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Magambetov, Marat, b. 1966

(selected) Nisi Dominus (d) (1994), Today We Are Going to Build a House (d) (1996), with Sergei Loznitsa, Life, Autumn (d) (1998), with Sergei Loznitsa, Roads (d) (Russia/Germany, 2002).

Magiton, Isaak, b. 1934

(selected) The Dreamers (f) (1965), Pipe All Hands on Deck! (f) (1970), No Word about Football (f) (1973), Central Kick from the Skies (f) (1975), Spring Olympiade, or Chorus Master (f) (1979), Five Kidnapped Monks (f) (1991).

Makarov, Ilya, b.

(selected) The Body Will Be Given to Earth and the Sailor Will Sing (f) (1998).

Makarov, Vitaly, b. 1930

(selected) The Selling of the Century (f) (1981), Jokes Off (f) (1985), The Black Hat of Kashchey (f) (1987), A Mannequin in Love (f) (1991), When Being Late for the Wedding (f) (1991).

Makeyev, Dmitry, b.

(selected) A Simple Story (s) (1999).

Makhanko, Maria, b.

(selected) A Little Happiness for 10 Francs (d) (Russia/France, 2001).

Makovsky, Nikolai, b.

(selected) The Law of Conservation (a) (1995).

Maksimov, Ivan, b. 1958

(selected) From Left to Right (a) (1989), 5/4 (a) (1990), Provincial School (a) (1992), Bolero (a) (1992), N + 2 (a) (1993), Benjamin’s Libido (a) (1994), Strings (a) (1996), Love (a) (2001).

Maksimov, Vitaly, b.

(Selected) Nikita Mikhalkov: Sentimental Journey Home, The Music of Russian Painting (d) (1995), with Nikita Mikhalkov.

Maletsky, Nikolai, b.

(selected) Breakfast with View of the Elbrus (f) (1993).

Malevsky, Yevgeny, b. 1958

(selected) Repete (s) (2000).

Malikov, P., b.

(selected) Glory to the Strong (f) (1919).

Malikova, Elena, b. 1965

(selected) Abyss (s) (1995).

Malyshev, V., b.

(selected) Cinemania (d) (2000).

Malyukov, Andrei, b. 1948

(selected) In the Zone of Special Attention (f) (1977), Unrequited Love (f) (1979), The 34th Fast Train (f) (1981), Well Remain Loyal (f) (1988), On Guard! (f) (1989), Love on the Island of Death (f) (1991), Butterflies (f) (1992), Small People of the Bolshevitsky Lane, or I Want Beer (f) (1993).

Manasarova, Aida, 1925-1986

(selected) Revived Pulkovo (d) (1953), Beginning of a Trip (d) (1954), On a Touristic Route (d) (1954), The Court of Justice (f) (1961), with Vladimir Skuibin, Short Summer in the Mountains (f) (1963), Twenty Years After (f) (1965), The Main Witness (f) (1969), Seeking My Destiny (f) (1975), I Have Your Letter (f) (1976), A Morning Doctor’s Rounds (f) (1979), Fantasy about Love (f) (1980), Look Back! (f) (1983), From Payday to Payday (f) (1986).

Manerko, Lyudmila, b.

(selected) A New Morning (s) (2002).

Mansky, Vitaly, b. 1963

(selected) Dogs (d) (1988), Finish (d) (1989), Boomerang (d) (1989), Recreation Park (d) (1990), Post (d) (1990), Etudes about Love I: Josef, Adolf and Eva (d) 1991), Jewish Happiness (f) (1991), Lenin’s Remains (d) (1992), Cuts of Another War (d) (1993), The Empire Dreams (d) (1993), Rutskoy, The Day Before (d) (1994), Etudes about Love II: Big Sale (d) (1994), Moscow - Berlin, The Road Back (d) (1994), Etudes about Love III: New Times (d) (1995), Bliss (d) (1995), Private Chronicles: Monologue (d) (1999), The Red Tsars (d) (2001), Gorbachev - After Empire in series Presidents of Russia (d) (2001), Yeltsin - Another Life in series Presidents of Russia (d) (2001), Putin - Leap Year in series Presidents of Russia (d) (2001), Broadway - Black Sea (d) (2001).

