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    1. The Role of Biotechnology in Disease Treatment. MCPD module V lectures delivered at Enugu (May 2006) and at Awka (July 27th-28th, 2006)

    2. The Place of Patent and Proprietary Medicine Vendors in the Health Care Scheme. MCPD Module IV lectures delivered at Enugu (September 2005, May, 2006) and Awka (November, 2005).

    3. Recent Advances in the Management and Therapy of HIV/AIDS. MCPD Module VI lectures delivered at Nsukka (2007)

    4. Biotechnology: Basic Concepts and Applications in Pharmacy. MCPD Module X lectures delivered at Awka (October 2013).

    5. Malaria. MCPD Module X lectures delivered at Enugu (September 2013), Abakaliki and Awka (October, 2013) and Aba (November, 2013).

    6. Co-administration of Herbal and Orthodox Medicines. MCPD Module X lectures delivered at Awka (May, 2014) and Aba (June, 2014).

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