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Mesterházy Zsolt – The Conifer Treasury of the World 3.0® - A fenyők kincsestára 3.0®

3rd edition, 2nd digital edition 2010. Budapest, Hungary


Mesterházy, Zsolt

Conifer Treasury of Great Britain 1.0

A brit fenyők kincsestára 1.0

Brit fenyőnemesítők kézikönyve



Literature 1995-2005

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Mesterházy, Zsolt: Conifer Treasury of the World 1995, 1st Edition, Budapest HUN

Mesterházy, Zsolt: Conifer Treasury 2.0 2005, 2nd, Digital Edition, Budapest, HUN

Full Digital Sources
Mesterházy, Zsolt & al.: Conifer Treasury of New Zealand & Australia 1.0, 2010 Budapest

Mesterházy, Zsolt: Conifer Treasury of Poland 1.0, 2010 Budapest

Mesterházy, Zsolt & al.: Conifer Treasury of Hungary 1.0, 2010 Budapest

Mesterházy, Zsolt: Virtual World Pinetum 2010, Budapest, partly based on:

Debreczy, Zsolt – Rácz, István: Fenyők a Föld körül – Conifers Around the World, 2000. in common naming of genuses and species

Gymnosperm Database GD

Edited by Christopher J. Earle

International Dendrology Society IDS
Sources of the available photos from the web collected by Google: more ten thousands of sites, which’s photos are seen by Google, all together 3,5 million conifer photos. Thanks to all organizations, education, nurseries and privats throughout the World, who cares conifer photos on their sites. Special thanks to the Gardenweb conifering sites, where the visitors collected in the last years thousands of their own high quality conifer photos – and most of them are high educated professional nurserymen, or enthusiast conifer friends with high quality photoing knowledge- but sorryfully they work with nicknames.
Sources of individual photos from nurseries, arboretums, organizations, which’s photos are not seen by Google

American Conifer Society Database 2010 959 cultivar photos

Burdan Nursery, Lubska POL Conifer Gallery 2010 472 cultivar photos

Daglezja Nursery, Ryki POL Conifer Gallery 2010 648 cultivar photos

Jiri Holata Nursery, Kouty CZ Conifer Gallery 2010 1011 cultivar photos

Jörg Kohout Nursery, Prietitz GER Conifer Gallery 2010 270 cultivar photos

The author’s photos in Mesterházy Pinetum HUN Conifer Gallery 2010 1450 cultivar photos conifers POL 2010 Conifer Gallery 2010 84 cultivar photos

Edwin Smits Nursery, Volkel HOL Conifer Gallery 2010 597 cultivar photos

Sylwester Tomszak Nursery, Bielsko-Biala POL Conifer Gallery 2010 516 cultivar photos

6047 photos


LARIX [1] L. [2] PINACEAE [3]

DECIDUA [4] 1768 [5] EUR [6]

Mill. [7] Kr[31]

L. vulgaris [8] Fisch.[9]

L. sudetica [8] Domin[9]1930[10]

f. ADENOCARPA [11] /Borb./Fitsch. [12] AUT [13]

ssp. POLONICA [14] /Racib./Domin [12]

[15]Larix decidua var. carpathica Domin 1936 [16]

var. POLONICA [17] /Racib./Ostenf. & Syrach-Larsen [12]

[15] L. decidua x L. sibirica[18]

Cervicornis [19] 1909 AUT [20]


Complete information about a record:

Cervicornis Publicator of Cultivars: Year, Person, Source (book)

Beissn.1891 [22]

Author and date

before 1909 Dr. Dieck on Mt. Semmering AUT [21]

Date of origin, founder, the place of origin

Photos collected by Google

Dr. Dieck, Zoeschen AUT [29]

Introducer or lister


Old synonyme cultivar names

Living synonyme cultivar name /Fastigiata/

Photos collected from individual site sources
In case of uncomplete information the position of the datas show their meanings.
Steinplatte [19] 1991 Horstmann GER [21]

Tortuosa [19] Booth ex Koch 1873 [22]

Pesek [19] Horstmann GER [23]

Puli [19] HUN [24] /pend./ [25]

Pyramidalis [19] /Fastigiata/ [26]

[ 1] The name of the genus Level 1.

[ 2] The name of the botanist, who described the genus

[ 3] Name of the family

[ 4] The name of the species Level 2.

[ 5] The earliest date the species ever mentioned

[ 6] Area Code - see Geographical List below

[ 7] The name of the botanist, who described first the species

[ 8] Unvalid or synonym name for Level 2.

[ 9] Botanist of [ 8]

[10] Date of [ 8]

[11] "f." is the sign of "forma" of the species

[12] Author of [11],[14],[17]

[13] Geographical origin

[14] "ssp." is the sign of "subspecies"

[15] Additional line for more informations

[16] Unvalid or synonyme name for Level 3.:

"f.","ssp.","var." and "cv."

[17] "var." is the sign of "varietas"

[18] The parents of a hybride plant

[19] The name of the "cultivar" /"cv."/

[20] Origin of date and country

[21] Date,name,country of founder of a "cv."

