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Linda Kraus Worley

Department of Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Cultures – German Studies Division

1063 Patterson Office Tower

Business telephone: 859 257 1198

Home telephone: 859 277 0257

e -mail address:

German Studies, Associate Professor

Academic Director, Graduate Certificate for Teaching and Learning, 2007 - present

Preparing Future Faculty Program, 2007 - present

Honors Program, Associate Professor (2002-2004)

Women’s Studies, Affiliated Faculty
1983 84 University of Cincinnati; Ph.D. German literature. 1985

1980 82 Universität Erlangen Nürnberg, Germany

1973 74 Albert Ludwigs Universität, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

1971 75 University of Cincinnati; M.A., German literature. 1972

1967 71 Miami University, Oxford, Ohio; B.A. magna cum laude. English literature;

"Louise von François: A Reinterpretation of Her Life and Her 'Odd Woman' Fiction"

Director: Helga Slessarev. May 1985


2008 Eighteenth/Nineteenth-century German Handwriting Seminar, Moravian Archives, Bethlehem, PA

1994 Berlin Seminar: Issues of the New Germany. Sponsored by Loyola College

1989 Work completed for ACTFL Oral Proficiency Tester Certification

1987 ACTFL Oral Proficiency Tester Certification Workshop, Hunter College

2011 – present Advisor, Folklore and Myth Minor

2010 - 11 Director, Munich Study Abroad, summer program

2007 – present: Co-Director, Preparing Future Faculty Certificate, Graduate School

2002 – present: Director of Graduate Studies, Division of German Studies, MCL

2002-04: Head, Division of German Studies, Modern and Classical Languages

1996-99: Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies, University of Kentucky

1995-99: Director, Teaching and Learning Center, University of Kentucky

1993 Associate Professor, University of Kentucky

1986 Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky

1985  1986 Assistant Professor (Sabbatical Replacement), Queens College, CUNY

1985 Visiting Lecturer, Honors Program, St. Francis College, Loretto, PA

1975  1983 Instructor, University of Maryland, European Division

2011 Outstanding Teaching Award, Humanities, College of Arts and Sciences. $1500.
2011 Invited to be part of European Study Group on 18th-19th Century Women Writers. Topic: “Handlungswillen, Handlungsbereitschaft und Widerstand in deutschsprachigen Literaturen von und über Frauen 1780-1918.“ Grant from the Europäische Wissenschaftstiftung.
2007 Grant to study motivation of faculty members, $ 1,000. University of Kentucky. Education Policy Studies
2004 Joe Davis Fellow, award for Educational Leadership, University of Kentucky,

$ 1000. Recipient of inaugural award.

2004 Helped development officer in Engineering establish the Karl Kuehne German-Engineering Grant for scholarships for students ($ 10,000. per year for 5 years)
2004 Ford Foundation grant. Created a concomitant degree program with Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce, $ 6000.
2002 DAAD Study Trip to German with engineering/MBA/FLIE students, awarded

$ 5000. January 2002.

2002 Grant: Travel to International Conference. Office of Vice-President for Research, University of Kentucky, $ 800.
2002 Grant: Travel to Austrian Institute of Southeastern European Studies for invited conference paper. Austrian Institute, $ 1900.
2000 Grant: Foreign Language Assistance Program: “Curriculum Frameworks: K-12"

Co-investigator in group of twelve. Funded. $ 140,000.

2000 Grant: “Enriching the Foreign Language - International Economics Program”. Curt Harvey, Economics, principal investigator. Worley and 10 others, co-investigators. Funded by Dept. of Education. $ 75,000.
2000 Summer Research Grant, “Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach’s Tales of Vienna.” University of Kentucky, $ 5000.
1998 Grant proposal to FIPSE Dissemination Project, “Developing a Teaching Scholars Program to Build a Campus Culture for Learning and Teaching,” with Miami University of Ohio, UK request: $ 12,000. Total: $ 86,000. Not funded.
1998 Grant proposal to NSF: “Enhancing Student Creativity,” with colleagues from Interior Design and the College of Engineering. Not funded
1997 The PEW Charitable Trusts, “Preparing Future Faculty,” Phase II grant for the University of Kentucky, $ 60,000. (1997-2000). Submitted with Lou Swift and Dan Reedy.
1997 Kentucky YWCA Women of Achievement Award, University of Kentucky nominee
1996 Higher Education Challenge Grants program, USDA: “Polishing Peers: Improving Plant and Soil Science Education through Peer Review.” Larry Grabau, PI, Linda Worley, Scott Smith, Bill Burke, Co-PIs, $ 63, 729. (1996-99)

1994 Award for Service to American Association of Teachers of German, Kentucky Chapter
1994 Sabbatical Research Grant, Vice-Chancellor for Research, University of Kentucky, $ 4,500.
1992 Grant for departmental ACTFL Oral Proficiency Testing Training Workshop, Innovation and Excellence Initiative, University of Kentucky, $ 1,750.
1991 Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence for Untenured Faculty.

