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Kobrin, Vladimir, b.

(selected) The First Apocrypha (c,e) (1993), Aquarium (c,e) (1993).

Kokshenov, Mikhail, b.

(selected) Russian Business (f) (1993), with Mark Ayzenberg.

Kolcheyev, Yury, b.

(selected) Blood for Blood (f) (1991).

Kolisnichenko, Irina, b. 1968

(selected) The Last Sidestreet (d) (1997), The Millionairess (d) (1997) A Roll Call (d) (1998), Under Anaesthetic (d) (2000).

Koltsov, Vitaly, b. 1940

(selected) Mister Twister (s) (1969), Summer Dreams (f) (1972), Towards the Bright Fire (f) (1975), Hope and Support (f) (1982), A Cossack Was Riding Down the Valley (f) (1986), According to Article 206 (f) (1990), I Am a Native of Vyatka Myself (f) (1992).

Komissarenko, Senon, 1891-19??

(selected) The Interplanetary Revolution (a) (1924), with Nikolai Khodatayev and Yury Merkulov, China in Flames (a) (1925), with Nikolai Khodatayev, How Avdotya Learned to Write (a) (1925), with Nikolai Khodatayev, 1905-1925 (a) (1925), with Nikolai Khodatayev, Learn How to Shoot from Effeff (a) (1928), The Forgotten Source of Thrift (a) (1930), The Scoundrels (a) (1933).

Kompasov, O., b.

(selected) Theatre Studio “Maska” (a) (2000).

Kondrikova, Maria, b.

(selected) We (d) (2001).

Konstantinopolsky, Grigory, b. 1964

(selected) Red Elephants (s) (1988), Star of the Block (s) (1991), 8 1/2 (f) (1999).

Korchagin, M., b.

(selected) School of Courage (f) (1954), with Vladimir Basov.

Korenev, Alexei, b. 1927

(selected) Black Sea Coast Girl (f) (1959), Lesson of Literature (f) (1968), Adam and Eve (f) (1969), Taimyr Is on the Line (f) (1970), The Long Break (f,tv) (1973), Three Days in Moscow (f,tv) (1974), For Domestic Reasons (f) (1977), The Key (f,tv) (1980), Honest, Clever, Unmarried (f) (1980), My Chosen One (f) (1984), Over-age Girl (f) (1987), A Trap for a Lonely Man (f) (1990), The Fool (f) (1991).

Korostyskevsky, Maxim, b.

(selected) Art Nouveau Make Believe (f) (2002), with Igor Yefimov.

Korotkov, Yury, b.

(selected) Dancing Ghosts (f) (1992), with Efim Reznikov.

Koryagin, Sergei, b. 1966

(selected) Dachniki (s) (1991), with Alexander Dulerain, The Desire to See a Film of Rainer Werner Fassbinder (s) (1993), with Alexander Dulerain, Mama Said, (s,v) (1995), with Jan Rauch, The Youth of a Constructor (s,v) (1995), with Dmitry Troizky, Scout Quest (s,v) (1996), Four Items (s,v) (1997), Zen Boxing (s,v) (1998), Ivan the Idiot (s) (2001), with Alexander Dulerain.

Kosakov, Mikhail, b. 1934

(selected) Unnamed Star (f,tv) (1978), The Visit of a Lady (f,tv) (1989), The Shadow, or Maybe Everything Will Be All Right (f) (1991).

Kosarev, Alexander, b. 1944

(selected) Hundred Steps in the Clouds (s) (1973), When the Land Shivers (f) (1975), Nicht over Chile (f) (1977), with Sebastian Alarkon, I Wish You Luck (f) (1980), Urgent … Confidential … To Region Security Department (f) (1982), Before the Parting (f) (1984), A Souvenir for the Attorney (f) (1989), Predators (f) (1991), The Hostages of the Devil (f) (1993).

Koselskaya, Natalya, b. 1969

(selected) Chunga-Chunga (d) (Russia/Germany, 1999)

Kosenkov, Vladimir, b.

(selected) My Nun (d) (2002)

Koshelev, Nikolai, b. 1942

(selected) Starshina (f) (1979), The Snow in June (f,tv) (1984), Death (f,tv) (1989), Without Justice (f) (1991).

Koshin, Vladimir, b.

