993), Samuel Beckett Film (s) (1995), Family Event (s) (1997), It’s All about Accidents (a) (2002).

Vilu, Arvu, b.

(selected) The White Cheeked Goose (d) (1993), Rusty Island (d) (1994).

Virve, Tönu, b.

(selected) Dance Macabre (f) (1989), Lukas (f) (Estonia/Iceland/Denmark, 1993), The Tragedy of Johannes (f) (1994), Disintegrator (f) (1996), Victoria and Georg (f) (Estonia/Iceland/Denmark, 2001).

Vist, Ants, b.

(selected) Estonian Air Space (d) (1993), Are Human Rights Being Violated in Estonia? (d) (1993)..

Volmer, Hardi, b. 1957

(selected) Magical New Year’s Eve (p) (1984), with Riho Unt, Enchanted Island (p) (1985), with Riho Unt, Spring Fly (p) (1986), with Riho Unt, War (p) (1987), with Riho Unt, To Each His Own (s,f) (1990), Work and Activities (p) (1988), Jackpot (p) (1990), Incipit Vita Nova (p) (1992), Twilight Romance (p) (1994), with Riho Unt, Cabbage Head (p) (1994), with Riho Unt, Firewater (f) (1995), All My Lenins (f) (Estonia/Finland, 1997), Somebody Else (p) (1997), with Mait Laas, Primavera (p) (1998), with Riho Unt, National Park (p) (2000).

LATVIA (148)
Armands, Pavel, b.

(selected) Late Frost (f) (1955), with Leonids Leimanis, Beyond the Swan’s Cloud Migration (f) (1956), The Story of a Latvian Rifleman (f) (1957), Devil’s Dozen (f?) (1961).

Apsitis, Andrejs, b. 1946

(selected) All Works Are Good (d) (1977), Latvian Culture in the Late 19th Century (d) (1978), Behind the Trees - Forest (d) (1977), A Castle to Inherit (d) (1980), The Fairy Tale about the Rusty Knight (d) (1980), With a Clear Mind (d) (1981), To Gain Time (d) (1982), The 1905-1907 Revolution in Latvia (d) (1983), Reflections (d) (1984), Fridrihs Canders, or Fridrich Tsander (d) (1985), Three Voldemars, or Human Factors (d) (1986), Fridrihs Canders - the Return (d) (1987), The National Poet Rainis (d) (1987), Aleksandrs Caks (d) (1988), Latvia in 1917 (d) (1989), The Orange Angel (d) (1989), Auto Retro Riga (d) (1989), The Day Before Independence (d) (1990), Esplanade (d) (1990), Reminiscences of Sports Union (d) (1991), The Administration of Riga over Eight Centuries (d) (2000), with Ansis Epners.

Baumane, Signe, b. 1964

(selected) The Witch and the Cow (a) (1991), Tiny Shoes (a)(1993), The Tiger’s Gold (a) (1995), Love Story (a) (USA, 1998), The Threatened One (a) (1999), Natasha (a) (2000), Five Fucking Fables (a) (2001), Woman (a) (2002).

Beinerte, Vija, b. 1954

(selected) Because of Crazy Pauline (s) (1979), Aizmirstas Lietas (s?) (1982), Apsstaklu Sakritiba (s?) (1989).

Berzins, Ansis, b. 1940

(selected) Look Here, What a Case (d,tv) (1972), Elephants and Hares (d,tv) (1973), The Little Ant Tipa (d,tv) (1976), Both Ends White, the Middle Green (d,tv) (1978), The Water Wander (d,tv) (1978), The Curse (d,tv) (1982), Tom Thumb (d,tv) (1982), The Complicated Sparrow (d,tv) (1983), Phantadrome I-III (d,tv) (1984-86), The Turtles (a,tv) (1987), The Trumpet Player from Talava (d,tv) (1988),) Ness and Nessy (a,f) (1991), with Roze Stiebra, The Cloud (a) (1991?), Ballad on Kurbad (a) (2002).

