Correctional officer/correctional probation officer supplemental application

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Department of Corrections


Applicant's Name:


Social Security #:


Date of Birth:

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Your legal name, social security number and other demographic information listed above are required to complete a background investigation. Failure to provide the requested information will delay the processing of your application.
If a question does not apply to you, write NA (not applicable) in the space provided.

Yes No

  1. Are you a U.S. Citizen?  

  1. List all names you have used (include maiden, married, and nicknames):



  1. Are you related to anyone presently employed with the Florida Department of  

Corrections? If yes, give name, relationship, and place of employment:



  1. Do you have a business or personal relationship with anyone presently incarcerated  

or under the supervision of the Florida Department of Correction's system?

If yes, give name, relationship, and place of incarceration/supervision:



  1. Have you ever applied for or held a position (including internship, volunteer, contract, or OPS  

positions) with the Florida Department of Corrections? If yes, where, position(s), and dates:



  1. Have you ever worked for an entity (i.e. private contractor) that held any contractual relationship  

or financial interest with the Florida Department of Corrections? If yes, provide the name of the

contractor, location, and dates of employment.



  1. Have you ever applied for or been employed by any law enforcement agency as a  

Correctional Officer, Probation and Parole Officer or Law Enforcement Officer?

If yes, give name of agency, position(s), and dates:



Yes No

  1. Have you taken any Correctional Officer, Probation & Parole Officer or Law  

Enforcement Officer training? If no, go to Question #11. If yes, state type of training,

dates of training, etc. Certificate(s) #:



  1. Have you taken and passed the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Officer  

Certification Examination? If yes, what discipline:



  1. Has your certification ever been suspended, revoked, terminated or expired?  

If yes, explain:



  1. Have you ever had any type of disciplinary action taken against you while employed  

as a Correctional Officer, Probation & Parole Officer, or Law Enforcement Officer?

If yes, explain:



  1. Do you have any experience using a firearm?  

If yes, explain the type of weapon(s):



  1. Have you served in the Armed Forces of the United States? (Do not include National  

Guard) (A copy of your DD214 for each period of service must be submitted.)

If yes, answer questions 13 through 16. If no, skip to question 17.

  1. State branch of service and service number:


  1. State dates of all periods of active military service:  



  1. Did you receive a dishonorable discharge?  

Yes No

  1. Was any type of disciplinary action taken against you while you were a member of  

the Armed Forces? If yes, please explain:



  1. Do you possess a valid driver license? If yes, list state and license number:  


  1. Have your driving privileges ever been canceled, suspended, or revoked?  

If yes, explain:


20a. Have you ever used, or experimented with any illegal drug? If yes, explain:  


b. Have you ever sold, delivered, manufactured, smuggled, trafficked in illegal  

substances or drug paraphernalia?
c. Have you ever possessed illegal substances or drug paraphernalia?  

21a. Have you ever been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor?  

b. Have you ever pled Nolo Contendere or pled guilty to a crime which is a felony or

a misdemeanor?  

c. Have you ever had the adjudication of guilt withheld for a crime which is a felony

or a misdemeanor (including sealed records)?  

d. If you answered "Yes" to 21 a, b, or c, complete the following:
Date Place Agency Charge Disposition Details




  1. Are you or have you ever knowingly been under investigation by any local, state,  

federal agency, or entity for any wrongdoing either administrative, civil or criminal?

If yes, explain:



  1. Have you ever committed a crime, whether arrested or not, that would constitute a  

felony or a misdemeanor?

Yes No

  1. Have you now or have you ever had any affiliation with a known threat group “gang”?  

If so, describe the circumstances in detail.




  1. Chronologically list all previous places of residence for the past ten years.

(Begin with present and work backwards.)
From To Zip

Mo/Yr Mo/Yr Number/Street County/City State Code








  1. List any special qualifications or skills you may possess:








  1. In the spaces below, provide the names, addresses and phone numbers (include area code) of four (4) individuals who are either currently your neighbors, or who have been your neighbor within the past 3 years. For the purposes of this form, a neighbor is someone who lives, or has lived, in fairly close proximity to you (same neighborhood or area where you lived). All information must be provided. Do not use relatives.


Phone Number

Mailing Address






















  1. How did you learn about this job?

 Department of Corrections (DC) Website

 PeopleFirst Website

 Internet (specify website): _______________________________________________

 DC Employee Referral

 DC Sign/Job Flyer

 Newspaper / Periodical Ad (please specify name): ________________________________

 Radio/TV Station (please specify name): ________________________________________

 Career Fair

 College/University Placement Office

 Military Base/Transition Center

 AWI – One Stop Career Center/ Jobs, Etc.

 DCF – Economic Self Sufficiency

 Other (please specify source): _________________________________________________

I hereby swear or affirm there are no misrepresentations or omissions in or falsifications of the foregoing statements or in the answers to the questions above. I am aware that should an investigation disclose such misrepresentations, omissions, or falsifications, my application will be rejected and I will be disqualified for employment with the Florida Department of Corrections or, if after my acceptance for employment, subsequent investigation should disclose misrepresentations, omissions, or falsifications, it will be just cause for my immediate dismissal.

____________________________ ________________________________________ _________________

Print Name Signature Date

DC2-873 (Revised 5/31/11) of
In accordance with s. 119.071(5) (a) 2, F.S., your social security number is being collected for verification purposes.

This collection is imperative for the performance of this agency's duties and responsibilities as prescribed by law.  Information submitted on the application must be verified prior to appointment.  Inclusion of the social security number will save staff time and result in the position being filled with prompt efficiency.

The Department will not use the social security number collected for any purpose other than the purpose provided above.

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