(selected) Spongers of Brain (c,e) (1993), Text…Currents of Love to Death in Fucking Electricity (c,e) (1993).

Koshkin, Vadim, b.

(selected) Fucking Electricity (s) (1993), Psychopathy of a Mosaic Circle (s) (1994), Parasites of the Brain (s) (1994), Our Own Television System (s) (1994), Dance and Video (s) (1994), with Alexei Isayev, Vladimir Kromin.

Koshkina, Lyudmila, b.

(selected) Christmas Fantasy (a) (1993).

Kositsyn, Sergei, b. 1955

(selected) Stone Porridge (a) (1982), First Gear (a) (1982), Break (a) (1985), Armours Cow (a) (1988), Tower Room (a) (1995), A Chest (a,f) (2000), Holiday (a) (2001), .

Kosolapov, O., b.

(selected) Alina, Take Pity on Me (d) (2000).

Kostyukov, L., b.

(selected) Millennium (s) (2001).

Kotel, Nina, b.

(selected) Peelings (s) (2001), with Maria Chuikova, Sergei Zagny.

Kotov, Yevgeny, b. 1937

(selected) Ariel (f) (1992).

Kott, Alexander, b. 1973

(selected) The Photographer (s) (1997), Alenushka (s) (1997), A Journey (s) (1998), The Rope (s,v) (1998), Scarecrow (s) (1999), Two Drivers Go By (f) (2001), The Circus (tv series) (2002).

Kotyonochkin, Vyacheslav, b. 1927

(selected) Fuse No. 3 (a) (1962), We’re Such Masters (a) (1963), Tracks on the Asphalt (a) (1964), The Traveling Frog (a) (1965), Fuse No. 54 (a) (1966), Fuse No. 58 (a) (1967), The Border (a) (1967), Prophets and Teachers (a) (1967), Fuse No. 61 (a) (1967), Fuse No. 71 (a) (1968), Nah, Just Wait! (a) (1969), The Wrong Note (a) (1969), Nah, Just Wait!, II (a) (1970), Nah, Just Wait!, III (a) (1971), Nah, Just Wait!, IV (a) (1971),The Song of the Young Drummer (a) (1972), Nah, Just Wait!, V (a) (1972), Nah, Just Wait!, VI (a) (1973), Nah, Just Wait!, VII (a) (1973), Nah, Just Wait!, VIII (a) (1974), On a Woods Path (a) (1975), Nah, Just Wait!, IX (a) (1976), Nah, Just Wait!, X (a) (1976), Fuse No. 175 (a) (1976), Nah, Just Wait!, XI (a) (1977).

Kovalev, I., b.

(selected) Our Movie (s) (2000).

Kovalevskaya, Inessa, b.

(selected) Gun (a) (1965), Four from the Same Yard (a) (1967), Bremen Musicians (a) (1967), Smaller Cutter (a) (1970),Songs of Fiery Years (a) (1971), Russian Times (a) (1972), The Tale about the Priest and His Worker Balda (a) (1973), How the Lion Cub ad the Turtoise Sang Songs (a) (1974), In the Port (a) (1975), Children’s Album (a) (1976), Mining Master (a) (1978), Salute, Olympic Games! (a) (1979), Kamarinskaya (a) (1980), Once in the Morning (a) (1981), Chunchelo-Myauchelo (a) (1982), Bullfinch (a) (1983), Pictures at an Exhibition (a) (1984), Doll’s Dances (a) (1985), Walking (a) (1986), Kostroma (a) (1989), Fru-89: From the Left to the Right (a) (1989), Adventures of Grasshopper Kuzya (a) (1990-91), The Dwarfs and the Mountain King (a) (1993), Dora-Dora-Pomidora (a) (2001).

Kovalyov, M., b.

(selected) The Art Piece (f) (1959).

Kovylina, Elena, b.

(selected) Waltz (s) (2001).

Kozakova, Natasha (Natalya Petrova as actress & director), b. 1970

(selected) The Road (f) (2002).

Krainev, A., b.

(selected) 2000 (d) (2000).

Krasilshikov, Arkady, b.

(selected) An Interview with Hitler (d) (1995?).

Kresin, Mikhail, b.

