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No. 007


ADOPTED: November 13, 2001


The Joint Operating Committee desires to make this Policy Manual a useful guide for all members of the Joint Operating Committee, the administration, personnel, students, and members of the community.

Therefore, copies of this manual shall be given to the following:

  1. All members of the Joint Operating Committee.

  1. Superintendent of Record.

  1. Administrative Director.

  1. Joint Operating Committee Secretary.

  1. Appropriate administrators.

  1. Solicitor.

  1. A copy to the Presidents of the recognized bargaining units.

A record shall be maintained by the Director of designee as to the placement of each copy. Copies of revised pages shall be provided to the holders of manuals as changes are made.

65 P.S. 701 et seq

The Joint Operating Committee Policy Manual is considered a public record and shall be available for inspection in the school office during regular office hours.

The Director or designee shall maintain an orderly plan for the promulgation of appropriate policies to students, parents and staff members who are affected by them and shall provide easy accessibility to an up-to-date manual of policies for all students, employees and community members.

The Director is designated to review existing policy in light of Joint Operating Committee actions and revisions to federal and state statutes and regulations, and to recommend to the Joint Operating Committee such changes as may be necessary to maintain the Joint Operating Committee Policy Manual in a current status.

The Policy Manual is the property of the school; therefore, all manuals shall be returned to the Joint Operating Committee Secretary upon termination of employment or term of office. They are subject to recall at any time deemed necessary by the Joint Operating Committee for purposes of updating.

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