[22] Botanist's name,date of a "cv." /Author/

[23] Name,country: usually a nursery, where the plant

is cultivated

[24] Country code of origin without more informations

[25] Type of the plant /with small letters/

[26] Living synonyme cultivar name /Fastigiata/

[27] Natural hybryde Species name with "X" behind the name

[28] "--." , "--.--." : Sign for replaceing a repetition

[29] Introduced or listed

[30] Synonym species showing the valid name

[31] Literature of the species

1. genus

2. species

3. varietas, subspecies, forma and "CULTIVARS"

Abies - Jegenyefenyő - Fir

Abies Miller 1766 – Pinaceae - Jegenyefenyők - Firs


Mill. Kr

Abies alba Mill. - Közönséges jegenyefenyő - European Silver Fir

Aurea Nelson 1866 GBR

A. pectinata auricoma Carr. 1867

A. pectinata aurea Beissn. 1891

Foliis variegata Loud.1838 /Variegata/ GBR

King’s Dwarf 1983 GBR

King & Paton Nurs. SCO GBR

Microcarpa Nelson 1866 GBR

Minor Mast. 1892 GBR

Munsterland Kenwith Nurs., GBR

Nana Knight & Perry 1850 GBR

Prostrata Hort. ex Beissn. 1858

/Nana/Knight & Perry 1850

Pyramidalis Lawson 1851

1850 GBR /Pyramidalis Compacta/

Abies alba ‘Pyramidalis’

Quite columnar, about the only thing it has in common with the Egyptian ones is that both are equally effective they reach 6-8” specimen size. Arrowhead text.

Arrowhead Alpines Nursery MI USA

A. alba f.pyramidalis Voss 1896

A. alba var. stricta Fitschen 1930

Abies alba ’Pyramidalis’

Esveld Nursery, Boskoop HOL

Abies alba ’Pyramidalis’ American Conifer Society

Abies alba ’Pyramidalis’ Edwin Smits Nursery, Volkel HOL

Variegata Forbes 1839

at Woburn GBR

Abies alba ‘Variegata’

A. alba var. variegata Zederbaur 1907


/L./ Mill. Kr

Abies balsamea (L.) Mill. - Balzsamfenyő - Balsam Fir

Prostrata Knight & Perry 1850

1838 GBR

Abies balsamea ‘Prostrata’

Abies balsamea ’Prostrata’ Edwin Smits Nursery, Volkel HOL

Mattf. Kr

Abies bornmülleriana Mattf. 1925 - Bitűniai v. Bornmüller jegenyefenyő - Bornmüller fir

Archer 1991 Kenwith Nurs., Bideford GBR

Kenwith Nurs., Bideford GBR


/Gord. & Glend./Lindl. ex Hildebrand Kr

Abies concolor /Gord. & Glend./Lindl. ex Hildebrand 1861 - Kolorádói (szürke) jegenyefenyő - Colorado Fir Jegenyefenyő változatok képei - Abies Gallery

Archer’s Dwarf G. Haddow 1982

J. W. Archer, Farnham GBR

Abies concolor ‘Archers Dwarf’

Kenwith Nurs., Bideford GBR

Abies concolor ‘Archer’s Dwarf’

A conical dwarf plant with powder blue foliage that originated with J. W. Archer in Surrey. The needles are somewhat recurved and the branches tend to curl downwards. Arrowhead text.

Arrowhead Alpines Nursery MI USA

Abies concolor ´Archer´s Dwarf´ Jiri Holata Nursery, Kouty CZ

Abies concolor ’Archer’s Dwarf’

Jörg Kohout Nursery, Prietitz GER

Abies concolor ’Archer’s Dwarf’Mesterházy Pinetum HUN

Abies concolor ’Archer’s Dwarf’Mesterházy Pinetum HUN

Creamy G. Haddow 1991

Kenwith Nurs. GBR

Abies concolor ‘Creamy’ Abies concolor var. lowiana ‘Creamy’

New cream colored growth in Spring, becoming variegated by

Fall, maintained throughout winter. Becomes more conical with

age. Stephen Grubb text in ACS database.

Kenwith Nurs., Bideford GBR

Bethlehem Nursery, Bethlehem, CT USA

Abies concolor ’Creamy’ American Conifer Society

Glauca Compacta Hornibrook 1923 GBR

Abies concolor ‘Glauca Compacta’

/Compacta/ since 1939

Abies concolor ’Glauca Compacta’ American Conifer Society

Pyramidalis Lawson 1851 GBR

/van Tiegh./Franch. Kr

Abies delavayi (van Tiegh.) Franch. 1899 - Göngyölttűs Delavay jegenyefenyő - Delavay fir

Buchanan /Buchanan’s Dwarf/

Buchanan’s Dwarf 1972 Hillier GBR

Abies delavayi Buchanan’s Dwarf

Abies delavayi Buchanan’s Dwarf Daglezja Nursery, Ryki POL

Fargesii Prostrate 1979 Welch GBR

Major Neishe Rushforth 1987

in Hillier Nurs. GBR

Nana 1971 Hillier GBR

Abies delavayi ‘Nana’