(Two awarded by committee), $ 7,000.

1990 National Endowment for the Humanities, Grant for Travel to Archives, $750.
1990 Goethe Institute, Atlanta, Grant to aid in publishing and mailing frauen/film: new approaches to teaching film. $400.
1989 Goethe Institute, Munich, Grant to aid in publishing frauen/film: new approaches to teaching film. DM 1500. ($779.)
1989 Indiana University, Grant to publish frauen/film: new approaches to teaching film, $ 750.
1989 Bowdoin College, Grant to publish frauen/film: new approaches to teaching film $ 750.
1989 University of Kentucky, Research Committee grant to aid in publishing frauen/film: new approaches to teaching film, $ 500.
1989 Goethe Institute Grant to attend AAUSC (American Association of University Supervisors and Co-ordinators) conference, German section, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, October 1989. $ 700.
1989 University of Kentucky Summer Faculty Research Fellowship, $2400.
1988 University of Kentucky, Special President's Faculty Grant, $7500.
1988 DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Summer Research Grant, DM 6,000 DM.
1988 University of Kentucky Summer Faculty Research Fellowship, $2,400. (declined)
1988 Goethe Institute Grant to attend AAUSC Conference, German section, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, October 1988. $ 700.

1988 Undergraduate Research Assistant Program, Gaines Center for the Humanities.
1987 University of Kentucky Grant, Training as an Oral Proficiency Tester, ACTFL, April 1987. $ 1500.

Co-editor with Harald Hoebusch of Colloquia Germanica: International Zeitschrift für Germanistik. Beginning July 2012.

Guest editor with Prof. Heide Crawford, special issue of Colloquia Germanica on German Gothic literature. Vol. 42.1-2 (2009). appeared 2011
Associate Editor, Book reviews, Colloquia Germanica, 1999-2002
Editor, Teaching at UK: Newsletter of the Teaching and Learning Center. 3-4 issues annually. 1995-1999
Editor. frauen/film: new approaches to teaching film. Prepared for Coalition of Women in German, 1990, 124 pp. Edited and compiled the bibliography for the volume.

Kelly D. Bradley, Linda Worley, Jessica D. Cunningham, and Jeffery P. Bieber. “Measuring Perceptions of New Faculty Towards Research, Service, and Teaching in Higher Education.” To appear in

“Reading European Literature: Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach and her Circle,” Oxford German Studies 42.2 (fall 2013). Special issue on “Cosmopolitan Women: German-Speaking Writers, 1780-1900.” To be published fall 2013.
Request to reprint: "Through Others' Eyes: Narratives of German Women Travelling in Nineteenth Century America." Yearbook of German-American Studies 21 (1986): 39-50.

Ed. Emma Hull. Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism. Bristol, UK: Layman Poupard, 2012.

“Maximizing the Development of Teaching Assistants through Mentoring and Teacher-Scholar Projects.” Co-authored with Harald Höbusch. ADFL Bulletin 42.1 (2012): 83-94.

“Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach’s Lotti, die Uhrmacherin and the City: Questioning the ‘Conservative.’” German Women’s Writing of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries: Future Directions in Feminist Criticism. Eds. Helen Fronius and Anna Richards. London: Legenda, 2011. 99-113.