(selected) Solomon’s Heart ) (f) (1932, lost), with Sergei Gerasimov.

Krinitzin, Boris, b. 1948

(selected) Rita and Lena (d) (1989), A Saturday (d) (1990), Workshop (d) (1991), Kazarin (d) (1992), Rostov Will Be Great (d) (1993), And I Am Carrying My Cross Carefully (d) (1994), Talking about Sofia (d) (1995), To the Bloody End (d) (1997).

Kristi, L., b.

(selected) Galina Ulanova (d) (1963), with Maria Slavinskaya, Lenin’s Three Springs (d) (1964).

Kromin, Vladimir, b.

(selected) Dance and Video (s) (1994), with Alexei Isayev, Vadim Kroshkin.

Krozhanovsky, A. b.

(selected) Dolgoe Pytezhestvie (s) (1997).

Krylova, Olga, b. 1967

(selected) From the Life of Crocodiles (d) (1994), Tales of Animals (d) (1998), General Works (d) (2000).

Krymova, Marina, b.

(selected) Parade (d) (1991), Under the Sun (d) (1994), Nobody Wanted to Leave (s) (1994), The Boy (d) (1997).

Kubayev, Rauf, b.

(selected) The White Dance (f) (1999).

Kubrin, Alexander, b.

(selected) Fairy (s) (1992), The Island (s) (1992).

Kudryashov, Fyodor, b.

(selected) Manya-Vanya (d) (2002).

Kudyavtseva, Ekaterina, b.

(selected) The Sunny Cats (s,v) (2002).

Kuguchin, Alexander, b.

(selected) Optimus Mundi (a) (1999), with Dmitry Gorbunov.

Kukushkin, V., b.

(selected) Bear-Like (f) (2002).

Kulagin, Leonid, b.

(selected) The She-Wolf (f) (1992).

Kulagina, L., b.

(selected) Return Point (d) (2000), About Love (d) (2001).

Kulakov, Yury, b.

(selected) The Creation of the World (a) (1997).

Kulepetov, Roman, b.

(selected) Noosphere (d) (2001).

Kuleshov, Lev, 1899-1970

(selected) Engineer Prite’s Project (f) (1918), The Unfinished Love Song (f) (1919), with Vitold Polonsky, On the Red Front (d) (1920), The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. West in the Land of the Bolsheviks (f) (1924), The Death Ray (f) (1925), Dura Lex, or By the Law (f) (1926), The Journalist - Your Acquaintance (f) (1927), Locomotive Nr. B-100 (d, uncompleted) (1927), The Gay Canary (f) (1929), Two-Buldi-Two (f) (1929), Proryv (s) (1930, banned), Forty Hearts (f) (1931), Horizon (f) (1933), The Great Consoler (f) (1933), The Siberians (f) (1940), Incident in a Volcano (f) (1941), Timur’s Oath (f) (1942), We from the Urals (f) (1944), with Alexandra Khokhlova.

Kulidjanov (Kulidzhanov), Lev, b. 1924

(selected) Ladies (s) (1954), with Hendrikh Oganesian, It Started Like This (f) (1956), with Yakov Segel, The House I Live in (f) (1957), with Yakov Segel, Our Father’s House (f) (1959), When the Trees Grew Tall (f) (1961), The Blue Notebook (f) (1963), The Lost Photo (f) (USSR/CSSR, 1969), Crime and Punishment (f) (1970), The Moment in the Stars (d) (1972), Karl Marx: Young Years (f,tv series) (USSR/GDR, 1979), The 20th Century (d,tv series), Without Fear of Death (f) (1991), Forget-Me-Nots (f) (1994).

Kulish, Savva, 1936-2001

(selected) The Last Letters (d) (1965), with Harri Stoychev, The Dead Season (f) (1968), The Committee of 19 (f) (1971), The Take-Off (f) (1979), First Attempts (d) (1980), Tales of Old Arbat (f) (1982), Tragedy, Rock-Style (f) (USSR/France,1988), The Iron Curtain (f) (1995).

Kulyamin, A., b.

(selected) Queen of Spades (f) (2002).

Kumeger, Olga, b.

(selected) Throat (s) (1997).

Kurbanov, S., b.

(selected) The Additional Train Is Arriving on Track 2 (f,tv) (1986), with Valery Akhadov, The Glance (f) (1989), with Valery Akhadov.

