Crown Tenants for 1678. (Notes of interest.)

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Crown Tenants for 1678.

(Notes of interest.)

Maguire, Brian M’Coran Merricke Richard died in 1680, aged 76.
Maguire, Lord. Conor, second Lord Enniskillen, hanged 1644. His father was Brian; first Lord Enniskillen, and his Grandfather, Sir Connor roe, possessed a large property in the barony of Magherastephena.
Mount Morris, Francis, Lord. Francis, Lord Mountmorris in 1630, was granted together with Robert, Lord Dillon, Baron of Kilkenny West, the small portion of LATGIR.

On the road from Lisnaskea to Roslea, between Ballah crossroads and Aghadrumsee (as it is spelt). Lies the manor of Mount Sedborough, a small proportion of 1,000 acres (of profitable land), granted to John Sedborough from some place in England. He meant business when he came, for he brought his wife and children with him. The Manor included the lands of Latgir and Coolenamarrow, and a number of other townlands like Tenittygorman. Cornamuckla, Knappagh, Killeferbane, &c. at the usual rent to the Crown for a Small Proportion, of £5 8s 8d. English money. This townland of Latgir or Latgar, in this manor adjoined Sir Hugh Worrall’s lands at Ardmagh. Mr Sedborough did little upon his proportion. He build a poor bawne (for his cattle) of sods, and provided a pound, and had six British resident tenants, and 12 others, British, some of whom did not live on the manor. The bawne was built in the townland of Lisnegoland, the walls being 12 feet high and 240 feet in circumference; and about 20 houses of the English kind were occupied by British residents. This manor was sold about 1630 and Lord Robert Dillon and Lord Mountmorris succeeded so that the name of Sedborough is now forgotten as the planter of 1610 or 1613.

Mr Sedborough himself died in 1629, and was succeeded by his grand-daughter, who became the wife of Mr John Mayne; and the lands were then sold in 1630 to Lord Dillon, who got a grant for the manor of Latgir, with the usual manorial rights, and Mount Sedborough as a manor drifted out of existence. Of the original tenants I do not know if any of their descendants remain. Their names were – Hugh Stokes, Clinton Maude, Robert Allen, Faithful Teate, Christopher Gascoine, Robert Newcomen, William Stamers, Stephen Allen, Raedulph Daye, John Tybballs, Thomas Tybballs, Tobie Vesey and Joseph Dickinson. These are English names, and there are Allens yet to be found in the neighbourhood of Newtownbutler.

One of the houses built by Mr Sedborough was described as “an Irish house divided into three rooms,” on which he had built “a wattle chimney.” He had one plough of mares and garrons; an English horse and mare, and 20 head of cows.

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