"The Horror! Gothic Horror Literature and Fairy Tales: The Case of 'The Robber Bridegroom.'" Colloquia Germanica 42.1 (2009) 67 – 80. (published in 2011)
With Heide Crawford. “The German Gothic: Introduction.”Colloquia Germanica 42.1 (2009): 1-3. (published in 2011)
"’Lappen […], die Puppen darin zu kleiden.' Performative Selbst-Einkleidungen in Sophie von La Roches Tagebuch einer Reise durch England und Holland." in:  »Ach, wie wünschte ich mir Geld genug, eine  Professur zu stiften«. Sophie von La Roche (1730-1807) im literarischen   und kulturpolitischen Feld von Aufklärung und Empfindsamkeit. Dokumentation der Internationalen Tagung (DFG) vom vom 25.10.–28.10.2007 Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach am Neckar.  Tübingen: Narr/Francke, 2010. 123-30.
“The Making (and Unmaking) of an Austrian Icon: The Reception of Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach as a geopolitical Case Study.” Modern Austrian Literature 41.2 (2008): 19 – 39.
“Louise von Gall und Der neue Kreuzritter“ article in: Lexikon deutschsprachiger Dramen und Prosa von Autorinnen (1730-1900). Gudrun Loster-Schneider and Gaby Pailer, Eds. Tübingen: Francke, 2006. pp. 154-6.
“Louise von Gall und’Der Nebenbuhler im Traum‘“ article in: Lexikon deutschsprachiger Dramen und Prosa von Autorinnen (1730-1900). Gudrun Loster-Schneider and Gaby Pailer, Eds. Tübingen: Francke, 2006. pp. 153-4.
“Conceptualizing the Academic Life: Graduate Students’ Perspectives,” with Jeff Bieber. Journal of Higher Education 77.6 (November/December 2006): 1009- 1035.
“Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach (1830-1916) als Frau und Autorin” to appear in a publication of the Lysice Palace, Czech Republic, 2006. 12 ms. pages.
“Marie von Ebner-Eschenbachs Konstruktionen des Tschechischen,” in: Herausforderung Osteuropa: Die Offenlegung stereotyper Bilder. Ed. Thede Kahl, Elisabeth Vyslonzil and Alois Woldan. Schriftenreihe des Österreichischen Ost- und Südosteuropa-Instituts, Vol. 29. Vienna: Verlag für Geschichte und Politik, 2004, pp. 135-148.
“Girls from Good Families: Tony Buddenbrook and Agathe Heidling.” German Quarterly 76.2 (Spring 2003):195 - 211 .
A Model for Developing Teaching Assistants.” In: Teaching Tips for College and University Instructor: A Practical Guide. David Royse. Needham Heights, MA: Allyn & Bacon, 2001, pp. 301 - 307.
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"Through Others' Eyes: Narratives of German WomenTravelling in Nineteenth Century America." Yearbook of German-American Studies 21 (1986): 39-50.
PUBLICATIONS: not refereed
Teaching and Learning at UK: A Resource Handbook. Linda Worley and Bill Burke. University of Kentucky, 1996, 1999 rev. 70 pp.
Editor of Teaching at UK from 1995 – 2000. Published several times a year.
"The Large Lecture Class: Bane or Backbone of the University." Teaching at UK 2.1 (Fall 1995): 1-2.
"Teaching Portfolios: the benefits are worth the cost." Communi-K: Special Issue on Teaching Portfolios (Fall 1994): C2.
"Prochievement Oral Testing." The Bluegrass Bulletin 21.1 (Fall 1994): 1-4.
Bibliography for frauen/film: new approaches to teaching film. Prepared for Coalition of Women in German, 1990: 103-124.
"Die häßliche Heldin: Überlegungen zu Adalbert Stifters Brigitta und Louise von François' 'Geschichte einer Häßlichen.'" Adalbert-Stifter-Vierteljahresschrift. Accepted 36 Ms. pages, waiting for funding and publication

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Translation with Jeff Worley of Hans Jürgen Heise, "Paul Celan." Sulfur (Fall, 1984): 36-43.

"New Directions in Foreign-Language Teaching," 3-part professional development series concentrating on teaching reading and writing, January 1992. Kentucky Educational Television. Content designer responsible for academic content and on-air presenter. Wrote Teacher=s Manuals to accompany broadcasts. Three ninety-minute broadcasts.
"New Directions in Foreign-Language Teaching," 4-part professional development series concentrating on speaking and listening, January 1991. Kentucky Educational Television. Content designer and on-air presenter. Wrote Teacher=s Manuals and compiled a six-page bibliography on foreign-language proficiency. Four ninety-minute broadcasts..

“Reading European Literature: Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach.” Midwest Modern Language Association, November 2012. Cincinnati.
Panel organized with Hillary Herzog. “Vienna 1900: Re-imagining Vienna in the 21st Century,” German Studies Association, September 2011. Four panels organized.
Commentator, “Vienna 1900: Re-imagining Vienna in the 21st Century: Race, Class, and Ethnicity.” German Studies Association, September 2011.
“Institutional Fit and Future Faculty Aspirations.” Presented with Morris Grubbs. Lilly Conference, Washington, D.C. June 2011.

Organizer and Moderator, Panel on Nineteenth-Century Literature, Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, annually, 1986 - present.

Organizer, Panel on Graduate Student Research, Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, 2001-2008.
“Reading European Literature: Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach and her Circle.” German Women’s Writing in its European Context, 1700-1900. University of London, November 2010.
“The Horror! Fairy Tales and Gothic Literature: “The Robber Bridegroom as a Case Study.” German Studies Association Conference, Washington, DC, October 2009.
Kelly D. Bradley, Linda Worley, Jessica D. Cunningham, and Jeffery P. Bieber. “Evaluating and restructuring a new faculty survey: Measuring perceptions related to research, service, and teaching.” American Educational Research Association Conference, San Diego, 2009. (presented in person by Kelly Bradley)

“Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach: A case study in the reception of a “Conservative” woman writer” Conference: German Women Writers of the 18th and 19th Centuries: Was nun? Future directions in teaching and researching women’s writing. Exeter College, University of Oxford. September 5 – 6, 2008.

