Contents of Tenant Handbook

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Contents of Tenant Handbook

APPLE & General Information

Page Number
Move-in/Move-out Procedures & Insurance 2
Lease and Deposits 3
Utilities, Garbage / Recycling 4
Maintenance 5
Safety Tips 6
Pet Policy 7

Government handbook “Protect Your Family from Lead to Home”
Move-out Procedures
Residential Rental Contract
Maintenance Addendum
Lead Base Paint Disclosure Form (if applicable)
Addendum to Residential Rental Contract

Office Address: 2911 Guess Road Durham, NC 27705

White house about ½ mile north of 85

Telephone Number: (919) 471-2007

Fax Number: (919) 620-8064

Web Site:

Office Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Monday-Friday


  1. Each adult must submit a completed application and fee.

  1. Upon notification of approval, the security deposit is due within 36 hours.

  1. Schedule an appointment to sign the lease (all adults must be present to sign).

  1. Arrange for utilities to be connected or transferred into your name.

5) Pay rent & receive keys. The rent can be paid at the time of lease signing or if the lease is signed prior to the move-in date, rent can be paid when keys are picked up. Keys will not be given until rent is paid in full. If a pet deposit is required, it must be paid prior to receiving keys.

6) Complete Move-In Inspection form within 14 days of occupying the property.
7) Contact office with your new phone number(s).
8) Retain Tenant Handbook for future reference.


PLEASE NOTE: You may NOT use your security deposit as last month’s rent.

  1. Written notice to Apple Realty stating your intention to vacate is due to us 30 days prior to the end of the lease term.

  1. Cleaning Duties Checklist:

  • Empty cabinets & clean shelves.

  • Clean tub & sinks (on fiberglass use non-abrasive cleaners designed for fiberglass).

  • Clean/change heat/ac filter.

  • Replace all burnt out light bulbs.

  • Vacuum carpet, floor, and baseboard. Wipe down fans and blinds.

  • Mop kitchen and bath floors.

  • Remove all belongings and trash from closets, attic, crawl space, storage shed, and yard.

  • Empty refrigerator, clean thoroughly, turn off power & prop doors open. Place an open box of baking soda inside to control odors.

  • Clean oven, range top, drip pans and range hood.

  1. Pay utility bills and discontinue service.

  1. Turn in keys to Apple Realty. Please note that you are liable for rent for each day until you turn in your keys. If no one is in the office, you may return your keys to the locked dropped box by the office door. Please be sure to label them with the address of the property.

  1. Provide your forwarding address to Apple Realty and to the Post Office.


The property owner's insurance does not cover your personal property in any instance, including fire and theft. We recommend renters insurance.

TERM: The term of your lease is specified on page 1 of the lease. Most of our leases require a 30-day notice prior to the end of the lease term to terminate the lease. We will generally require an addendum to the lease to extend the lease term for a specific number of months, rather than extending the lease on a month to-month basis.
BREAKING LEASE: The lease is a legal contract between two (2) parties binding each party to specific responsibilities. There is not allowance for early termination. With our prior approval, you may find new tenants to take over your lease, however, we must approve the new tenants. You must request this action in writing at least 30 days prior to your intended date of vacating the unit. We charge an administrative fee of $125 for this process. You are responsible for the tenure of your lease until the new tenants take over your lease. It is the TENANT'S responsibility to find new tenants. We will assist by listing the property on our For Rent List.
RENT: Each signatory to the lease is responsible for all the conditions of the lease, including payment of rent, late fees, Non-sufficient Funds (NSF) fees, and utility payments.

  1. Rent is due in our possession on the 1st of the month.

  2. Rent is LATE after the fifth (5th) of the month. Rent must be received in our office by the end of the working day on the fifth to avoid a late charge. The amount of the late charge is five percent (5%) of your monthly rental rate. Please mail rent payments to Apple Realty. Our office has a locked drop box by the front door if you come to the office and no one is available.

  3. Rent payments may be made by more than one person. However, if the full amount of the rent is not received by the fifth, the late fee will be charged.

  4. Please pay via personal checks or in certified funds. APPLE Realty does not accept cash except for an application fee.

  5. Returned Checks. The consequences of returned checks are:

  • NSF fee of $20.00.

  • Late fee as defined in lease is 5% of your monthly rental amount, contact office for the exact amount.

  • Payment of that rent and future rent with certified funds (i.e. money order).


