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Rastorguyev, Alexander, b.

(selected) Clean Thursday (d) (2002)

Ratnovsky, Alexander, b.

(selected) Acid Wine (a) (1994), with Dmitry Rezhikov.

Rau (Rou) (Row), Alexander, 1906-1973

(selected) Like in a Fairy Tale, or As If by Magic, or The Enchanted Fish (f) (1938), The Beautiful Vesilisa (f) (1940), The Magic Pony (f) (1941), Exactly at Seven (s) in omnibus film Fighting Album No. 7 (f) (1941), with Albert Gendelstein, Immortal Kashchei (f) (1944), A May Night (f) (1952), New Adventures of Puss-in-Boots (f) (1958), The Enchanted Maria (f) (1959), Christmas Eve (f) (1961), The Glass Shoe (f) (1961), Evenings at a Farm Next to Dikanka (f) (1961), The Magic Horse (f) (1963), The Kingdom of the Magic Mirror (f) (1963), Morosko, or Adventures in the Enchanted Forest (f) (1965), Fire, Water and Trumpets (d) (1968), The Beautiful Varvara with the Long Braid (f) 1969), Ths Stag with the Golden Antlers (f) (1971).

Razbezhkina, Marina, b.

(selected) Tricks of Fortune (d) (1994).

Razenkov, Andrei, b. 1967

(selected) Tests for Real Men (f) (1998), episode (s) in The Russian Decameron (f) (2002), with R. Litvinova, Dmitry Meskhiev, Konstantin Murzenko, Yury Pavlov, Valery Todorovsky.

Razgulin, Vladien, b.

(selected) At Daybreak (v,clip) (1999).

Razumnyi, Alexander, 1891-1971

(selected) The Life and Death of Lieutenant Schmidt (f) (1917), with Yakov Polesky, Uprising (f) (1918), with Vladimir Karin, Comrade Abram (f) (1919), Mother (f) (1920), Kombrig (f) (1923), Pique Dame, or Queen of Spades (Germany, 1927), Unnecessary People (f) (Germany, 1926), A Personal Matter (f) (1939), Timur and His Troupe (f) (1940), The Little Theatre and Its Masters (d) (1951), The Painter Petrov (1953), The Return of Ignotas (f) (1956).

Razumovsky, Andrei, b. 1948

(selected) Entertainment of Old Men (f) 1976), The Preliminary Investigation (f) (1978), Tigers in the Life of Second-Class Boy Semyenov (s) (1980), Such a Cruel Game, Hockey (f) (1983), In the Slush (f) (1987), Pretty Face (f) (1989), Idea of Genius (f) (1991), with Sergei Uskov.

Rebrov, Vyacheslav, b. 1945

(selected) Rudolfio (s) (1971), Yevstigneitch (s) (1972), Alaska, Sir! (f) (1992), We Shall Return Victorious (d) (1995).

Remizov, I., b.

(selected) Mysterious Call (s) (2000).

Reshetnyak, Dina, b.

(selected) The Triumphal Advent of “Gutin Was in a Hurry” to the Russian and World Markets (d) (1999).

Reutov, Georgy, b.

(selected) Maestro with a Bit of Thread (f) (1991).

Rezhikov, Dmitry, b. 1946

(selected) Acid Wine (a) (1994), with Alexander Ratnovsky.

Reznikov, Efim (Yefim), b.

(selected) Dancing Ghosts (f) (1992), with Yury Korotkov.

Reznikov, Igor, b.

(selected) The Great Gold of Mr. Greenwood (f) (1991).

Rigvava, Giya, b.

(selected) They All Lie! (s) (Russia/Germany, 1993).

Risnichenko, Galina, b.

(selected) as co-director: Kremlin (d) (1992), The Old Masters (d) (1984), Regulating Biological Processes (d) (1985), The Oath of the Olympic Sportlers (d) (1987), Tissue Transport through Biological Membranes (d) (1987), Bad Living Quarters (d) (1987), Electronic Transfer in Biological Field (d) (1987), Biophysics of Fermentation (d) (1987), Bio-Potential (d) (1988).

Rogovoi, V., b.

(selected) The Cabin Boy of the North Sea Fleet (f) (1974).

