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Okhnotnikov, V., b.

(selected) Degradator (s) (2000), Once Upon a Time (s) (2001), with A. Terentiev, P. Zobnin.

Olenin, Alexei, b.

(selected) Three in a Shell-Hole (s) in omnibus film Fighting Album No. 1 (f) (1941), with I. Mutanov.

Olifirenko, Sergei, b.

(selected) Veselaya Carousel XI (p) (1980), Veselaya Carousel XIII (p) (1983), Veselaya Carousel XIV (p) (1983), Uvazhaemi Leschi (p) (1988), Kvartet Dla Dvuh Solistov (p) (1989), Kak Ninochka Carevnei Stala (p) (1990), Mashenka (p) (1993), A Rhyme for the Three of Us (p) (1996).

Olshevskaya, V., b.

(selected) Pozovaya Kukla (s) (1997).

Olshvang, Valentin, b.

(selected) The Pink Doll (d) (2000).

Omari, S., b.

(selected) Romea and His Shadow (a) (1997).

Ordynsky, Vasily, 1923-1985

(selected) Confusion, or Alarm (s) (1954), with Yakov Segel, Secret of Beauty (s) (1955), with Yakov Segel, A Man Is Born (f) (1956), The Four (f) (1957), Teenagers (f) (1959), Clouds over Borsk (f) (1960), The Enemy Is Coming, or At Your Doorstep (f) (1962), Rich Vein, or Great Ore (f) (1964), If You Want to Protect Your Home (d) (1967), First Love (f,tv) (1969), The Red Square (f) (1970), Ordeal, or The Road to Calvary (f,tv series) (1977), Across the Gobi and the Khingan (f) (USSR/Mongolia, 1981), with Badrahyn Sumhu, All Those Years (f) (1984).

Orekhov, Vyacheslav, b. 1940

(selected) The Late Dawn (d) (1970), Create the World (d) (1978), I Came to This World for … (d) (1984), Don’t Die Ever (d) (1988), Knight’s Exercise (d) (1989), Last Exit (d) (1989), A Crank (d) (1990), Sky Bird (d) (1991), Street Kid (d) (1993), Cranks from the Village (d) (1995), The Mad General, or The Knight of the Red-Haired (d) (1997).

Orlov, Nikita, b.

(selected) The Tired Sun (f) (1988), with Pak San Bok, Fate and Fortune (f) (1990), The Ghost (f) (1991).

Orlova, Natasha, b.

(selected) Hamlet (a) (1993), Richard III (a) (1995).

Osepyan, Mark, b. 1937

(selected) Three Days in the Life of Viktor Chernyshev (f) (1967), Ivan’s Motorboat (f) (1974).

Osilov, A., b.

(selected) Voices (s) (1997).

Osin, K., b.

(selected) First Pages (d) (1970), with Mikhail Romm, Sergei Linkov.

Osipov, Andrei, b. 1960

(selected) A Touch (d) (1993), Duel (d) (1994), Erase the Casual (d) (199?), Voyne (d) (199?), Voices (d) (1997), Blown Away (d) (2000), Et Cetera… (d) (2001), A Hunt for an Angel, or Four Loves of a Poet and a Soothsayer (d) (2002).

Osmanov, Bahram, b. 1962

(selected) The Mute (s) (1992).

Otsep (Ozep), Fyodor (Fedor), 1895-1949

(selected) Polikuska (f) (1919), with Alexader Sanin, Miss Mend (f) (1926), with Boris Barnet, Yellow Passport (f) (1927), Earth in Captivity (f) (1928), A Living Corpse (f) (USSR/Germany), (1929), The Brothers Karamazov (f) (Germany/France, 1931), Mirages of Paris (f) (France/Germany, 1932), Amok (f) (France, 1934), The Queen of Spades (f) (France, 1937), Gibraltar, or It Happened in Gibraltar (f) (France, 1938), Betrayal (f) (France/Italy, 1938), Three Russian Girls (f) (Canada, 1944), Whispering City (f) (Canada, 1947).

Ouginov, Oleg, b. 1968

(selected) Jamais, or Never (a) (1993).

Ovcharova, E., b.

(selected) Clouds (d) (2000), with G. Dikkert.

Ovcharenko, Georgy, b.

(selected) The Talking Monkey (f) (1991).

Ovchinnikova, Julia, b.