We charge the following deposits/fees:

  • Security

  • Pet (if you have pets, maximum three (3) pets, $200 for first pet, $100 for each additional pet)

  • Utility (if applicable to your property)

  • Oil/Kerosene/LP (if there is fuel in your oil/kerosene/LP tank)

The amount of refund for security and pet deposits is based on a property inspection after you have moved. Costs of repairs due to Tenant neglect or abuse are deducted, as are costs of repairs, flea treatment (if fleas are found, you will be charged a $50 fee payable to Apple Realty, in addition to costs for flea treatment), and cleaning due to a Tenant's pet. Cleaning costs for any of the items listed under Move-out Procedures will also be billed to the Tenant. The refund is made within 30 days of the return of keys or the lease expiration, whichever is later.

The refund check is made out to the Tenants named on the lease unless otherwise specified on the lease or an Addendum. The refund check can be made out to a specific tenant if all of the tenants request it in writing.


Your lease will indicate whether any utilities are included in your rent or whether they are billed back to you by APPLE Realty. All other utilities are the responsibility of the tenant. The utility companies may require a security deposit; amount varies. Some exceptions may apply; contact individual utility company for details. Utilities that are the responsibility of the tenant must be transferred into the tenant’s name within 5 days of the lease beginning.


  • Duke Energy

  • 1-800-777-9898 or – call or visit online to set up service

  • Generally can schedule service for next business day (also on Saturday)

  • See website for a complete list of payment locations


  • City of Durham Water Customer Service, 101 City Hall Plaza, Durham, NC 27701.

  • 919-560-1200 Office Hours M-F 8 am - 4:30 pm

  • Must go in person with copy of the signed lease.

  • Generally can schedule service for next business day

Natural Gas:

Oil/Kerosene/LP (Propane) Gas (There are several local companies)

  • Couch Oil Co., 2907 Hillsborough Rd., Durham, NC 27705.

  • (919) 286-5408. Office Hours M-F 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Sat. 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

  • May take several days before service can be scheduled

Cable, Internet and Digital Telephone: Frontier Communications OR Time Warner Cable

  • Frontier Communications: (877-423-2443).

  • Time Warner Cable: 1515 North Pointe Dr #103, Durham, NC 27705 (919) 595-4892 ‎.

  • Office Hours Monday through Saturday 7 a.m. – 9 p.m.

  • OR (866) 489-2669

  • May take several days before service can be scheduled

  • You may NOT, under any circumstances, affix a satellite dish to the structure of the property.


Garbage collection within the city limits occurs once a week. Yard debris is also collected once a week, on a different day. All yard debris must be placed in the rollout can, in large paper bags, or tied and bundled. The rollout cans or other garbage cans must be at the curb for collection. Rollout cans are provided by the City; call 560-1200 for cans, schedule and large item pickup.

Recycling curbside pickup is the same day as garbage collection. Newspapers, glass jars and bottles, aluminum drink cans and, in some neighborhoods, plastic bottles, are recyclable. For information and bins call Tidewater Fiber Corp., 957-8803.


WEEKDAY SERVICE: Please call our office at 471-2007 to report the problem.
WEEKEND / AFTER-HOURS SERVICE: Call 471-2007, and leave a message describing the problem. Please leave your phone numbers. We check after-hours messages the next business day.
EMERGENCY SERVICE: If you have an after hours maintenance emergency which cannot wait until regular business hours, call 919-620-8062. Leave a number at which we can contact you. We will respond as quickly as possible to your emergency. If you have an emergency such as a break-in or fire, call 911 immediately.


There are some maintenance charges that will be billed to you, either because you are responsible for them or caused them by your neglect, misuse or abuse. Some common examples are:

  • Service call for heat after the furnace has run out of oil or kerosene.

  • Service call to electrician for a blown fuse or tripped breaker when tenant has access to electrical panel.

  • Service call to plumber for clogged drains or toilet stoppage unless the plumber determines stoppage was due to crushed or broken sewer line.

  • Service call to heating contractor when cause of problem is a dirty filter.

  • Broken window or door glass unless due to break-in (police report must be filed).

  • Lock-out service call after hours if we are able to schedule -- $50.00 charge.

  • Lock or key change not due to failure of the mechanism.

  • Removal of satellite dishes and patching of roof due to their installation

Tenants must obtain written permission to paint or make changes to the property. Tenants will be charged to repaint, undo or repair any work not previously approved by Apple Realty / McKeel Properties in writing.



