Crew performance rating

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Instructions: This rating is to be used only for determining an individual’s fire fighting qualifications. All blocks must be completed. Crew will be rated by the immediate supervisor, not crew representative. If deficiencies are indicated for items 9 and 10, explain in item 11.

1. Crew Name and Number


2. Incident Name and Number


3. Crew Boss (name)


4. Crew Home Unit and Address


5. Location of Incident (complete address)


6. Crew Representative


7. Dates on Fire


8. Number of Shifts Worked


9. Crew Evaluation

11. Areas Needing Improvement

Rating Factors


Physical Condition






Hot Line Construction












Off Line Conduct






Use of Safe Practices






Crew Organization and Equipment






Other (specify)      






10. Supervisory Performances

Crew Boss






Squad Bosses






Crew Representative






12. Names of Outstanding Workers (comment)


13. Names of Individuals Needing Improvement (indicate area(s))


14. Remarks


15. Crew Boss (signature) This rating has been discussed with me.


16. Date


17. Rated By (signature)


18. Home Unit (address)


19. Position on Incident


20. Date


ICS 224 3/2007

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