Rogozin, Yury, b. 1953

(selected) The Male Zigzag (f) (1992), A First Year Girl Student (f) (2002).

Romm, Mikhail, 1901-1971

(selected) Men and Jobs (f) (1932), with Alexander Macheret, Boule de Suif, or Ball of Fat (f) (1934), Thirteen (f) (1936), Lenin in October (f) (1937/56, banned), Lenin in 1918 (f) (1939), Dream (f) (1941/43, banned), Girl No. 217 (f) (1944), The Russian Question (f) (1947), Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (d) (1948), with Vasily Belyayev, Secret Mission (f) (1950), Admiral Ushakov (f) (1953), The Ships Storm the Bastions, or Attack from the Sea - Part II of Admiral Ushakov (f) (1953), Murder on Rue Dante (f) (1956), Lenin Alive (d) (1958), with Maria Slavinskaya, Nine Days of One Year (f) (1961/87, banned), Ordinary Fascism, or Triumph over Violence (d) (1965), First Pages (d) (1970), with Sergei Linkov, K. Osin, The World Today, or And Still I Believe (d) (1971/74), completed by Marlen Khutsiev, Elem Klimov, G. Lavrov.

Room, Abram, 1894-1976

(selected) What Does “Mos” Say - Guess Away (s,f) (1924, lost?), The Vodka Chase, or The Moonshiners (s,f) (1924, lost?), Krasnaya Presnya (f) (1925, lost?), with A. Pereguda and L. Sheffer, The Jew on the Land (d) (1925/27), Death Bay (f) (1926, lost?), The Traitor (f) (1926, lost?), Bed and Sofa, or Three Meshchanskaya Street (f) (1927), Hard Life, or Potholes (f) (1928), The Ghost That Will Not Return (f) (1929), Plan for Great Works, or The Five Year Plan (d) (1930), Manometer No. 1 (d) (1930), Manometer No. 2 (d) (1931), Criminals (f) (1933), A Stern Young Man (f) (1936, banned), Squadron Five (f) (1939), Wind from the East (f) (1941), Invasion (f) (1945, banned), with Oleg Zhakov, In the Mountains of Yugoslavia (f) (Russia/Yugoslavia, 1946), with Vjekoslav Afriç, The Tribunal of Honor, or Court of Honor (d) (1948), The Conscience of the World (f, incomplete) (1950), School for Scandal (f) (1952), Silver Dust, or Silver Powder (f) (1953), The Heart Beats Again, or A New Heart (f) (1956), The Garnet Bracelet (f) (1965), Belated Flowers (f) (1969), Yakov Bogomolov (d?) (1970), A Man Ahead of His Time, or The Untimely Man (f) (1971).

Roshal, Grigory, 1898-1983

(selected) The Skotinins (f) (1926), His Excellency (f) (1927), Salamander, or The Forger (f) (USSR/Germany, 1928), Two Women (f) (1929, lost), The Man from the Shtetl, or A Jew at War (f) (1930, lost), May in Gorlovka (f) (1931, uncompleted), Petersburg Night (f) (1934), with Vera Stroyeva, Dawn in Paris (f) (1936), The Oppenheim Family (f) (1938), Searching for Joy (f) (1939), with Vera Stroyeva, The Artamanov Affair (f) (1941), Steppe Warriors (s) (1942), Songs of Abai (f) (1945), with Efim Aron, Academician Ivan Pavlov (f) (1949), Mussorgsky (f) (1950), Rimsky-Korsakov (f) (1952), with Gennady Kazansky, Freemen, or Volnitsa (f) (1955), The Way of Sorrow, Part I - The Sisters (f) (1957), The Way of Sorrow, Part II - The Eighteenth Year (f) (1958), The Way of Sorrow, Part III - Gloomy Morning (f) (1959), Madman’s Trial (f) (1961), Lifetime in a Year (f) (1964-65), They Live Next to Us, or They Are Neighbors (f) (1968).

Ross, Slava, b.

(selected) Meat (s) (2002).

Rostotsky, Andrei, b. 1957

(selected) Male Company (f) (Russia/Ukraine, 1992).