(selected) Art Videos, or The Art of Showing ART (s) (2000).

Ovdienko, Lina, b.

(selected) The Skies (v,clip) (1999).

Ozerov, Yury, b. 1921

(selected) Alexander Pushkin (s) (1951), Nikitsky Botanic, or In the Nikitsky Botanical Garden (d) (1952), Circus Daredevils, or Ring of the Daring (f) (1953), with Sergei Gurov, Holiday Night (d) (1954), The Son (f) (1955), Kochubey (f) (1957), Fortune (f) (USSR/Albania, 1959), A Young Man’s Day (d) (1961), The Big Road (f) (USSR/CSSR, 1962), Liberation (f) (1968-71, 5 parts: Bulge of Fire (f) (1968), Breakthrough (f) (1969), Direction of the Main Attack (f) (1970), Battle for Berlin (f) (1970), The Last Assault (f) (1971), The Beginning (d) episode in Visions of Eight (d) (USSR/USA, 1972), Soldiers of Freedom (f) (1976), with S. Kurganov, A Sports Ballad (d) (1979), Oh Sport, You Are Peace! (d) (1980), Olympic Holidays (d) (1980), Farewell to the Olympic Games (d) (1980), Battle for Moscow (f) (USSR/CSSR, 1984-85) - two parts: Aggression (f) (1984) and Typhoon (f) (1985), Stalingrad (f) (1989).

Padalka, S, b.

(selected) Plus/Minus One (s) (2001).

Panin, Vasily, b.

(selected) I’ll Fall in Love If I Want to (f) (1990), The Devil Incarnate (f) (1991), The Incomparable (f) (1993), Life of a Poet (f) (1996?).

Panfilov, Gleb, b. 1934

(selected) National Militia (d) (1958), Join Our Ranks! (d) (1959), Nina Melovizinova (s,tv) (1962), Killed at War (s,tv) (1962), The Case of Kurt Clausewitz (s,tv) (1963), No Ford in the Fire, or No Ford through the Flames (f) (1968), The Debut, or The Beginning (f) (1970), I Wish to Speak (f) (1975), Theme (f) (1979/86, banned), Valentina (f) (1981), Vassa (f) (1983), Mother (f) (1989), The Romanovs - An Imperial Family (f) (1998).

Pankratov, Alexander, b. 1946

(selected) Laboratory (s) (1979), Portrait of the Painter’s Wife (f) (1981), Lucky Zhenka (f) (1984), Old Fashioned Tricks (f) (1986), Farewell, Street Urchins (f) (1988), Tomorrow (f) (1991), Bearded Man with Glasses (f) (2001).

Panzhev, Vladimir, b. 1961

(selected) Scorpio’s Poison (f) (1991), with Oleg Barayev.

Paschenko, Metislav, 1901-1958

(selected) Dshyabsha (a) (1938), The Titmouse (a) (1944), with Alexander Ivanov, Song of Friends (a) (1946), Maschenka’s Concert (a) (1949), When the Christmas Tree Is Lighted, or New Year’s Eve Tale (a) (1950), The Woods Wanderer (a) (1951), The Ugly Kitten (a) (1953), A Peculiar Game (a) (1955), Old Acquaintances (a) (1956), with Boris Dyoshkin, Greetings to Friendship (a) (1957), with Boris Dyoshkin, Little Onion (a) (1961), with Boris Dyoshkin.

Pashintseva, Elena, b.

(selected) Seventh Heaven (f) (2002), The Weather Teller (s) (2002).

Patkonen, Valery, b.

(selected) Camouflage (s) (1997), with Alexei Dobrov, Daniil Lebedev.

Pavlov, A., b.

(selected) Inna and Karina (s) (2001).

Pavlov, Alexander, b. 1940

(selected) Song of Mine, Life of Mine (d) (1971), Investigator Gerasimova (d) (1976), Union of Workers of the World (d) (1978), Stories of Travkin Brigade (d) (1981), Monologues of Ivan Vasiliev (d) (1988), Who Is Voting for? (d) (1988), Overture: Principals (d) (1990), Josefina (d) (1993), “Three,” “Six,” “Ace” (d) (1997).

Pavlov, Sergei, b.

(selected) A Simple Story (s) (2001).

Pavlova, Anna, b.

(selected) A Car and a Woman (s) (2002).

