Community Interest Company Report

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CIC 34

Community Interest Company Report

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This template illustrates what the Regulator of Community Interest Companies considers to be best practice for completing a simplified community interest company report. All such reports must be delivered in accordance with section 34 of the Companies (Audit, Investigations and Community Enterprise) Act 2004 and contain the information required by Part 7 of the Community Interest Company Regulations 2005. For further guidance see chapter 8 of the Regulator’s guidance notes and the alternate example provided for a more complex company with more detailed notes.

(N.B. A Filing Fee of £15 is payable on this document. Please enclose a cheque or postal order payable to Companies House)


In the space provided below, please insert a general account of the company’s activities in the financial year to which the report relates, including a description of how they have benefited the community.

(If applicable, please just state “A social audit report covering these points is attached”).

(Please continue on separate continuation sheet if necessary.)
PART 2 – CONSULTATION WITH STAKEHOLDERS – Please indicate who the company’s stakeholders are; how the stakeholders have been consulted and what action, if any, has the company taken in response to feedback from its consultations? If there has been no consultation, this should be made clear.

(If applicable, please just state “A social audit report covering these points is attached”).

PART 3 – DIRECTORS’ REMUNERATION – if you have provided full details in your accounts you need not reproduce it here. Please clearly identify the information within the accounts and confirm that, “There were no other transactions or arrangements in connection with the remuneration of directors, or compensation for director’s loss of office, which require to be disclosed” (See example with full notes). If no remuneration was received you must state that “no remuneration was received” below.

PART 4 – TRANSFERS OF ASSETS OTHER THAN FOR FULL CONSIDERATION – Please insert full details of any transfers of assets other than for full consideration e.g. Donations to outside bodies. If this does not apply you must state that “no transfer of assets other than for full consideration has been made” below.

(Please continue on separate continuation sheet if necessary.)


The original report must be signed by a director or secretary of the company



Office held (delete as appropriate) Director/Secretary

You do not have to give any contact information in the box opposite but if you do, it will help the Registrar of Companies to contact you if there is a query on the form. The contact information that you give will be visible to searchers of the public record.


DX Number DX Exchange

When you have completed and signed the form, please attach it to the accounts and send both forms by post to the Registrar of Companies at:

For companies registered in England and Wales: Companies House, Crown Way, Cardiff, CF14 3UZ

DX 33050 Cardiff

For companies registered in Scotland: Companies House, 4th Floor, Edinburgh Quay 2, 139 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, EH3 9FF DX 235 Edinburgh or LP – 4 Edinburgh 2
For companies registered in Northern Ireland: Companies House, 2nd Floor, The Linenhall, 32-38 Linenhall Street, Belfast, BT2 8BG
The accounts and CIC34 cannot be filed online

(N.B. Please enclose a cheque for £15 payable to Companies House)

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