Rostotsky, Stanislav, b. 1922

(selected) Land and People (f) (1955), It Happened in Penkovo (f) (1957), May Stars (f) (USSR/CSSR, 1959), Seven Winds (f) (1962), Winter Impressions (d) (1963), Pechorin’s Notes, or Hero of Our Time (f) (1966), Let’s Live Until Monday (f) (1968), And the Dawns Are Quiet Here (f) (1972), White Bim, Black Ear (f) (1978), Profession Film Actor (d) (1979), Squadron of Flying Hussars (f) (1980), with Nikita Hubov, The Captive of the Vikings (f) (USSR/Norway, 1985), with Knut Andersen, From the Life of Fyodor Kuzkin (f) (1988).

Rozhentsev, S., b.

(selected) Forgiven Sunday (d) (2000).

Rudakov, Alexei, b. 1955

(selected) The Great Man (s) (1981), Vahromeyeva, Daughter of Vahromeyev (s) (198?), Limited Life (f) (1989), Alice and the Second-Hand Bookseller (f) (1992).

Rudnev, N., b.

(selected) The Way into the Blue World (d) (1960).

Ruminov, Pavel, b. 1968

(selected) Utekai-2, or Split-2 (v,clip) (1999), Solitude of Blood (f) (2002).

Ryabchev, Vladimir, b.

(selected) Victim (f) (1990), He’ll Receive (f) (1992).

Ryabokhlyst, Oleg, b.

(selected) Melody of a Soul (d) (2001).

Ryapolov, Nikolai, b.

(selected) And the Morning Flashed… (d) (1994).

Ryazanov, Eldar, b. 1927

(selected) Your Books (d) (1953), with Zoya Fomina, Not Far from Krasnodar (d), (1953), Sakhalin Island (d) (1954), with Vasily Katanian, Voices of Spring (d) (1955), with Sergei Gurov, Carnival Night (f) (1956, banned), The Girl without an Address (f) (1957), Absolutely Serious (f) (1961), Man from Nowhere (f) (1961/89, banned), Hussar’s Ballad (f) (1962), Complaints Book, Please (f) (1964), Watch Out - Cars!, or Beware of the Automobile! (f) (1966), Zigzag of Fortune (f) (1968), The Old Rascals (f) (1971), The Amazing Adventures of Italians in Russia (f) (USSR/Italy, 1973), The Irony of Fate (f,tv) (1975), An Office Affair (f) (1977), Garage (f) (1979), Put in a Word for the Poor Hussar (f,tv) (1980), A Station for Two (f) (1982), A Cruel Romance (f) (1984), A Forgotten Melody for a Flute (f) 1987), Four Meetings with Vladimir Vysotzky (d,tv series) (1987), Dear Elena Sergeyevna (f) (1988), The Garage (f) (1989), The Promised Sky (f) (1991), The Prediction (f) (1993), Hello, Crackpots!, or Lovable Fool (f) (1996), Old Nags (f) (2000), Key to the Bedroom (f) (2003).

Rybakov, Anatoly, b.

(selected) Way of Glory (f) (1947), with Boris Bruneyev and Mikhail Shvejcer, Vasily Surikov (f) (1959), At the Beginning of the Century (f) (1961).

Rybakov, Oleg, b.

(selected) The Mongol (d) (2002).

Ryzarev, Boris, b. 1930

(selected) The Youth of Our Fathers (f) (1958), Aladin’s Magic Latnern (f) (1967), Ivan and Maria (f) (1975), Princess Sought! (f) (1977), Amusing Magician (f) (1970), The Present of the Black Magician (f) (1979), The Ice Fairy (f) (1980), The Physician’s Apprentice (f) (USSR/Bulgaria, 1983), On the Golden Front Steps Were Sitting … (f) (1986).

Sadchikova, Marina, b.

(selected) V Etot Den Bil Veter (d) (198?), Veselo Na Dushe (d) (198?), Sergei Yesenin - Privity (d) (1992).

Sadilova, Larisa, b. 1965

(selected) Happy Birthday, or Hours of Birth (f) (1998), With Love, Lilya (f) (2002).

Sadkovich, M., b.

(selected) The Hidden Wall (f) (1967), with Irina Povoloskaya.

Safaraliev, O., b.

(selected) Angel Guardian (f) (2002).

Safat, Ilgar, b.

(selected) Grandson of a Mountain (s) (2002).

