Commissioners recognize junior fireman and approve new equipment deals By Loretta

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Commissioners recognize junior fireman and approve new equipment deals

By LorettaRodgers

Aston commissioners, last week, presented a proclamation to township resident Mike Etling for being awarded the Christopher Kangas Junior Firefighter of the Year award and the Ron Jones Junior Firefighter of the Year award during a recent Aston-Beechwood Fire Company banquet.

Etling, the son of Michael and Beth Etling, is a Sun Valley High School sophomore who maintains an A-B average in honors classes. He is a lance corporal and platoon commander in the Sun Valley High School Marine Corps JRROTC program.

Etling joined the Aston-Beechwood Fire Company at age 14. He received the Cadet Firefighter of the Year Award in 2011 for his work around the fire station and for dedication to advancing the company.

Conducting other business, commissioners voted unanimously for several equipment lease purchases through the Pennsylvania Co-Stars procurement program; they include: a speed trailer from Wanco, Inc. for a price not to exceed $7,998; a Super Boom Skid Steer L225 for a price not to exceed $38,949 and a Bandit 990XP drum chipper for no more than $35,300, both from Modern Equipment and Sales; and a 2012 Ford F350 Crew Cab pickup truck from Bayshore Ford for no more than $45,291.

Officials approved a resolution authorizing Township Manager Dick Lehr to apply for a municipal recycling program grant with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (EPA). If approved, the funds will be used to further the township’s recycling program by purchasing a 2014 recycling truck.

Derek Ramsey was unanimously appointed to a one-year term on the Aston Township Library Board of Trustees. His term will expire in 2014.

Commissioner Gary Robinson expressed appreciation to residents for their recycling efforts. During February, 6.5 tons of newspapers and 126 pounds of aluminum cans were collected. The township received $1,898 in revenue for the month from its recycling program.

A position is open on the Southwest Delaware County Sewer Authority Board of Directors for a First Ward resident. Interested candidates should submit a resume and letter of interest to Township Commissioner Mike Fulginiti, 5021 Pennell Road.

A position is available on the Township Board of Health and interested candidates residing in the Seventh Ward should send a resume to Commissioner Mike Higgins, 5021 Pennell Road.


Aston Second Ward Commissioner Carol Graham presented Sun Valley High School sophomore Mike Etling a proclamation. Etling has received two Junior Firefighter of the Year awards. Loretta Rodgers photo

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