Kurchevsky, Vadim, b. 1928

(selected) About the Billy Goat (a) (1960), I Want to Be Brave (a) (1963), with Nikolai Serebryakov, Life and Misery of Ivan Semyonov, or The Little Lazybones (a) (1964), with Nikolai Serebryakov, Neither God, Nor Devil (a) (1965), with Nikolai Serebryakov, My Green Crocodile (a) (1966), The Legend of Griga (a) (1967), Frantishek, or The Dappled Snow-Flower (a) (1967), Nothing Is Forgotten (a) (1968), The Golden Boy (a) (1969), A Young Man Named Engels (a) (USSR/GDR,1970), with Fyodor Khitruk, Katja Georgi, Klaus Georgi, and Wolfgang Kernicke, I’m Painting the Sun (a) (1970), The Master from Klams (a) (1972), The Nemuchinsker Musicians (a) (1973), Rich Sadko (a) (1975), Spring Night (a) (1976), The Secret of the Singing Cricket (a) (1977), My Green Crocodile (a) (198?), Liberated Don Quixote (a) (199?).

Kurganov, S., b.

(selected) Soldiers of Freedom (f) (1976), with Yury Ozerov.

Kurlaev, G., b.

(selected) Gates to Heaven (s) (2000).

Kurnyaev, A., b.

(selected) Doctor Sharkunov (d) (2000).

Kurykin, Valery, b.

(selected) An Auction (f) (1987), The Blackmailer (f) (1988), The Killer’s Vacancy Is Free (f) (1990), Moscow Love (f) (1991).

Kusis, Y., b.

(selected) Story of the Green Square (d) (1953), with Marina Tavrog, V. Bugayev, A. Ushakov, K. Burkovsky.

Kustov, A., b.

(selected) Vsevolod Pudovkin (d) (1960).

Kuybida, F., b.

(selected) Such a Movie (s) (2000).

Kuzin, Yury, b.

(selected) The Left-Hander (s) (1999).

Kuzmenko, Yury, b.

(selected) Long Distance Drivers (tv serial) (2001).

Kuznetsov, Alexander, b.

(selected) Trifon (e,s) (2000).

Kuznetsov, Konstantin, b.

(selected) A Living Corpse (s) (1911), with Boris Chaikovsky.

Kviriya, Alexander, b.

(selected) Yevgeny - The Grandson of Vukvutagin (d) (2001)

Kwong, Xie-en, b.

(selected) Elegy (s) (2001).

Kychinsky, Vladimir, b. 1935

(selected) Love with Privileges (f) (1991).

Ladynin, A., b.

(selected) The Conqueror (f) (1976), with Edgar Khodzhikian.

Lanskaya, Elena, b.

(selected) She Could Still Live (s) (USA, 1999).

Lapenkova, E., b.

(selected) Levoberezhnaya, 6 (d) (2000).

Lappalainen, M., b.

(selected) The Iron, or Several Shots (s) (1997).

Larin, N., b.

(selected) Tercentenary of the Romanov’s Dynasty’s Accession to the Throne (d) (1913), with A. Uralsky.

Lavrinenko, Elina, b.

(selected) Walks with Dante (d) (2001), with Denis Filyukov, Playing “Gopkins” (s) (2002), with Denis Filyukov.

Laryov, D., b.

(selected) Nos Majora, or The Major’s Nose (a) (1998), Multipotam (a, omnibus film) (2001), with Mikhail Lisovoi, N. Lukinykh, V. Telegin, Oleg Uzhinov.

Laskin, Boris, b.

(selected) Career of Lieutenant Gopp (s) in Fighting Film Album No. 11 (f) (1942), with I. Sklyut.

Lavrentyev, Yevgeny, b. 1972

(selected) Spring Va-Bank (s,clip) (199?), The Boy (s,clip) (199?), Swindle (f) (2001).

Lavrov, G., b.

(selected) The World Today, or And Still I Believe (d) (1971/74) completed for Mikhail Romm with Marlen Khutsiev, Elem Klimov.

Lavrov, Kirill, b.

(selected) The Brothers Karamazov (f) (1968), completed for Ivan Pyriev with Mikhail Ulyanov.