“Sophie von La Roches Reisetagebücher: Selbstkonstruktionen und biographisches Substrat.” Conference: "Sophie von La Roche (1730-1807) im literarischen und kulturpolitischen Feld von Aufklärung und Empfindsamkeit." Schiller Archive. Marbach, Germany. October 25 - 28, 2007.
“Profession and Professionalism: The Making (and Unmaking?) of an Austrian Icon: Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach,” Keynote address, Conference on German Women Writers of the 18th and 19th Centuries, Belmont University, Nashville, TN, May 17-19, 2007
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Kelly D. Bradley, Linda Worley, Jessica D. Cunningham, and Jeffery P. Bieber. “Evaluating and restructuring a new faculty survey: Measuring perceptions related to research, service, and teaching.” American Educational Research Association Conference, San Diego, 2009. (presented in person by Kelly Bradley)

“Teaching Advanced-Level Texts,” Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, 2004, panel organizer

“Plotting the Czech Lands: German Identity and the Slavic Other in the Works of Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach,” Woman and the Nation Conference, University of Notre Dame, May 2004

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“Conceptualizing the Academic Life: Graduate Students= Perspectives,” Association for the Study of Higher Education, Sacramento, CA, November 2002 (co-authored with Prof. Jeff Bieber, Educational Policy Studies). Prof. Bieber read the paper at ASHE
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“Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach’s ‘Stadtgeschichten,’” Centennial Symposium, University of Cincinnati, April 2000
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“Perceptions of Personal Importance, Career Advancement and Graduate Training: Gap Analyses,” Preparing Future Faculty conference, Colorado Springs, July 1998
“Implementation of the Teaching Portfolio -- Five Years Later,” Lilly Conference on College Teaching, November 1998. Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Researched and presented with Prof. Louis Swift

“Expectations and Realities of and for New Faculty: Implications of Research.” Presented with Christy Halbert. The Changing Nature of Graduate Education, conference. Minneapolis, MN, November 1997
“The Teaching Portfolio Revisited: Results of a University-wide Implementation.” Presented with Louis J. Swift. Lilly Conference on Teaching. Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, November 1997
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Development Network, Salt Lake City, Utah, October, 1996

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"Use of Games in the Foreign Language Classroom." Volkshochschule Conference, Starnberger Lake, Federal Republic of Germany, 1980

INVITED MAJOR WORKSHOPS: Note: During my 5 years as Director of the Teaching and Learning Center, I led close to one hundred workshops, participated in panels, and presented research on teaching and learning to the UK community. I have not included this extensive “scholarship of teaching” on this CV. Available upon request.
“The Teaching Portfolio for Job Applications and Tenure and Promotion,” Women in German Conference, Carrollton, KY, November 2004
“Constructing a Teaching Portfolio,” Women in German Conference, Tucson, AZ, October 2001
“Learning Styles, Teaching Styles in the Foreign-Language Classroom,” Kentucky AATG Full-day Workshop, January 1999
"Preparing a Teaching Portfolio for the Academic Job Market." Women in German, St. Augustine, FL, November, 1996

"Testing Oral Proficiency." Full-day workshop, Furman University, South Carolina, March 27, 1993
“Teaching Literary Analysis and Linguistic Competence in Literature Courses." Full-day workshop. Furman University, South Carolina, March 26, 1993
"Prochievement Oral Testing: Formats that Work." Featured half-day Workshop. Kentucky Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Louisville, KY, September 1993
"Total Physical Response and Foreign Languages in the Elementary Schools." Full-day workshop for Fayette County Schools, July 1989
"The Natural Approach in the High School Classroom." Full-day workshop for Fayette County Schools, March 1989
"On the State of the Profession for Germanists." Full-day preparing future faculty workshop, Graduate Student Association, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, November 1987
“Writing a teaching statement for a portfolio,” Preparing Future Faculty workshop, March 2012.
“Preparing for a faculty position: an Introduction,” Preparing Future Faculty workshop, April 2011. With Morris Grubbs.

“An Insider’s View of a Research-intensive University,” Preparing Future Faculty course/workshop, September 2010.

“Using Blogs in the Classroom,” Technology at UK series, TASC, November 2009.
“Writing a Teaching Portfolio,” Workshop, Graduate Student development, March 2008
“Perils, Pitfalls and Pay-offs of Assisting a Professor,” New TA Orientation, August 2007
“Negotiating UK,” informal talk for new faculty, Faculty Orientation, August 2006
“Learning world languages,” International Education Day, University of Kentucky, November 2005, 2006.
“An Introduction to Academic Life at the University of Kentucky,” Freshmen Orientation sessions, July 2004.
Workshop, “The General Education Curriculum,” participant, week-long workshop, July 2002. Assoc. Provost Kraemer, convener.
Panel, “Avoiding Ethical Pitfalls on your Academic Path: A Workshop for Graduate Students.” Teaching and Learning Center, University of Kentucky, February 2002
Workshop, “Negotiating UK: Successful Mentoring,” Women’s Studies Program, University of Kentucky, September, 2001
Workshop, "Active Student Learning," for College of Agriculture, University of Kentucky, March, 1994.
Panelist, "Writing Successful Grants," Grant-writing Workshop, University of Kentucky, 1994.
Keynote Address, invited, University of Kentucky, TA Orientation, August 1993.
Workshop, "Active Student Learning," for New Faculty Orientation, University of Kentucky, August 1993.
Post-performance discussion leader, University of Kentucky theater performance, Caryl Churchill, November 1993.
Keynote Address, invited, University of Kentucky, TA Orientation, August 1992.
Small-group Discussion Leader, Cultural Diversity Conference, University of Kentucky, March 1992.