Salbiyev, Akim, b. 1952

(selected) No Airport (s) (197?), The Brief Game (f,tv) (1990), Between Sunday and Saturday (f) (1991).

Salnikov, A., b.

(selected) Surgery (s) (2000).

Salnikov, Vladimir, b.

(selected) Dancing Shiva and His Disciple (s) (2001).

Sakharov, Alexei, b.

(selected) Legend of an Ice Heart (f) (1957), with Eldar Shengelaya, A Snow Tale (f) (1959), with Eldar Shengelaya, The Lady Peasant (f) (1995).

Sakhnina, Lyudmila, b.

(selected) City Lunatic (d) (2001).

Saltykov, Alexei, b. 1934

(selected) Boys from Our Courtyard (s) (1959), with Arseny Yastrebov, My Friend Kolka (f) (1961), with Alexander Mitta, Beat the Drum! (f) (1962), The Chairman (f) (1964), The Kingdom of Women (f) (1967), The Director (f) (1969), Breakup, or And There Was an Evening and a Morning (f) (1971), The Siberian Woman (f) (1972), No Return (f) (1973), Ivan and Maria (f) (1975), Emelyan Pugachov (f) (1978), Wormwood: A Bitter Plant (f) (1981), Test of Immortality (f) (1983), The Great City of Novgorod (f) (1984), The Cry of the Dolphin (f) (1986), Everything Paid (f,tv) (1988).

Samsonov, Georgy, b.

(selected) Shades of Leaving (s) (1992).

Samsonov, Samson, b. 1921

(selected) The Gadfly, or The Grasshopper (f) (1955), Shop Window (f) (1955), Miles of Fire (f) (1957), As Old As the Century (f) (1960), The Optimistic Tragedy (f) (1963), Three Sisters (f) (1964), Circus Arena (f) (1967), Every Evening at 11 O’Clock (f) (1969), Much Ado about Nothing (f) (1973), A Typically English Murder (f,tv) (1974), The Golden Fleece (f) (1976), Crane in the Sky (f) (1977), with Arkady Sirenko, The Market Woman and the Poet (f) (1978), The Eighth Wonder of the World (f) (1981), Dormitory Provided for Singles (f) (1983), A Dancing Ground (f) (1986), Restless (f) (1988), The Mousetrap (f) (1990), The Casino (f) (1991), Tender Friend from Old Forgotten Years, or The Sacred Love Star (f) (1996?).

Sanin, Alexander, b.

(selected) Maids of the Mountain (f) (1918), Polikushka (f) (1919), with Fyodor Otsep, Thieving Magpie (f) (1920).

Sapozhnikov, M., b.

(selected) Adaptation (s) (2000).

Sasanov, Panteleimon, 1895-1950

(selected) Don’t Be Silly (a) (1933), with Alexander Ivanov, Remember! (a) (1933), with Alexander Ivanov, The Thief (a) (1934), with Alexander Ivanov, Quartet (a) (1935), with Alexander Ivanov, The Incorrigible (a) (1935), with Alexander Ivanov, Here Will Not Be Bitten (a) (1937), The Unwelcomed Guest (a) (1937), The Cat House (a) (1938), The Chicken on the Street (a) (1938), The Tale of Yelmelya (a) (1938), The Tale of the Parson and His Servant Lout (a) (1939), The Elephant and the Pug (a) (1941), The Carrion Vulture (a) (1941), The Sweet Tooth (a) (1942), The Eagle and the Hedgehog (a) (1944), The Hunting Rifle (a) (1948), The Fox As Master Builder (a) (1950).

Saulsky, Roman, b.

(selected) Non-Murder (s) (2001), with Valery Kalashnikov.

Savushkin, Sergei, b.

(selected) It’s Just a Beginning … (s) (1993), with Nina Zaretzkaya, TV Gallery (s) (2000?).

Sborschikova, Olga, b.

(selected) Forty-Seven (a) (1999), English Walk (2001).

