Concession reference number 991130J may be used in such cases

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NZCS 246 | december 2012

Additional information sheet for Tariff concession applications involving woven fabric containing wool (classified in chapter 51 or chapter 55 of the Tariff) for use in the manufacture of apparel

Please note that an application for a Tariff concession and this completed additional information sheet is not required in respect of qualities of fabric where the quantity in each shipment does not exceed 60 lineal metres (90m2). Concession reference number 991130J may be used in such cases.


  1. This additional information sheet must be completed and be accompanied by a completed ‘Application for a Tariff concession or modification of an existing Tariff concession’ form (NZCS 245) together with the prescribed fee of $398.67 (GST inclusive).

  2. A sample of the fabric quality must be submitted together with this completed additional information sheet.



Applicant’s reference (fabric quality):



1. Name of fabric manufacturer


2. Is the fabric woollen or worsted?

Woollen  Worsted  (please tick to indicate)

3. Fibre content of fabric (in percentage form)


4. Weight (g/m2) of fabric


5. Tariff item of fabric


6. End use of fabric (specify – skirts, jackets, suits etc)


7. Total amount of fabric required (m2)

(if more than one colourway, please list)



8. Expected landed price (before duty)

NZ$... per lineal metre or

NZ$... per square metre


Application approved  NZCS 245 application form number: ...

Application not approved  Sample returned to applicant Yes / No Date:  FORMTEXT ...

Date: ...

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