Cg cc 1303 Supplemental Reactive Energy Allocation

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Settlement and Billing
Configuration Guide: CG CC 1303 Supplemental Reactive Energy Allocation
CC 1303
Version 5.0 5.1

Table of Contents

1. Purpose of Document 3

2. Introduction 3

2.1 Background 3

2.2 Description 3

3. Charge Code Requirements 3

3.1 Business Rules 3

3.2 Predecessor Charge Codes 4

3.3 Successor Charge Codes 4

3.4 Inputs - External Systems 4

3.5 Inputs - Predecessor Charge Codes or Pre-calculations 4

3.6 CAISO Formula 5

3.7 Outputs 5

4. Charge Code Effective Dates 6

1.Purpose of Document

The purpose of this document is to capture the requirements and design specification for a SaMC Charge Code in one document.



Voltage Support services can be provided by Generating Units or other equipment such as shunt capacitors, static var compensators, or synchronous condensers. All Generating Units are required by the CAISO Tariff to provide reactive Eenergy by operating within a power factor range of 0.90 lag and 0.95 lead. To the extent that CAISO needs additional reactive Energy in Real-Time that requires the Generating unit to operate outside of this range, CAISO can call on Generators to provide additional short-term Voltage Support referred to as Supplemental Reactive Energy.

Payment for Supplemental Reactive Energy provided is settled in this charge. With the implementation of MRTU Stage 2, the current radial zonal model will be replaced with Full Network Model and Locational Marginal Price (LMP) model, which will also eliminate the use of Zones for the Settlement of charges and payments.


Payments for Supplemental Reactive Energy are essentially lost opportunity cost payments to Business Associates for providing the service.

The CAISO selects Generating Units based on their Real Time Energy Bids. Subject to any locational requirements the CAISO will select the Generating Unit with the highest decremental Real Time Energy Bid to reduce MW output by such amount as is necessary to achieve the instructed MVar reactive energy production. The CAISO will pay the Business Associate for that Generating Unit the lost opportunity cost resulting from the reduction of MW output.

Voltage Support costs incurred by the CAISO are recovered from all BAs based on measured demand in CC 1303 Supplemental Reactive Energy Allocation.

3.Charge Code Requirements

3.1Business Rules

Bus Req ID

Business Rule


Payments for lost opportunity costs incurred by providing short-term Voltage Support are recovered by allocating the cost to Business Associates based on their pro-rata share of CAISO Measured Demand.


This Charge Code must be computed daily on a Settlement Interval 10-minute basis.


A per unit charge price will be calculated each Settlement Interval for Supplemental Reactive Energy Allocation.


The per unit charge price for Supplemental Reactive Energy Allocation is determined as the ratio of the CAISO Total Supplemental Reactive Energy Allocation amount divided by the CAISO Total Settlement Interval Measured Demand for the Settlement Interval.


If no payments from Supplemental Reactive Energy Settlement are generated, no calculation is performed for Supplemental Reactive Energy Allocation.


PTB adjustment logic does not apply to this charge code.


The formulas adopt the convention that payments made by CAISO to BAs will be negative, while payments received by CAISO from BAs (charges to BAs) will be positive.

3.2Predecessor Charge Codes

Charge Code/ Pre-calc Name

CG CC 1303 Supplemental Reactive Energy Allocation

CC 3303 – Supplemental Reactive Energy Settlement

3.3Successor Charge Codes

Charge Code/ Pre-calc Name


3.4Inputs - External Systems

Row #

Variable Name



3.5Inputs - Predecessor Charge Codes or Pre-calculations

Row #

Variable Name

Predecessor Charge Code/ Pre-calc Configuration


SupplementalReactiveEnergySettlementAmount Brtmdhcif

CC 3303 Supplemental Reactive Energy Settlement


BASettlementIntervalMeasuredDemandControlAreaExclMSSEx1Qty Bmdhcif BAControlAreaSettlementIntervalnonMSSMeasuredDemandQuantity_Ex_ExclMSS Bmdhi

CG CC 1303 Supplemental Reactive Energy Allocation


CAISOTotalSettlementIntervalMeasuredDemandControlAreaExclMSSEx1Qty mdhcif ControlAreaSettlementIntervalnonMSSMeasuredDemandQuantity_Ex_ExclMSS mdhi

CG CC 1303 Supplemental Reactive Energy Allocation

3.6CAISO Formula

The 105-minute settlement for Supplemental Reactive Energy Allocation is as follows:

Note: The following calculation is listed starting with the final charge calculation and progressively detailing the intermediate calculations and settlement inputs

SupplementalReactiveEnergyAllocationAmount BBmdhcifmdhi =

(BASettlementIntervalMeasuredDemandControlAreaExclMSSEx1Qty Bmdhcif BAControlAreaSettlementIntervalnonMSSMeasuredDemandQuantity_Ex_ExclMSS Bmdhi * SupplementalReactiveEnergyAllocationPrice mdhcifmdhi)

SupplementalReactiveEnergyAllocationPrice mdhcif = abs(CAISOSettlementIntervalSupplementalReactiveEnergySettlementAmount mdhciif) / CAISOTotalSettlementIntervalMeasuredDemandControlAreaExclMSSEx1Qty mdhcif ControlAreaSettlementIntervalnonMSSMeasuredDemandQuantity_Ex_ExclMSS mdhi

CAISOSettlementIntervalSupplementalReactiveEnergySettlementAmount mdhcifhi = SupplementalReactiveEnergySettlementAmount Brtmdhcif


Output Req. ID



In addition to any outputs listed below, all inputs shall be included as outputs.


SupplementalReactiveEnergyAllocationAmount Bmdhcif

The pro-rata charge allocated to Business Associate B based on Measured Demand for hour h and Settlement Interval i for the provision of short-term Voltage Support.


SupplementalReactiveEnergyAllocationPrice mdhcifmdhi

The per unit charge price for Trading Hour h and Settlement Interval i for allocation of Supplemental Energy Allocation.


CAISOSettlementIntervalSupplementalReactiveEnergySettlementAmount mdhcifhi

The CAISO Settlement Interval supplemental reactive energy Settlement amount. for Settlement Interval i in Trading Hour h.

4.Charge Code Effective Dates

Charge Code/

Pre-calc Name



Effective Start Date

Effective End Date

Version Update Type

CC 1303 – Supplemental Reactive Energy Allocation



Open 3/31/14

Documentation Edits Only

CC 1303 – Supplemental Reactive Energy Allocation




Configuration Changes

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