Central Station Burglar Alarm Listing Evaluation

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Central Station Burglar Alarm Listing Evaluation

Listing Evaluation
A UL Listing project includes:

  1. Evaluating the central station facility for compliance with UL 827, Central-Station Alarm Services

  2. Analyzing the ability of central station staff to receive, process, and record signals received from selected systems in accordance with UL 827

  3. Evaluating the actions of runners responding to simulated alarm conditions

  4. Inspecting 4 installations for compliance with UL 681, Installation and Classification of Burglar and Holdup Alarm Systems

  5. Evaluating your company’s ability to service and maintain alarm systems in accordance with UL681

UL Standards are available from COMM 2000, at www.comm-2000.com or 888-853-3503.
Evaluation Details
Central Station Facility – Please complete a Central Station Facility pre-evaluation data sheet and return it with the Listing Project quote acceptance.
On the day of the central station facility evaluation, please have a technician available who has knowledge of the receivers, automation systems, your network, and all standby power systems.
Records Evaluation - A Central Station Burglar Alarm Service evaluation involves a 120-day signal processing surveillance period covering at least 12 subscribers. Please complete a Central Station Signal Processing pre-evaluation data sheet and return it with the Listing Project quote acceptance.

  • Subscribers must establish an opening and closing schedule

  • Each subscribers must be assigned a response time based on UL 827

    • It is not necessary for the actual alarm installations in these customer locations to comply with the UL 681

  • At least three visits will be made by UL staff, at which time your operating records for the 12 subscribers will be checked for compliance with UL 827

Service Test - An important part of each visit is to determine if your personnel are handling alarms in accordance with UL827. During UL staff visits, a service test may be conducted by calling the central station and requesting a guard to be dispatched as if in response to an alarm. A service test could be conducted from any of the 12 sample subscriber locations.
Protected Property Evaluations - In order to evaluate compliance with UL681, we will examine 4 alarm systems installed & maintained in accordance with UL 681, The Standard for Installation and Classification of Burglar and Holdup Alarm Systems.

  • 3 of these systems must be premises alarms, one of which shall be an Extent 2, one an Extent 3, and one an Extent 4

  • The 4th system shall be installed on a safe or in a vault and be an Extent Complete

None of these systems are required to be certificated after your listing has been established. However, if a Certificate is to be issued, any noncompliance noted in our report must be corrected prior to issuance of the Certificate.

Please complete pre-evaluation data sheets describing the elements of protection at the sample installation sites.

  • Data sheets must be submitted when the Listing Project quote is accepted.

  • 1 data sheet package should be completed for each of the 4 systems required for evaluation.

Along with the pre-evaluation data sheets, please send:

  1. A sample of the record used to record service and repairs to alarm systems.

  2. A sample of the record used to record the annual operational inspection of alarm systems.

The UL Listing evaluation will be based upon the information entered on the data sheets. Accurate information will significant expedite and simplify your evaluation.

Protected Property Evaluation Visits – On the day of the site evaluations, please have available:

  • A qualified technician who is familiar with the protected properties and provided with any equipment necessary to test the devices and components used in the systems

  • All equipment manuals and instructions

  • Specimen documents used in conjunction with providing service and maintaining alarm systems (job tickets, records of completion, etc)


If you have any questions, please contact UL Customer Service at 1-877-854-3577, ext 40227

Central Station Signal Processing

pre-evaluation data sheet

Completed forms must be returned to UL prior to the Evaluation

Central Station Co. Name: ___________________________________________________

Service Center Address: _____________________________________________________
Name of Contact: ____________________________________________________
Phone No. & Area Code: __________________________________Ext.______________
e-Mail Address: __________________________________________________________

No. on duty per shift:







Runners at Central Station

Runner at Runner Station

Runner station communication:

Type: _______________________ Test Schedule:________________________
Service Test Information:

Unannounced service tests will be conducted during the course of the evaluation. Central Station supervisors on each shift must be trained in the process that is used when UL performs such tests.

Phone Number to be used: ___________________________________________
Identification Code to be used when UL is conducting Tests _________________

(This could be your file number or a similar code)

Supervision of Signals from Alarm Systems:

Reviews of the processing of signals from 12 accounts are conducted to assess the knowledge of the central station staff. Enter requested information about the 12 systems that are being monitored in accordance with UL827.

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