Segel, Yakov, b. 1923

(selected) Confusion, or Alarm (s) (1954), with Vasily Ordynsky, It Started Like This (f) (1956), with Lev Kulidjanov, The House I Live in (f) (1957), with Yakov Segel, First Day of Peace, or The Day the War Ended (f) (1959), Farewell, Doves (f) (1960), The Volga Is Flowing (f) (1962), Apothecary Woman (f,tv) (1962), Ordinary Illness (f) (1966), Wake Mukhin Up! (f) (1967), Two Smiles (f) (1970), A Drop in the Sea (f) (1973), Daring Is Worth It (f) (1977), The Wonderful Years of Childhood (f) (1979), I’ll Wait for You (f) (1982), The Extra-Terrestrial Woman (f) (1984), Landing Mission (f) (1987).

Selezneva, D., b.

(selected) Tale about a Hedgehog (d) (2001).

Selezneva, Inessa, b.

(selected) Translation from English (f,tv) (1972), A Daytime Train (f,tv) (1976), The Way to Oneself (f,tv) (1986), That’s the Story (f,tv) (1987), Anna Petrovna (f,tv) (1989), Training Cruelty of Women and Dogs (f) (1992).

Semyonov, Anatoly, b.

(selected) America - Autumn, 1971 (d) (1972), with Viktor Lisakovich.

Serebryakov, Nikolai, b. 1928

(selected) I Want to Be Brave (p) (1963), with Vadim Kurchevsky, Life and Misery of Ivan Semyanov, or The Little Lazybones (p) (1964), with Vadim Kurchevsky, Neither God, Nor Devil (p) (1965), with Vadim Kurchevsky, I’m Waiting on the Bird’s Nest (p) (1966), Crocodile’s Oath (p) (1967), The Coil (p) (1968), Fortune Can’t Be Pulled Out of a Hat (p) (1968), Icy Cold (p) (1969), The Tale about Time on the Move (p) (1970), The Golden Brow (p) (1971), The Gentle Breeze (p) (1972), Vanda Dtsky (p) (1974), The Train of Remembrances (p) (1975), Ball of Yarn (a) (197?).

Seregin, Sergei, b.

(selected) Curved Seashore - Nanny (a) (2000).

Sergeyev, Ilya, b.

(selected) The Tenants (d) (2000).

Serikov, Vasily, b.

(selected) The Winter Buffo (s,d) (1995), Attraction (f) (2002).

Serov, E., b.

(selected) Mysterious Tymus (f) (2001).

Sery, Alexander, b.

(selected) Lucky Gentlemen (f) (1971).

Setkina, I., b.

(selected) The Day of the Victorious Country (d) (1947), with Ilya Kopalin.

Sevela, Efraim, b.

(selected) The Devil’s Dozen (f) (1972), Lullaby (f) (USA, 1986), A Parrot, Speaking Jewish (f) (1990), Chopin’s Nocturne (f) (1992), Noah’s Ark (f) (1992), Charity Ball (f) (1993).

Sguridi, A., b.

(selected) The White Fence (f) (1946), In the Arctic Ice (d) (1950), Story of the Forest Giants (d) (1954), In the Quiet Ocean (d) (1957), On the Path of the Ancestors (d) (1961), Forest Symphony (d) (1967).

Shakhnazarov, Karen, b. 1952

(selected) Step Out, Maestro! (s) (1975), On the Screen - “Call Me into the Bright Distance” (d) (1976), On a Slippery Road (s) (1977), Kind Folk (f) (1979), Fragrant Tires (s) (1981), Jazzmen (f) (1983), A Winter Night in Gagra (f) (1985), The Courier (f) (1986), Zero Town (f) (1988), For Some Lines (s) (1989), Assassin of the Tsar (f) (1991), Dreams (f) (1993), with Boris Borodyansky, American Daughter (f) (Russia/USA, 1995), The Day of the Full Moon, or Full Moon (f) (1998), Poisons, or World History of Poisoning (f) (2000).

Shakhverdiyev, Tofik, b. 1938

(selected) Mountain Altai (d) (1971), Gymnastic Lessons (d) (1973), Children of Russia (f) (1974), Happy Childhood (d,tv) (1974), What Is Your Song About? (s) (1977), Two in a New House (f) (1978), Presentiment of Love (f) (1982), Stalin with Us (f) (1989), One’s Own on the Cemetery (d) (1997), Remember the Name (d) (1997), Admission in Love (d) (1998), Victory March (d) (2000).

