Code requirements for building permits

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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Department of Public Safety

Massachusetts State Building Code (780 CMR) Eighth Edition

Building Permit Application to Construct, Repair, Renovate or Demolish any

Building other than a One- or Two-Family Dwelling


  • 780 CMR (The State Building Code), Section 105.1 indicates that “It shall be unlawful to construct, reconstruct, alter, repair, remove or demolish a building or structure; or to change the use or occupancy of a building or structure; or to install or alter any equipment for which provision is made or the installation of which is regulated by 780 CMR without first filing a written application with the building official and obtaining the required permit therefore.

  • 105.2 Work Exempt from Permit. Except for activities which may require a permit pursuant

to other laws, by-laws, rules and the specialized codes of M.G.L. c. 143, § 96, a building permit

is not required for the following activities:

1. One story detached accessory buildings used as tool or storage sheds, playhouses and

similar uses, provided the floor area does not exceed 120 square feet.

2. Fences six feet in height or less.

3. Retaining walls which retain less than four feet of unbalanced fill.

4. Ordinary repairs as defined in Chapter 2.00 and 9.00.

5. Greenhouses covered exclusively with plastic film intended for agricultural use.

6. Painting, papering, tiling, carpeting, cabinets, counter tops and similar finish work.

7. Swings and other playground equipment.


  1. The application NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED and returned with all associated construction documents to: Town of Orange, Building Department, 135 East Main Street, Orange, Massachusetts 01364.

  1. All applications shall be considered complete and will be reviewed if construction documents, specifications, fee, and other materials that may be required, as indicated in the Building Permit Application, are included with the application.

  1. Please include a check for the Building Permit fee. The fee may be calculated using the information to be supplied in section 12 of the Building Permit Application. The check is to be made payable to the Town of Orange.

  1. All sections of the application MUST be completed (or if not applicable N/A) and the proper construction documents attached or the permit will be denied and you will need to reapply and submit an additional $100.00 plan review fee.

  1. If you are applying for a DEMOLITION permit you need to include appendix 1, if the permit is governed by 780 CMR 116 (control construction) you need to submit appendix 2.

  1. If you have questions you may contact the Orange Building Department at 978-544-1105 or e-mail

Building Permit Fee Schedule
Minimum building permit fee ………………$50.00
All new construction, addition, renovation…..

  • Per sq. foot of project X value of project (See chart on reverse side)

X $6.00 per $1,000 = Price of permit minimum $50.00
Miscellaneous: fees for all projects not listed below: $6.00 per $1000 of construction cost. Proof of construction cost required, (i.e. copy of contractor’s contract)

Roofing, siding or replacement windows: (ea. Category)

Residential …….. $50.00 Commercial …… $75.00
Swimming Pool: Above Ground…….. $50.00 In Ground ………… $100.00

Demolition: ………………………………………………………………… $25.00

Chimney new/repair ………………………………….………………….…. $50.00

Fireplace …………………………………………….…………………….….$50.00

Solid fuel burning appliances………………………………………….…….. $50.00

Amusement Devices and booths ……………………………….…………….$10.00/ unit

Fence (over 6 feet) Retaining wall (over 4 feet)……………………..……..…$50.00

Special Purpose temporary tents and trailer…………..….………………..… $50.00

Signs - plus $1.00 per sq. ft. over 50 sq. ft. …………….………………….$50.00

Solar Projects valued less than $8,000………………………………………..$50.00

Solar Projects valued more than $8,000, $6.00/per thousand

Re-inspection fee, (any inspection called for but not ready)………….…….. $50.00

Submittal of new plans after plan review …………………………….…….. $100.00

Large commercial plan review ……………………………………….……..$100.00

Exceptionally large or complicated projects, multi-family, commercial

or industrial projects, additional review fees may be required.

Inspection and Occupancy permit (when no bldg permit is required) ….….. $ 50.00

Permit fees waived for municipal work valued at less than $5,000.00

Zoning clearance for Business Certificate……….. $10.00

Written zoning determination …………………… $50.00

VALUE OF PROJECT: In order to keep the fees equitable for all buildings, the cost of construction is determined as follows. This valuation procedure does not affect taxation by the Board of Assessor’s.

 All new construction for dwelling units/additions $150/sq.ft.

 Sunrooms $100/sq.ft.

 Basement renovations $ 50/sq.ft.

 Res’l acc’y bldgs & non-living space $ 30/sq.ft.

 Residential garages $ 30/sq.ft.

 Mobile Homes $ 50/sq.ft.

 Conversion of non-res’l space to living space $120/sq.ft.

 Agricultural barns $ 30/sq.ft.

 Commercial A,B,E,H,I & M Use groups new construction/additions $200/sq.ft.

 Commercial acc’y bldgs $ 50/sq.ft.

 Industrial F,S & U Use groups new construction/additions buildings $ 75/sq.ft.