Member, Program Committee and Session Leader, Workshop on "Performance-based Assessment in the

Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA): What Is It and what Does It Mean?" Sponsored by the Center for Professional Development in the College of Education, University of Kentucky, January 1991.
Presentation, "The Black Beast: The Ugly Woman as Heroine in Literature," Women's Studies Faculty, University of Kentucky, February 1989.
Presentation, "Affect, Memory, and Method." Presented at the Forum on Teaching: Beyond Competence, University of Kentucky, September 1987.
Presentation, "Through Others' Eyes: Travel Narratives of German Women Visiting 19th Century America." Women's Studies Faculty, University of Kentucky, March 1987.
A collaborative project with Prof. Jeff Bieber and Prof. Kelly Bradley, Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation in which we plan to update a survey instrument we used previously in order to ascertain the personal, professional, and “taught” relationships of UK’s faculty to various aspects of their professional lives. The results from these surveys will provide an in-depth, differentiated picture of UK’s faculty.

Continuation of a series of articles on the Moravian-Austrian author Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach.


Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Grant Reviewer, 2008-2009

National Endowment for the Humanities,

Panel member, Major grants, July 2005 and August 2001

Grants Reviewer, Summer Stipend Program, 1992-1993

Grants Reviewer, Travel to Collections Program, 1991-1992.

Editorial staff of The Index to Reviews of Bibliographical Publications: An International Annual, 1983-1990.
National Coalition of Women in German dissertation prize, committee chair, 2007, 2008

National Coalition of Women in German, Steering Committee, 1988-1991

American Association of Teachers in German, Nominating Committee, AATG, 2002-2003
Ms. reader for Modern Austrian Literature, German Quarterly, Colloquia Germanica, Women in German Yearbook, Germanic Review, ADFL Bulletin (annually at least 3-5 manuscripts to review)
Textbook manuscript reader for:

Houghton Mifflin Co. (Meine Welt, deine Welt), 1993

Impulse:Kommunikatives Deutsch für die Mittelstufe, published 1995.

Heinle & Heinle, 1987-1992

(Editorial advisor for Impression/Expression, 2nd. edition, 1990)

(Kreise, 1st. ed., 1992)

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (Sprechen wir Deutsch, 3rd.ed.), 1991-1992

Harper Collins Publishers, 1991

Harper & Row Publishers, 1990

Prentice-Hall Publishers, 1990

McGraw-Hill, 1990

Holt, Rinehart and Winston (Sprich deutsch!), 1988, 1990

Random House (Kontakte, 1st. edition), 1988
Tester of new materials for Educational Testing Service
Reviewer of Professional files:


Traci O’Brien, Auburn University, Fall 2011

Jennifer Askey, Kansas State University, Fall 2009

Lisabeth Hock, Wayne State University, Fall 2007 (turned down)

Cynthia Chalupa, West Virginia University, November 2006

Kovach, Thomas, University of Arizona, request turned down, Oct. 2002

Wiebke Strehle, University of South Carolina, August 2001

Birgit Tautz, Lawrence University, March 2001 (reappointment)

Stefanie Ohnesorg, University of Tennessee, November 1999.

Gail Hoyt, Economics, College of Business, University of Kentucky, Fall 199797

Deborah Janson, West Virginia University, November 1997

Katharina von Katharina von Hammerstein, University of ConnecticutCStorrs, 1996

Lana Rings, University of Texas at Arlington, July 1990.

5-Year review: Baumgartner, Karin. University of Utah, 2007.
Moderator, Session on “Austrian Literature,” February 21, 1997, Twentieth-Century Literature Conference, Louisville, KY
Reviewer for interactive, multimedia German-language materials. For Dr. Linda Leppig, The Learning Company, Knoxville, TN, 1995-1997

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Kentucky Secondary Committee, Visiting Committee to Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, 1992-1993
Moderator of Session, "Feminist Education: Teaching the Introductory Women's Studies Course." North Central Women's Studies Association Conference, Lexington, KY, October 1992
Moderator of Session, "Women In and Outside the Academy: Some Contemporary Issues." German Studies Association Conference, Minneapolis, MN, October 1992
Participant, Workshop on "Reading for Meaning," in conjunction with American Council on the Teaching of Languages, Washington, D.C., November 1991
Moderator, "Feminist Approaches to Cinema and the Novel."

Twentieth-Century Literature Conference, Louisville, KY, February 1990.

