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We wave goodbye to summer and autumn is now upon us. The Met Office released some statistics which were surprising. Based on the average for the last 10 years, we had 106% sun and 110% rain and was considered an average summer. That said, what we didn’t get was a decent (long) spell of settled weather. The sad part has been saying Good bye to the RAF Search and Rescue Service. These units have operated with both launches and flying boats and later helicopters for over 80 years. The Civil Company taking it on will be constrained by the CAA and of course, Health and Safety. They will mainly work in daylight hours only but will have crews on a one hour standby for night time. There will be little or no training with lifeboat or Mountain Rescue Teams and little coverage between Wells and Gt. Yarmouth. An S92 is based at Humberside and both a A139 and a A189 at Lydd in Kent…… I tried to get a Sea King as a ‘gate guard’ but all were spoken for and believed to be going to African Countries as troop carriers. The Airshow season has all but finished and has sadly seen several accidents and incidents and I cannot remember such a season….our hearts go out to those injured and to the families that have lost loved ones.

Northrepps Aero Club; It’s been a busy month with lots of flying done when the weather has been good, that said we had a spell of about ten days when many lessons were cancelled due to wind or rain. Smiffy gave the Thruster its first service and is running nicely now. There have been some more changes with members aircraft and a group has been formed around a Skyranger which should be here by the time you read this. 4 members have had their new toys cleared for flight…Nic H’s Zigolo MG12 SSDR, the two John’s Ninja and Dave R’s Chilton. Clive J has mastered his Vans and sold a couple of shares in his Jab. The Coastguard are still training crews on both the A139 and A189 from time to time. Visitor numbers continue to rise too so all is going well. We are fixing the holes in the drive and hopefully, we will have the new hangar up before too long. When the weather has not been suitable, some students have been doing ground school and taking their written exams. Darren B completed his First Solo.

Northrepps Model Flying Club have their new website up and running and are getting a lot of flying in.
The Paramotor gang have been enjoying the good weather and going to several events across the UK including a trip to the Seven Estuary to fly over the famous Seven Bore which, due to the super moon/lunar eclipse, was bigger than usual this year. One of the gang is also flying a two seater Aero-Chute…a side by side pod under a paramotor wing…
Flight Safety; Pilots are reminded that it’s your responsibility to check that both yourself and your aircraft are legal and fit to fly. You are also reminded that turning low level on climb out over the garden and camping area is neither allowed nor legal and the CAA could be about….. As many airfields Ground Station R/T Licenses come up for renewal, many are turning to the what is now called the Sport Frequency i.e. 129.825 and at least 10 airfields a week are getting it. This is because Ofcom have upped the fee from £120 to £1200pa. Because of this, NATS are monitoring the frequency and you are therefore reminded to say which airfield you are at with all circuit calls and Note it’s NOT repeat NOT A CHAT FREQUENCY.(The Radio Masts on the hill opposite are operated by NATS)

The Flying Press; Most of the magazines are full of reports and photos from both Oshkosh(the worlds biggest fly-in and show) and the LAA Show at Sywell that I believe saw around 1000 landings over the 3 days. Nearly a dozen of our members attended the latter and Nic Hart has his new toy on show(a SSDR skeleton, open single- seater with a frightening cruise speed of 28MPH…. The Reno Air Races are also covered and if you ever get the chance to go, do it. The sight and sound of warbirds flying the pylons at around 50-100 feet and 450Kts is awesome
Fly ins and events: Most events are winding down now although there are still few on the various flying calendars.
And Finally; At the time of writing this, I’m grounded in the sick bay but hope to be up and about again in a couple of days in time for the weekend. A real pain as the ‘Indian summer’ continues but should fizzle out next week…. Hence a short newsletter this month but hope to do a better one next month
Happy and Safe Flying,
Chris and the Team 30 September 2015


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