Cis 1055 (cis c055) Second Summer Session 2007 Section 026

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CIS 1055 (CIS C055)

Second Summer Session 2007
Section 026

Ms. Laurie Shteir
Wachman Hall, room 418


Phone: 215-204-1681

Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 2 PM – 4 PM

I access my e-mail and voice mail regularly but not excessively.

WITHDRAWAL POLICY: Students may withdraw at anytime as long as it meets university guidelines provided that they have been attending class and turning in homework’s and laboratory assignments as scheduled. 

ATTENDANCE: If you miss a class, please obtain notes from your fellow classmates. If there is anything that you do not understand I will be happy to help you. All assignments must be turned in on time. I will not give Incompletes except under extraordinary conditions. The university has a strict policy on granting Incompletes. I cannot grant a grade of Incomplete for an inability to keep up with assignments.

ORIGINALITY OF WORK: Your homework and lab assignments will help demonstrate to me how well you can apply the material presented in class and lab sessions given a fair amount of time. It is expected for people to help each other.
However the final product must be YOUR OWN. 

CHEATING: Let me make myself very clear on this topic. Academic cheating (such as plagiarism, copying during an exam, copying homework, stealing files and storage media, etc) is strictly prohibited in this class. The penalty of the first offense will be an 'F' in the course. A subsequent offense (in another course) may also be referred to the University Disciplinary Committee. No collusion what-so-ever during an exam will be tolerated. In particular, no talking or other sharing of information is permitted. 

Students should also be familiar with the University statement on academic honesty found at the following link

Midterm: July 30th

Final Exam : August 15th

OBJECTIVE: CIS 1055 is an Information Technology course which satisfies a second level science/technology course. Every student has the ability to do well in this class but the course is a lot of work! Information Technology has become central to all disciplines. It doesn't matter if you are pursuing a degree in the Fox School of Business and Management, the College of Liberal Arts or the College of Education(to name a few) you can expect to use Information Technology to solve problems. 



  • Understand the concept of computer programs and algorithms.

  • Understand the components of a computer system

  • Understand the development of the technology behind computers and computer networks, the Internet and how this technology is likely to change. 

  • Identify the most common input, output, storage, and communication devices. 

  • Explain what to consider when purchasing and maintaining a computer system. 

  • Discuss upcoming computer technology.

  • To have an appreciation of ethical and societal issues including security, privacy, and the use and misuse of information.


  • Develop a basic understanding of Windows

  • To have a working knowledge of collaborative software including E-Mail and using attachments, listservs and participating in a discussion group.

  •  Use Word to create and edit documents and publish them on the World Wide Web.

  • To be able to use spreadsheet software (Excel) to analyze numerical data and represent data in chart format.

  • To be able to use a database management software package (Access) to organize, create, search, and manage a database.

  • To be able to use presentation software (PowerPoint) to give a multi-media presentation.

  • Create a personal web page with sound and graphics.

  • To be able to use WS-FTP to transfer documents across the WEB.

  • To be able to use search engines and directories to locate information on the World Wide Web and understand how to evaluate the results

Textbook bundle includes:

Discovering Comptuers 2007, Introductory, Shelly Cashman Series

Dreamweaver 8.0, Introductory, Shelly Cashman Series

Quick reference Guides: Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint

Off-line Training CD, Microsoft Office 2003
Optional Book

Microsoft Office 2003 – Introductory Concepts and Techniques (Spiral Bound) by Shelly, Cashman and Vermatt

Available for purchase at the University Bookstores and on reserve at the following locations:

Temple University Main Campus, SIC in Tuttleman – 1st Floor Lab, Circulation Reserve

USB Memory Key (Jump Drive)

There is a required scheduled lab for this course on Thursdays at 4:40.
Instructor:           Laurie Shteir

Assistant: Luke Bilger
The lab Website a.k.a. "the CIS 1055 Website" can be found at either of the following URLs
The lecture and lab have been scheduled in this room for your convenience, we need to “make a deal”, during the lecture time, computers must not be turned on. Its distracting not to mention disrespectful. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Lab facilities for students to use outside of scheduled times are located at the , Tuttleman Building and the Tech Center. In addition many schools and colleges within the university have labs. The Ambler campus and TUCC campus also have lab facilities. The Ambler campus is opening the much awaited Learning Center this semester.

PREPARING FOR LAB: If you prepare for lab (by reading the assigned material in the lab book BEFORE coming to lab), then you can utilize the lab time efficiently to get a good start at your assignment for the coming week. 

COMPLETING LAB ASSIGNMENTS: Whatever you don't finish during your lab period can be completed in one of the PC facilities at the university – students in general use the Tech Center.

