Certification statement for non-senate faculty appointees

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(Lecturers Unit 18)


 Initial Continuing Appointment  Continuing Promotion

 Continuing Merit Review  Continuing Reappointment
A. The purpose of this statement is for you to certify that you have been informed of your rights under the contract, and that you have been provided the opportunity to exercise those rights. (MOU, Article 7B, Section C.2 and C.5.)
1. I was informed of the impending evaluation and notified of the purpose, timing, criteria, and procedure that will be followed. (MOU, Article 7B Section C.2.)
2. I was given the opportunity to provide letters of assessment and/or other relevant materials to the evaluation file prepared by the University. (MOU, Article 7B, Section E.2 and E.3.)
3. I had the opportunity to submit written comments for the file. (MOU, Article 7B, Section E.8.)
4. Prior to the recommendation of the department chair, I received a copy of the review committee recommendation indicating the sources of evidence on which its appraisal of teaching excellence was based. If applicable, I received a copy of the department comments, (which may include a faculty vote.)
5. Within specified time limits, I had the opportunity to provide a written statement for inclusion in this file in response to the evaluation.

B. Please indicate which of the following documents, if any, you have either requested/received or provided for inclusion in the file:
I have requested and/or received:

 a redacted copy of confidential material in the file

 a copy of the review committee letter (#4)

 If applicable, a copy of the department comments (which may include a faculty vote.) (#4)

I have provided:
 a list of suggested names for extramural letters (#2)

 a list of reviewers I consider biased and my stated reasons

 letters of evaluation and/or other relevant materials (#2)

 a written comment on materials in the file (#3)

 a written response to the evaluation (#5)

I certify that all of the above statements are correct:

Signature Date

08/08 Form UCI-AP-41

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