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Enclosed is an income tax data organizer that we provide to tax clients to assist them in gathering the information necessary to prepare your individual income tax returns.
The Internal Revenue Service matches information returns/forms with amounts reported on tax returns. A negligence penalty may be assessed when income is underreported or when deductions are overstated. Accordingly, all information returns reflecting amounts reported to the Internal Revenue Service are also mailed/delivered to the taxpayers in an envelope clearly marked “IMPORTANT TAX DOCUMENTS ENCLOSED” and should be submitted with this organizer. Forms such as:

W-2 (Wages)

Schedules K-1

1099-R (Retirement)

1099-INT (Interest)

(Forms 1065, 1120S, 1041)

1099-DIV (Dividends)

Annual Brokerage Statements

1099-B (Brokerage Sales)

1098 – Mortgage Interest

1099-MISC (Rents, etc)

Other tax information stmts

1099 (any other)

8886, Reportable transactions

1098-T (Education)

Form HUD-1 for Real Estate


Also enclosed is an engagement letter which explains the services we will provide to you. Please sign a copy of the engagement letter and return the signed copy along with this Tax Organizer and a copy of your past 3 years tax returns (if we did not prepare your returns).

To continue providing quality services on a timely basis, we urge you to collect your information as soon as possible. If information from “pass through” entities such as partnerships, trusts and S corporations is the only data you are missing, please send the data you have assembled and forward the missing information as soon as it is available.
To complete your Tax Preparation Organizer, start with this page and continue all of the way through to the end. Even if some questions don’t seem to apply to you, read them completely, because they may remind you of something that can help increase your refund. Be sure to include the documents that each question says are mandatory, and any other information you feel will help us prepare your return.
The filing deadline for your income tax return is Tuesday, April 17, 2012.
Returns will be completed in the order received. If you would like your return completed in time to file by April 17th, get your Organizer to us early.
If we receive your Organizer on or after February 15th, an automatic extension, Form 4868, may be required for you at an additional fee.
Filing Extensions Most tax professionals agree that filing an extension could reduce your chances for an audit. This is because most of the returns selected for random audits (those without any unusual deductions or “red flags”) are selected during the summer. However, getting your tax preparation materials to us early will guarantee that you know how much you will owe (if any) and can pay in enough to avoid penalties.
If an extension of time is required, any tax due must be paid with that extension. Any taxes not paid by the filing deadline may be subject to late payment penalties and interest.

PAYMENT OPTIONS – Please remit a deposit of $250.00 when sending your Tax Organizer to us. Personal Tax Return Fees generally range from $250.00 to $500.00. Upon completion of your Tax Return, any fee remaining beyond your initial deposit is due prior to e-filing with the IRS and applicable State(s).

Please choose one of the following mean to pay for your preparation fees:
Check Enclosed: Check # ________ Amount ________

Credit Card # (Visa, Master Card or Discover) ____­­­___________________________________

Security Code (Back of card in signature block) ___ ___ ___ Exp. Date _______________________

Zip code of billing address _______________ Signature on Card ______________________________

Once you have completed the organizer, send your package to us for professional preparation.

Send your tax organizer, all information and signed engagement letter to:

Craft Financial Solutions, LLC

PO Box 749

Boonville, IN 47601 If you need help with this organizer, or have questions about tax preparation

or fees, contact us at: or (812)641-0477

**EMAIL inquiries will be answered first**
Always keep copies of everything sent –Craft assumes no responsibility for lost or misdirected mail.

We look forward to providing excellent service to you. Should you have questions regarding any items, please do not hesitate to contact us at (812) 641-0477.


If we did not prepare your prior year returns, provide a copy of federal and state returns for the three previous

years. Complete pages 1 through 4 and all applicable sections.

Taxpayer’s Name



Spouse’s Name 



Home Address






City, Town, or Post Office



Zip Code

School District

Telephone Number

Telephone Number (Taxpayer)

Telephone Number (Spouse)

Home (  ) 

Office (  ) 

Office (  ) 


Fax (  ) 

Fax (  ) 

Email(S) ____________________

Cell (  ) 

Cell (  ) 




Taxpayer: Date of Birth

Blind? - Yes ____ No ____

Spouse: Date of Birth

Blind? - Yes ____ No ____

Dependent Children Who Lived With You:

Full Name

Social Security Number


Birth Date








Other Dependents:

Full Name

Social Security



Birth Date

Number Months

Resided in

Your Home

% Support


By You




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