Chair of Workshop on "Articulation beyond the second year." American Association of University Supervisors and Coordinators, German Section, Annual Conference, Salt Lake City, UT, October 1989.
Organizer of Film Series. Lectures presented on "The Development of the American Western"; "The American 'film noir': Bogart and Gangsters"; "German Expressionist Films." Deutsch Amerikanisches Institut, Nürnberg, Germany, 1980 82.

American Association of Teachers of German, Kentucky Chapter, Secretary, 2012-

Curriculum Writing Team for foreign languages, P - 12, Kentucky Dept. of Education, 2000-2002. Part of Foreign Language Assistance Program grant
Member of group supporting the passage of FL-requirement for admission to post-secondary institutions in Kentucky, 1999-2000
Task Force, Kentucky Education Reform Act--Foreign Languages. October 1993-March 1994

American Association of Teachers of German, Kentucky Chapter, Testing Chair, 1991-1994; Treasurer, 1986-1989.
Organizer and Tester for the "Zertifikat Deutsch als Fremdsprache" and the "Zentrale Mittelstufenprüfung," Kentucky, 1987-1991.
Member, Foreign Language Advisory Board, Kentucky Educational Television, Satellite Classrooms, 1990.
Discussion Leader, Workshop on Performance-based Assessment: Foreign Languages. Kentucky Education Reform Act Conference, Lexington, KY, January 1991.
Discussion leader, "Myths and Sources of Poetry and Fiction," with Gwendolyn Brooks, Anne Redmon, and Jo Carson, Women Writers Conference, Lexington, KY, March 1990
Member, Advisory Board, Women Writers Conference, 1987-1989
Local at UK:
Organizer and discussion leader, Symposium on the Education of Teaching Assistants. Office of Undergraduate Studies' Workshop Series, University of Kentucky, March 1991.
Group leader, Micro-teaching, TA Orientation, University of Kentucky, 1989-1991.
Participant, Workshop, "Effective Academic Involvement: A Thinking Student's Approach." University of Kentucky, May 1990.
"Research Tips for New Faculty: Developing a Scholarly Research Program," Program for New Faculty, University of Kentucky, April 1990.
"Writing a Thesis: Peaks and Pitfalls." Lecture presented to Gaines Fellows, Gaines Center for the Humanities, November 1989.
Oral Proficiency Tester for teachers awarded a Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship, 1988.
Presentation, "Research Projects in the German Department." University of Kentucky Library staff series, April 1987.
Local in Lexington:
Noise Ordinance Task Force to create a new noise ordinance, especially impacting UK-- Lexington, 2009-2012.
Organized and co-taught an intensive German-language course for Webasto Roof Systems, Inc. employees in preparation of their working in Germany. In conjunction with CKTC. Spring 2002
ACADEMIC SERVICE (University of Kentucky):
Graduate School

Graduate Council, member, 2010 – 2011

Co-director, Graduate Certificate, Teaching and Learning, 2005-present

Developed Preparing Future Faculty initiative, 1995-2000

Dean of Students

Hearings Officer, 2010 - present

Office of International Affairs – Education Abroad
Organized and directed summer abroad program. Munich Germany, June 12 – July 29, 2010

Member, committee to create a graduate certificate in International Student Services, 2010-2011

Honors Program

Ad Hoc Social Sciences - Honors Committee, 2003-2004

Admissions Committee, 2002-2004

Orientation Committee, 2002-2003

Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Mentor, Francis Bailey, 2011 to present

Mentor, Joe O’Neill, 2009 to present

Member, Graduate Curriculum committee, 2012 - present

Member, Committee to create Teaching ESL graduate M.A. and certificate, 2011-present

Member, committee to hire new ESL faculty, 2010-11

Member, committee to create new course in world languages and cultures, 2010

Member, Committee on Mythology and Folklore minor, 2005- present

Division of German Studies

Director of Graduate Studies, 2002-present

Division Director, 2002-04

Member, Committee on establishing a MAT program 2002-04

Member, Evaluation Committee, 2000 - present

Director, Beginning Language Program, 1986 - 1994

Supervisor, Teaching Assistants, 1986 - 1994

Member, Undergraduate Studies Committee, 1995-1999

Member, Proficiency Task Force, 1993-1994

Member, Recruiting Committee

Member, Chair Search Committee, 1991

Faculty Advisor, German Club, 1986-1987

Member, Outreach Program Development Committee

Judge and Materials Developer, Kentucky Foreign Language Festival

Section Organizer, Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, 1986 – present
Organized German department speakers:

Dagmar Schulz and Ika Hügel, “Afro-German authors,” Spring 2007

Prof. Laura McGee, “GDR authors,” Spring 2005

Sabina Scholl, writer-in-residence, Fall 2004.

Works-in-progress Speakers series

Prof. Alan Leidner, “New Insights into the Storm and Stress,” Spring 2001.

Prof. Renate Möhrmann, "Thoughts on Forms of Representation and Perception of Female Movie Figures in West German Women's Films," Spring 1987.