Pechenkin, Pavel, b.

(selected) A House Viewisng Silence (d) (1989), The Pet (f) (1991), Makary’s Day () (1991), Satan’s Ashes (d) (1992), About Olya in Captivity (d) (1992), A Man Who Has Harnassed an Idea (d) (1993).

Pendrakovsky, Valery, b. 1951

(selected) I Can’t (s) (1983), Live and Love (s) (1985), At the Outskirts of Town (f) (1989), Suicide (f) (1990), A Very Faithful Wife (f) (1992), I’m Free, I Belong to Nobody (f) (1994), I Forgive All People I Owe (f) (1998), Two Pals, or Two Friends (f) (2000).

Pereguda, A., b.

(selected) Krasnaya Presnya (f) (1925, lost?), with Abram Room and L. Sheffer.

Peretrukhina Ksenia, b.

(selected) Misima (d) (2001).

Perlovsky, Filipp, b.

(selected) TV Night on MUZ-TV (s) (2000), with “Ole Lukoye”.

Peskov, A., b.

(selected) Down (d) (2001).

Petrov, A., b.

(selected) Time of Bali Island (s) (2000).

Petrov, Anatoly, b.

(selected) Firing Range (a) (1978).

Petrov, Anton, b.

(selected) Create (c,e) (1993), with Natalya Khaliavka

Petrov, Vladimir, 1896-1966

(selected) Golden Honey (f) (1928, lost), with Nikolai Beresnev, Two Dogs (s,f) (1928, lost), with M. Huhunashvili, Lenin’s Address (f) (1929, lost), Fritz Bauer (f) (1930, lost), The Dam (s,f) (1931, lost), The Fugitive (s,f) (1932), Thunderstorm (f) (1934), Peter the First, or Peter the Great, Part I + II (f) (1937-38), Chapayev Is Still with Us (d) (1941), Elusive John (s,f) (1942), with Isidor Annensky, Kutuzov (f) (1943), Jubilee (s,f) (1944), Guilty through Guiltless (f) (1945), The Battle of Stalingrad , Part I + II (f) (1949), Sportman’s Honor (f) (1951), The Inspector General (f) (1952), The Duel (f) (1957), On the Eve (f) (USSR/Bulgaria, 1959), Russian Forrest, Part I + II (f) (1963-64).

Petrukhin, Fedor, b.

(selected) Dina (f) (1990), On the Murom Road (f) (Russia/Hungary/South Korea,1993).

Pevsner, A., b.

(selected) The Road to Victory (d) (1933), with V. Budilovich.

Pichul, Vasily, b. 1961

(selected) Mitya’s Love (s) (1981), To Whom Do You Belong, Old Folks? (s) (1983), I Want to Tell You (s,tv) (1984), About Clowns (s) (1985), Little Vera (f) (1988), The Nights Are Dark in Sochi (f) (1989), Dreams of an Idiot (f) (1993), Puppets (tv series) (1994-97), with ? Levin, Old Songs about the Very Important - 3 (d,tv) (1997), Sky in Diamonds (f) (1999), The First Lady (d) (2000), A Woman’s Happiness (f,tv) (2001).

Piskator, Erwin, 1893-1966

(selected) Hoopla, We’re Alive (f) (Germany, 1927), Revolt of the Fishermen (f) (USSR, 1934).

Piskunov, Lev, b.

(selected) Falling Down (f) (1993).

Pleshakov, Vladimir, b.

(selected) Mad Voyage (f) (1992).

Plochanskaya, E, b.

(selected) Everyone Can See One’s Own Eyes (d) (2001).

Plotkin, Vsevolod, b. 1947

(selected) In Order to Survive (f) (1993).

Plotnikov, Vladimir, b. 1948

(selected) Loaded with Death (f) (1991), According to Your Will, Lord (f) (1993), “D” Detachment (f) (1993).

Plukhovskaya, Karine, b.

(selected) The Unloved (f) (1991).

Pobedonoszew, Y., b.

(selected) Chapayev’s Eagle (f) (1969).

Podyapolskaya, Margarita, b. 1964

(selected) She inside Walls (s) (1994).

Pogonicheva, Natalya, b. 1974

(selected) Elevator (s) (1997), Who Am I? (s) (1998), How I Spent the Summer (s) (1999), Theory of Hard Drinking (f) (2002)..

Polesky, Yakov, b.