Abies delavayi ’Nana’ American Conifer Society

Nana Herdfort Mistake of /Headfort/

Abies delavayi ‘Nana Herdford’

Franch. SS

Abies fargesii Franch. 1899 - Kanszú kéktobozú jegenyefenyő - Kanshu Fir

Headfort H. G. Hillier 1964

in Headfort IRL


Herdford /Headfort/

Sieb. & Zucc. Kr

Abies firma Sieb. & Zucc. 1842 - Momi jegenyefenyő - Momi Fir

Tardina Mitchell 1972

at Borde Hill GBR


/Pursh/ Poir. Kr

Abies fraseri (Push.) Poir 1817 - Cseroki v. Fraser jegenyefenyő - Fraser Fir

Compacta Bailey 1933

/Dougl./Lindl. Kr

Abies grandis (Dougl.) Lindl. 1933 - Óriás jegenyefenyő - Grand Fir

Aurifolia Dall. & Jacks. 1923 GBR

Wils. Kr

Abies koreana Wilson 1920 - Koreai jegenyefenyő - Korea Fir

Blue Hit GBR /Blauer Pfiff/
Inverleith G. Haddow 1985

in Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh GBR

Nana H.G. Hillier 1964

Abies koreana ‘Nana’

/Compact Dwarf/

Nisbet G. Haddow 1983

A. H. Nisbet GBR

Don Hatch Nurs. GBR

Kenwith Nurs., Bideford GBR


/Hook./Nutt. Kr

Abies lasiocarpa (Hook.) Nutt. 1863 - Szikláshegységi jegenyefenyő - Subalpine Fir

Elaine 1988 GBR

H. J. Welch, Combe Martin GBR

Kenwith Blue The Int. Conifer Register 1978

Don Hatch Nurs. GBR

Abies lasiocarpa ‘Kenwith Blue’

Kenwith Nurs., Bideford GBR

Abies lasiocarpa ’Kenwith Blue’ Mesterházy Pinetum HUN

Abies lasiocarpa ’Kenwith Blue’ Mesterházy Pinetum HUN

Abies lasiocarpa ’Kenwith Blue’ Mesterházy Pinetum HUN

King’s Blue GBR

Roger Watson Welch 1979

1959 Watson GBR

Wansdyke Nurs., Devizes GBR

Tönisvorst 2002 G. Haddow GBR

Abies lasiocarpa ‘Tonisvorst’ Abies lasiocarpa ‘Toenisvorst’

Kenwith Nurs., GBR

Abies lasiocarpa ’Toenisvorst’ Edwin Smits Nursery, HOL

Abies lasiocarpa ´Tönisvorst´ Jiri Holata Nursery, Kouty CZ

Rehd. Kr

Abies procera Rehd. 1833 - Nemes jegenyefenyő - Noble fir

Glauca Ravenscroft 1863 GBR

Abies procera ‘Glauca’

A. nobilis glauca Carr. 1867

A. nobilis var. glauca Mast. 1886

A. nobilis f. glauca Voss 1896

A. procera f. glauca Rehd. 1940

A. nobilis glaucifolia Sudw. 1898

Abies procera ‘Glauca’

Esveld Nursery, Boskoop HOL

Abies procera ’Glauca’ Jörg Kohout Nursery, Prietitz GER

Glauca Prostrata H. G. Hillier 1928

1895 Hillier’s Shroner Wood Nurs., GBR

Abies procera ‘Glauca Prostrata’


Abies procera ’Glauca Prostrata’ Edwin Smits Nursery, HOL

Abies procera ´Glauca Prostrata´ Jiri Holata Nursery, Kouty CZ

Prostrata Hort.

1932 Fletcher’s Nurs. GBR

A. nobilis compacta Hort.

Windsor Kenwith Nurs., GBR




Képek - Gallery
Araucaria – Délfenyő – Southpine

Araucaria Jussieu 1789 - Araucariaceae – Délfenyőfélék - Southpines


/Molina/K. Koch Kr

Araucaria araucana (Molina) K. Koch 1873 - Csílei délfenyő – Chilean southpine

Aurea Dall. & Jacks. 1923

1855 Taylor, Castle Kennedy GBR

W. Barron & Sons, Barrowash GBR

Aureovariegata Barron 1875

1855 Fowler GBR


/Salisb./Franco Kr

Araucaria heterophylla (Salisb.) Franco 1952 - Szobafenyő, Norfolk-szigeti délfenyő – Norfolk southpine

Mülleri Dall. & Jacks. 1923 GBR

Robusta Veitch 1881 GBR

A. goldieana Hort

A. sanderiana Hort.

Muell. ex Lindl. Kr

Araucaria rulei Muell. ex Lindl 1861 - Pókháló délfenyő – Spider southpine

Elegans Nichols. 1884 GBR

Araucaria rulei ‘Elegans’
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