 Conversion of non-comc’l/indus’l space to comc’l/indus’l spc $150/sq.ft.

If project is not related to new sq.ft., the fee will be based upon a sound estimate of the cost of construction.

FEES: Once the cost of construction is determined, the fee is based on $6 per $1,000 of value.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Department of Public Safety

Massachusetts State Building Code (780 CMR) Eighth Edition

Building Permit Application for other than a One- or Two-Family Dwelling

(This Section For Official Use Only)

Building Permit Number: ____________

Date Applied: ______________

Building Inspector: _______________________

SECTION 1: LOCATION (Please indicate Map # and Lot # for locations for which a street address is not available)

____________________________ _______________________________ ________ _______ ________

Building Owner No. and Street Zoning District Map# Lot#


Building Setbacks (ft) Front Yard_______ Closest Side Yard_______ Rear Yard_______ Lot area________ Lot Frontage_______

Existing Building 

Repair 

Alteration 

Addition 

Demolition  (Please fill out and submit Appendix 1)

Change of Use 

Change of Occupancy 

Other  Specify:___________________________________________

Are building plans and/or construction documents being supplied as part of this permit application? Yes  No 

Is an Independent Structural Engineering Peer Review required? Yes  No 

Brief Description of Proposed Work:__________________________________________________________________________________




Check here if an Existing Building Evaluation is enclosed (See 780 CMR 3402.0)

Existing Use Group(s): __________________________________________

Existing Hazard Index 780 CMR 34: ______________________________

Proposed Use Group(s):___________________________

Proposed Hazard Index 780 CMR 34: _______________




No. of Floors/Stories (include basement levels) & Area Per Floor (sq. ft.)

Total Area (sq. ft.) and Total Height (ft.)

SECTION 5: USE GROUP (Check as applicable)

A: Assembly A-1  A-2r  A-2nc  A-3  A-4  A-5 

B: Business

E: Educational

F: Factory F-1  F2 

H: High Hazard H-1  H-2  H-3  H-4  H-5 

I: Institutional I-1  I-2  I-3  I-4 

M: Mercantile

R: Residential R-1 R-2  R-3  R-4 

S: Storage S-1  S-2 

U: Utility

Special Use  and please describe below:

Special Use:

SECTION 6: CONSTRUCTION TYPE (Check as applicable)

IA  IB 



IV 

VA  VB 

SECTION 7: SITE INFORMATION (refer to 780 CMR 111.0 for details on each item)

Water Supply:

Public  Private 

Flood Zone Information:

Check if outside Flood Zone 

or indentify Zone:__________

Sewage Disposal:

Indicate municipal 

or on site system 

Trench Permit:

No trench  or permit application and $35 fee is enclosed 

Debris Removal:

Licensed Disposal Site 

or specify:_____________


Railroad right-of-way:

Not Applicable 

or Consent to Build enclosed 

Hazards to Air Navigation:

Is Structure within airport approach area?

Yes  or No 

MA Historic Commission Review Process:

Is their review completed?

Yes  No 


Edition of Code: _________ Use Group(s): __________ Type of Construction: ________ Occupant Load per Floor: ______________

Does the building contain a Sprinkler System?: Yes  No  Special Stipulations: ____________________________________


Name and Address of Property Owner __________________________ ______________________________ ____________________________________________ ___________
Name (Print) No. and Street City/Town Zip

Property Owner Contact Information:

_______________________________ _____-_____-___________ ____-_____-___________ _______________________________

Title Telephone No. (business) Telephone No. (cell) e-mail address

If applicable, the property owner hereby authorizes

______________________________ __________________________________ ___________________ ______ _____________

Name Street Address City/Town State Zip

to act on the property owner’s behalf, in all matters relative to work authorized by this building permit application.

SECTION 10: CONSTRUCTION CONTROL (Please fill out Appendix 2)

(If building is less than 35,000 cu. ft. of enclosed space and/or not under Construction Control then check here and skip Section 10.1)

10.1 Registered Professional Responsible for Construction Control

______________________________ ____-_____-___________ _________________________

Name (Registrant) Telephone No. e-mail address

______________________________ ______________________________ ______ _________

Street Address City/Town State Zip


Registration Number

_______________ _______________

Discipline Expiration Date

10.2 General Contractor


Company Name:

_________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

Name of Person Responsible for Construction License No. and Type if Applicable ______________________________________________ __________________________________ ______ _____________

Street Address City/Town State Zip

____-____-_______________ _____-_____-_____________ ____________________________________________________

Telephone No. (business) Telephone No. (cell) e-mail address

SECTION 11: (M.G.L. c. 152. §  25C(6))

A Workers’ Compensation Insurance Affidavit from the MA Department of Industrial Accidents must be completed and submitted with this application. Failure to provide this affidavit will result in the denial of the issuance of the building permit. Is a signed Affidavit submitted with this application? Yes No