Margolina, Irina, b.

(selected) Save Russia! (d) (1992), with Mark Lyachovezky.

Martov, M., b.

(selected) Slave of Passion, Slave of Love (f) (1914).

Martynov, Vladimir, b. 1947

(selected) Morning without a Marks (f) (1984), Malicious Sunday (f) (1986), The Skin (f) (1991).

Martynova, Anna, b.

(selected) Dangerous Nurse (d) (2001).

Maryagin, Leonid, b. 1937

(selected) A Watermelon Route (f,tv) (1965), Waitings (f,tv) (1966), About Klava Ivanova (f,tv) (1969), My Street (f,tv) (1970), Two on the Way (f,tv) (1973), The Flight Is Delayed (f,tv) (1974), My Business (f,tv) (1976), Miss Nikanorova Is Awaiting You (f,tv) (1978), An Uninvited Friend (f) (1981), The Birthday Party (f,tv) (1982), A City of Fiancees (f) (1985), An Expensive Pleasure (f) (1988), Nikolai Bukharin - Enemy of the People (f,tv) (1990), Trotzky (f) (Russia/Switzerland/USA/Mexico/Turkey/Austria, 1993), The Roof Has Come (s) (1998), 101st Kilometer (f) (2001).

Maryan, D., b.

(selected) In the Far East (f) (1937).

Mashkov, Vladimir, b. 1963

(selected) Sympathy Seeker (f) (1997).

Masliukov, Alexei, 1904-1962

(selected) Pedagogic Poem (f) (1956?), with Mechislava Mayevskaya.

Matveyev, Yevgeny, b. 1922

(selected) The Gypsy (f) (1966), Love by Correspondence (f) (1969), The Deadly Enemy (f) (1971), Earthly Love (f) (1974), Destiny (f) (1977) Earthly Love II, Especially Important Task (f) (1980), Easy Money (f) (1981), Victory (f) (USSR/GDR, 1984), The Time of the Sons (f) (1986), The Cup Is Full (f) (1989), The Russian Way of Love (f) (1995), The Russian Way of Love II (f) (1997), The Russian Way of Love III (f) (1999).

Mauradian, Ruben, b. 1936

(selected) The Love of an Elderly Man (f) (1989), One in a Million (f) (1992), The Road to the End of the World (f) (1995).

Maximenko, A., b.

(selected) Life Harder (d) (2000).

Maximov, Ivan, b. 1958

(selected) Fru (s) (1989), 5/4 (s) (1989), Provincial School (s) (1992), Libido Benjamino (a) (1994).

Mayevskaya, Mechislava, b. 1904

(selected) Pedagogic Poem (f) (1956?), with Alexei Masliukov.

Mazurok, Boris, b.

(selected) The Invitation to Space (c,e) (1989), The Shadow (c,e) (1991).

Melko, Galina, b.

(selected) A Fairy Tale abut Stupid Volodya (a) in series Happy Merry-Go-Round (1995), A Wonderful Castle (a) (2000), A Christmas Tree for Everyone (a) (2001).

Melnichenko, Mikhail, b. 1960

(selected) I’ve Got This Role (s) (1986), A Wonderful New Day (s) (1988), Fir-Tree (f) (1988), High Class (f) (1991), The Woman with Flowers and Champagne (f) (1992),

Menshikov, Alexei, b.

(selected) Go, and Don’t Look Back (f) (1992).

Menshov, Vladimir, b. 1939

(selected) To the Question of the Dialectics of Perceiving Art (s) (1970), A Practical Joke, or The Prank (f) (1976), Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears (f) (1979), Night Guests (s) (1981), The Road to Life (s) (1982), Love and Doves (f) (1984), Shirli-Myrli, or What a Mess! (f) (1995), Respect to the Graves of Forefathers (d) (1999), Envy of the Gods (f) (2000).

