Credit for solar energy devices

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43108343-1083.  Credit for solar energy devices

A.  A credit is allowed against the taxes imposed by this title for each resident who is not a dependent of another taxpayer for installing a solar energy device, as defined in section 42-5001, during the taxable year in the taxpayer's residence located in this state.  The credit is equal to twenty-five per cent of the cost of the device.

B.  The maximum credit in a taxable year may not exceed one thousand dollars.  The person who provides the solar energy device shall furnish the taxpayer with an accounting of the cost to the taxpayer.  A taxpayer may claim the credit under this section only once in a tax year and may not cumulate over different tax years tax credits under this section exceeding, in the aggregate, one thousand dollars for the same residence.

C.  If the allowable tax credit exceeds the taxes otherwise due under this title on the claimant's income, or if there are no taxes due under this title, the amount of the claim not used to offset taxes under this title may be carried forward for not more than five consecutive taxable years as a credit against subsequent years' income tax liability.

D.  A husband and wife who file separate returns for a taxable year in which they could have filed a joint return may each claim only one-half of the tax credit that would have been allowed for a joint return.

E.  The credit allowed under this section is in lieu of any allowance for state tax purposes for exhaustion, wear and tear of the solar energy device under section 167 of the internal revenue code.

F.  To qualify for the credit under this section the solar energy device and its installation shall meet the requirements of title 44, chapter 11, article 11.

G.  A solar hot water heater plumbing stub out that was installed by the builder of a house or dwelling unit before title was conveyed to the taxpayer does not qualify for a credit under this section, but the taxpayer may claim a credit for the device under section 43 1090 or 43 1176 under the circumstances, conditions and limitations prescribed by section 43 1090, subsection C or 43-1176, subsection C, as applicable. 431083

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