Cornerstones Integrated Pledge Manual

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Week Four

One Among Many: The International Fraternity


  • Reflections from Week Three

  • Pythagoras, chapters V and VII

  • Cornerstones activity: Social attitude

  • Review of our Acacia Stories

  • Executive Member Spotlight: Secretary

  • Acacia Credo


  • Understand XX Acacia’s role in the Acacia International community

  • Empower our knowledge of Acacia history

Assignments Due for Next Week:

  • Worksheet #4 – Acacia International

  • Memorize the Credo

Up Next Week:

  • Chapter Leadership Structure

  • Cornerstones activity: Personal wellness

Reflections from Week Three

  • What does the Treasurer do?

  • Someday I may help a pledge with their Acacia Legacy writing exercise

  • Acacia has such a rich history

  • What have I done this week to achieve my goal?

  • Where would I be if this chapter was never re-chartered?

Pythagoras Reading: Chapters V and VII, The International Fraternity and Fraternity Living
Cornerstones Activity: Social attitude

  • Enhance your social skills and embrace new ideas through participation in an activity such as: attending an etiquette dinner, visiting a museum, attend a lecture on a cultural topic

Executive Member Spotlight: Secretary, Brother____________________

Below list 3 main responsibilities and any other important notes about this office:

Acacia Credo

Reference: Pythagoras – Membership Manual of the Acacia Fraternity, page VI
I am an Acacian.

I hold a trust for all good Acacians –

Those who were Acacians before me, those who are now,

And those who will become Acacians in the future.

In the Acacia spirit I charge myself with responsibilities;

to better my fraternity’s record.

I am an Acacian wherever I may happen to be.

I gladly contribute my honest share of effort,

And whish to serve Acacia to the best of my ability.

I will always think of Acacia as one of the best fraternities;

Its rich heritage of principles having been fostered so that

I might enjoy a fine fraternal opportunity.

I am an Acacian.

I am proud of it.

Worksheet Four Name:

Acacia International Fraternity: One Among Many

Reference: Pythagoras: Membership Manual of the Acacia Fraternity &

  1. List Acacia’s fourteen Founding Fathers:

1. 8.

2. 9.

3. 10.

4. 11.

5. 12.

6. 13.

7. 14.

  1. The supreme governing body of Acacia is the , which is composed of the International Council and two delegates from each Chapter, the and .

  1. The International Council is the supreme executive and judicial body of Acacia. List the five main functions of the Council:






  1. Complete the current International Headquarters staff.

Office Name Yr/College

Executive Director

Assistant Executive Director

Director of Membership Development

Director of Communications

Leadership Consultants

  1. List the active chapters and colonies of Acacia Fraternity.

  1. Bonus: (Extra Points Awarded!) What Chapter is brother Darold W. Larson from?

Week Five

Know Thyself, Ancient Instructions for Life Today


  • Reflections from Week Four

  • Pythagoras, chapters IX

  • Cornerstones activity: Personal wellness

  • Executive Member Spotlight: Recruitment Chair


  • Develop personal understanding of recruitment

  • Learn how to recruit

Assignments Due for Next Week:

Up Next Week:

  • Human Service

  • Pledge Class Project

  • Cornerstones activity: Professional development

Reflections from Week Four

  • What does the Secretary do?

  • What exactly do the lines in the Credo mean?

  • I want to travel to our other chapters and meet brothers from all over

  • What have I done this week to achieve my goals?

  • Will I ever have the opportunity to work for the international headquarters?

Pythagoras Reading: Chapters IX, Pythagoras, Acacia's Mentor
Cornerstones activity: Personal wellness

  • Complete a personal wellness activity such as: Play an intramural sport, become First Aid & CPR certified, work with a personal trainer or nutritionist, run a 5k, etc.

Executive Member Spotlight: Recruitment Chair, Brother____________________

Below list 3 main responsibilities and any other important notes about this office:

* It is strongly recommended that the Recruitment Chairman plan on conducting a Recruitment Training Session (guidelines in Member Recruitment Gold Book) with all new members. The focus should be to build skills in the new members, explain to them how the process works from the chapter’s standpoint, and inform them about how they play a role.