Merkulov, Yury, b. 1901

(selected) The Interplanetary Revolution (a) (1924), with Nikolai Khodatayev, Senon Komissarenko, How Avdotya Learned to Write (a) (1925), with Nikolai Khodatayev and Senon Komissarenko, China in Flames (a) (1925), with with Nikolai Khodatayev and Senon Komissarenko, The Glass Production (a) (1926), Political Grotesque (a) (1926), Hands Off of China (a) (1927), Our Answer to Chamberlain (a) (1927), Senka the African (a) (1927), with Daniil Cherkes and Ivan Ivanov-Vano, The Lost Message (a) (1927), Night Alarm (a) (1928), The Adventures of Bratushkin (a) (1929), The First Calvary Army (a) (1930), The Classes of Warships (a) (1930), The Red Fleet (a) (1930).

Metalnikov, Budimir, b. 1925

(selected) House and Master (f?) (1965).

Meyerhold, Vsevolod, 1874-1942

(selected) The Picture of Dorian Grey (f) (1915, lost), The Strong Man (f) (1917, lost).

Migunova, Marina, b. 1965

(selected) Pure Monday (s) (1999)

Mikhailov, Alexander, b. 1944

(selected) Stay with Me (f) (1992), Fetisov, Our Man in the National Hockey League (d) (1993).

Mikhailov, G., b.

(selected) Black Friar (s) (2000).

Mikhailova, Ekaterina, b.

(selected) Meeting in the Fall (a) (1993), with Vladimir Danilevich.

Mikhailova, Elena, b.

(selected) Lyubov Orlova (d) (1983), with Grigory Alexandrov.

Mikhalev, Anton, b.

(selected) Bird of Happiness (d) (2002).

Mikhalkov, Artem, b. 1975

(selected) Stop (s) (1998), with Ilya Khrzhanovsky.

Mikhalkov, Nikita, b. 1945

(selected) The Girl and the Belongings (s) (1967), And I’m Coming Back Home (s) (1968), A Quiet Day at the End of the War (s) (1970), Dear Words (s,tv) (1970), A Fly in the Ointment (s,tv) (1970), The Irresponsible (s,tv) (1970), A Victim of Hospitality (s,tv) (1972), Object-Lesson (s,tv) (1974), To Start a New Life (s,tv) (1974), At Home among Strangers (f) (1974), Slave of Love (f) (1975), Unfinished Piece for a Player Piano (f) (1976), Five Evenings (f) (1978), Several Days in the Life of I.I. Oblomov (f) (1979), Kin (f) (1983), No Witnesses (f) (1983), Dark Eyes, or Ochi Chjornye (f) (Italy, 1987), Illusion, or The Forgotten Films? (s,tv) (1988), Hitch-hiking (f) (USSR/Italy/Switzerland, 1990), Urga (f) (USSR/France, 1991), Remembering Chekhov (s) (1993), Anna, from 6 to 18 (d) (1993), with Sergei Miroshnichenko, Burnt by the Sun (f) (1994), Requiem (d) (1995), Nikita Mikhalkov: Sentimental Journey Home, The Music of Russian Painting (d) (1995), with Vitaly Maksimov, The Barber of Siberia (f) (1999).

Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky, Andron (Andrei Konchalovsky), b. 1937

(selected) The Skating Rink and the Boy (s) (1960),The Boy and the Pigeon (s) (1961), Nobody Ever Dies (s) (1964), The First Teacher (f) (1965), Asya’s Happiness (f) (1967/87, banned), A Nest of Gentlefolk (f) (1969), Uncle Vanya (f) (1971), A Lover’s Romance (f) (1974), Sibiriade (f) (1978), The Broken Cherry Tree (s) (1982), Maria’s Lovers (f) (USA, 1984), Runaway Train (f) (USA, 1985), Duet for One (f) (USA, 1986), Shy People (f) (USA, 1987), Homer and Eddie (f) (USA, 1988), Tango and Cash (f) (USA, 1989), The Inner Circle (f) (USA, 1991), Ryaba, My Chicken (f) (1994), The Odyssey (f,tv series) (Germany, 1997), The Royal Way (f) (2000), House of Fools (f) (Russia/France, 2002).

Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky, Egor (Igor Konchalovsky), b. 1966

(selected) The Recluse, or The Watchman (f) (1999), Antikiller (f) (2001).

Mikhalykova, Maria, b.

(selected) A Doctor from Odintsovo (d) (2001).