(selected) The Life and Death of Lieutenant Schmidt (f) (1917), with Alexander Razumnyi, When Will We Dead Awaken? (f) (1918).

Polkovnikov, V., b.

(selected) The Victorious Marching Route (a) (1939), with L. Amalrik, D. Babichenko, Limpopo (a) (1938), with L. Amalrik, Barmaley (a) (1941), with L. Amalrik, The Enchanted Department Store (a) (1953), with L. Amalrik, The Bewitched Lad (a) (1948), with A. Sneshko-Blozkaya.

Poloka, Gennady, b. 1930

(selected) Life (s) (1957), Our Guests (d) (1958), Seagulls over the Desert (f?) (1960, banned), Kapron Net (f) (1962), The SHKID Republic (f) (1966), Intervention (f) (1968/87, banned), One of Us (f) (1970), One times One (f) (1974), Melody for Two Voices (f) (1980), Three Percent Risk (f) (1985), Was It Karotin? (f) (1989), Return of the “Battleship” (f) (1996).

Polonsky, Vitold, b.

(selected) Engineer Prite’s Project (f) (1918), The Unfinished Love Song (f) (1919), with Lev Kuleshov.

Ponomarev, Ilya, b.

(selected) The Town in Red (s) (2002).

Popogrebsky, Alexei, b. 1972

(selected) Mimokhod (d) (1997), with Boris Khlebnikov, Koktebel (f) (2003), with Boris Khlebnikov.

Popov, Alexei, b.

(selected) Three Friends and an Invention (f) (1928).

Popov, Fyodor, b.

(selected) Gejdar Alijev (d) (1998), Caucasian Roulette (f) (2002).

Popov, Ivan, b. 1960

(selected) Svet i Teni (s?) (1992), Basurmano (s?) (1993), The Kitten (f) (1996), Little Lord Fauntleroy (f) (2002).

Popov, Maxim, b. 1975

(selected) Fragile (s) (1993), When the Season Comes (s) (1995), Message to the Great Hara (s) (1996), Close Up (s) (1997).

Popov, Sergei, b.

(selected) Soledad (s) (2000), with Beata Sokolova, In Autumn (s) (2001).

Popov, V., b.

(selected) Smile (f) (1969), with Svetlana Druzhinina.

Popov, Vladimir, b.

(selected) Klondayka (d) (2002).

Poplavskaya, Irina, b.

(selected) Pereval (f) (1961), Znoi (f) (1963), Peryi Uchitel (f) (1965), Materinskoye Polye (f) (1968), Djamila (f) (1968), Me, Tan-Shan (f) (1973), Echo Lyubvi (f) (1974), Krasnoye Jabloko (f) (1975), Bely Parochod (f) 1975), Ranniye Shuravli (f) (1979), Vasily and Vasilisa (f) (1981), Matvey’s Joy (f) (1985), Pegiy Pes, Beguchiy Krayem Morya (f) (1990), Boranly Beket (f) (1995), Samanchynyn Sholu, or Mlechnyi Puty (f) (1997)..

Porokhovshchikov, Alexander, b.

(selected) I Don’t Allow Censorship to Memory (f) (1991).

Pospelov, P., b.

(selected) An Aria with Handbells (s) (1984?).

Povolovskaya, Irina, b. 1937

(selected) The Blind Cook (s) (1956), Living Water (s) (1957), with Larisa Shepitko, The Hidden Wall (f) (1967), with M. Sadkovich, The Magistrate (f) (1973), The Fiery Red Flower (1978). The Bewitched Pilgrim (f) (1988).

Poyarkov, Alexei, b. 1962

(selected) Cossacks-Robbers (s) in omnibus film Two Paper Soldiers, or Blind Man’s Bluff with Obstacles (f) (2001), with Roman Khrush.

Preobrazhenskaya, Olga, 1881-1971

(selected) Miss Peasant (f) (1916), with Vladimir Gardin, Tale of Priest Pankrate (f) (1918), with Alexander Arkatov, Women of Ryazan (f) (1927), The Quiet Don (f) (1931), Stenka Razin (f?) (1938), with Ivan Pravov.

Preobrazhensky, Kirill, b.

(selected) Light at the End of the Tunnel (s) (1991), with Alexei Belyayev.

Preobrazhensky, N., b.