Estimated Costs: (Labor and Materials)

Building Permit Fee = Sq. Ft. Floor Area___________ x Fee Schedule value of construction. $__________ X $6.00 per thousand =$________
Or if Sq. Ft. Floor area does not apply
Total Construction Cost (from Item 6) = $_________________

Building Permit Fee = Total Construction Cost x $6.00 per thousand of construction cost, (signed contract must be provided) = $________

Note: Minimum fee = $75.00

Enclose check payable to Town of Orange

and write check number here ______________

1. Building


2. Electrical


3. Plumbing


4. Mechanical (HVAC)


5. Mechanical (Other)


6. Total Cost



By entering my name below, I hereby attest under the pains and penalties of perjury that all of the information contained in this application and attached construction documents, is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and understanding.
______________________________________________________ ____________________________ ____ -_____- ________ ______­­­­­___ Please print and sign name Title Telephone No. Date

______________________________________________ __________________________________ ______ _____________

Street Address City/Town State Zip

Municipal Inspector to fill out this section upon application approval: _________________­­­­­­­___________________ _____________

Name Date

Appendix 1
For the demolition of structures the building code requires action on service connections.
Before a building or structure is demolished or removed, the owner or agent shall notify all utilities having service connections within the structure such as water, electric, gas, sewer and other connections. A permit to demolish or remove a building or structure shall not be issued until a release is obtained from the utilities, stating that their respective service connections and appurtenant equipment, such as meters and regulators, have been removed or sealed and plugged in a safe manner. All debris shall be disposed of in accordance with 780 CMR
Please fill in the information below and submit this appendix with the building permit application. The building permit applicant attests under the pains and penalties of perjury that the following is true and accurate.
Property Location (Please indicate Map # and Lot # for locations for which a street address is not available)
__________________________ ___________________________ ____________ ____________

Property Owner No. and Street Map # Lot #

For the above described property the following action was taken:
Water Shut Off? Yes  No  NA  Provider notified, Release obtained? Yes  No 

Municipal Sewer Yes  No  NA  Provider notified, Release obtained? Yes  No 

Well/Septic Yes  No  NA  B.O.H. notified, Release obtained? Yes  No 

Gas Shut Off? Yes  No  NA  Provider notified, Release obtained? Yes  No 

Electricity Shut Off? Yes  No  NA  Provider notified, Release obtained? Yes  No 

Hazardous Materials Yes  No  Fire Dept. notified, Release obtained? Yes  No 


The following departments must be notified and a release obtained or authorized signature below:
Water Department 978-544-1115 Authorized Signature:________________________________
Waste Water Department 978-544-1114 Authorized Signature:________________________________
Board of Health 978-544-1107 Authorized Signature:________________________________
Gas Inspector 978-544-8050 Authorized Signature:________________________________
Inspector of Wires 978-544-1105 Authorized Signature:________________________________
Fire Department 978-544-3145 Authorized Signature:________________________________

Appendix 2
Construction Documents are required for structures that must comply with 780 CMR 107. The checklist below is a compilation of the documents that may be required for this. The applicant shall fill out the checklist and provide the contact information of the registered professionals responsible for the documents. This appendix is to be submitted with the building permit application.
Checklist for Construction Documents*

Mark “x” where applicable





Not Required








Fire Suppression


Fire Alarm (may require repeaters)






Plumbing (include local connections)


Gas (Natural, Propane, Medical or other)


Surveyed Site Plan (Utilities, Wetland, etc.)




Structural Peer Review


Structural Tests & Inspections Program


Fire Protection Narrative Report


Existing Building Survey/Investigation


Energy Conservation Report


Architectural Access Review (521 CMR)


Workers Compensation Insurance


Hazardous Material Mitigation Documentation


Other (Specify)


Other (Specify)


Other (Specify)

*Areas of Design or Construction for which plans are not complete at the time of application submittal must be identified herein. Work so identified must not be commenced until this application has been amended and the proposed construction document amendment has been approved by the authority having jurisdiction. Work started prior to approval may be subjected to triple the original permit fee.

Registered Professional Contact Information

______________________________ ____-_____-___________ _________________________

Name (Registrant) Telephone No. e-mail address

______________________________ ______________________________ ______ _________

Street Address City/Town State Zip


Registration Number

___________ _______________

Discipline Expiration Date

______________________________ ____-_____-___________ _________________________

Name (Registrant) Telephone No. e-mail address

______________________________ ______________________________ ______ _________

Street Address City/Town State Zip


Registration Number

___________ _______________

Discipline Expiration Date

______________________________ ____-_____-___________ _________________________

Name (Registrant) Telephone No. e-mail address

______________________________ ______________________________ ______ _________

Street Address City/Town State Zip


Registration Number

___________ _______________

Discipline Expiration Date

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