Shamshurin, Vladimir, b. 1940

(selected) Recurrence (s) (1970), Fatherless (f) (1976), And There Was Silence (f) (1977), Dangerous Friends (f) 1979), Mystery of a Notebook f) (1981), Prolonged Exam (f) (1986), Action (f) (1987), Grey Mouse (f) (1988), Nautilus (f) (1989), Made in the USSR (f) 1990), with Sv. Tarahovsky, Executor of the Sentence (f) (1992), Oysters from Lausanne (f) (1993).

Sharov, M., b.

(selected) Uneasy Business (f) (1946).

Shavlak, Igor, b.

(selected) The Great Ant Way (f) (1992).

Shchegolkov, Vladimir, b. 1972

(selected) Happy Birthday, Lola! (f) (2001).

Shegolev, Ivan, b. 1961

(selected) Ladies’ Man II (f) (1992), with Maxim Voronkov, American Grandfather (f) (1993).

Sheffer, L., b.

(selected) Krasnaya Presnya (f) (1925, lost?), with A. Pereguda and Abram Room.

Shein, Alexander, b. 1976

(selected) Goodbye, Youth (s) (1997), Betrayal (s) (1998), Morning Is Not a Good Time for Girls (s) (1999), The Mixer Tap (f) (2002).

Shelontsev, B., b.

(selected) The Heroes of Machorta (f) (1931).

Shelyabushsky, Y., b.

(selected) You Have to Know How to Use Your Wealth - Peat (d) (1920), Primitive Methods for Obtaing Peat (d) (1921), The Skating Rink (a) (1925), The Paintings of Repin (d) (1946), Viktor Vasnetsov (d) (1951)

Shengelia, Georgy, b. 1960

(selected) Natalya Dmitrieva (s) (1986), The Magnificent Six (s) (1987), To the Lights (s) (1988), Our Dacha (f,tv) (1990), The Money-Changers (f) (1992), The Restless Sagittarius, or The Desperate Archer (f) (1993), The Magic Flute (s) (1993), Drive On! (f) (1995), Passions in the Studio (v,f) (1997), The Classic (f) (1998), Dustman (f) (2001).

Shepitko, Larisa, 1938-1979

(selected) The Blind Cook (s) (1956), Living Water (s) (1957), with Irina Povolovskaya, Heat (f) (1963), Wings (f) (1966/87, banned), Homeland of Electricity (s) episode in omnibus film The Beginning of an Unknown Era (f) (1967/87, banned), At One O’Clock in the Afternoon (tv) (1968), You and Me (f) (1971, censored), The Ascent (f) (1976), Farewell to Matyora, completed by Elem Klimov as Farewell (f) (1981/83, banned).

Sheshukov, Viktor, b.

(selected) Viktor Krohin’s Second Try (f) (1978).

Shevchuk, Olga, b.

(selected) Alesha from “The Black Hen” (s) (2002).

Shilkina, Ulyana, b. 1970

(selected) A Refined Gesture (s) (1997), Nothing to Fear (s) (1999).

Shiroky, Nikolai, b.

(selected) One Upon a Time There Was / Was Not a Man (s) (1999).

Shmain, C., b.

(selected) I Could Not Say (d) (1958).

Shneiderov, Vladimir, b. 1900

(selected) The Beginning of Life (d) (194?), Among the Reeds in the Volga Delta (d) (1950), A Journey with a Film Camera (d) (1952), Charles Darwin (d) (1960), Under Ancient Desert Skies (d) (1961), Otto Yulevich Schmidt (d) (1963), Across Zangezur (d) (1967).

Shorina, Nina, b.

(selected) Mummy the Troll (a) (1977), The Comet (a) (1978), The Unkind Lado (a) (1981), The Beautiful Peri (a) (1982), The Tale of a Very Tall Man (a) (1983), About Buka (a) (1984), The Puddle (a) (1985), The Door (a) (1986), The Dream (a) (1988), Alter Ego (a) (1989), The Funny Room (a) (1991), The Draught (a) (1993), Translations from Oriental (f) (1999).

Shpikovsky, Nikolai, b.

(selected) Chess Fever (s) (1925), with Vsevolod Pudovkin, Berlin, or The Fall of Berlin (d) (1945), with Yuli Raizman, Yelizaveta Svilova.

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