Binde, Gunars, b. 1933

(selected) Hello, Moscow! (d) (1966), The Hands (d) (1967), The Salute (d) (1975),

Biörsmarks, Carl, b. 1967

(selected) The Best I Know (s) (1990?), The Skies Are Endless (d) (1992), Lenin Carousel, or Golden Cross over Blue Dreams (d) (1996), The Island Where the Wind Was Born (d) (1996), Woland Is Back (d) (1996), The Whistlers (d) (1996), Nozekina Stunda (d) (1997), Checking Out (s) (1997), Borderland (d) (2001).

Birkova, Signe, b.

(selected) Latvia beyond Belief (d) (1998).

Biseniece, Arta, b. 1969

(selected) I Love You (s) (1992), While There Is Nothing (s) (1993), I Write Your Name (s) (1994), In Circle (s) (1995), Artists against Violence (d) (1995), Riga - The Metropolis of Art Nouveau (d) (1997), Bad Day (s) in omnibus film Latavio, or Life Nr. 2 (f) (1997), with Aija Bleja, Viesturs Kairiss, Dzintars Krumins, Mara Linina, Andis Miziss, Igors Verenieks, Ilze Vidauska, Anna Viduleja, Kristine Zelve, The Commune (d) (1998), with Janis Eglitis, Time Zone Prison (d) (1999), The Gates to Latvia II (d) (1999), Love, Death and Television (s) (2000), Art Nouveau Riga (d) (2001), with Gunta Ikere, Riga - Ten Years After… (d) (2002) .

Bleja (Bley), Aija, b. 1967

(selected) Vernera Ciesanas (s) (1996), Blurp (s) (1997), Latavio, or Life Nr. 2 (f) (1997), omnibus film with Arta Biseniece, Viesturs Kairiss, Dzintars Krumins, Mara Linina, Andis Miziss, Igors Verenieks, Ilze Vidauska, Anna Viduleja, Kristine Zelve, Guard, Stalin and Planes (d) (1998), The Houses on the Roadside (d) (2000), The Prickly (a) (2002).

Boivoks, Igors, b.

(selected) A Day in Riga (d) (1993).

Brasla, Varis, b. 1939

(selected) The Lake Sonata (f) (1976), with Gunars Cilinskis, Holidays in Spring (f?) (1978), Wish Me Unfavorable Weather for the Flight (f?) (1980), The Head of Tereon (f?) (1982), Love Debt (f?) (1984), Emil’s Mischief (f) (1985/90, banned), Aija (f?) (1987), We’ll Not Talk about Love Now (f?) (1988), The Times of the Land Surveyors (f) (1991), Christmas Huddle (f) (1993).

Brauns, Uldis, b. 1932

(selected) The Beginning (d) (1961), The Construction Site (d) (1962), The Worker (d) (1963), 235 Million (d) (1967), Hockey World and European Championship (d) (1972), Bikers’ Summer (d) (1975), Visiting Earth (d) (1976), My Country, Magic World of Love (d) (1981), Captain Zaur Sadik-Zade (d) (1982), The Starry Hour of Our Life (d) (1987).

Brence, Maija, b. 1941

(selected) Two (a) (1991).

Brencs, Aloizs, b.

(selected) Tu and Es (d?) (1963), Autumn Is Still Far Away (d?) (1963), Hands and Heart (d) (1965), When Wind and Rain Are Hitting Against the Window Pane (f) (1970), The Great Amber (d?) (1972), Being Unwanted (f) (1976), Presents by Telephone (d?) (1977), The Long Way in the Dunes (d?) (1981), The Double Trap (d?) (1985), Depression (f) (1991), Duplet (f) (1992), Anna (f) (1995).

Briede, Kristine, b.

(selected) KrisTapaTapa (s,v) (1999?), Mother Connected (s) (2001), Where Have They Disappeared? (d) (2000).

Brils, Imants, b.

(selected) Dear Editor! (d) (1968), The Meeting at Midnight (d) (1970), Faces (d) (1971), The Work Like This (d) (1974), The Cornfields of Ritiena (d) (1974), Jadviga’s Film Album (d) (1975), Home Radio Appliances (d) (1975), Men of Liepaja (d) (1976), Filming Arturs Chikste (d) (1977), Riga (d) (1978), The Stop VEF (d) (1979), The Diagnosis (d) (1980), Father’s Hands (d) (1981), Still - It Counts (d) (1982), ESM (Electronic Computing Machines) Against the “Deficit” (d) (1985), Return of the Seventh Child of Malta (d) (1986), Once Upon a Time in Subate (d) (1987), The Red Book of Latvia (d) (1988), White, Grey, Black (d) (1991), Forest Etudes (d) (1998).