Lebedev, Daniil, b.

(selected) Camouflage (s) (1997), with Alexei Dobrov, Valery Patkonen, Mute (s) (1998), with Alexei Dobrov.

Lebedev, Nikolai, b. 1966

(selected) Lodging for Friday Night (s) (1991), Moscow (s) (1994), Sesame Street (s,tv series) (1995-96), The Serpent’s Spring (f) (1997), The Admirer (f) (1999), The Star (f) (2002).

Lebedev, Yevgeny, b. 1945

(selected) According to the Tradition of Ancestors (d) (1994), Molibden (d) (1996), There, in the Center of Russia (d) (1997), I Love (d) (1998).

Lebedeva, Valentina, b.

(selected) The Formula of Life (d) (2001)

Ledashev, A., b.

(selected) A Shepherd and a Tsar (f) (1934).

Lemberg, Grigory, b.

(selected) Abortion (f) (1924), with ?. Galkin.

Leonidov, Leonid, b.

(selected) Wings of a Serf (f) (1926), with Yury Tarich.

Leonov-Galdyshev, Yevgeny, b.

(selected) Supreme Penalty (f) (1992), with Viktor Trakhtenberg.

Lesnik, Yury, b.

(selected) Pirate Television (s) (1991-92), Project: Toplogy in Sculpture (s) (1993).

Letskaya, Elena, b.

(selected) The Rote Kapelle: 50 Years After (d) (1993?).

Levandovsky, V., b.

(selected) The Tale of the Straw Ox (a) (1927).

Levashov, Vladimir, b.

(selected) Our Own Magazine (s) (1997-99), with Andrei Silverstov.

Levin, Vladimir, b. 1937

(selected) Gdye Ty, Bagira? (f) (1977), K Svoim!… (f) (1983), Shil-byl Matvei (s) (1985), Musykalnaya Smyena (f) (1987), Semya and Lyubov in America (f) (1990), Kopybelnaya Dlya bena (f) (1992), Pioneer Mary Pickford (f) (1995).

Levinsky, Igor, b. 1974

(selected) In Captivity with Invalids (s) (1994), with Pyotr Tokhilin.

Linkov, Sergei, b.

(selected) First Pages (d) (1970), with Mikhail Romm, K. Osin, The Last Saturday (f) (1993).

Liotsnova, T., b.

(selected) Memory of the Heart (f) (1958), with Sergei Gerasimov.

Lisakovich, Viktor, b. 1937

(selected) Autumn of Hope (d) (1962), Hello, Nette (d) (1963), His Name was Fyodor (d) (1963), He Must Be Accused (d) (1963), Path to Tomorrow (d) (1964), Katyuska (d) (1964), Memory of the People (d) (1964), Only One Life (d) (1965), Dreams without End (d) (1965), The Road Begins at Mangishlak (d) (1966), Meet Leonid Engibarov (d) (1966), Chronicle without Sensation (d) (1966), Memories of Chkalov (d) (1967), The Diplomats (d) (1968), The World on This Day (d) (1970), Ireland’s Hour (d) (1970), with V. Dunayev, Fog in Britain (d) (1972), America - Autumn, 1971 (d) (1972), with Anatoly Semyonov, Portugal - A Restless Autumn (d) (1975), So Began the Season of Victories (d) (1975), Tell Me from Your Heart (d) (1976), To Lenin in the Kremlin (d) (1977), V.I. Lenin (d?) (1995?).

Lisovoi, Mikhail, b.

(selected) Nos Majora, or The Major’s Nose (a) (1998), Multipotam (a, omnibus film) (2001), with D. Laryov, N. Lukinykh, V. Telegin, Oleg Uzhinov.

Litvinov, A., b.

(selected) Through the Wilderness of the Ussuri Country (d) (1928).

Litvinova, R., b.

(selected) episode (s) in The Russian Decameron (f) (2002), with Dmitry Meskhiev, Konstantin Murzenko, Yury Pavlov, Andrei Razenkov, Valery Todorovsky.

Livnev, Sergei, b. 1964

(selected) Cracked (f) (1991), Hammer and Sickle (f) (1994).

Lomkin, Sergei, b.

(selected) Kolobrod (f?) (1992),The Fatal Eggs (f) (Russia/Czech Republic, 1995), Farewell in June (f) (2001).