(selected) Tale of Priest Pankrate (f) (1918). Credit confusion: see entry above.

Prikhodchenko, Arkady, b.

(selected) New Life (a) (2001).

Primakova, Natalya, b.

(selected) Valery Priemykhov - Children’s Cinema for Adults (d) (2001).

Progulka, Angeliyskaya, b.

(selected) The English Stroll (a) (2000).

Pronin, Vasily, 1905-1966

(selected) Commandant of the Bird’s Island (f) (1939), The British Fleet - Patriot (s) in omnibus film Fighting Album No. 4 (f) (1941), Son of Tajikistan (f) (1942), March - April (f) (1943), Son of the Regiment (f) (1946), Sultanat (f) (1955), Our House (f) (1955), Walking over Three Seas (f) (1957), with A. Abbas, Cossacks (f) (1961).

Pronin, Yury, b. 1964

(selected) Rinako (a) (199?), Exhibition (a) (1994), Aviator (a) (1995), in omnibus film Arrival of the Train (f) (1995).

Prorokova, Elena, b. 1948

(selected) The Priest Has a Dog (a) (1982), Over the Stream (a) (1983), The Bird Catcher (a) (1985), The Tale of the Dumb Husband (a) (1986), From 9 to 6 (a) (1988).

Proshkin, Alexander, b. 1940

(selected) Olga Sergeyevna (f,tv series) (1975), The Strategy of Taking Risks (f,tv series) (1978), The Inspector Comes (f,tv) (1979), Private Person (f,tv series) (1980), Dangerous Age (f,tv) (1981), Mikhail Lomonossov (f,tv series) (1984-86), The Cold Summer of 1953 (f) (1988), Nikolai Vavilov (f,tv series) (1990), To See Paris and Die (f) (1992), Under the Black Veil (f) (1995), The Russian Revolt, or The Captain’s Daughter (f) (Russia/France, 1999), Kalashnikov and Spartacus (f) (2001), Hunting on Asphalt Roads (f) (2002), Trio (f) (2002).

Proshkin, Andrei, b. 1969

(selected) Spartak & Kalashnikov (f) (2002).

Prosyanov, Alexander, b.

(selected) Russian Style (f) (1991), with Alexander Boyko.

Provorov, Fyodor, 1905-1975

(selected) Victory Parade (d) (1945).

Ptitsyna, Elena, b.

(selected) Angel of Death (d) (2001).

Ptushko, Alexander, 1900-1973

(selected) Occurrence in the Stadium (a) 1928, lost), Document in Cipher (a) (1928, lost), A Hundred Adventures (a) (1929, lost), Cinema in the Country (a) (1930, lost), For the Country’s Defence (a) (1930, lost), Master of Existence (a) (1932), The New Gulliver (a,f) (1935), The Merry Musicians (a) (1937), The Fox and the Wolf (a) (1937), Tale of the Fisherman and the Little Fish (a) (1937), The Golden Key (a,f) (1939), The Lost Message (a) (1945), The Stone Flower (f) (1946), Three Encounters (f) (1948/50, banned), with Sergei Yutkevich and Vsevolod Pudovkin, Sadko (f) (1952), The Epic Hero and the Beast, or Ilya Muromets (f) (1956), The Day the Earth Froze (f) (USSR/Finland, 1958), Scarlet Sails, Crimson Sails (f) (1961), The Tale of Lost Time (f) (1964), The Tale of Tsar Saltan (f) (1966), Ruslan and Ludmila (f) (1972).

Puchinian, Stepan, b. 1927

(selected) A Story about a Chekist (f) (1969), with Boris Durov, Close Fight (f) (1972), The Most Beautiful Horse (f) (1976), The Wedding Day Should Be Set (f) (1979), From the Life of the Criminal Police Chief (f) (1983), The Secrets of Madame Wong (f) (1986), Gangsters in the Ocean (Russia/USA/Korea, 1991).

Puchkov, A., b.

(selected) Echo (d) (2001).

Puchkov, Roman, b.

(selected) Neon Life (a) (2001), with Valery Pugashkin.

