Collection of additional amounts at time of brand inspection; disbursement

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3-12363-1236.  Collection of additional amounts at time of brand inspection; disbursement

A.  In addition to the brand inspection fee provided in section 3 1337, the department shall collect from producers an additional amount of not to exceed one dollar per head, as determined by the council, on cattle under the same authority and at the same time, place and manner as such brand inspections are made.  This subsection shall not apply to cattle being inspected when no change in ownership is involved.  This subsection applies to calves aged one month and younger only if the federal order implementing the national beef promotion and research act of 1985 establishes an assessment on these animals.  If the federal order is not approved by referendum as provided for in 7 United States Code section 2906(a) or (b) on or before December 31, 1988, calves aged one month and younger are exempt from this subsection.

B.  When depositing fees, pursuant to sections 35 146 and 35 147, the department shall make a separate and distinct accounting of monies collected under the provisions of subsection A of this section.  The council may use five per cent of the monies collected under this article for administering this article. 3-1236

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