Worksheet Five Name:

Insignia and Heraldry

Reference: Pythagoras: Membership Manual of the Acacia Fraternity, pages 28-30

  1. “The official coat of arms of The Acacia Fraternity shall be composed of a ___,

, and . The motto,
shall be inscribed in Greek.”

  1. Draw the Badge of Acacia:

  1. Where is the badge worn? The badge is not to be worn where?

  1. Draw the Pledge Pin of Acacia:

  1. The Banner of Acacia measures 3 by 5 feet. What are in the four corners?

  1. The Colors of Acacia are: and

  1. The Flower of Acacia is a in bloom.

  1. Essay: (Complete with the remaining space below) Imagine for a moment that you are in an elevator with a family friend. She asks you where you are living. You respond with, “uh, Acacia.” She inquires with, “What is Acacia?” Reflecting on your first month of your Acacia journey, what is Acacia? What does Acacia mean to you?

Week Six

Human Service: Reaching Out to the Community


  • Reflections from Week Five

  • Executive Member Spotlight: Human Service Chair

  • Cornerstones activity: Professional development

  • Pythagoras, chapter XII

  • “Human Service” Project Completion

  • Publicizing

  • Press-Release


  • “…to take an active part in the community in which we may reside…”

  • Understand importance of human service

Assignments Due for Next Week:

  • Complete pledge “Human Service” Project

Up Next Week:

  • XX Greek Community

  • Greek Alphabet

  • Cornerstones activity: Campus & community involvement

Reflections from Week Five

  • Recruitment is the life-blood of the fraternity

  • I can be the leader of this chapter one day

  • Will I recruit someone who will have an impact on this fraternity

  • What have I done this week to achieve my goals?

  • Pythagoras not only has made an impact on this fraternity but also the entire world

Pythagoras Reading: Chapter XII, Acacia Sings
Cornerstones activity: Professional development

  • Complete a professional development activity such as a resume workshop, mock interview, or hosting an alumnus to speak on a professional topic

Executive Member Spotlight: Human Service Chair, Brother____________________

Below list 3 main responsibilities and any other important notes about this office:

Complete the philanthropic or human service project your class has been planning.

Describe the project:

What was the project?

What was its significance?

How has your participation in this project affected you?

Publicizing the project:

Fraternities in this day in age generally have a bad public image. The media is quick to jump when a fraternity screws up, but is reluctant to cover fraternity good will. This is why you should take it into your own hands by publicizing your own positive impact.

You should always invite campus news organizations to your events. If they don't come, cover it yourself. Write up a press-release(example in next page), take some pictures, and send it out to local media outlets and to the headquarters. Another good idea is to contact a Journalism professor, ask them to announce this event to their class and have a student cover it. In most cases these students are forced to write real news stories and submit them for publication. They may be more eager to cover your event than actual working reporters.

Acacia Fraternity, __________ Chapter


(City, State, Zip Code) (Local Chapter or National Website) (Email)


(Date) Contact:(NAME)




(Name of Story)

(Short Sentence About Story)

            (City Where it Happened) – (Insert story) Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean non dui ac dolor pharetra malesuada et in urna. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Sed mollis facilisis urna, at dictum orci mattis et. Proin ut pretium magna. Sed faucibus velit eu quam lobortis, id commodo est feugiat. Praesent id ligula feugiat, sagittis massa id, condimentum odio. Vivamus vel libero eget quam pharetra faucibus sed ut lectus.

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Week Seven

A Tradition of Excellence: XX Greek Community


  • Reflections from Week Six

  • Executive Member Spotlight: Junior Dean

  • Pythagoras, chapter IV and VIII

  • Cornerstones activity: Campus & community involvement

  • Greek Terminology

  • Greek Alphabet

  • XX Greek Life

  • IFC Officers


  • Identify Acacia’s role in XX Greek Community and its success

  • Unite as an active part of the XX Greek Community

Assignments Due for Next Week:

  • Memorize the Greek Alphabet

Up Next Week:

  • 47th Proposition of the Euclid

  • Pledgeship Review

Reflections from Week Six

  • How many people did I affect with our philanthropy?