Brinkmanis, Maris, b.

(selected) The Magician (p) (2001).

Bruvere, Ilona, b. 1954

(selected) Duo (d) (1991), Circus Memories (d) (1991), Figures (f) (Germany, 1995), Auguste Surprised (s) (1999), The Main Door (d) (1999).

Bule, Agnese, b. 1972

(selected) Caur Pukem (a) (1995), Sakotne (a) (1996), Pasaules Radisana (a) (1996), Latvian Blows Ducks, or The Latvian Fibber (a) (1999), Discover Latvia! (a) (2000).

Burovs, Arnold, b. 1915

(selected) The Chicken (p) (1966), SOS (p) (1966), Pigmalion (p) (1967), The Tiger Miau-Miau (p) (1967), Wonderful Dauka (p) (1968), Flowers from Ansis (p) (1968), Bum and Piramidon (p) (1969), The Tale of the Copper Coin (p) (1969), Confusion (p) (1970), Kaleidoscope 71 (p) (1971), The Little Red Slippers (p) (1971), The Clay Horn (p) (1972), The Stolen Poodle (p) (1972), The Little Apple Tree (p) (1973), The Present from Africa (p) (1976), Umur-Kumor (p) (1977), The Little Apple Tree (p?) (1981), Game with Life (p) (1991), Bimini (a,f) (1991).

Cane, Renate, b. 1957

(selected) Musicians of Maliena (d) (1992), Minna, or Lone Minna (d) (1993), Two (d) (1994), The Forest (d) (2000).

Celma, Una, b. 1960

(selected) Outside (f) (1989), Crossroads (f) (1990), The Island (f) (1991), Girls Born 1960 (d) (Latvia/Sweden, 1996), The Curse of Gravity (f) (1998), Follow Me! (f) (Latvia/Sweden, 1999), The Egg Lady (d) (2000), A Handful of Bullets (f) (Latvia/Sweden/Austria, 2002).

Cerpa, Elina, b.

(selected) A Tree Family Tale (s) (2001).

Cilinska, Antra, b. 1963

(selected) Anatomy of a Provocation (d) (1996), Is It Easy to Be …? After Ten Years (d) (1997), Baltic Saga (d) (2000), Measured by Your Own Measure (d) (2001), Barricades for Freedom (d) (2001), Riga Watching Pictures (d) (2001), with Peteris Krilovs, Anna Viduleja, Celebration of Life (f) (2004).

Cilinskis, Gunars, b.

(selected) The Lake Sonata (f) (1976), with Varis Brasla, Corroded Youth (f) (1979), Night without Birds (f) (1979), Agra Rusa (f) (1980), Whe the Brakes Don’t Hold (f) (1984), Fear (f) (1986), The Strange Moonlight (f) (1987), Indrani (f) (1991).

Cimermanis, Janis, b. 1950

(selected) The Forester’s Grandson (p) (1985), The Living Friend (p) (1987), The Way (p) (1988), Pranks (p) (1990), Rescue Team (a) (1991), Pranks III (p) (1993), Munk and Lemmy - Unicorn (p) (1993), Pranks IV (p) (1995), Pranks - Christmas (p) (1994), Pranks - The Tart (d) (1995), The Ball (p) (1997), The Beard (p) (1997), Parliament (p) (2001), Prop & Berta (p) (2001), with Pers Fli, Three Musketeers (p) (2002).

Cinkuss, Roberts, b. 1963

(selected) An Unsuccessful Contact (a) (1991).

Cirkste, Normund, b.

(selected) Cemetery’s Celebration (d) (2000).

Dunkers, Olgeris., b.

(selected) Klavs - Martin’s Son (f) (1969), Dance of Butterflies (d?) (1971), Death under the Sail (d?) (1976), Behind the Glass Door (d?) (1978), Little Skylarks (d?) (1980), Rain Blues (d?) (1982),Viktorija, or Victoria (f) (1988).

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