You should not expect to complete homework in the lab. Some weeks have more homework than other weeks – it all averages out by the end of the semester.

PLEASE NOTE: Students must obtain at least 100 points out of a possible 165 lab points to pass CIS 1055.
Students who do not obtain at least 100 points from lab cannot pass this class. If you have less than 100 total lab points, you will receive a grade of F for the course independent of your overall average. There will be no exceptions to this rule


The University has adopted a policy on Student and Faculty Academic Rights and Responsibilities (Policy # 03.70.02) which can be accessed through the

following link:  

1 class late (20% deduction), 2 classes late (40% deduction). This is a standard policy in CIS C055. Note: All homework must be turned in on August 15th prior to the lab exam.

LAB QUIZZES: There is a weekly lab quiz (3 points for each lab quiz)at the beginning of each lab class. There are no late quizzes given nor are there make-ups. At the end of the semester the TWO lowest lab quizzes will be dropped.

LAB FINAL: All CIS 1055 sections have a laboratory final examination on the last lab class.

We will use a number of technologies for forming communities. 

A Listserv for this class has been set up CIS1055-SHTEIR
This syllabus as well as some class notes are available thru my WEB page URL

Note: Please turn cell phones off during class except for emergencies. 

Course Schedule

(More or less)

July 9th

Course Introduction Hardware/Software

Obtaining your UNIX (aka TUMAIL) Account

Triumph of the Nerds Part I
Lab 1: Accessing the Instructor's Homepage, the CIS 55 Lab Website,  Introduction to Windows, Listserv, File Management and Building your resume

Purchase Texts and a USB drive

Chapter 1

July 11th

Digital Divide, $100 laptop

Cellular Networks

Group Project Selection
Lab 2: Website Creation, Resume Posting on the WWW

Start Reading Chapter 2 – The Internet

July 16th

Quiz on Chapter 1, Digital Divide and Cellular Networks


Bring your Discovering Computers Textbook to class
LAB 3: PowerPoint/Publishing

Chapter 2

July 18th

Quiz on Chapter 2

Input and Output Devices


Distribution of the E-Commerce Activity

(Due July 25th)
LAB 4: Web Design, Part I

Chapter 5 and 6
Chapter 11, pages 572-574

July 23rd

Quiz on Chapters 5 and 6

Operating Systems

Triumph of the Nerds, Part II

Extra Credit Assignment, Due: July 30th

Lab5: Web Design, Part II

Chapter 8

July 25th

Quiz on Chapter 8

System Unit

E-Commerce Review Due

Midterm Review

Lab6: Web Design, Part III

Chapter 4

July 30th

Midterm Examination

Meet with your groups

Lab7: Advanced Web Design

August 1st

Secondary Storage, Communications and Networks

Hand out Company Website

Lab8: Excel 1

Chapter 7

Chapter 9

August 6th

Grade Review

Group Paper is Due

Work on the Company Website
Lab9: Excel II

August 8th

Instructor is out of town – Lab will run

Lab 10 Excel III

August 13th

Group Presentations

Company Presentations

Peer Review

Grade Review

Lab 11: Access and Review for the Lab Exam

Chapter 10, Chapter 11

August 15th

Lecture Examination
Lab Examination

Course Requirements
1 It is the responsibility of the student to read all assigned material. Exams quizzes will cover these assignments, lab material, homework and any material covered in class. Exams and quizzes will be announced in advance.. If you miss a quiz you will receive a grade of zero. The lowest quiz grade from lecture will be dropped at the end of the session to a maximum adjustment of ½ grade.
2 In addition to the labs there will be a Group Project, a web project on a fictional company plus a number of extra credit assignments during the session. AT MOST YOU CAN RECEIVE 5 EXTRA CREDIT POINTS.
3You must devote outside class and lab time to complete homework’s and projects. Late assignments will result in the loss of points. Please note: this course in the summer is a tremendous amount of work. If you are taking 2 courses and working full-time - this is not the time to enroll in CIS 1055.

Midterm, Final 200 points

Quizzes  20-25 points each

Group Project 46 points

E-Commerce Review 10 points

Company Website 15 point

Lab 165 points

Assigned point values may and will probably vary. At the end of the semester the total points possible to obtain to compute a percentage grade will divide the total points received. Letter grades will be assigned as follows

Letter Grades
A 92-100

A- 90-91

B+ 88-89

B 82-87

B- 80-81

C+ 78-79

C 72-77

C- 70-71

D+ 68-69

D 62-67

D- 60-61

F 0-59

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