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Home Group Lesson 10

Read John 2 v 1-11, James 2 v 17-26, Luke 5 v 1-9, Hebrews 11 v 7-10, 30
1. James 2 vs 26

When you take an action, or do something responding to a word of God which you have believed in your heart, it gives life to your faith i.e. God responds with His power to make things happen when you act upon the Word of God

2. James 2 vs 19, 20

It is acting, or doing something in line with the Word of God that you have believed that differentiates you from demons and nominal believers who just shallowly assent to the Word of God without any conviction to act upon it.

3. James 2 vs 1 - 11

Note how action or your stepping out to do something in response to the Word of God you have believed plays a critical part in every stage of faith:

  • John 2 v 5-The first action that true faith takes is to come to Jesus in prayer expecting Him to work on your behalf cf Heb 11 v 6.

  • John 2 v 5 The second step is to so totally believe the Word that God says that you are ready to act upon it or do something because of it cf Luke 5 v 4,5

  • John 2 v 6,7 The next step is to take actions or to do things that prepare for the miracle you are expecting because you have believed the Word of God. cf Heb 11 v 7.

  • John 2 v 8 The next step is to take an action that shows that you believe that God has already done it even if things don’t appear so. cf Heb 11 v 8,9, 30. This triggers or sets to work the power of God to work the miracle .cf Luke 5 v 4-6

4. John 2 vs 11; Hebrews 11 vs 6; Luke 5 vs 8 - 10

When God has done the miracle in response to your actions of your faith in Him, your last step must be to acknowledge or give glory and thanksgiving to God that He has done it cf Romans 4 vs 20 - 22. Even before you see the miracle, give thanks and glory to God.

Pray committing yourself to take action based on believing the Word of what God promises.

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