Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality invitation to be listed on the 2014/15 supplier/vendor databse

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Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality

Suppliers/Vendors that registered previously should re-apply for the new financial year. The supplier’s registration form is available at cashier’s points (Badplaas, Elukwatini, Ekulideni, Mpuluzi and Carolina) upon payment of R 305.10 for professional and non-emerging service providers (Attach Receipt). The vendor registration form for emerging service providers and Cooperatives is free of charge. The vendor registration form must be completed and returned with the following compulsory documents:

  • Company Profile

  • Valid Tax Clearance Certificate

  • Valid B-BBEE Verification Certificate

  • Municipal Rates Account

  • Company Registration Certificates

  • Certified Copies of Member’s Identity Documents

  • Proof of Registration with Professional Bodies (If applicable)

Criteria for placement include fields of specialization, expertise and experience, resource, costs and preferential points in line with our SCM policy. Suppliers/vendors are advised to submit application forms without generalization. List only four business activities per company.

The following are type of products/services:

  • Printing & Stationery, Printing of Booklets and publications ( design, layout and printing)

  • Catering Services

  • Office Furniture

  • Advertising Agency

  • Air conditioning

  • Special Events / Functions, Stage, sound and multi-media

  • Financial Management

  • Tax and Accounting consultants

  • Asset management

  • Debt collection

  • Training and development

  • Computer Software and Hardware suppliers

  • IT professional services

  • Contractors (registered CIDB)

  • Environmental Consulting

  • Register quantity survey

  • Waste management

  • LED strategies

  • Air quality & climate change

  • Fire uniform and protective clothing

  • Fire equipments

  • Car dealers

  • Transport Services

  • Security Services

  • Building renovations

  • Cleaning services

  • Social researchers

  • Forensic audit

  • Risk management

  • Electrical Material

  • Plant Hire

  • Legal Services

The 2013/14 Suppliers/vendors application form will be available from 09 June 2014 at the cashier’s points (Head Offices Carolina, Badplaas Unit Offices, Elukwatini Unit Office, Ekulindeni Unit Offices and Mpuluzi Unit Offices); and municpality’s website For further enquires please contact Mr. Mandla Kopong at 017 843 4062/25/63 or Mr. Themba Shabangu at 017 843 4036. Sealed envelopes must be addressed to: The Municipal Manager, Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality, P.O.Box 24, Carolina, 1185, marked “Suppliers/Vendor database registration 2014/15or deposited in the ‘TENDER BOX’ situated at Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality Offices, 28 Kerk street, Carolina, not later than the 15 July 2014 at 16:00.

Mr VN Mpila

Municipal Manager

The transparent, innovative and developmental municipality that improves the quality of life of its people

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