Pudovkin, Vsevolod, 1893-1953

(selected) Hunger - Hunger - Hunger (s) (1921), with Vladimir Gardin, Chess Fever (s) (1925), with Nikolai Shpikovsky, Mechanics of the Brain (s) (1926), Mother (f) (1926), The End of St. Petersburg (f) (1927), Storm over Asia, or The Heir to Genghis Khan (f) (1928), A Simple Case, or Life Is Beautiful (f) (1932), Deserter (f) (1933), Victory, or Mother and Sons (f) (1938), with Mikhail Doller, Minin and Pozharsky (f) (1939), with Mikhail Doller, Twenty Years of Soviet Cinema (d) (1940), with Esther Shub, Suvorov, or General Suvorov (f) (1941), with Mikhail Doller, Feast at Zhirmunka (s) in omnibus film Fighting Film Album No. 6 (f) (1941), with Mikhail Doller, Murderers Are on Their Way, or Murderers Are at Large (f) (1942, banned), with Yury Tarich, In the Name of the Fatherland (f) (1943), with Dmitry Vasiliev, Admiral Nakhimov (f) (1946), Three Encounters (f) (1948), with Sergei Yutkevich and Alexander Ptushko, Zhukovsky (f) (1950), with Dmitry Vasiliev, The Return of Vasily Bortnikov (f) (1953).

Pugashkin, Valery, b.

(selected) Neon Life (a) (2001), with Roman Puschkov.

Pukhalsky, E., b.

(selected) An American Millionaire Perishes on the Lusitania (s) (1915).

Pushkina, Maria, b.

(selected) Dominoes (d) (2001).

Pushkov, Roman, b.

(selected) The Mole (a) (1999).

Pusenkov, Ilya, b.

(selected) The Mission (s) (2001).

Pyankova, Natalya,b. 1958

(selected) Happy New Year, Moscow! (f) (1993), Strange Time (f) (1997), Splitting Time (d) (2000), Slav’s March (f) (2003).

Pyriev, Ivan, 1901-1968

(selected) The Other Woman, or Strange Woman (f) (1929, lost), The State Official, or The Functionary (f) (1930), Conveyor Belt of Death (f) (1933), Party Member Card (f) (1936), Rich Bride, or Country Bride (f) (1937), Tractor Drivers (f) (1939), The Loved One, or Beloved Girl (f) (1940), The Swineherd Girl and the Shepherd, or They Met in Moscow (f) (1941), The Raikom Secretary, or Secretary of the District Committee (f) (1942), At 6 P.M. After the War, or Six P.M. (f) (1944, banned), Song of Siberia, or Symphony of Life (f) (1947, banned), Kuban Cossacks (f) (1949, banned), We Are for Peace, or Friendship Triumphs (f) (USSR/GDR, 1952), with Joris Ivens, Test of Fidelity (f) (1954), The Idiot: Part I, or Natasya Filipovna (f) (1958), White Nights (f) (1959), Our Mutual Friend (f) (1960), Light of a Distant Star (f) (1964), The Brothers Karamazov (f) (1968), completed by Mikhail Ulyanov and Kirill Lavrov.

Raevsky, ?., b.

(selected) Volki-Palki (d) (2001).

Raiskaya, Elena, b. 1957

(selected) The Role (f) (1993), The President and His Woman (f) (1996), The Third Country (f) (2001).

Raitburt, S., b.

(selected) The NSE Secret (d) (1959), What Does the Theory of Relativity Mean? (d) (1963).

Raizman, Yuly, 1903-1994

(selected) The Circle (s) (1927), with Alexander Gavronsky, Katorga, or Forced Labor, or Penal Servitude (f) (1928), The Earth Thirsts (f) (1930), The Tale about Umar Khaptsoko (f) (1932), Aviators, or Flyers, or Men on Wings (f) (1935, banned), The Last Night (f) (1936), Virgin Soil Upturned (f) (1939), Mashenka (f) (1941, banned), Towards an Armistice with Finland (d) (1944), Moscow Sky (f) (1944), Berlin, or The Fall of Berlin (d) (1945), with Nikolai Shpikovsky, Yelizaveta Svilova, The East-Bound Train, or The Train Goes East (f) (1947, banned), Rainis (f) (1949), The Knight of the Golden Star, or Dream of a Cossack (f) (1950), Lesson of Life, or Conflict (f) (1955), Communist (f) (1957), If This Be Love, or What If It Is Love? (f) (1961), Your Contemporary (f) (1967), A Courtesy Call (f) (1973), A Strange Woman (f) (1977), Private Life (f) (1982), Time of Desire (f) (1984).

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