Mikhin, Boris, b.

(selected) Tsar Nicholas II (f) (1917), with A. Ivonin, Up in Wings (f) (1924).

Mikosha, D., b.

(selected) Drawn into the Revolution (d) (1968), with V. Mikosha.

Mikosha, V., b.

(selected) Drawn into the Revolution (d) (1968), with D. Mikosha.

Milchin, L., b.

(selected) The Alarm Clock (a) (1967).

Minenok, Sergei, b.

(selected) Whitr Monday (d) (2001).

Mintz, Klimenti, b.

(selected) The Most Valiant (s) in omnibus film Fighting Album No. 7 (f) (1941), A Real Patriot (s) in omnibus film Fighting Album No. 7 (f) (1941).

Mirimov, Y, b.

(selected) The Painter Polenov (d) (1953), The Sistine Madonna (d) (1955), The Painter Vrubel (d) (1956).

Mironer, Felix, 1927-1980

(selected) City Builders (s) (1950), with Marlen Khutsiev, Spring in Zarechnaya Street (f) (1956), with Marlen Khutsiev.

Miroshnichenko, Sergei, b.

(selected) Anna, from 6 to 18 (d) (1993), with Sergei Miroshnichenko, Georgy Zhzhonov: Russian Cross (d) (2002).

Mirzoev, V., b.

(selected) Jolly Funeral (f) (2001).

Mirzoyan, Vladislav, b.

(selected) Popsagoniya (d) (1994).

Mishatkin, Valentin, b.

(selected) Lucky Man (f) (1989), Meet on Tahiti (f) (1991).

Mitta, Alexander, b. 1933

(selected) My Friend Kolka! (f) (1961), with Alexei Saltykov, Without Fear and Reproach (f) (1963), Overture and Dream in the Hand episodes in omnibus film The Great Fuse (f) (1963), Open the Door When the Bell Rings (f) (1965), Shine, Shine, My Star! (f) (1969), Dot, Dot, Comma, or Make a Funny Face (f) (1972), Moscow, My Love (f) (USSR/Japan, 1974), The Tale of How Tsar Peter Married Off His Moor (f) (1976), Air Crew (f) (1979), A Tale of Wanderings (f) (USSR/CSSR/Romania, 1982), The Living Vaccine (f) (1988), The Step (f) (1989), Lost in Siberia (f) (USSR/UK, 1991), The Border - Taiga Romance (tv series), Taiga Romance, or The Taiga Affair (f) (2000), Scorching Saturday (f) (2002).

Mitroshina, Natalya, b.

(selected) Good Evening, Constructor (s) (2001), with Elena Tikhonova.

Mizgirev, Alexei, b. 1974

(selected) On the Way (s) (2001), Nina (s) (2001).

Mogilevsky, Vladimir, b.

(selected) Log-Book (s) (1993), RGB - Delirium Upgrade (s) (1994).

Moiseyenkov, V., b.

(selected) Resentment (s) (2000).

Morgenstern, V., b.

(selected) The Painter I. Levitan (d) (1960).

Morots, Yury, b. 1956

(selected) Children’s Room (s) (1985), Strawberry Window (s) (1986), Experiment 2000 (s) (1987), The Vault of Witches (f) (1990), The Black Square (f) (1992).

Morozov, Andrei, b.

(selected) Help Me, or Guy-on-Order (f) (1992).

Morozov, Oleg, b. 1959

(selected) Metro (s) (1987).

Morozov, Yury, b.

(selected) Young Old (s) (2002).

Moskalenko, Nikolai, b. 1926

(selected) The Little Crane (f) (1968), Russian Field (f) (1970), The Young Ones (f) (1971).

Moskalenko, Vitaly, b.

(selected) The Way to Paradise (f) (Russia/Germany, 1993), China Set (f) (1999), One Life (f) (2003).

Moss, Vladimir, b.

(selected) Royal Hunt, or Tsarist Hunting (d) (2001).

