Computer Assignment 1: Market Boundary Spreadsheet

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Computer Assignment 1: Market Boundary Spreadsheet

Create a spreadsheet that calculates the market boundary between two cities, based on Reilly’s Law of Retail Gravitation.

Your spreadsheet should have an input section for inputting 1) population of city 1, 2) population of city 2, and 3) distance between the two cities.

Your spreadsheet should have an output/results section that shows the calculated 1) distance from city 1 to the market boundary, and 2) distance from city 2 to the market boundary.
Make sure that your spreadsheet is clearly labeled, so that the input and the results section are clearly differentiated, and that the exact cells to input which values is clear.
Optional challenge: Create a graph to illustrate the location of the market boundary, such as I illustrated with my spreadsheet. There are several ways to create such a graph, including a bar graph, a line graph, and an XY graph (hint for XY graph--create dummy Y values to plot of 1-1-1).

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