Dr. Peter Hubrich, pedagogy workshop, Fall 1988.

Arts and Sciences

Outstanding Teaching Award committee, chair, 2012

Educational Policy Review Comm.,Chair, 2003-2004

College Council, 2000 - 2003 (Sabbatical leave, 2001-02)

Co-chair of Council, 2002-03

Member, Women's Studies Steering Committee, 1995-1997

Arts and Sciences--College of Education:

Arts and Sciences / College of Education Action Committee, member, 2002

Foreign Language Outreach Committee, 1999- 2001

Member, Search Committee, Director of Kentucky Institute of Educational Reform, 1996-97

Task Force, Re-structuring of the Teacher Education Program, 1993

Member, Search Committee, English/Foreign Language Education Position, Dept. of Curriculum & Instruction, 1992, 1993, 1994

Chair, Task Force on Foreign Language Education (For Language Program Faculty), 1991

Member, Master's with Initial Certification Program Faculty 1991-1993

Advisor, Foreign Language Students, Master's with Initial Certification Program

Member, Language Program Faculty Committee, 1986-1998

Member, Ad hoc Committee on Less Commonly Taught Languages

Member, Ad hoc Committee on Exceptions to Foreign-Language Requirement
Arts and Sciences -- College of Engineering

International Engineering Advisory Board, Chair, 2003 to present

Organized and Co-directed, Germany Study Tour for Engineering/MBA students, Summer 2003 in Germany

International Engineering and German initiative, 2000 to present

Women’s Studies (Gender and Women’s Studies)

Advisory Committee, Women's Studies Program, 1992-1994

Chair, Women's Studies Committee on Affiliates and Mentoring, 1993-1994, 1995-1998

Kirkpatrick dance scholarship committee, 2010, 2011, 2012

Heidelberg Scholarship Committee, Chair, 2011-2013, 2000-2004, 1999-2000, 1993-94. Member, other years, incl. 2010

Member, Committee to create a graduate certificate in International Education, 2010 - present

Member, Freshmen Common Core Reading committee. Member, 2009 - 2012

Member, Internationalization Sub-committee: Student engagement in education abroad, 2007-08

Member, Committee to revise the Office of International Affairs, 2005-07

Member, Appeals Board, 2004-07

Member, Office of International Affairs Scholarship Committee, 2004-06

Member, Senate Committee on Policies and Procedures, 2002-03

Member, University Studies Program Restructuring committee, 2002-03

Treasurer, American Association of University Professors, UK chapter, 1999-2004

Heidelberg Scholarship committee, Chair, 2000-2004; Member, 2009-

Member, Teaching and Learning Center, Advisory Committee, 1999 - 2005

Member, Senate Ad Hoc committee on Student Evaluations, 1998-2003

President=s Initiative on Undergraduate Education, Chair, sub-committee on Teaching and Learning, Steering Committee member, 1998-1999

Chair, Associate Registrar Search Committee, 1998

Member, Strategic Plan Committee, 1997-1998

Chair, Teaching and Learning Center's Advisory Board, 1995-1999

Member, Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Committee, 1996-1997

Member, Student Satisfaction Committee, President's Committee, 1995-1998

Member, Status of Women, Senate Ad Hoc Committee, 1996-97

Member, Instructional Computing Committee, Ex Officio member, 1995-1999

Member, Faculty Senate, 1993-1996

Member, Admissions and Academic Standards Senate Sub-committee, 1993-96

Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha of Kentucky chapter

President, 1992-1994

Vice-president, 1991-1992

Organizer, Network of Teaching Assistant Developers, 1991-1995

Advisory Committee, Teaching and Learning Center, 1992-1999

Advisor, Journal Project, Honors Program. 1987-1989

Leader, Micro-teaching Workshop, TA Orientation, 1988-1991

Member, Interdisciplinary Symposium Committee, 1989

Member, UK Rhodes/Marshall Scholarship Committee, 1989

Member, Undergraduate Council, University Senate, 1988-1990

Chair, Undergraduate Council Sub-committee, University Senate, 1989-1990

Member, Library Committee, University Senate, 1986-1989

Member, Women Writers' Conference Committee, 1987-1989

Member, New Faculty Orientation Committee, 1987-1988

Journal Advisor, Honors Program, 1987-1989; 1995-96; 1996-97
Ph.D. Committees:

Leslie Sweeney (College of Education, Educational Policy Studies) 2010 on

Strand, Karen (College of Education, Educational Psychology) EdD 2009

Ciasullo, Ann (College of Arts and Sciences, English, PhD 2002). Outside member

Montross-Jones, Lori, (College of Education, Counseling Psychology, EdD 2003)

Spenser, Robert (College of Education, Educational Policy Studies)

Ransdell, Mary (College of Education, Curriculum and Instruction), EdD 2002

Krause-Soriano, Sigrun (Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Deptment of Germanic Languages and Literatures, Rutgers Universitiy, PhD 1998)

Stein, Karen (College of Fine Arts, Music -- candidacy ended 2000)

Campbell, Derek (College of Communications and Information Studies, Communication Dept.)