Motyl, Vladimir, b. 1927

(selected) Children of Pamir (f) (1963), Zhenia, Zhenechka and “Katyusha” (f) (1966), Mourning for a Knight (f) (1967), White Sun of the Desert (f) (1969), For Better and for Worse (f) (1975), The Forest (f) (1980/87, banned), The Incredible Bet, or A Real Event with a Happy End That Occurred 100 Years Ago (f) (1984), The Great Vanya (f, tv) (1987), Let’s Part While We’re Still Good Friends (f) (1991), Gone with the Horses, or Where the Horses Are Bolting Me (f) (1995).

Muat, M. b.

(selected) Unlike Others (f) (1982), with Vladimir Alenikov.

Muradov, Alexei, b. 1963

(selected) Paradjanov (d) (1993), Mamonotv (d) (1996), The Kite, or The Dragon-Kite (f) (2002), All the Truth about Schelps (f) (2003) .

Muradyan, Ruben, b.

(selected) No One Will Replace You (f,tv) (1982), An Elderly Man’s Love (f,tv) (1990), One in a Million (f) (1992),

Murashov, Andrei, b.

(selected) Socrates Said (d) (1999), Leonid from Mekhovitsi (d) (2001).

Murugov, Igor, b.

(selected) Risk with Agreement (f) (1992).

Mutanov, I., b.

(selected) Remember Their Faces, or Mr. Surkov’s Crime (f) (1930), Three in a Shell-Hole (s) in omnibus film Fighting Album No. 1 (f) (1941), with Alexei Olenin.

Muzyka, Yury, b.

(selected) Black Magic, or Rendezvous with the Devil (f) (1990), with Boris Durov, The Rats,or Night Mafia (f) (1991), with Yevgeny Vasilyev.

Myznikov, V., b.

(selected) Syncopation (s) (2000).

Naidenov, Alexei, b. 1953

(selected) The Prayer (d) (1993), Andrei Tarkovsky: Reminiscence (d) (1997), with Andrei Tarkovsky Jr.

Nakhabcev jr, Vladimir, b.

(selected) Traces of Rain (f) (1991).

Nakhapetov, Radion, b.

(selected) Umbrella for the Newly Wed (f) (1987), At the Close of Night (f) (1988).

Narokov, M., b.

(selected) Daredevil (f) (1919), with Nikander Turkin, Three People (f) (1919).

Natansan, Georgy, b.

(selected) I Shall Not Die Entirely (f) (1996?)

Naumov, Dmitry, b. 1957

(selected) Land Surveyor (a) (1995).

Naumov, E., b.

(selected) Dima Kruzhkov an dthe Great Power of Art (d) (2000).

Naumov, Vladimir, b. 1927

(selected) Taras Shevchenko (f) (1951), completed for deceased Igor Savchenko, Fires over the Dnieper (f) (1952,uncompleted), with Alexander Alov, Restless Youth (f) (1954), with Alexander Alov, Pavel Korchagin (f) (1956), with Alexander Alov, The Wind (f) (1958), with Alexander Alov, Peace to the Newcomer, or Peace to Him Who Enters (f) (1961), with Alexander Alov, The Coin (f,tv) (1963), with Alexander Alov, A Bad Joke (f) (1965/87, banned), with Alexander Alov, The Flight (f) (1970), with Alexander Alov, Legend of Till Eulenspiegel (f) (1976), with Alexander Alov, Teheran ’43 (f) (USSR/France/Switzerland, 1980), with Alexander Alov, The Shore (f) (1984), with Alexander Alov, Alov (d) (1986), The Choice (f) (1987), The Law (f) (1989), Ten Years without the Right to Correspond (f) (1990), White Feast, or Marcello’s Mystery (f) (1995), The Mystery of Nardo, or The Dream of the White Dog (f) (1999).

Nazarov, Eduard, b.

(selected) Hunt (a) (1979), Travels of an Ant (a) (1984).

Nazarova, Y., b.

(selected) Flat (s) (2000).

Necharev, Leonid, b. 1939

(selected) The Adventures of Buratino (f,tv) (1975), About Little Red Riding Hood (f,tv) (1977), A Pretended Sick Man (f,tv) (1980), Red-headed, Honest, Enamoured (f,tv) (1985),

Peter Pan (f,tv) (1987), The Mad Lorry (f) (1991).
Negreba, Alexander, b.

(selected) The Day Before … (f) (Russia/Netherlands, 1991), with Oleg Boretsky.

