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Experience Details:

Present Organisation : xxxxx International India Pvt Limites.,

: Bangalore

Designation : Senior Software Engineer


: Oracle Applications – Project Accounting

: Techno – Functional Consultant

Period : 18th Feb 08 to till date

Previous organisation 3 : Consolidated Construction Consortium ltd.,


Designation : Planning Engineer

Peroid : 15th Feb 06 to 08th Feb 08

Job Profile
Monitoring of the Projects from our Regional Office and following up the Materials and the Agencies (to go smoothly without any delay).

        • Preparation of Zero cost Report

        • Preparation of Invoices schedule

        • Preparation of Milestone Chart and Delay Register

        • Preparation of MIS Reports

        • Monitoring project through Ms project

        • Preparation of Outstanding Statements, Claimed Vs Certified & Follow ups

Previous organisation 2 : East Coast Constructions & Industries Ltd.,

Chennai, Tamil Nadu. (Office Address)

Designation : Graduate Trainee Engineer

Peroid : 11th Nov 06 to 31st Jan 06

Project Name : Bangalore Water Supply & Sewerage Board

Description : Preparing Invoicing Projections, Quantity requirement

Preparation of Monthly Reports, Cash Flow
Previous organisation 1 : College of Technology

Salem – 636 xxxx,Tamil Nadu.

Designation : Research Associate

Peroid : 1st July 05 to 5th Nov 06

Description : Analysing and designing of structures using packages,

Academic Chronicle:

Bachelor of Engineering

Name of University : Anna University

Name of College : college of Engineering,Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Engineering Discipline : Civil Engineering.

Batch : 2002 - 2005

Year of Passing : April’2005

Aggregate CGPA : 8.16


Name of Board : State Board

Name of College : Polytechnic college,Salem - .TN, India

Discipline : Civil Engineering.

Batch : 1999 - 2002

Year of Passing : April’2002

Percentage of

Marks Obtained : 94.83%

High School

Name of School : Girls Higher Secondary School, Salem - 1,TN, India

Board : Tamil Nadu State Board

Year of Passing : March’1999

Percentage of

Marks Obtained : 75.2%

Subject :Tamil, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science

Software Skill Profile:

  • Packages : AutoCAD, MS Project , Primavera 6.0

  • Design software : Staad pro

  • Languages : C++

Diploma project :Optimization of Concrete mix Design

Final year project :Planning and designing of a apartment building

Mini project :Preparation of CAD drawings for Thiagarajar College of



  • Won first prize in Cad Contest – 2005 conducted by Civil Engineering Association, Thiagarajar College of Engineering

  • Won first prize in Cad Contest – 2005 conducted by CIVILISTE, Thiagarajar College of Engineering

  • Won first prize in Survey Camp – 2002, Thiagarajar Polytechnic College

  • Participated in Technical Quiz - 2002 conducted by Civil Engineering Association, Thiagarajar college of Engineering.

Area of interest:

  • Software Application in Civil Engineering

  • Construction Management

Personal Profile:
Date Of Birth :

Father’s Name :

Gender :

Marital Status :

Languages Known :

Permanent Address :

Temporary Address :

I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.


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