Dandruff treatment using Fenugreek Seeds

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Home Remedies for Dandruff
Dandruff treatment using Fenugreek Seeds
The use of fenugreek (Methi) seeds is one of the most important remedies in the treatment of dandruff. Two tablespoons of these seeds should be soaked overnight in water and ground into a fine paste in the morning. This paste should be applied all over the scalp and left for half an hour. The hair should then be washed thoroughly with soap-nut (ritha) solution or acacia concinna.
Dandruff treatment using Lime
The use of a teaspoon of fresh lime juice for the last rinse, while washing the hair, is another useful remedy. This not only leaves the hair glowing but also removes stickiness and prevents dandruff.
Dandruff treatment using Green Gram Powder
A valuable prescription for removal of dandruff is the use of green gram powder. The hair should be washed twice a week with two tablespoons of this powder mixed with half a cup of curd.
Dandruff treatment using Beet
Beets have been found useful in dandruff. Both tops and roots should be boiled in water and this water should be massaged into the scalp with the finger tips every night. White beet is better for this purpose.
Dandruff treatment using Snake Gourd
The juice of snake gourd has been found beneficial in the prevention and treatment of dandruff. The juice should be rubbed over the scalp for this purpose.
Dandruff treatment using Other Remedies
Dandruff can be removed by massaging the hair for half an hour with curd which has been kept in the open for three days, or with a few drops of lime juice mixed with indian gooseberry juice every night, before going to bed.
Another measure which helps to counteract dandruff is to dilute cider vinegar with an equal quantity of water and dab this on to the hair with cotton wool in-between shampooing. Cider vinegar added to the final rinsing water after shampooing also helps to disperse dandruff.
Dietaries for Dandruff

All-fruit diet with three meal a day of juicy fruits

Diet plays an important role in the treatment of dandruff. To begin with, the patient should resort to an all-fruit diet for about five days and take three meals a day of juicy fruits.

Avoid citrus fruits, bananas, tinned fruits

Citrus fruits, bananas, dried, stewed, or tinned fruits should not be taken.

Well-balanced diet

After the all-fruit diet, the patient can gradually adopt a well-balanced diet, with emphasis on raw foods, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. Further short periods of an all-fruit diet for three days or so may be necessary at monthly intervals till the skin's condition improves.

Avoid strong tea/coffee, pickles, refined and processed foods

Meats, sugar, white flour, strong tea or coffee, condiments, pickles, refined and processed foods should all be avoided.
Other Dandruff treatments

Keep hair and scalp clean to avoid accumulation of dead cells

The hair should be brushed daily to improve the circulation and remove any flakiness. The most effective way to brush the hair is to bend forward from the waist with the head down towards the ground, and brush from the nape of the neck towards the top of the head. The scalp should also be thoroughly massaged everyday, using one's finger tips and working systematically over the head. This should be done just before or after brushing the hair. Like brushing, this stimulates the circulation, dislodges dirt and dandruff, and encourages hair growth. Exposure of the head to the rays of the sun is also a useful measure in the treatment of dandruff.
Warm-water enema

During the first five days of the treatment when the patient takes an all-fruit diet, a warm-water enema should be taken daily to cleanse the bowels. Simultaneously, an attempt should be made to keep the body in good health.

Dandruff - Frequently asked questions

Sesame Seed Oil has been used as healing oil for thousands of years

32 Dandruff remedies suggested by our users

  • Best way to rid you of dandruff is applying henna. You can mix henna powder, tea essence (black tea) lemon one spoon, curd (3 spoons) vinegar (1 spoon), olive oil (1 spoon), fenugreek powder (1 spoon)egg white, mix together and keep this mixture for the whole night and apply on the hair for the next day. You should start it from root of the hair to the tip of the hair. Leave it for 2-3 hours then wash it without shampoo. The next day wash it with shampoo. If u do this monthly twice. You may get rid of dandruff (u can add margosa and indian gooseberry powder also along with this content).. You have to wash the hair every two days once. Weekly thrice if u do the oil massage is another method to prevent dandruff.

  • Take some curd and keep it overnight in normal room temperature. Also boil some tea leaves in water. Next morning add the tea leaves water to the curd and some lemon drops and apply on hair. Keep mixture for 20 minutes in hair and wash hair with warm water and get that extra shine on your hair. It's a great conditioner for hair.

Add six spoonfuls water, two spoonfuls pure vinegar and apply it on the scalp with cotton wool before going to bed. Tie a towel around your head to protect the pillow. Wash your hair next morning. After shampooing, rinse again with vinegar water. Continue this once a week for at least three months.

Mix a spoonful of lemon juice with two spoonfuls of vinegar and massage on the scalp. Wash your hair with an egg shampoo after this.

Soak fenugreek (methi) seeds in yogurt overnight and apply the curd on your scalp for half an hour before washing in the morning.

Ayurvedic Treatments and Home Remedies for Dandruff and Hair Loss

  • Boil neem leaves in water and use this water to rinse hair.

  • Massage scalp with warm coconut for half an hour atleast twice a week

  • Make a paste by tulsi leaves and amla powder mixed with water. Massage this paste on the scalp and let it remain for half to one hour. Wash the hair with water.

  • Beat two eggs and add two tablespoons of water to it. Wet the hair and apply the egg mixture over the hair. Now massage your scalp and let the mixture on for ten minutes to fifteen minutes. Then rinse the hair with lukewarm water. This will keep both dandruff and hairfall problem away from you.

  • Boil 100 g each of amla (goose berry), reetha and shikakai in two litre of water until the liquid reduces to half. Use this shampoo for one month. It is the best anti dandruff shampoo and is very beneficial in scalp care and thickening of hairs.

Dandruff Treatment:

  • Mix some camphor in coconut oil. Application of this oil daily on your scalp properly with the fingertips working at the hair roots in the scalp can show remarkable results.

  • Apply lemon juice mixed with sugar on the scalp. Then expose the hair to the sun's heat for five to six hours and let the juice dry. When this is done, wash the hair with a mild shampoo. Although this may sound difficult but this can solve the dandruff problem to a great extent.

  • Prepare a mixture of lemon juice in coconut oil. Apply this mixture on the hair and massage it deep into the scalp. Continue this regularly for a few days. It will help reduce the dandruff and impart a shine to your hair.

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