  • For OIL / KEROSENE / LP furnaces: If the furnace has stopped, first check to make sure you have fuel in the tank. If you do, press the reset button on the furnace. If two reset attempts do not result in continuous heating operation, do NOT reset again. Call us for repairs.

  • For ELECTRIC HEAT AND FORCED AIR FURNACES, check the breaker or the fuses. Check your furnace filter monthly in both cooling and heating seasons. A dirty filter causes the furnace to operate inefficiently.

  • Closing or covering foundation vents in winter and opening them in summer adds to comfort and cuts energy costs. Closing storm windows, if you have them, during heating and cooling seasons will save on energy costs.


  • For plumbing problems other than stopped drains or toilet, call us for repairs. If you have a stopped drain and you are unable to unstop it using the suggestions below, call a plumber. This is the tenant’s responsibility. We can suggest a plumbing service company if you request us to do so.

  • For STOPPED DRAINS IN TUB OR SINK, try using a rubber plunger. Pouring baking soda down the drain followed by vinegar will cause bubbling which may break loose a blockage in a clogged drain when used with the plunger.

  • If water SUPPLY LINE is leaking, turn off water at the handle under the sink or lavatory or look for a handle (shut off valve) on the water line that comes into the house from the street--it may be in a closet or under the house. If all else fails, call the City of Durham to turn the water off at the water meter. (NOTE: turning off the water at the supply line to the house or at the water meter will cut off all of the water to the building.)

  • If a DRAIN is leaking, stop using the fixture and place a bucket under it to catch the leaking water.

  • If FAUCETS DRIPS OR TOILET RUNS, turn off the faucet which supplies water to the toilet or faucet.

  • If TOILET is STOPPED UP use a plumbers helper (rubber plunger) in the toilet to clear the blockage.


  • If you see stains on your ceiling or walls, call us so we can check for roof or plumbing leaks.


  • Determine what has power and what does not. If power to the whole house/apartment is off, there may be a power failure in the neighborhood: call Duke Energy at 1-800-726-3853.

  • Identify which fuse or which breaker in the electrical panel box is not working.

  • FUSE: a darkened glass or broken wire indicates a burned out fuse. Replace with the same size fuse (e.g. replace a 15 amp fuse with a 15 amp fuse). You can buy fuses at a drug store or hardware store.

  • BREAKER: if a switch is not fully in the ON positions, switch it fully OFF and then back ON.


  • Call 911 for police OR fire emergency and in the case of anything suspicious--strangers hanging around, open door when no one is home, etc.

  • Test your smoke detector regularly. Call us if you need a battery.

  • Know the location of the key to the window pins.

  • Don't use your fireplace unless it has a current inspection by a licensed chimney sweep and you have written permission from Apple Realty.

  • Get acquainted with neighbors.

  • Always lock your doors & windows when you are not home. It is even a good idea to lock your doors when you are home.

  • When you are away for a period of time, get a friend or neighbor to pick up your mail and look around. Use electric timers on lights and radios, or get a house sitter.

  • The Fire Department recommends: no wiring under rugs, no frayed electrical cords, outlet covers on all outlets & switches, checking wattage on light bulbs--60 watts is generally a safe wattage.

  • Stay aware of your personal safety and surroundings at all time.


A pet is defined as a common household pet such as a dog, cat, fish, hamster or bird. Reptiles and birds of prey are not considered household pets and are not allowed. Only cats and dogs must be approved by APPLE Realty. If a cat or dog is added after the original lease contract is signed, you must receive approval from APPLE in writing, pay the pet deposit and add the pet to your lease prior to the arrival of the animal. Please note that not all APPLE properties allow pets; please check first in regards to your specific residence.
Dogs of a class with a known vicious propensity or aggressive propensity shall not be permitted.


  • Akitas

  • Chow Chow

  • Doberman Pinschers

  • German Shepherds

  • Huskies

  • Pit Bulls

  • Presa Canarios

  • Rottweilers

  • St. Bernards

  • Wolf Hybrids

  • Great Danes

  • Any mix or combination of the above


  1. Treat for fleas/ticks consistently to prevent infestation in or on the property.

  2. Pet waste is to be disposed of in appropriate garbage receptacles.

  3. Pets are to be walked on a leash to better ensure the safety and comfort of others.

  4. Pets will not be permitted to bark excessively or make other noise as to disturb other residents.

  5. If the pet starts to show any vicious or aggressive behavior, remove the pet immediately from the home and inform APPLE Realty.

(NOTE: Restrictions and deposits are subject to change without notice.)

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