Correctional probation officer willingness questionnaire

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Requisition # _____________

Department of Corrections

Printed Name: Last 4 digits of Social Security #: __________



___ ___ work a flexible 40 hour work week schedule, often outside the hours of 8am-5pm, to include evenings, weekends, and holidays

___ ___ be on time for work
___ ___ participate in joint efforts between the department and law enforcement agencies where specific goals are defined and planned action are executed to enhance community supervision of offenders under the control of the department. These compliance initiatives may include residence checks on community control, sex offender, or drug offender cases to ensure that offenders are in compliance with conditions of supervision
___ ___ work overtime (with compensation), if necessary and approved
___ ___ report to duty during a natural disaster such as a hurricane, flood or other emergency
___ ___ provide a telephone contact number for emergencies
___ ___ be reassigned to any office within 50 miles of the assigned circuit
___ ___ be fingerprinted and for these fingerprints to be entered into a statewide automated identification system where they will be maintained by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement
___ ___ take a TB test annually
___ ___ notify your servicing personnel office of dual employment with another state agency
___ ___ notify your supervisor of any outside (secondary) employment
___ ___ participate in firearm training
___ ___ participate in physical fitness training
___ ___ be exposed to chemical agents such as pepper spray and tear gas used during training and in the correctional environment
___ ___ participate in defensive tactics training including, but not limited to self defense techniques, take downs, and handcuffing
___ ___ maintain all mandatory annual training requirements and participate in all required training
___ ___ present training sessions
___ ___ work with violent offenders with varied criminal histories, backgrounds, and physical or mental disabilities or diseases


___ ___ witness offenders providing a urine specimen for drug testing and conduct urinalysis screening testing in the office

___ ___ meet strictly imposed court and internal deadlines
___ ___ supervise offenders without regard to age, sex, race, religion, or national origin
___ ___ if necessary, engage in physical confrontation with another individual
___ ___ deal with irate individual(s)
___ ___ deal with uncooperative individuals or offenders that may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
___ ___ deal with victims or their families
___ ___ enter potentially dangerous environments or neighborhoods at all hours of the day or night, often alone or with another officer
___ ____ visit and walk through offender’s residences and yards to ensure compliance with conditions of supervision
___ ___ conduct searches of an offender’s residence, person, vehicle, or other property in accordance with court orders and Department of Corrections’ rules
___ ___ be subjected to verbal abuse from an offender or others and be able to maintain professionalism
___ ___ be of assistance to fellow officers or law enforcement in case of an emergency

___ ___ make required visits to offender's homes, employment sites, or elsewhere to enforce requirements of supervision

___ ___ maintain a valid driver license
___ ___ drive your personal vehicle to perform your duties in accordance with Department of Corrections’ rules, and receive travel reimbursement
___ ___ travel overnight and/or for a few days at a time and, if necessary, travel on a commercial airline for training, court, and other professional meetings
___ ___ attend scheduled court appearances and give testimony
___ ___ repeat statements either verbally or in writing, that would involve the use of profanity for the

purpose of reporting a job related incident

___ ___ report violations and make recommendations for offenders that could result in incarceration


___ ___ interview or instruct offenders at jails as required
___ ___ arrest offenders when necessary, including handcuffing the offender, and assisting law enforcement with an arrest
___ ___ communicate in writing in a clear and concise manner
___ ___ use a computer to enter daily data entries as required by procedure
___ ___ maintain offender files and documentation required for appropriate case management
___ ___ counsel and discuss with the offender referrals and resources needed to assist the offender in complying with conditions of supervision and/or assistance needed to improve their residence, employment, education, relationship with their spouse or children, or other needs identified during the supervision period
___ ___ complete assigned investigations within required timeframes
___ ___ follow supervisor's instructions
___ ___ make decisions based on good judgment and procedure requirements
___ ___ show respect to authority and professionalism to offenders, offenders’ families, victims, private citizens, and criminal justice personnel you will come into contact with in the scope of your duties
___ ___ act in professional and ethical manner both on and off duty
___ ___ maintain confidentiality of information concerning criminal activities of offenders and

understand that if you do not, you will be subject to discipline, up to and including dismissal

___ ___ read and become familiar with probation and parole procedures and rules, Department of Corrections’ policy and procedures, directives, and rules
___ ___ read and become familiar with all rules and regulations governing offenders and ensure that

they are enforced

___ ___ have your payroll warrant direct deposited in accordance with comptroller’s regulation
Please explain any "No" answers: ___________________________________________________________


Have you received monthly benefits under the Florida Retirement System (FRS) or taken any distribution under the FRS Investment Plan or optional non-FRS plans (e.g. CCORP, SUSORP, or SMSOAP)? Yes____ No____

If yes, you must complete the FRS New Employee Certification Form.
Section 943.17, Florida Statutes, directs the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission to give a test to basic recruit training graduates and candidates seeking an exemption from a Commission-Approved Basic Recruit Program. The certification test provides the Commission with assurance that each person employed or appointed as a sworn officer in this state has the minimum knowledge required to perform competently.
The Officer Certification test will be given at the end of a Commission-approved Basic Recruit Training Program or an approved Certification Examination Preparation Training Course. The test will be based upon an approved training exemption for out-of-state candidates.


___ ___ enroll in a Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission approved Basic Recruit Training Program within 180 days of initial employment and successfully complete the training within 18 months after enrollment if you are not currently a certified Correctional Probation Officer. (Training requires overnight travel for an extended period of time.)

___ ___ pay the Florida Department of Law Enforcement test fee (if you are not currently a certified Correctional Probation Officer) and take the first available test upon completion of required training?
___ ___ pay an additional Florida Department of Law Enforcement test fee if you fail the first test and again take the test on the first available date? Failure to do so will result in termination of your employment with the department. Additionally, if you fail the Florida Department of Law Enforcement examination three times, you will be terminated from employment with the department.
___ ___ reimburse the department for Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission approved advanced and specialized training taken for promotion consideration, mandatory retraining, salary incentive, or career development purposes if you do not successfully complete the training due to unsatisfactory performance or withdrawal for any reason other than death in the immediate family or personal illness or injury. The reimbursement will be made to the department within thirty (30) days in accordance with “Minimum Training Requirements,” procedure 209.101. If you fail to make repayment within thirty (30) days, you understand and agree to have the repayment of the obligated amount deducted from any regular wages, annual leave payments, sick leave payments, special/holiday compensation payments or any other payments due to you.
Certification of Applicant (Read carefully before signing)

I understand that if I attend an approved Basic Recruit Training program at the expense of the Department of Corrections (department) I must remain employed with the department for a period of not less than 2 years after graduation from the basic recruit training program. I further understand that if I terminate employment on my own initiative within 2 years, I shall reimburse the department for the full cost of tuition and other course expenses paid for me by the department during the academy training period in accordance with Chapter 943.16, Florida Statutes. I agree to have the obligated amount deducted from any regular wages, annual leave payments, sick leave payments, special/holiday compensation payments or any other payments due to me upon separation and reimburse the department for any remaining outstanding balance.
I hereby swear or affirm there are no misrepresentations or omissions in or falsifications of the foregoing statements or in the answers to questions on the Willingness Questionnaire. I am aware that should an investigation disclose such misrepresentations, omissions, or falsifications, my application will be rejected and I will be disqualified for employment with the Florida Department of Corrections or, if after my acceptance for employment, subsequent investigation should disclose misrepresentations, omissions, or falsifications, it will be just cause for my immediate dismissal.

__________________________ _________________________ ______________

Printed Name Signature Date

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