Nekrasov, Y., b.

(selected) Dream in the Hand (s) in omnibus film Fighting Film Album No. 1 (f) (1941).

Nekrasova, Elena, b.

(selected) Demon (s) (1998), After the Leader (d) (2000), Portraits of Rybinsk (d) (2001).

Nemolyayev, N., b.

(selected) Doctor Aibolit (f) (1939).

Nevezhin, Viktor, b.

(selected) Torque Chronicles (d) (2000), An Ordinary Working Guy (d) (2002)

Nevzorov, Alexander, b.

(selected) Purgatory (f) (1997).

Nevzorov, Boris, b.

(selected) There Was a Priest with a Dog, or Russian Monte Christo (f) (1993).

Nevzorov, Valentin, 1918-1961

(selected) The Long Way (f) (1956), with Leonid Gayday, The Ulyanov Family (f) (1957).

Nikiforov, Vyacheslav, b.

(selected) The Ranger from the Atomic Zone (f) (2000).

Nikolaenko, Georgy, b. 1946

(selected) Not Far from Here (s) (1980), Born with a Thunder Clap (f) (1981), It Was the Fourth Year of the War (f) (1983), Dossier about a Man in a Mercedes (f) (1986), Paradise for the Saved (f) (1989), Uner the Mask of a Kite (f) (1991).

Nikolayev, Alexander, b.

(selected) Bats (s) (1995), with Tanya Detkina.

Nikolayev, Igor, b. 1924

(selected) Glass Beads (f) (1978), The Divisional Commander’s Say (f) (1983), The Attack (f) (1986), The General (f) (1992).

Nikolayeva, Elena, b. 1955

(selected) The Mysterious Flutist (f) (1983), The Aboriginal (f) (1988), Sex- Skazka (f) (1991).

Nikonenko, Sergei, b. 1941

(selected) Petrukha’s Name (s) (1971), Birds over the City (f) (1974), Who Cares… (f) (1975), Kissing Dawns (f) (1977), Gypsy Happiness (f) (1981), Loving, Waiting, Lena (f) (1983), The Ship of Aliens (f) (1985), A Brunette for 30 Kopeks (f) (1991).

Nikulin, Danila, b.

(selected) New Life (s) (2000), Simple Heart (s) (2001).

Nilov, Sergei, b.

(selected) Ravine of Spirits (f) (Russia/Turkmenistan, 1991).

Norstein, Yury, b. 1941

(selected) The 25th Is the First Day (a) (1968), with Arkady Turin, Seasons (a) (1970), The Battle at Kershents (a) (1971), The Fox and the Hare (a) (1973), The Heron and the Crane (a) (1974), The Hedgehog in the Fog (a) (1975), The Tale of Tales (a) (1978), The Overcoat (a,f) (1989, uncompleted).

Novikov, Timur, b.

(selected) Pirate TV (s) (1989-92), with Yuris Lesnik, Vladik Mamyshev-Monroe, Sergei Shutov, Sunrise (s) (1993), with Sergei Shutov, Submarine (s) (1993), with Sergei Shutov, Penguins (s) (1993), with Sergei Shutov, Aeroplane (s) (1993), with Sergei Shutov.

Novikov, Valery, b.

(selected) Nobody Will Deprive Us of Our Achievements (d) (1994).

Nurbek, Egen, b. 1975

(selected) A Day Older (f) (1997).

Obolensky, Leonid, b.

(selected) Hey, Yablocko (f) (1926, banned), with Mikhail Doller.

Ogai, D., b.

(selected) Nonsense, or The Essence of Emptiness (s) (2000).

Ogneva, D., b.

(selected) And I Still Love You (d) (2000).

Okada, M, b.

(selected) And I Still Love You (d) (2000).

Okhlobystan, Ivan, b. 1966

(selected) Wave Destroyer (s) (1989), Arbiter (f) (1992), Breakwater (s) (1993), Nonsense, or Talking through One’s Hat (f) (199?).

Okhlopkov, Nikolai, b.

(selected) Mitya (f) (1927), The Sold Appetite (f) (1928), Way of the Enthusiasts (f) (1930).

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