  • Acacians have been singing the songs we have learned for 100 years

  • Why is Human Service important to Acacia?

  • What have I done this week to achieve my goals?

Pythagoras Reading: Chapters IV and VIII, Alumnus Membership and The Essence of Good Taste
Cornerstones activity: Campus & community involvement

  • Venture beyond the halls of Acacia and contribute to your campus and community by one or more of the following: Join a campus organization, sign up to lead a freshmen orientation group, coordinate a service project, attend a town hall or chamber of commerce meeting

Executive Member Spotlight: Junior Dean, Brother____________________

Below list 3 main responsibilities and any other important notes about this office:

Greek Terminology

Reference: Acacia Fraternity Headquarters

An initiated undergraduate member of a fraternity or sorority.


A formal invitation to join a fraternity or sorority.


Time and effort donated toward a charitable cause or community institution to benefit the public (note the difference between Community Service and Philanthropy).


Interfraternity Council, the local governing body for the fraternities.


A man whose father, brother or grandfather is a member of a fraternity, or a woman whose mother, sister or grandmother is a member of a sorority.


Mid-American Greek Council Association. A leadership organization that serves Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils from schools within a 17-state region of the central United States. Our executive officers visit the regional conference in Chicago each year to compete for awards, attend education sessions, and learn about other Greek communities.


North-American Interfraternity Conference, the national leadership organization for its member fraternities. XX has 23 member Chapters including Acacia. Acacia Fraternity was a founding member of the NIC.


National Panhellenic Conference, the national leadership organization for its member sororities. XX has 11 member Chapters.


Panhellenic Council, the local governing body for the sororities.


Fund-raising activities or service projects for charitable institutions; or charitable aid/donations to these institutions (note the difference between Philanthropy and Community Service).

XX Greek Community

Reference: Insert_Greeklife_Website
Facts_about XX Greek Life:

  • The XX IFC operates separately from the university

  • University_Admin_1

  • His contact info is Admin_1_Email or Admin_1_Number

  • The XX Office of Greek Life is located Where_is_Located

  • University_Admin_2

  • The Office of Greek Life's contact info is: Admin_2_Email, Admin_2_number

Below List All IFC Officers:

Reference: IFC_Web_Site
Week Eight

The 47th Proposition of Euclid


  • Reflection from Week Seven

  • Executive Member Spotlight: House Manager

  • Evaluation – Pledgeship Reflection

  • The 47th Proposition of Euclid

  • Evaluation & Reflection: Pledgeship


  • Reflect on your Acacia experience to this point

  • Identify challenges that may be ahead

Assignments Due for Next Week:

  • Worksheet #7 – FINAL Review

  • Memorize the 47th Proposition of the Euclid

Up Next Week:

  • International Test

  • Initiation, pending...

Reflections from Week Seven

  • A lot of planning goes into the social events

  • XX has a rich Greek Community

  • Am I connected with enough fellow greeks?

  • What have I done this week to achieve my goals?

  • Would I want to lead the IFC one day?

Executive Member Spotlight: House Manager, Brother____________________

Below list 3 main responsibilities and any other important notes about this office:

The 47th Proposition of Euclid:

Reference: Teachings of Pythagoras
The Problem:

The square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.

Note: The proof is a geometric proof. A proof based on arithmetic and measurements is unsatisfactory. This method is the simplest and most precise geometric proof.


Reflection & Evaluation: Pledgeship

  1. In your opinion, what are the purposes of being a pledge?

  1. How does the Chapter’s program promote this purpose?

  1. Did your first impressions portray an accurate reflection of the process?

  1. Identify strengths and weaknesses to the process.

  1. Provide suggestions for improvement.

  1. Were other areas of your life, such as academics, social, or work affected?

  1. How did Cornerstones play into the pledgeship process?

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