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epartment of Education and Skills

Planning and Building Unit

Tullamore, Co. Offaly.
Telephone: 057 9324300 or 01 889 6400
Fax: 057 9324411
Web: www.education.ie

Room: PE Hall – 594 m2 and Ancillary

PE Equipment – PE594

Equipment List and Specification.

Standards, Specifications and Conditions

Schools should tender and select the PE Equipment Supplier before practical completion and hand over to allow adequate time for co-ordination between the PE supplier and the Main Contractor and/or school. Structural Drawings of the roof to be made available for tendering purposes (See Guidelines for Designers, Builders and PE Equipment Installers.)

All Equipment shall be Durable and Safe for School Use.

Equipment wholly or partly funded from public funds is subject to Inspection by Officers from the Department of Education and Skills.

It is essential that tenders and tenderers for equipment for school use shall:

  • Comply fully with the specifications and be durable and safe for school use.

  • Comply fully with the Standards as detailed and shall comply fully with

European Standards (EN), both established and developing.

  • Comply with European electrical standards and CE marking as appropriate.

  • Fully comply with requirements in the Request for Tenders (RFT) document.

  • Be accompanied by documentation of sufficient detail for full evaluation.

  • Include the completed and signed certificate of compliance.

Award of a contract is conditional on the production of a current tax clearance certificate.
Failure to comply with the above may result in the tender being deemed null and void.

Important: Equipment of Consumer quality (light duty home use type equipment) is Not Suitable for School Use.

Note: For Outdoor Equipment see: List PEO

Table of Contents


Schedule of Accommodation for PE Hall – 594 m2
Guidelines for Designers, Builders & PE Equipment Installers
List of Equipment with Descriptions & Specifications

Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
Playing Courts for PE Hall – 594 m2


  • To contribute to the physical well-being of the pupil through a programme aimed at the development of a level of fitness.

  • To develop appropriate motor skills enabling the pupil to participate in everyday life situations and in recreational, sporting and creative activities.

  • To provide opportunities to acquire knowledge in relation to the following.

  • Games and Athletics.

  • Gymnastics.

  • Dance.

  • Aquatics.

  • Health & Fitness.

  • The application of skills in the full game situation will require an area and a surface as recommended by the Governing Bodies of the relevant sport.

  • A well structured games programme will take account of the games which are indigenous to the area and should also include a variety of opportunity as outlined in the

“Rules & Programme for Secondary Schools”

Summary of Playing Court Sizes”.

Schedule of Accommodation for PE Hall – 594 m2

School :

Roll No:

Principal :



Total Floor Area (Area Limit) :




Date of Issue:

Date of Acceptance:

Rev. No. :

Date of Issue:

Date of Acceptance:

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