Glenn, Cornelia (College of Education, Educational Policy Studies)

Hagerty, Steve (College of Communications and Information Studies, Communication Dept.)

Blaine, Patricia (College of Education, Educational Policy Studies)

McArthur, Lisa (College of Fine Arts, Music Theory)

Occhino, Janet (College of Arts and Sciences, English, PhD 1998)

Oswald, Rebecca, (College of Education, Educational Policy Studies)

Pitcock, Ron (College of Arts and Sciences, English, PhD 2000)

Rintamaa, Margaret (College of Education, Instruction and Administration, EdD 1999)

Wall, Bobby Russell (College of Education, EdD awarded April 1996)

Tice, Karen (College of Education. PhD awarded. 1993)

Nnoromele, Salome (English Department, PhD awarded. 1995)

Anders, Volta (Music Department -- candidacy ended 1997)

Ph.D. Committees (Member appointed by Graduate School):

Jones, William (College of Fine Arts, Music, Doctor of Music awarded 1998)

M.A. Committees:

Reinholde, Laura, 2012, chair

Cook, Meredith, 2012, chair

Kuuskoski, Alex, 2012, chair

Loftus, Balin

Sterzenbach, Annika, 2011, chair

Rohde, Greg, 2011, chair

Vessa, Lucas, 2011

Hogue, Alex, 2010, chair

LeCompte, Laurie 2010

Hale, Joshua, 2010, chair

Dreisbach, Peter, 2009

Smith, Nathan, 2009

Douglas, Christopher, 2009

Gesin, Carly, 2008, chair

Erkman, Abby, chair 2008

Lisa Merrill, chair 2007

Lynn, Jeremiah 2007

Prellwitz, Andrew 2006, chair

Wegener, Tessa 2006

Mujic, Denis 2005, chair

Ennis, Michael 2005, chair

Bridget Klein 2004

Charlotte MacKinlay, 2002

Kia Washington, 2002

Lisa Newberry, 2002

Thomas Sauer, 2000-1 Chair

Chris Barber, 2000-1 Chair

James Isaacs, 2000-01

Michelle Cornette, 2000 Chair

Deo, Vinita, 1995

Elbert, Lynn, 1995

Jones, Newell. Chair

Rule, Kelly 1994

Verbillon, Molly 1994. Chair

Lovan, Gary 1993

Hazelwood, Leslie 1993

McMurray, Jonathan 1993

Anderson, Barbara 1993

Berlin, Tammy 1993

Libbon, Stephanie 1991

Hosey, Gene, 1991

Decker, Amy 1990

Misner, Mark 1989

Russell, Mark 1989

Menslage, Carolyn 1989

Strand, Karen 1989

Van Fleet, Mark 1989

Student Teacher Supervision

Chris Barber, 2001

Michelle Cornett, 2001
German for Reading Knowledge Examiner

Jones, Jeffery, Musicology, PhD student.

Gaines Thesis

Katherine Roberts, Chair, 2010-2011

Carrie Bass, 2009

Neil Scheurich, 1990-1991

Senior Honors Thesis

Amber Slaven, Anthropology, 2009-2010

Independent Studies Advisor

(dozens over the years, but I am just beginning to keep track 2010)

German fairy tales, 1 c.h. course added to GER 103

Daniel Noble, „Analysis of Interviews with former GDR citizens regarding Ostalgie and their Experiences after the Fall of the Wall“

COURSES TAUGHT: (** = developed new course

* = substantially restructured course)

* European Fairy Tales

* Elementary German

* Intermediate German

* Intermediate German -- compressed course as part of KIIS Munich program

German Conversation

German Conversation and Composition

German for Reading Knowledge

Germany in the 1920's

German Life and Culture from the Middle Ages to the Present

** Where East Borders West: A Study of the Two Germanys

** Society and Literature

* Popular Forms: Children and Youth Literature

** War and Peace in German Literature

Contemporary German Literature and Culture

Experiential Education: Undergraduate Research Assistant.

** Gender and Destiny: Topics in German Literature

** Women=s Literature

** Women and Men in German Literature

German for Reading Knowledge

English Grammar Review

English as a Second Language

* Womens' Studies Introduction: Arts and Humanities

* Journeys and Self-Development. Modern Studies Curriculum

Honors 201

Honors 202


Graduate Studies courses (GS)

** College Teaching, GS 610

** Preparing Future Faculty, GS 650

** College Practicum, GS 699
German courses (GER)

** The Literature of the Nineteenth Century

** The Literature of the Kaiserreich

** Gender and Destiny

** Women’s Literature / Gender in German Literature and Culture

** Women and Men in German Literature

* Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages

** The Scholarship of Teaching German,

** Die Jahrhundertwende in Berlin, Wien, und München

** The German Fairy Tale

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