Lonskoy, Valery, b. 1941

(selected) The Sky with Me (f) (1974), White Raven (f) (1981), Lethargy (f) (1983), Men’s Portraits (f) (1987), One’s Cross (f) (1989), Take Out the Body (f) (1992), Barkhanov and His Bodyguard (f) (1996).

Loznitsa, Sergei, b. 1964

(selected) Nizi Dominus (d) (1994), Today We Are Going to Build a House (d) (1996), with Marat Magambetov, Life, Autumn (d) (1998), with Marat Magambetov, The Halt, or The Train Station (d) (1999), The Settlement (d) (Russia/Ukraine, 2001), Portrait (d) (2002).

Ludanny, A., b.

(selected) The Concert (s) (2000).

Lukashevich, T., b.

(selected) The Orphan (f) (1939), The Blind Musician (f) (1960).

Lukin, Vitaly, b.

(selected) Black Shark (f) (1993).

Lukinsky, Ivan, b. 1906

(selected) Chuk and Geck (f) (1953), Soldier Ivan Brovkin (f) (1955), Soldier Ivan Brovkin on the Virgin Lands (f) (1959), A Jump on the Dawn (f) (1961), Manic Monday (f) (1964), Comrade Arseny (f) (1965), Hell Blown Up (f) (1967), A Village Detective Story (f) (1969), Roots (f) (1974), Lullaby for Men (f) (1977), with Vladimir Zlatutovsky, A Fight for the Taiga (f) (1978), with Vladimir Zlatutovsky.

Lukinykh, N., b.

(selected) Nos Majora, or The Major’s Nose (a) (1998), Multipotam (a, omnibus film) (2001), with D. Laryov, Mikhail Lisovoi, V. Telegin, Oleg Uzhinov.

Lungin, Pavel, b. 1949

(selected) Taxi Blues (f) (1990), Luna Park (f) (1992), The GULag - The Key to Happiness (d) (1993), The Ungerground Pioneer (d) (1993), Nice: Little Russia (d) (1993), The Eskimos: The People One Too Many (d) (1994), Sea of Russians (s) in omnibus film À propos de Nice: La Suite, or About Nice: Continuation (f) (1995), Life the Color of Red, or The Line of Life (f) (1996), Murder in the Limelight (f) (1997), Vladimir Mayakovsky (d,tv) (France, 1998), The Big Game (d,tv) (USA, 1998), The Wedding (f) (Russia/France/Italy/Germany, 2000).

Lurier, Yuly, b.

(selected) A Hunted Hunter (d) (2001).

Lutsik, Pyotr, 1960-2000

(selected) On the Eve (s) (1989), Outskirts (f) (1998).

Lyachovezky, Mark, b.

(selected) Save Russia! (d) (1992), with Irina Margolina.

Lyrchikov, Nikolai, b. 1954

(selected) Vanya (f) (1979), We Are Neighbors (f) (1982), Mad Day of Engineer Barkasov (f,tv) (1983), Still Love, Still Hope (f) (1985), Nobody’s (f) (1988), Sneak (f) (1989), Forgiveness (f) (1991), Fictitious Marriage (f) (1992).

Lyubimov, Pavel, b. 1938

(selected) Seven Winds (s) (1962), The Aunt with Violets (f) (1963), The Women (f) (1966), Hurrying on the Waves (f) (1967), The New Girl (f) (1969), A Day Ahead (f) (1970), A Ghost in My House (f) (1995).

Lyubomudrov, Vladimir, b. 1939

(selected) Search for the Wind (f) (1978), The First Cavalry (f) (1984), White Crows (f) (1988), Hotel “Eden” (f) (1991).

McGaffey, Shane, b. 1970

(selected) Leaving Moscow (f) (Russia/USA, 2000).

Macheret, Alexander, b.

(selected) Men and Jobs (f) (1932), with Mikhail Romm, The Happy Life of Petra Vinogradova (f) (1935, banned), Swamp-Soldiers (f) (1938), The Mistakes of Engineer Kochin (f) (1939, banned), Stories Filmed in Color (f) (1941).

Machilsky, Alexander, b.

(selected) Mummy from a Suitcase (f) (1991), with Gennady Klimov.

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